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ding dong ditching, damaged packages, poor tracking

UPS absolutely sucks, they ring your doorbell and make a run for the truck. If they do deliver your package...

incompotent and pass the buck

Took the day off work to wait for a package from UPS that was supposed to be deivered today. The package wa...

do not pay claims apparently

Had a loss last November. Somewhere along the UPS line their gorillas destroyed a shipped item that was packed according to their specifications and it was insured. As it was a one of a kind item, had to immediately refund Buyer his money and freight charge. First, UPS tried to say it was not packed according to their regulations and denied the claim. Upon having to review pictures of the packing, destroyed box (elephant sat on it?), and the item, they agreed it was packed correctly. That was Dec 31, 2008. Sent them by their fax number documented claim form on January 8, 2009. Called several times to person handling it, said was being process and check would go out "very soon". Called again 2/13/09, and person no longer works for them. Show claim was approved, but show no file nor claim form received, therefore can do nothing. Told me to resubmit claim for and they would follow through. When, after they are bankrupt, which I understand is where they are heading. Local employees say they have lost business to other companies and are not busy at all. Because of their attitude, we have switched to Fed-X and LOVE IT - much cheaper (20%+) and much better personalized service at the receiving station. I'm having other merchants tell me they almost never get paid by UPS on claims, give up, and change to Fed-X. Most of our incoming is now coming Fed-X rather than UPS. Another ICON about to bite the dust.

delivered another crushed package

In the last 3 months I have had 3 packages delivered from UPS crushed. The latest package had "Fragile Handle with Care" tape wrapped around the package 3 times, clearly making the package as fragile. The contents were glass that had been properly double wrapped in bubble packaging and then placed in side the box within another nest of packaging. The contest should have been safe if the package was handled properly. Instead the package was crashed and the contents broken.

What burns me more is the driver actually delivered the crushed package!

Two of the 3 packages delivered from UPS to my home in the last 3 months have had damaged contents. The recovery/replacement process is long and tedious. I personally will not use UPS again, nor will I shop with vendors that only ship UPS ~ It is a small stand against a huge company but obviously they care nothing about the consumer.

  • It's true, they are the most unethical business I've ever encountered in my whole life! Crushed box that was marked fragile/tv and it was badly abused! They love shafting their customers that even purchased insurance, blaming the customer for not properly packaging it even though their UPS guy helped package it and reassured us that it will not be damaged! Honestly Hate them and will state it every opportunity I get!

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unauthorized charges

UPS tried to deliver a parcel and no-one was home. They left a card advising me that they would attempt the next day. On the card was a brokerage fee of 36.98. The item that was sent to me by some stupid idiot in California DVS Sales sent to me a dvd and a secure digital card weighing what 3 oz. This has no value and DVS Sales could have put it in the mail for 3.00 bucks. UPS run everything through a supposed brokerage and charge the customer for this.

If you are in Canada and want something from the U.S.A. DON'T USE UPS. Use parcel post. Avoid this UPS rip-off.

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Inside UPS - What did brown do for me? As a former employee of UPS, I felt a compelling urgency to write thi...


UPS local store shipped fragile items, they packed and I paid for fragile packing and postage. Shipment...

bad delivery, no recourse

I have a retail business that opened in October, 2008. It is a storefront in a strip mall on a prominent corner in a small town. I have a sign both on the street and above the store. BIG illuminated letters, 20 full feet of windows, address prominently displayed, and hours of operation, 6 days a week, posted clearly to the immediate left of the door. My customers have no trouble seeing the hours, and neither does Fed Ex. UPS, however, cannot seem to deliver my inventory.

Since October, UPS has failed to deliver FIVE shipments. When I track them. I find that they claim to have "attempted" delivery three times, and sent a postcard. All of which is pure nonsense, of course. No notice has ever appeared, and no postcard has ever been sent. In fact, they drive right by and pretend they attempted delivery. I have had to pick up my packages from their distribution center three times, and complained them into actually delivering them twice.

Whenever I know I am being sent anything through UPS, I stay all over it. Just today, though, I called a shipper regarding inventory that was supposed to arrive last week. I thought it was being sent Fed Ex, and wondered why I hadn't received it yet. Lo and behold, UPS had it. I got the tracking number, and called them just before they sent it back! Now, this isn't Aunt Tillie's birthday gift, this is product, and each day I don't have it is a day I can't sell it. So I tell them I have had enough. I want to pick up all my packages because their drivers are lazy and undependable. Guess what? The stupidvisor mumbles on that gee, golly whiz, she doesn't think the clerks would be able to call me or e-mail me that a package was there, but the drivers could just leave a notice. I repeated that the drivers don't leave notices, adding that she clearly doesn't understand the problem. She says it was three different drivers. I said that tells me she has big employee problems, and that it is as systemic as I suspected. I'm not hiding the storefront, I tell her. I don't have an invisibility cloak over the sign. Well, gosh, she just doesn't know what to do. I asked for someone who did know what to do, and gee, there really isn't anybody. Yeah, right.

I finally gave up, hung up and changed my purchase orders to read, "PLEASE SHIP FED-EX ONLY!!!"


  • Ma
    Mahtab Aug 11, 2009

    I Agree that UPS delivery system have some loopholes which has to be addressed by the UPS Management, my suppliers sent one package under UPS AWB No 1Z65A695 04 4889688, which was handed over in late July, 09 and still we are chasing their local Karachi office who is deaf & dead.

    My suggestion to UPS is to make vaialable an email to your customer so that if they face any negative situation they can contact you, I searched a lot but fail to locate an emai on your web.

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  • I0
    I'll get it eventually... Aug 25, 2009

    I always see them drive by my house, which is not on a main road, in the middle Westchester, and they always claim that I wasn't home. It's complete ###. If you call they just say, "oh sorry..." and then tell you it will be there tomorrow/monday. I think it is a general UPS problem all over the country. My theory is that if they're running late or want to get out early they just save time by skipping deliveries...

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lost my mail

I sent a package through them which included my fingerprints and social security number-- THEY LOST IT and cannot find it. The manager is a jerk. He did not care and was unwilling to do anything except "put a tracker" on it. They are not trust worthy. I wish I would have read the other complaints before I did business with them. Because of the important information that was contained in the package, I have contacted my lawyer.

  • Jc
    jcherms May 19, 2009

    the letter was sent out through the postal service certified. I the manager took this letter personally to the post office as we have to with all certified letters. the post office signed off that they recived it, but the letter didnt show up in there tracking system, for what ever reason, for a couple of days. the letter was recived and all was well, just a case of an impatient ignorant person who likes to complain.

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unable to change delivery options for international package

Lenovo from China shipped a laptop to me to the United States.

On the first delivery attempt on 11/26, the driver left a note that another attempt will be made on Monday 12/1 which is after thanksgiving. I called the phone number listed, I asked the package to be held at the local UPS office, so that I can pick it up. The automated message said there was a problem with processing the request and that I should try later.

Later I used the website to do the same. It was the thanks giving weekend and so the following monday I went to the UPS center and they said the package was again out for delivery and that it was the third attempt. Apparently there was another attempt made on 11/28 at 5pm, which was earlier than what the note said. If I had known that, I would have been home at that time. I was given a phone number which the automated message didn't help.

I came back and went to the website again where I tried to change the delivery method and I got an error which asked me to call [protected].

When I called that phone number and I was told that it was the wrong phone number and that I should call [protected]; but the lady was kind enough to transfer me.

I am tired of running around behind UPS and most importantly waiting for the express package to arrive.

unreliable delivery

UPS is our chosen payroll delivery company. Recently they have proven to be the flakiest, most unreliable one. At Christmas time, we paid our employees on Wednesay, Christmas Eve, because we were closed the rest of the week. The package was Next Day Air. It reached us here in Alexandria, but our delivery driver "forgot" our package at the hub. If this wouldn't have been payroll, I would not have cared as much.

When I started calling UPS, they said they would leave our local hub a message to call us back within 1 hour to let me know if I can just pick up our package. The local hub is less than a mile from the office. They did not call. We called the 800 number back, and they said the first message was never sent, and they w0uld send another. We would receive a call within the hour. They refuse to connect you or give the number of local hub. We played this game 3 times. Finally, I was told it was arranged to be delivered by 5pm. So, an hour later, at 4:45, the local hub calls and tells me that they have found our package and can go ahead and pick it up. WHAT?? They just said it was being delivered. I have been trying to pick it up all damn day!!

So this week wednesday, our first payroll of the new year, the driver goes to our payroll company to pick up our payroll. They pick up all packages EXCEPT ours. It is left behind. So, they pick it up the next day on thursday. This was originally to be sent Next Day Air, so it's already a day late. I start tracking the package to be sure the "Christmas Debacle" doesn't happen again. The package is guarenteed to be here by 10am. Well, after a cross country tour, it arrves in Lafayette this morning where adverse weather conditions were reported on the tracking history. OK, it is 70 degrees and sunny in Lafayette today! How are those adverse conditions?? It arrives in New Orleans at 7:50 and leaves at 9am. We are 4 hours away from New Orleans. So, they've missed the 10:30 delivery for sure. And they are definelty too late for the package to have been put on the delivery truck this morning. I call, and all they tell me is what is on the tracking summary online. I wanted to know if the truck would come directly here from New Orleans, or stop at the hub. I am willing to pick up the package again. But, I am not waiting until 5pm for someone to "feel" like calling and telling me it's available. I am going to request we change our delivery to FedEx. This is highly unacceptable, expecially when it comes to employee paychecks. Wish Me Luck!

  • To
    Tony Montana Feb 27, 2009

    they deliver in my metropolitan area of los angeles at 8, 9 10 at night!!! TERRIBLE!!!

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ups cambie: devious hidden fees

UPS Store on Cambie near 18th likes to convey impression that they are just like the post office, so when you ask them to weigh something for postage, they put it on a meterless scale and add a hefty premium to whatever Canada Post would charge. You then pay them, and likely you would leave it as that as they tell you they will take care of it. Little do you know that they then take the package or envelope to a metered scale and apply postage sticker that is a lot lower than you just paid. I am not against UPS charging a service charge for doing basic Canada Post duties but they should announce this to the customer or have it posted on the prices board. They don't do this because they want you to think of them as like Canada Post. Beware, especially the Cambie near 18th branch.

late/no delivery

I'm in Gig Harbor, WA, and was affected by bad weather here over Christmas. Still, a gift I ordered for my husband that was supposed to arrive on 12/22 is still not here on 12/30. Every day, the UPS website shows that the package will be delivered "today", yet when the day comes and goes, the date simply rolls over to the next day. So I have zero confidence right now that my package will arrive at all. I've called once so far but they basically said there's not much they can do, just wait and see. I have a feeling they'll be hearing from me again when the package does not show up today.

My mom also paid $128 to have a package sent next day air from Detroit on 12/23, but that package hasn't arrived yet either. Is it fair to charge someone $128 when you know you can't make the guarantee? I'll bet they smiled at her, looked her in the eye, lied to her, and took her money, knowing full well they were covered by their "no guarantees during holidays" clause.

I would advise anyone to not use UPS. Use Fedex instead. The packages I sent Fedex managed to get to my mom by Christmas, and the weather in Detroit was no better than it was here. So explain that one, UPS.

  • Ae
    aethomasthomas2 Aug 25, 2009


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  • Ae
    aethomasthomas2 Aug 25, 2009


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  • 80
    801 Nov 25, 2010

    I too had an experience with this same ups office. They left a delivery attempt notice on 11/23/10 so I took the day off on 11/24 to receive the package. Around 5:55 I opened my door to find another notice indicating their attempt to deliver. I was home all day and no one rang the bell or knocked on the door. I spoke to an agent at the 800 number who stated I would hear from someone within the hour which I did. Someone by the name of Ms. Alexandra called to tell me the driver was gone for the day. Ms. Alexandra claimed to be a supervisor and when I inquired of her Supervisor the call was abruptly disconnected. I would like to file a formal complaint regarding this situation and plan on visiting the center the next day they are open. This is not a professionally run office and it seems the delivery people need closer supervision in their vans.

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  • 80
    801 Nov 25, 2010

    The office I am referring to is located at 345 Brush Ave in the Bronx NY.

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First off this number given does not work they may call you but you maybe not call back... great rightttt NOT...

rude, unprofessional driver

The driver that just delivered my package was totally rude and unprofessional. Granted my dog barks at...

unbelievable incompetence

UPS ruined the Christmas for my family with ineptitude and compounded it with lies. I sent by UPS the...

beware a seasonal scam

UPS contacted me for a seasonal Driver Helper position. I was told, I would have plenty of work. They did not...

stolen and undelivered items

I live in a very large gated upscale apt community with an easily accessible management office. I received a post card from ups that they were unable to deliver my package (From the same company they have delivered from numerous times) because the apt # was left off. Ups did not bother to leave it at the management office. Instead, they said they could not re-deliver when I called them and then stated I would need to drive 10 miles to retrieve the package when the nearest ups office is less than a mile away. They offered no solution whatsoever to re-route the package back to the appropriate apartment.

Secondly, within the past 3 weeks, another ups driver supposedly left a package at my door (Unsigned for, of course) and I never saw the package. I have had the post office and fedex leave packages without incident. I have a private entrance to my apartment that is covered and not easily seen by passers-by so I doubt seriously that it was stolen. I highly suspect (But cannot prove) that the driver was looking for free christmas presents. Well, he got the package intended for my 84 yo father with milton berle and roy roger movies so.. Ha! Ha! Ha!

No more ups for me... I will tell all of the people I shop on line with that I will pay the extra cost using the post office or fedex or dhl but never ups again!

  • Go
    gomakemeasandwich Jun 05, 2009

    First of all, turn off your caps key. Secondly, the first part of your complaint is completely without merit, and you sound like a baby. There's no doubt in my mind that if UPS had left the package at the office that you'd be on here crying that they didn't check with the office to see which apartment in your "upscale" community was yours and that they were lazy because they didn't. Also, I'm sure that you would be crying because UPS left your package "with someone who wasn't you, and what if got lost, blah blah blah, how irresponsible of them."

    Finally what you refer to as a "UPS office" was probably a UPS store which isn't actually owned by UPS (it's an independent business licensed to use the UPS name and only acts as a collection point for people who want to ship their packages) and wouldn't have your package anyway. And really, I'm sure it makes you sad that you had to drive ten whole miles to get your mislabeled package, but you can finally stop crying like a child about it. Really, it's going to be ok.

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  • Eu
    Eustace Been Oct 13, 2010

    Dear Sir/madam
    I have a complaint with the UPS AGENT in Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands, in reference to Item #1Z7R472V669775743, we received the carton partly open and a missing Camera DCR-SX44, this is
    not the first or secont time our merchandise have being stolen. I am st satisy with the performance from
    this agent. the service is not effiecient nothing is priority about delivery.
    I am asking that you investigate the matter because we never get any reasonable response from the company.
    You can contact me at [email protected]
    My name is Eustace Been

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  • Kj
    Kjlinam Nov 10, 2010

    My dad, a retired collage professor and very meticulous, packed up my moms silver plated tea service and sent it to me. He also put in a sterling silver pair of salt shakers, a silver cup given to me upon my baptism - I was a Catholic baby, and a box with a shot glass in it that he brought back with him from Dublin Ireland.
    When I opened the box the tea service was intact, however the salt shakers, baby cup and shot glass were gone. There is some small evidence of tampering…. I am livid and I intend to fight this as far as I can…. I say lets all unite.
    [email protected]

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  • Cj
    cjmcneil Apr 30, 2014

    My fiance and I just received our thousand plus dollar ASUS laptop shipment we ordered two days ago via Amazon Prime, the only problem was that there was no laptop in the box when we opened it. It was dropped at 6:15 PM on our front doorstep in San Antonio, TX, we knew because the Chihuahua started barking. The driver was gone when the box was taken in a few minutes later. No bother on the part of Amazon to require a signature from the recipient (one would think that would be standard for such a high value item). The outside packaging looked fine. The shipping stated 6 lbs, however, it was about 5 lbs short of that. I opened the shipping box from the bottom. The inside manufacturer box had a rip on its side. The laptop was gone but the accessories were left behind. Upon closer inspection I found that the clear packing tape on the top of the box had been cut open and then carefully re-taped. I don't know why Amazon wouldn't ship expensive items with their tamper evident logo tape. Very disappointed in Amazon and UPS. Waiting to see if Amazon will refund for the missing item.

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low quality employee and control system

I totally Agree UPS is so far the worst shipping company in the US. i have numerous of problem with UPS that i just hope the online retailers won't use UPS as their carrier. But, sometime they just do, and its a pain. UPS is rotten from the top to the bottom. I had so many problem receiving packages from UPS, partially because we do not have a door bell system in our apartment, and the delivery people just refuse to give me a phone call so that i can come down stair and sign it. they would rather waste all of our time going back and forth. But this is not the worst, after 5 days of useless back and forth conversation and redelivery request, i asked the customer service, when exactly do they deliver the package in my area, i will just wait outside for them, the customer service A says from 4pm to 5 pm. so i went outside and wait in the cold for one hour, no success, call customer service B, now this guy says 5pm -7pm, i was very pissed, but still i thought if i gave up right now, the past hour that i waited would be totally wasted. so i waited outside for another 2 hour. the UPS person never came, how ridiculous! they were supposed to deliver that day, but they didn't. Next day, same situation repeat. Out of furious, i decided i would talk to their supervisor, i got Mr. Farid from California i believe from the main office to talk to me, he was very apologetic and assure me that he will personally take care of my case and make sure the delivery person leave my package the next day. Still, nothing came next day, i called again, he told me sorry he doesn't know why they didn't deliver, and tell me i had to go to like there temporary storage center to pick it up, i was so upset, didn't i pay for the shipping fee? why do i now still need to go like a thousand mile to pick my stuff up? who will compensate the time i spend on waiting and explaining the situation patiently over and over again with the Customer Rep? NO BODY. IS THIS HOW THEY RUN The BUSINESS? i really don't understand. And finally i decided alright i'm going to have my friend drive me there to pick up my long waiting package, we found out that the package weren't there as they said, it was on the truck, and we had to wait for like 3 hours for it to come back. we don't have time to wait, so we decided that we want the rep in the center to give us his name so we can assure we get the package next time. Interestingly, he doesn't have the name tag, refuse to give us his name, and he wasn't even looking at us while he speak, like we are people who don't exist. i ask him to bring his supervisor, ha, he said the supervisor is not here. how amazing? so we called the main office and decide to report this situation, the supervisor just suddenly popped up from no where. of course she cannot do nothing either, useless, but at least she got a name this time. I really hope people who suffer from their terrible service would all speak up, and let this company knows who is the boss.

  • Ke
    kevinswife0612 Jan 08, 2010

    First of all, speak correct english. Second of all the drivers do not have company issued cell phones so they arent required to call you and waste their minutes on someone whos doorbell is broken. They offer you the option to pick it up because they want you to have your package. Delivery times cant be guaranteed either unless its sent next day air. If youre too cheap to pay for air, dont complain about no guaranteed delivery time

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phantom delivery

I would like to report a systemic problem of package delivery issues with the UPS Smyrna GA local office.
One three consecutive occasions I have had problems with UPS delivery. Packages being reported as delivered when they havent - packages being delivered on sundays via personal vehicles etc.
I have raised the issue multiple times with the UPS office but for some reason it gets swept under the carpet. I believe the problem is a lot higher up than I have been able to report. The issues tend to be forgotten or covered up. This is systemic and corrupt.

  • Bi
    BIG T Mar 12, 2009

    Back in December, O8 I discovered the
    "PHANTOM DELIVERY". Online it stated delivered
    the next day I went to pick up the package at the local
    UPS office. Well here it is March, 09 and the same thing is happening again.

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