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In the summer of 2020 I ordered a new iPhone 12 Mini from Koodo. The shipper they use to ship their phones to customers is UPS. I was told by UPS that the package would be delivered some time on a Friday afternoon so I stayed home from about noon onward. By about 5:30 there was no sign of the package so I contacted UPS by phone. I was told that the driver would be there in about 30 - 40 minutes. Still no delivery so I contacted UPS by phone again. I was told that the address on the package did not exist and the package could not be delivered. I checked the address associated with the tracking number and it was correct and I confirmed with the agent on the phone that the address was correct. I asked the agent if I could pick the package up from the airport on Monday morning. He said sure and put a note on the file to that effect. On Monday morning I went to UPS at the airport and after waiting about 45 minutes to talk to an agent I was told that the package was on a truck to be delivered at my house and that they were not permitted to allow me to pick it up at their office. I asked how they were going to be able to deliver it if the driver was not capable of finding the address on the package. The woman in the UPS office could not answer me and so just disappeared into the back. So I called UPS and talked to another agent and asked the same question. He couldn't answer me either but insisted the package would be delivered some time that morning. So, being at their mercy, there was nothing I could do but go home and wait. The package did eventually get delivered. It is my opinion that the driver didn't feel like delivering my package on the Friday because it was the end of a very hot day and so said he couldn't find the address. If he had said he had ran out time, that would have made all the difference in the world.


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Apr 09, 2022 5:01 pm
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My neighbor saw UPS drop off packages at a vacant house, just left the boxes outside the front door, He went to investigate, turned out the boxes were for me containing prescription medication for my dogs, I would have lost the order if he didn't see the drop off, the driver never checked my address, oder # [protected] from Chewy.

Aline Del'Ve

Jan 21, 2022 6:47 pm

Concerning UPS in Charleston WV, As far as I'm concerned, are a bunch of toothless, junky thieves. This is the second time a driver (this time of whom I've never seen before and had a look of guilt on his face when he drived up) tries to hand me an EMPTY bag which had contained a $200.00 computer part and ask me if I will accept it and take it to UPS to file a grievance. "A grievance?!?" I said. "This is somebody who has nabbed my [censored] off of YOUR truck. Let me remind you, there was already a two day delay for an imaginary snow storm that never really turned out to be anything. On the 19th whehn my package was supposed to be delivered, they bring my fiancee's order which is usually lady stuff and my order remained on the truck for an additional two days after. Surely to be "scoped" out and hoping since there's a package in my hand, that I will forget about MY 200.00 order. The next time this happens to me I will be giving them a visit and I will be getting NAMES! UPS will do nothoing, I certainly WILL! [censored] UPS!


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