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US Bankcharge me with fraud

I worked for a company near a us bank, I found out that the company kept all it accounts at the us bank. So I opened a checking account at that us bank, big mistake. My first pay check was placed on hold for over one week. They stated they needed to verify the check. I was promised in writing, after much complaining to have the check released and credited to my account on a specific date. I need to pay my bills and so on that day the check was to be released I sent payments. Well, I found out the check was not released, it was sent to us bank fraud division. They had to check to see if the check was a fraud. Mind you all was need was a call to the company less than a mail away. Us bank claimed this was standard procedure with a check for the amount on my paycheck.. Some $1400.00. After a mouth the what was left of my check was credited to my account. During all this us bank took money, insuffent funds fees out of my check, when one of the checks I wrote came in. I showed the bank manager the letter from them promising me the check would be credited to my account an a specificed date, her rely.."we were investigating a possible fraud"... I was never charged with any crime by us bank or any other agency or person.


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    Kevin Mat Dec 01, 2012

    Last month (November 2012) I accepted a job as a "Mystery Shopper". I received a check in the mail for $1, 290.00. I contacted the supposed employer and they gave me instructions on how to spend the money and send reports to them. I then deposited the check and waited for it to clear. Once the check cleared, I called the company to advise them. They advised me to follow their instructions on how to spend the funds. I did part of what I was told to do before the check came back as bad. My Bank (U.S. Bank) then closed my account, reported me to Chexsystems and sent my account to collections all in one week. I was NEVER given a chance to correct the issue. Plus, because U.S. Bank reported me to Chexsystems, My secondary bank (Citibank)closed the account I had with them. Personally, I feel this was Bad Business on the part of U.S. Bank because I've had my account with them for approximately 7-8 years and NEVER had a situation like this. Now because I have been reported to Chexsystems, I can't open a bank account. Also, The Collection Agency Harasses me on a daily basis. Is this Legal?

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