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S Jul 31, 2019

When I arrived in Carlyle, IL, this was the first US Bank I have been able to go to, because of living in Virginia for over a year. There are none in the area I was in. So I went to this branch to get a new debit card and checks with my married name. The banker I worked with ( I don't remember her name), needed my marriage certificate and my driver's license to keep going in order to issue my debit card and checks. When I gave her my marriage certificate she had to go and verify with her manager to make sure that I was who I said I was. Which was fine. Her manager, gave her the go ahead. However, she (banker) was not happy with the manager's answer. She kept more or less interrogating me. Then she did issue my debit card and checks, however, even after telling her that my husband and I travel for work and that we are with the pipeline. And how I would like my debit card and checks sent to that branch. She took it upon herself to send a debit card and a set of checks to my main address in Minnesota, even after I told her that people were stealing mail up there. So I had to call the branch again and get a new debit card and checks resent to the branch, however, she again sent a debit card to my mother's address (which is the address on my account now) and a set of checks to a local branch in Wisconsin, instead of again sending it to the Carlyle, IL branch. After speaking with the manager, she did give me a credit on my checking account and apologized for the inconvenience. But today when I received a call from a US Bank branch in Wisconsin, the banker used the same exact check numbers from my old check and put them on my new checks. And so the banker in Wisconsin was confused about what was going on. And my mother felt humiliated, by this mixup! I am beyond angry at this point! Not to mention, the banker in Carlyle is completely unprofessional and should NOT have a job at this branch. At this point I am considering getting a lawyer and suing! The Carlyle banker is messing with my accounts and my personal information! Which I believe is a federal crime! This is my identity that is being put at risk, due to unnecessary bank cards and checks being sent out! I would like to speak to official of US Bank!! And how this woman is not being held accountable for her actions is beyond belief. Like I previously said I am considering suing US Bank and this banker.

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