United Parcel Service [UPS]requested for a pick-up but didn't come

W Nov 15, 2017

I paid for a pick-up on my package thru online for 4 PM to 5 PM.
Our UPS driver Randy who does our area came to pick-up the package at 2:30 PM. I was not ready with the package so I told him that I requested a pick-up at 4 pm.
He left and did not come back.

I complained thru customer support UPS on phone at 5:30 PM.
They told me they would arrange a pickup tomorrow morning, but no one came. I had a chat with UPS support who told me that they will call me an hour. They did not call back.
I called UPS support 3 hours after the chat.
They said they will give me a call back in 15 min.
Did not give me a call.

I had to drop 3 packages that weighed 30lb each to nearest UPS location which is 30 min away.

Did not even get refunded for the pick-up.

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