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UPS Complaints & Reviews

Aug 30, 2019

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — damaged lotion delivered.

I ordered expensive face lotion and cream which, to my dismay, was delivered damaged by UPS. Upon opening the...

Aug 29, 2019

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — property damaged by driver

I received a package on wednesday, august 28, 2019 that was shipped from pond armor 2360 thompson way, santa...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]product not delivered as claimed

On approximately August 21, 2019 UPS attempted to deliver a package but I was not there to receive it. I got an email from them saying an attempt would be made the following day. I decided to contact them to say please just leave it at the door as I would again not be home to receive it. On the phone, they changed their story. They said, in contradiction to the email I'd already received, that they would NOT be making a second attempt to deliver. They told me it was at the discression of the driver to decide to not make a second attempt. I think this is very wrong because I got an email saying a second attempt would be made. They decided to instead send it to a pick up center of THEIR choice, without ever even clearing it's location with me. They said they'd already sent it to their choice of location, which happened to be a place I couldn't get to. Again, I think this is very wrong. The customer may have travel limitations or other reasons why they couldn't get to a certain pickup center. Therefore, I don't think UPS has any business deciding without ever asking the customer, and delivering the customer's item to some random pickup location. I was so disgusted I canceled the order and made them return it. Never using UPS again.

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    Aug 21, 2019

    United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — Tracking number -  1z1806890377642182

    I just got off the phone with a very rude customer service employee. I called this morning to complain that...

    Aug 20, 2019

    United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — the lady answering the phone

    I had paid extra shipping on an order for it to arrive yesterday. I recieved a notification stating my...

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    Aug 17, 2019

    United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — driver does drop and run

    All parcel deliveries to our condominium complex are required to be delivered to the recipients door. One...

    United Parcel Service of America [UPS]package not delivered

    I had a package that orginally was scheduled for guaranteed delivery for August 13th. I waited home all day for this package just to receive an email notification that an attempt was made at 333 pm. There was no notice left on my door or my mailbox. I contacted UPS Customer service the morning of August 14th to see when my package would be delivered and why was I left no notice of the attempt. I also asked why my package was not tsken to an access point nesr me. I was advised by one of yohr representatives that your policy is to do that. There are 3 access point locations near me. Why was this not done? On that same call I was advised that someone would call me back by 10am. I never received a call. I contacted UPS customer service again around 11am and was advised that my package would be taken to your location in Niagara falls NY and that someone would call me by 1pm to confirm. After no call was received I contacted your company back around 3pm and was advised that my package would be at the center for pick up same day, but that an attempt was made again at 2:36 pm. This is false . I was home waiting for this package. I then checked my tracking number with Amazon and seen that package was being returned to Amazon. I contacted Amazon and was advised that they did not request this. I did not request this. Your carrier or company returned my package without any real attempts for delivery. Not one single person returned my call after I was advised multiple times that someone would. I needed this package. Why was procedure not followed? Why Did your carrier decide to not do their job? Why Did no one return my calls? Why were my concerns not addressed? Why was I advised that UPS DOES not Guarantee delivery even though I paid to have my package by a certain date? Why was package not taken to an acess point? Is this because you are such a large company that one individual customer doesn't matter. This is disappointing to say the least. From every supervisor and customer service rep that I spoke with and your drivers, they are disgracing the name/brand. If you can't trust your local company to deliver a package in a timely manner or trust that when you contact them your concerns will be acknowledged and addressed within a timely manner why would I continue to utilize your service. Now i had to reorder the product again from AMAZON. I hope this issue doesn't happen with this delivery. My first tracking number for the Package I didn't receive is 1Z3Y16F40309514486. I was also provided a case #by one of your supervisors Em. That case number is [protected]. My name is Tabitha marsh. My delivery address is 9234 Niemel dr apt 9, Niagara Falls NY 14304. I can be reached by email at [protected]@gmail.com. i can also be contacted by phone at [protected]. I hope this issue will not be ongoing. I also hope that my new package scheduled for guaranteed delivery today is received and the proper protocol will be followed. That tracking number is 1Z3Y16F40309616287. I look forward to hearing from someone within your company very soon. Also I would like to note that a simple " I'm sorry" was never stated by anyone within this company, even though i was extremely inconvenienced.

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      United Parcel Service of America [UPS]package arrival time

      Goddam UPS service! Never give any specific time for delivery. I had spent whole day long to wait for my package and the package came about 5 minutes before i left my house for dinner. I am very disappointed and question to their services. How you expect your customer to use your services if you cant give a promise to customer. Things that send from UPS always delay, never deliver early than the time show on their tracking information. They just like to leave a sticky note to you. So whats the point you tell your customer you can deliver on the time???

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        United Parcel Service of America [UPS]hidden fees / delayed delivery

        I ordered box on newegg.com, on their site there are two option a) 2-3 day delivery b) 3-5 day delivery. I choose option b) and newegg.com charged me with 7341 russian rubles for shipping.

        Here is my first problem with UPS, on 08/08/2019 the UPS broker contacted me and told me that I must pay another 1100 rubles, because they need to do some paperwork.

        Second problem with UPS, I paid 8500 (including hidden fee by UPS) rubles for shipping in 3-5 days, but I sill do not have my package on hands.

        My main complain, is that UPS uses fraudulent practices and charge recipient with hidden fees, even if the delivery was fully paid by a sender.

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          United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver complaint

          Dear Sir or Madam,

          I just had a terrible incident with one of your drivers on August 10, 2019 at 12:45 p.m. I was ready to leave my house and your driver parked in my driveway, blocking me in. I asked him nicely to move his truck. He was extremely rude and called me an a--hole and walked away. His license plates are: XBF-T14. He threatened to kick my [censored]. I was scared for my life.

          Please look into this and put this complaint on his record so it doesn't happen

          Sincerely, Nicholas Smith

          driver complaint

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            United Parcel Service of America [UPS]package sent back to sender

            My package with tracking number 1z2239vw1215448140 was scheduled to be delivered on 08/08/2019. We had road construction that day in front of our building, so I have used UPS online system to update delivery instructions and requested the package to be delivered to our apartment management office (just a different building in our complex), since no other options were available. I would prefer to pick up a package from UPS office location nearby but there was no such option available.
            I didn't get a chance to stop by our management office on 08/08 after work and decided to check delivery status on 08/09 morning. I see delivery status is "sent back to sender", I contact UPS customer service and the rep is telling me that my package was in fact delivered to the management office and the info on UPS tracking site is for a different package with the same tracking number. Very confused, but reassured that my package is at our management office I wait till 9 am and go there as soon as it opens. I am informed my package was never delivered there.
            I call customer service again, to be informed by another rep that the first rep I spoke with gave me incorrect info and that my package was sent back to sender because it had restrictions on it to be only delivered to specified address and since I requested it to be delivered to the management office, the driver decided for the "safety" of the package to send it back to sender. The fact that the option to deliver it to the management office was available to me on UPS website is somehow not applicable to that particular package, and it is my fault for choosing it. I ask to speak with a manager and the rep starts questioning me about why do I want to speak with a manager, puts me on hold and forwards me to refund department.
            Frustrated with poor customer service and their total incompetence, I call again, and speak with yet another customer rep, who is finally trying to resolve my issue but not able to do much and after 20 min hold I get to speak with supervisor Rose, who takes my phone number and information and says that she will try to locate the package and will call me back.
            I never heard back from Rose. My package tracking still shows that it is in the process to be returned to sender.
            Incompetent driver, customer service and their management. They are costing their company more than they are worth!

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              Aug 08, 2019

              United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — driver

              i have made numerous complaints about a driver. he threatened me, i have the complaint number...

              Aug 06, 2019

              United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — delivery

              EMS is the most unreliable company you can use for sending your parcel oversees. I sent a parcel from Nigeria...

              Aug 03, 2019

              United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — repeated delivery scheduling failures

              I ordered an 18 foot Sunsetter motorized awning that was to be delivered by UPS Freight. I signed onto the...

              United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery

              I ordered an item with an additional charge to be delivered in 3 business days. I ordered on a Saturday so I was aware that I would not receive item till Wednesday. I did not receive the item on Wednesday but at this point I give the company the benefit of the doubt. Thursday comes and went and still no delivery. I was waiting at home all day. Thursday night I tracked package and it said it will be delivered on Friday end of day. THAT IS NOT WHAT I PAID FOR. Friday night, still no delivery, tracking package, stating package could not be delivered. I have nothing that proves UPS came by, no left notice, nothing.. in fact I have a doorbell cam that records all activities outside.. NOTHING!!! Now my tracker shows delivery by Monday end of day. Not only did I pay in addition to have a quick delivery but the item ordered was a birthday gift that I was to hand out this weekend. YOU RUINED IT. This is unacceptable!!! I need an immediate response. [protected] -- [protected]@yahoo.com

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                United Parcel Service of America [UPS]bad delivery

                Congratulations UPS you continue to impress me with delivering my packages to another address! How do you do it so well? Oh i'll leave it at this address and give them a Christmas present. I had 2 brand new iPhones arriving today and when I saw what company was delivering and I knew I was in trouble. Once again, lucky me has a neighbor deliver my package to me (after they opened it). Unfortunately, I don't have a say on what company delivers my packages. I will be requesting all packages delivered by UPS be delivered to one of their local stores and then just pick it up. At least then I can hold someone accountable if my package is missing! UPS you are now 0 for 5 on delivering my packages to MY front porch, but you sure do like all share my items with all my neighbors! Get your act together, jeez! Not that hard to verify an address!

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                  Aug 01, 2019

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — employee speed

                  I would like to submit a complaint on one of your drivers speed in a residential neighborhood. Date: July...

                  Jul 29, 2019

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — packages left at gate

                  UPS has code to our gate in the system. Drivers are leaving packages outside the gate and in the rain...

                  United Parcel Service of America [UPS]tracking no. 1z9yf2161300082573

                  A guaranteed delivery for today didn't deliver. Driver claimed he attempted but that is simply untrue. There was no note or stub left nor did the driver showed up.
                  I received the package that was sent thru USPS, about the same time UPS driver claimed he attempted. I always have my packages delivered here at the clinic so someone can always sign for it.
                  Attaching the package I got from USPS.

                  tracking no. 1z9yf2161300082573

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                    Jul 20, 2019

                    United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — dispatch mgr made no effort to get my delivery to me on the date setup on advance

                    Good Afternoon, I am extremely dissatisfied on how I was dealt with by the Dispatch Mgr Mark Albanese out...

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