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Do not attend uop! its a rip off. they lie cheat and steal. they rob people, they think they getting over on you. but I got a trick for them. they have not seen my raft yet. they will stop lying and scamming these people out of all this money for these 5 week, weak # classes. that you dont even learn anything from. they fail you for no reason at all, then when you wanna submit a grade change it becomes a problem and they lie again. and you are stuck paying 1400 dollars for a five week class.


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Sep 17, 2008 4:22 am EDT

My experience with UOP staff also was lackluster and I agree that student services, or should I say, customer service is not a real UOP priority. No process transparency exists or is intended for UOP students. I suspect that each student is told something different by the various admissions, academic, and financial aid counselors, so please make sure that you document each discussion and transaction with UOP staff and instructors. Many more UOP students are documenting their experiences.

If UOP employees are unwilling to comment or respond to a student's written request for process or policy verification, then the UOP employee may not be imparting accurate information. Academic counselors provide inconsistent information, and to protect their management and their jobs, they feign ignorance. Magically, they only know their supervisor's or manager's name and all other UOP administrative or faculty names escape them.

While I found some adequate course content, many UOP students were poorly prepared to deal with this content. Learning teams were disappointing at best and provided the clearest view of student's lack of knowledge, interest, and preparation. Students felt entitled to go through the motions and were closed-minded about any activity out of the routine. Some students commented that the class content and assignments were not what the admissions counselors promised, or were shocked that instructors had different requirements for each class.

Some UOP students boast of high grade point averages, but perhaps students should be required to take and pass a federally approved college exit exam. UOP is offering an adequate education only to those who aspire to learn at a collegiate level, while the other students are going through the motions and get rewarded because they paid the tuition.

I also would like to see the statistics on graduation rates and GPA distributions by UOP course offerings for the past decade. Instructors had very low expectation of student performance and often praised and accepted mediocre or substandard work. The instructors' motto appears to be that if a student makes minimal effort then the student will make an 'A'.

UOP's overall process is shameful, because they could offer so much more to education consumers. I guess that for so little effort and so much profit, form over substance is inevitable.

Mar 12, 2009 11:15 am EDT

This so called educational institution is a total rip off. If considering going to this school DONT! You will be billed unfairly!

Apr 06, 2010 12:28 pm EDT

I have been going in circles with the University since i began (day One) I was actually enrolled by a enrollment counselor but my financial aid was also done by him as well, He did not know what in the world he was doing to say the least, continued asking for help from his supervisor.

I asked him " how come i have not meat up with my financial aid counselor" and he told me that his boss was my financial aid counselor that would go over all of my information and confirm that everything was accurate and correct.

I was also told that I would be meeting up with F/A to explain everything that they were applying for me and that i had qualified for! but the day never came soon enough, I was lied to in more than one aspect, by my enrollment counselor about the amount it was going to cost and about my meeting and orientation that never happened! I am so Pissed Off that i Trusted them and even more pissed that i did not meet my actual F/A counselor until two months after i started and even worse After i had a big problem with one of the academic counselors messing up my schedule and me having to W/D because of it.

I was forced to take a leave of absence and was told i had to come back before two weeks so it would not effect my financial aid, so bad went to worse not only was i set up for failure as one of their own Faculty members told me, because she was a witness to what was going on and actually felt bad for me.

I will not mention her name but, this F/A adviser acted so helpful up until i began getting concerned about my account and this bad feeling after i was being pushed to sign yet another form by my F/A counselor and even asked to lie on it stating that the money for my leave of absence would be put back, but i found that their was still a undisclosed amount that was taken and never brought to my attention.

The Scary version is that this guy is leaving and still refused to give me the actual loan amount from the lender and the Federal loan and the actual amount, so up to this day i have never been given a straight answer or proper documentation of why they even used my grant money or my pell money in the order they have and no receipts except for the first class.

I should have been in my 6 to 7 course but because of faculty mistakes i have had to withdraw and even threatened that if i did w/d that i would have problems, but they said that as i was walking out the door.

This is only part of it! and honestly i do not feel that i should have to pay for ANY OF THIS MESS ! i wish i could get all of my money back a move forward with my life. " This is the biggest mistake i made " and i feel that they have actually tried to *** into my system, since i started receiving attachments from emails of people that work with my F/A adviser and getting a big warning from my anti virus after that happened,

Who are these people and why are they doing this to good people like me, I love to help others and would never wish wrong upon anyone but this is scary stuff.

Dec 12, 2011 9:39 pm EST

First off, not only has University of Phoenix taken tons of my money while providing a bad education but they also have taken tons of money from all of you! What most people don't know is that the University of Phoenix can get people financial aid from the government and other organizations! Stuff like Pell Grants and Stafford Loans and the money from the GI Bill are stuff that comes out of taxpayers money!

So what this school does is it charges obscenely high tuition and then tries to get financial aid from these government sites. Since the quality of their eduction is subpar, where is all of this financial aid money going? It is going into their pocket books and not towards providing you with a proper education!

Whats even more disgusting is that once both you and whoever is paying your financial aid is done and you get your degree you find out that it is useless. Employers realize that University of Phoenix is a scam school and theyll tell you to go get a real degree! So all this time you and others are paying money to this school so you can get a terrible education and once youre done nobody will even recognize that you went to school.

That is the problem with schools like University of Phoneix. They are running for profit. Most schools do not run for profit, they take no profit and put all of their money back into the school, which is why they can provide a good education and why the government can give financial aid. University of Phoenix does none of that and yet they are still scamming thousands of American men and women who are tricked into believing they can reach their American Dream with University of Phoenix. And yet they did a poll and found that most companies won't hire a University of Phoenix graduate even if they are a good worker. Being a graduate from this school will actually hurt your chances of getting hired!

This is ridiculous and they shouldnt still be allowed to be in business! Even if you arent a student at University of Phoenix you should be hard at work trying to take this company down because your tax money is funding this company! Even after I left it pains me knowing that the money I pay in taxess is still being used to fund this company!

Aug 28, 2012 9:25 am EDT
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Hello, Vanessa:

It's unfortunate that you feel that way. Please understand that I do want to help resolve issues for students. I am glad to look into any issue that you may have. I can be reached at

Libby Bailey, Dispute Operations Manager
University of Phoenix

Aug 27, 2012 9:48 am EDT

Libby Bailey, stop with the bull crap ok because you are in the same pool with the head sharks that are taking money from poor fish to continue feed yall selves. May God havve no mercy on yall souls. How do you sleep at without feeling for all these students that are being lied too and scammed? You probably sleep great because you benefit from it. No one is filling out the stupid little meaningless paper.

Nov 21, 2011 9:26 pm EST
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Hello, Taisha:

I'm sorry that you're upset. If you have a specific issue that you would like addressed, I encourage you to file a formal grievance with the Office of Dispute Management. They can be reached at or [protected].

Libby Bailey, Sr. Student Relations Administrator
for the University of Phoenix

Dec 02, 2010 6:59 am EST

I spoke with a UoP relations specialist and she assured me that they are continually looking for improvements in their educational methods. So that was good to hear, that they are changing their ways. Or at least we can hope..

Nov 28, 2010 6:23 am EST

I was also tricked into thinking University of Phoenix is a great school and enrolled. I was very disappointed with their online degree program after jut 1 short week so I withdrew from the school.

I was in shock when University of Phoenix "decided" that I owe them $750 for withdrawing after just 1 week. And the thing is, they don't tell you any of it and they keep insinuating each and every student to just try it.

The top people who are running Univ. Phoenix absolutely do not care about the student's well-being. They JUST WANT YOUR MONEY ANY WAY POSSIBLE.

Jul 13, 2009 9:14 pm EDT

I LOVE university of Phoenix and I challenge your complaint. I personally have had nothing but good experiences although the course work is very difficult. If you are thinking of returning to school, and UOPX is a consideration- know your facts! Your Acedemic Counselor and Financial counselor will be based in Arizona. This is where your communication skills should bring out the best, not the worst in you. You will have to make phone calls and send e-mails to communicate. This should not be difficult as no University can with hold your own personal information FROM YOU. You WILL have to study your B-U-T-T off! Expect to be reading, writing, partaking in class discussion and completing both personal and collaborative work. This should take 20 hours a week for those serious students. Before entering UOPX, please take a logical look at your life and the time you can readily have as well as those sacrifices you will be forced to make due to unplanned life situations (a death in family, losing your job, taking on more responsibility than your job title requires, kids getting sick, pregnancy, health issues...etc. YES! University of Phoenix is a for profit school. It is not a secret! This means that it has to not only legally uphold the rigerous testing and observation periods to achieve it's outstanding accreditation year after year... it must also uphold the latest and greatest of technological marvels as the world continues to change and encorporate modern day life into the classroom to remain competitive. I'm proud to go to a school that has been known as one of the longest running online schools. I am proud to go to a private university that is not affriad to spend a ton of money back into making the student body happy. I am part of a pioneering University that transitions students into fully equiped memebers of our nation's workforce. If you want to go to an easy school, or a school less expensive don't go here. Who wants a cheap education anyways? University of Phoenix prepares it's students who have the expectation that the income they will earn will far exceed their original investment, ROI. You have to earn your degree from University of Phoenix, trust me! If you want to get your degree like a box of french fries, go to a local community college and take your pitiful, unresearched, illadvised bitterness with you. Rip Off- It is clear and undoubted that you had a bad experience. I am truly sorry to hear that. It really does stink for lack of better words. In fact I almost feel guilty because mine has been such a life saver and I can only wish that everyone who attends would have an experience like mine. I have been to three different schools in my college career while working 40 plus hours at each. University of Phoenix finally was the answer to my prayer- a perfect fit. To anyone reading remember this... there is a TON of dirt on every school out there. What you focus on or research is what you will find. Life is not so much about what happens- it is about our preperation and our reaction. I wish everyone who had the heart and mind to share their experiences with the public of the www the best of luck. Have a beautiful summer and please take care!

Jun 19, 2009 3:36 am EDT

MisoSoup the only idiot here is you, if you had some kind of sense then you probably understand what she might be going through. I can tell in your writing that you cannot even spell and might consider to take english courses to help you with your ignorance. Actually, don't blame yourself for being a ### and not backing your theory with evidence. If you have something to say, atleast make sense which is something you don't have. (###).

May 23, 2009 10:41 am EDT

@Fight back--
Shut the HELL up, People ARE Reading, but these Mother F...Rs teach their employees to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL.
My daughter is also a victim and I was almost one.
The Enrollment Counselors are so FULL of CRAP it isn't fully.
So stay the F...of the board of complaints and leave these victims alone

Apr 23, 2009 4:51 pm EDT

Whoever commented above me is absolutely rude and immature. My guess is (yet another) employee of UoP making a poor attempt at PR salvage...note: it doesn't work and the rest of us see through such attempts.

The person complaining may well have asked these questions prior to enrolling. The reason so many students are complaining and filing suits against this "school" (a.k.a. money vaccum) is because they were blatently lied to by their advisors, regardless of how many questions they asked.

Know what you're talking about before you go shooting off your mouth.

Mar 29, 2009 5:35 pm EDT

I don't understand why people act so surprised by the cost of attendence and the fact University of Phoenix is a for-profit private university. Did you not do your research? Are you really that dumb so as to not ask your Enrollment or Finance Counselor these things before starting? I can't stand people who sign up for something then [censored] the minute something doesn't go their way. Nobody made you sign up dumb ###!

Feb 21, 2009 8:51 pm EST

You have to be an idiot to go to a for-profit university. Especially online graduate programs. Legitimate grad programs pay YOU to go there.

Also to Bridgett, schools are not there to take care of you for being a ### and having kids before getting an education. Don't blame a school if you cannot handle the work.

Jan 03, 2009 11:53 pm EST

I feel like they are too rigorous. They assign too much busy work. You have team assignments, individual assignments and you have to go to class four days a week to get participation credit. This is great if you don' t work full time or have children and households to run. This is horrific when you work 8 hour days. This school is not designed for working adults.


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