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I bought a tile top antique table in Pembroke Pines, FL from Tonya Dillard who lives in Pembroke Pines, FL. They are not wanting to pay for a poorly packaged tile table, that was not pack correctly told to me by the UPS Center in Barstow, CA The UPS person in Barstow is Carla [protected]. She is only available in the mornings 9 AM to 11 AM. The store manager at the UPS store in Pembroke Pines was Michael who insisted he was more than able to pack this as he was a professional (?). It came in a box that was only had to short sheets of bubble wrap around the legs (2 sheets, 4 legs) I asked the shipper to put a couple pieces of cardboard to the top to keep the tiles from coming loose in transit. Was not done, one tile loosened and came off and was cracked in two. UPS in Barstow said it ws not packed according to UPS standards. (Carla) This was shipped out first week of Feb 2022. Now they are not wanting to pay for the table, but are doing nothing for satisfaction to me the buyer. I paid Tonya Dillard to handle this for me by giver her an extra $50 for her trouble. Paid $125 for the table $50 for her help and ship charge and extra $15 for fragile packing. Tracking number is 1ZA7R2840311098411 and my name is Tim Nordella 34350 Hereford Rd. Newberry Springs, CA 92365


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