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UPS Complaints & Reviews

Mar 15, 2019

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — shredding

Every UPS store that I have been to have their shred box is out in the open. This UPS store has it in the...

Mar 15, 2019

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — missing package

UPS lost an overnight letter envelope containing a visa and passport needed for a flight to Africa. We...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]mailing a package.

On Saturday 3/9/19 we tried to ship a package using your website. The website was not working so we called a customer representative. After giving her all the shipping information she said her computer was acting up and put us on hold. Then another representative got on the phone and we had to provide all the information again to her. She was extremely rude and told us she had worked at UPS for 5 years and we had to listen to her lenghty commentary if we wanted to ship a package. After giving her all the shipping info and a credit card we arranged a pickup time for the package. We were never emailed a receipt nor were we ever given a tracking number. The lady that took our credit card assured us that the driver would arrive with the shipping label. After she has worked there 5 years. The driver arrived and knew nothing of the label. He has worked at UPS and had never heard of this procedure. After several calls to his supervisior he took the package with the to and from shipping addresses. Thursday we visited UPS office in garden City Idaho, they did not know where package was. They cannot be called. They told us we could call customer service and they would route our call to garden city location. Customer service said they could not do that. we later got two calls back from local UPS that hung up when we answered. When we got voice prompt in customer service iy garbled my call and service representative hung up on me. We finally got a call that our package was shipped but it has no tracking number. we have to call client to see if it made it to location. For being in the shipping business this has been an extraordinarily difficult proccess to ship a package. A freaking nightmare. We have not been provided with a single document since this process started. No one at UPS has a clue as to how any other processes work. We were given erroneous information everywhere we sought help. How do you stay in business? WH [protected]

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    United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups driver

    I had a very scary experience with one of your ups semi drivers today. This occurred at about 4:30 pm on hyw 106 in mason city, ia. This driver ran me off the road and then blew past another car. He had no respect for the fact that he was driving this huge vehicle on a windy road and literally could have killed me and the car he blew past. This is absolutely ridiculous to have such little regard for the lives around him.

    ups driver
    ups driver

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      • Ma
        Margaret Cangelier Jun 29, 2019

        I was delivered two small packages from pillpack. My stupid ups driver marked it as a dress from amazon which I did not get. Driver was obviously in a hurry to get home. Any [censored] even a ups driver would know that one dress would not come in two small boxes

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      Feb 26, 2019

      United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — lost/missing package

      I have waiting on delivery of a package for over 2 weeks. It states that the package was set out for delivery...

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      United Parcel Service of America [UPS]false information

      I shipped 2 packages to Nigeria from Virginia beach (1Z75YF080410095336 rerouted on 02/20/19 and 1Z75YF080410739435 shipped on 02/20/19) on different days and they are expexted to be at their destination by 25th of February (Today). However, the packages are yet to be received. They are meant for an immigration interview at the US Consular General tomorrow morning at 7am.

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        United Parcel Service of America [UPS]Delivery service

        UPS drivers are dishonest, incompetent, and unreliable. They frequently, falsely claim that a delivery attempt was made for items our family have purchased online, the most recent instance of which was today.

        We were at home the entire time the driver claims the delivery attempt was made, but no one rang our doorbell, which functions perfectly; nor was any form of Info Notice left at our residence, and we have multiple witnesses to this effect. In light of the extraordinary inconvenience the futile wait for purchased items creates for untold numbers of dissatisfied customers and the complaints that have ensued over the years, one would think that UPS would have taken measures to rectify such irresponsible employee behavior, but this is clearly not the case.

        The Internet is full of thousands of complaints made by customers who have experienced the exact same ordeal, and in a city like Los Angeles, where a three-mile drive can easily take one full hour, it is nothing short of audacious to ask customers to drive to a pick-up location to retrieve their items! The dishonest drivers responsible for extreme inconveniences of this nature need to be held accountable, and UPS needs to introduce measures that can effectively prevent this type of dishonest conduct among its drivers and staff.

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          United Parcel Service of America [UPS]perishable product delivered three days late

          I had an order of chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered on 2/15/19. records show they were on the truck for delivery the morning of 2/15/19 however your driver marked the package as the "street number is incorrect" at 11:25 a.m.
          The address was never incorrect, we are just a corner lot and it is easy to misinterpret what street our address is on. Our house numbers are 6 inch numbers and clearly visible. s.
          The berries remained on the truck on Saturday and were never delivered and of course you do not deliver on Sunday.
          Apparently our address corrected itself and they found their way to us on Monday - three days later and very much spoiled.
          This is not the fault of the company because they were shipped when they were supposed to be, this is a UPS issue and should be reimbursed by UPS.

          The UPS tracking number was #1ZA9A321P201246492
          the value of the order was $49.97 - money I am unable to get back and I feel you should replace.

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            Feb 17, 2019

            United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — failure to deliver package. tracking no: 1za275aoyw81069662

            We are expecting a package from Amazon. They say it is being delivered by "UPS SurePost". It was supposed to...

            United Parcel Service of America [UPS]billing services

            We arranged to have automatic bill deductions come out of our credit card account.
            One of the credit cards was compromised, so the credit card company cancelled the card and reissued a new card.
            We received a call from UPS that our payment was declined. I explained that our credit card had been compromised and made an ACH debit on 2/12/19 for the full amount up to date, not just the past due amount.
            I then had one of the staff members put the new credit card on file with UPS the same day 2/12/19.
            On 2/13/19 the ACH debit cleared our bank so we thought nothing more of it.
            Until on 2/15/19 when we went to ship again and were informed that you hadn't received out payment.
            I then called your billing line [protected] and was basically told they had no proof that we paid and that I should email them out banking statement, even after giving them an invoice number.
            I explained that I was not comfortable with emailing them our banking activity ledger, but did give them the ACH codes that were associated with this payment.
            I gave them the statement info as to where the $355.68 amount came from.
            As it turns out, we overpaid on our account...
            The first agent I spoke with wouldn't listen, just kept over talking me and told me our payment had been mishandled and posted incorrectly.
            Then giggled and laughed and said oops, he was mistaken.
            The second agent was nice enough until the end, but was just as insistent that I should email her the banking activity ledger, but could not see that they had received the ACH debit, even though I could see that it was deducted from our account online...
            So where does the money go when it leaves our banking accounts via an ACH debit?
            The agents I was communicating with were in the Philippines. They couldn't have cared less about us or the fact that I was so upset over this that I was ready to pull our account with your company.
            So, UPS - you just lost a loyal customer that you've had for over 15 years.

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              United Parcel Service of America [UPS]Drivers are lazy and don't deliver, leave info notices instead

              We are a business in a small office building and for 5 years, UPS drivers, operations personnel and corporate have ignored regular complaints about the lack of service afforded us by their delivery drivers. Drivers are not lazy enough to fill out "Sorry we missed you" info notices and leave them on the outside of an office building WITH AN OPEN LOBBY, but they are too lazy - or because of the repeated complaints lodged by tenants, perhaps they are told - to ever deliver items to our suites. Usually, packages are dumped in the lobby near the mail boxes, but some of them are even too lazy to leave the packages. Everyone in the building tries to avoid UPS - we only have a FedEx drop box and USPS mail pickup - but some companies only use UPS. I no longer buy office supplies on Amazon because they use UPS and I cannot be guaranteed delivery. Not just on time, but ever. Seriously, we have also found undelivered UPS items dumped in nearby alleys!

              Delivery address is:
              30 N. 41st Street
              Philadelphia, PA 19104

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                United Parcel Service of America [UPS]damaged my package and denied the insurance claim

                On 11/26/18 my package was delivered to Precision Urethan in Hempstead, TX.
                Tracking # 1ZA648630342366090 - Shipper Number # A64863, File # [protected].

                We received a package from our customer that contained a urethane covered tube to be reworked. The package was approx 8x8x84" and weighing 36 lbs. This was shipped to us by UPS. We forwarded the part in the same package to a company that we contracted to replace the Urethane coating on the tube. When Precision Urethane received the tube they called us and told us that it had been damaged in shipping. We called UPS and filed a claim against the insurance that was purchased to cover for loss or damage to the Roller in the box. UPS sent a representative from Crawford & Company, who was retained by UPS to investigate and evaluate the claim. Crawford denied the claim stating that it was not packaged correctlly and the roller was not protected properly.in fact, it was correctly packaged according to the UPS guidelines. It was clear to everyone that the container and part were damaged by a forklift. The fork on the forklift hit the packed so hard that it penetrated the package and severely dented the precision tube inside the package. This is the reason that we purchased the insurance in the first place to cover damages that UPS did as stated above. and we expect UPS to fulfill their commitment to reimburse us for the cost to replace/repair of the part inside the package.

                The only fair resolution is for UPS to honor the contract that we agreed to and pay the insurance claim. Why purchase insurance just to be denied, when you have filed a legitamate claim.in order for us to honor our responsibility to our customer we must be burdened with the cost to build a new tube or repair the one that UPS damaged in transit. UPS needs to honor the claim as they damaged the packag in transit by their forklift. Insurance was for $500 and we need UPS to send a check to us for the damaged property that they did. Please have UPS mail a check to
                Cen-Tex Tools Inc.
                101 E. Jefferson St, Whitney, TX 76692

                damaged my package and denied the insurance claim
                damaged my package and denied the insurance claim
                damaged my package and denied the insurance claim

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                  Feb 14, 2019

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — delivery, customer service, and competence

                  On Monday February 11, my package with tracking 1Z9481943504981072, first said it was going to be delivered...

                  Feb 08, 2019

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — damaged shipment

                  On January 23, 2019 went to Ventura UPS 4744 Telephone Rd. to ship a suitcase to Garland Texas. Suitcase wa...

                  Feb 06, 2019

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — notary public.

                  I felt embarrassed when I went in to get a paper notarized and the notary guy forced me to sign the paper...

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery issue

                  Packed huge estate job shipped 22 boxes in all over a two day span. 9 boxes recevied the other 13 came back to my store!! Not one call from hub before returning such a large load..
                  Driver put in not in third attempt which never did three attempts only marked one day on boxes plus customer was home and lives in small town and need signature they drop at postal store down street.
                  Major screw up now I have 13 boxes have beat up in my backroom. UPS will try to bill me for returns which I will not pay and UPS needs to provide labels to ship these back. Also I'll need compensation to repack damaged boxes.
                  Here is a couple of tracking numbers that belong to this case..
                  1Z9416e40391024298 said driver release which wasn't all had signature required.
                  1z9416e44290245219 one of the 13 returned

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                    United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery

                    When we checked the Tracking number for ourvpackage it said it had been delivered at 10:07 Jan 30, left on porch but it was not there and the lack of footprints in fresh snow clearly indicated no delivery had been made and we were home all day!!
                    Our address numbers are large and clearly visible!!
                    Good that we have honest neighbors as package had been delivered to wrong address.
                    POOR SERVICE and second time we experienced delivery to wrong address by UPS.
                    We will notify Costco Canada to suggest they us Fedex for online purchase deliveries.
                    UPS customer service is terrible!!

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                      United Parcel Service of America [UPS]service

                      I have called in a complaint already against our delivery driver back in DEC. 2018 and was informed that there was nothing that can be done. If we did not want the delivery driver that we would have to pick our packages up. As a business owner it is my duty to protect my employees. I have two different employees that are willing to testify on his wrongful manners. He has used inappropriate language towards us, touched my employees in a wrongful manner, and is very unprofessional therefore I am requesting yet again for a new delivery driver before taking further legal actions.

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                        United Parcel Service of America [UPS]customer service

                        UPS shipped a package for me 1/8/19. My customer " receiver" opens package only to find out everything was destroyed. After further review, instead of sending someone over to investigate, they throw out the ISTA act. I understand putting this in place to protect UPS, but what's in place to protect the honest public. It's so easy to run to something written, instead of doing a little bit of investigation.

                        This is what they sent me...

                        The contents contained in the package described above were damaged. We regret any inconvenience
                        this may have caused you or your consignee.
                        The complete contents have been delivered.
                        When damage occurs, UPS inspects the package and evaluates the packaging according to our
                        packaging guidelines which include the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 3A Test
                        Procedures for small parcel delivery shipments, published by the ISTA. Your packaging did not meet
                        these guidelines. UPS is not liable or responsible for loss or damage to any package from improper
                        The evaluation revealed the following deficiencies in the packaging that was for this shipment.
                        · The large cell bubble sheeting used for cushioning did not adequately protect the merchandise.
                        Recommendation: Use foam sheeting with a minimum thickness of 1/4-inch (0.64 cm). Include several
                        layers to ensure that the entire product is cushioned, and pay close attention to protecting corners and
                        edges. When packing multiple items, wrap each item separately. Fragile items need separation from
                        each other, and from the corners, sides, top, and bottom of the box. Each item should be surrounded
                        by at least two inches (5.08 cm) of sheeting and placed two inches (5.08 cm) away from the box walls.

                        I bubble wrapped each part so I knew personally it wouldn't get damaged by a simple drop or bumped during transit.

                        I'm just one person, but I feel we all should be heard since we are the ones paying their bills. I left this complaint, but I'm sure it's thrown away and not discussed on how they all can help.

                        To whom this concerns,

                        You can't be serious. Not only is my customer out of what was promised to him, UPS has taken $537 from my pocket.
                        I wrapped each door very carefully with adequate bubble wrap to protect these parts. I don't care if you use ½" thick foam, this looks like it was so mishandled that nothing would have protected it. It looks like it was dropped from a 2 story building.

                        But, because of your International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 3A Test Procedures for small parcel delivery shipments, published by the ISTA, you are protected to tell the customer to get lost without any further review.
                        Your customer service is absolutely the worst I've seen yet. I will no longer be using UPS and I promise to tell my customers of mine how terribly UPS handled this situation.

                        Phil Lange

                        customer service
                        customer service
                        customer service

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                          United Parcel Service of America [UPS]customer service

                          Attempt #1: I ordered from Lowe's. They shipped with UPS. UPS emails me on day of to say I have a delivery pending. I'm at work til 8pm. Try to call but they are on Bankers hours and Eastern time. I'm on shifter workers hours in the West. I try to contact via their website. Found that they shipped the package back as "Customer Refused". Nope. I didn't see the package.

                          Attempt #2: Lowe's contacts me to find out why I refused. I tell them differently. They resend. Once again I get an email while I'm at work. I tried for 2 days to arrange a delivery time. Used 2 phone calls, multiple emails, Website and App all trying to have some contact with the warehouse 50 km from my house. Nope. "Driver never got the message". Dropped off my package at my door while I was at work. At least my neighbour saw it and put it safely in his garage.

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