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Resolved ups cambie: devious hidden fees

UPS Store on Cambie near 18th likes to convey impression that they are just like the post office, so when you ask them to weigh something for postage, they put it on a meterless scale and add a hefty premium to whatever Canada Post would charge. You then pay them, and likely you would leave it as that as they tell you they will take care of it. Little do you know that they then take the package or envelope to a metered scale and apply postage sticker that is a lot lower than you just paid. I am not against UPS charging a service charge for doing basic Canada Post duties but they should announce this to the customer or have it posted on the prices board. They don't do this because they want you to think of them as like Canada Post. Beware, especially the Cambie near 18th branch.

Resolved late/no delivery

I'm in Gig Harbor, WA, and was affected by bad weather here over Christmas. Still, a gift I ordered for my husband that was supposed to arrive on 12/22 is still not here on 12/30. Every day, the UPS website shows that the package will be delivered "today", yet when the day comes and goes, the date simply rolls over to the next day. So I have zero confidence right now that my package will arrive at all. I've called once so far but they basically said there's not much they can do, just wait and see. I have a feeling they'll be hearing from me again when the package does not show up today.

My mom also paid $128 to have a package sent next day air from Detroit on 12/23, but that package hasn't arrived yet either. Is it fair to charge someone $128 when you know you can't make the guarantee? I'll bet they smiled at her, looked her in the eye, lied to her, and took her money, knowing full well they were covered by their "no guarantees during holidays" clause.

I would advise anyone to not use UPS. Use Fedex instead. The packages I sent Fedex managed to get to my mom by Christmas, and the weather in Detroit was no better than it was here. So explain that one, UPS.

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    aethomasthomas2 Aug 25, 2009


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  • Ae
    aethomasthomas2 Aug 25, 2009


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    801 Nov 25, 2010

    I too had an experience with this same ups office. They left a delivery attempt notice on 11/23/10 so I took the day off on 11/24 to receive the package. Around 5:55 I opened my door to find another notice indicating their attempt to deliver. I was home all day and no one rang the bell or knocked on the door. I spoke to an agent at the 800 number who stated I would hear from someone within the hour which I did. Someone by the name of Ms. Alexandra called to tell me the driver was gone for the day. Ms. Alexandra claimed to be a supervisor and when I inquired of her Supervisor the call was abruptly disconnected. I would like to file a formal complaint regarding this situation and plan on visiting the center the next day they are open. This is not a professionally run office and it seems the delivery people need closer supervision in their vans.

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  • 80
    801 Nov 25, 2010

    The office I am referring to is located at 345 Brush Ave in the Bronx NY.

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Resolved liarrrrs

First off this number given does not work they may call you but you maybe not call back... great rightttt NOT...

Resolved rude, unprofessional driver

The driver that just delivered my package was totally rude and unprofessional. Granted my dog barks at...

Resolved unbelievable incompetence

UPS ruined the Christmas for my family with ineptitude and compounded it with lies. I sent by UPS the...

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Resolved beware a seasonal scam

UPS contacted me for a seasonal Driver Helper position. I was told, I would have plenty of work. They did not...

Resolved stolen and undelivered items

I live in a very large gated upscale apt community with an easily accessible management office. I received a post card from ups that they were unable to deliver my package (From the same company they have delivered from numerous times) because the apt # was left off. Ups did not bother to leave it at the management office. Instead, they said they could not re-deliver when I called them and then stated I would need to drive 10 miles to retrieve the package when the nearest ups office is less than a mile away. They offered no solution whatsoever to re-route the package back to the appropriate apartment.

Secondly, within the past 3 weeks, another ups driver supposedly left a package at my door (Unsigned for, of course) and I never saw the package. I have had the post office and fedex leave packages without incident. I have a private entrance to my apartment that is covered and not easily seen by passers-by so I doubt seriously that it was stolen. I highly suspect (But cannot prove) that the driver was looking for free christmas presents. Well, he got the package intended for my 84 yo father with milton berle and roy roger movies so.. Ha! Ha! Ha!

No more ups for me... I will tell all of the people I shop on line with that I will pay the extra cost using the post office or fedex or dhl but never ups again!

  • Go
    gomakemeasandwich Jun 05, 2009

    First of all, turn off your caps key. Secondly, the first part of your complaint is completely without merit, and you sound like a baby. There's no doubt in my mind that if UPS had left the package at the office that you'd be on here crying that they didn't check with the office to see which apartment in your "upscale" community was yours and that they were lazy because they didn't. Also, I'm sure that you would be crying because UPS left your package "with someone who wasn't you, and what if got lost, blah blah blah, how irresponsible of them."

    Finally what you refer to as a "UPS office" was probably a UPS store which isn't actually owned by UPS (it's an independent business licensed to use the UPS name and only acts as a collection point for people who want to ship their packages) and wouldn't have your package anyway. And really, I'm sure it makes you sad that you had to drive ten whole miles to get your mislabeled package, but you can finally stop crying like a child about it. Really, it's going to be ok.

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  • Eu
    Eustace Been Oct 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/madam
    I have a complaint with the UPS AGENT in Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands, in reference to Item #1Z7R472V669775743, we received the carton partly open and a missing Camera DCR-SX44, this is
    not the first or secont time our merchandise have being stolen. I am st satisy with the performance from
    this agent. the service is not effiecient nothing is priority about delivery.
    I am asking that you investigate the matter because we never get any reasonable response from the company.
    You can contact me at [email protected]
    My name is Eustace Been

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  • Kj
    Kjlinam Nov 10, 2010

    My dad, a retired collage professor and very meticulous, packed up my moms silver plated tea service and sent it to me. He also put in a sterling silver pair of salt shakers, a silver cup given to me upon my baptism - I was a Catholic baby, and a box with a shot glass in it that he brought back with him from Dublin Ireland.
    When I opened the box the tea service was intact, however the salt shakers, baby cup and shot glass were gone. There is some small evidence of tampering…. I am livid and I intend to fight this as far as I can…. I say lets all unite.
    [email protected]

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  • Cj
    cjmcneil Apr 30, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My fiance and I just received our thousand plus dollar ASUS laptop shipment we ordered two days ago via Amazon Prime, the only problem was that there was no laptop in the box when we opened it. It was dropped at 6:15 PM on our front doorstep in San Antonio, TX, we knew because the Chihuahua started barking. The driver was gone when the box was taken in a few minutes later. No bother on the part of Amazon to require a signature from the recipient (one would think that would be standard for such a high value item). The outside packaging looked fine. The shipping stated 6 lbs, however, it was about 5 lbs short of that. I opened the shipping box from the bottom. The inside manufacturer box had a rip on its side. The laptop was gone but the accessories were left behind. Upon closer inspection I found that the clear packing tape on the top of the box had been cut open and then carefully re-taped. I don't know why Amazon wouldn't ship expensive items with their tamper evident logo tape. Very disappointed in Amazon and UPS. Waiting to see if Amazon will refund for the missing item.

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low quality employee and control system

I totally Agree UPS is so far the worst shipping company in the US. i have numerous of problem with UPS that i just hope the online retailers won't use UPS as their carrier. But, sometime they just do, and its a pain. UPS is rotten from the top to the bottom. I had so many problem receiving packages from UPS, partially because we do not have a door bell system in our apartment, and the delivery people just refuse to give me a phone call so that i can come down stair and sign it. they would rather waste all of our time going back and forth. But this is not the worst, after 5 days of useless back and forth conversation and redelivery request, i asked the customer service, when exactly do they deliver the package in my area, i will just wait outside for them, the customer service A says from 4pm to 5 pm. so i went outside and wait in the cold for one hour, no success, call customer service B, now this guy says 5pm -7pm, i was very pissed, but still i thought if i gave up right now, the past hour that i waited would be totally wasted. so i waited outside for another 2 hour. the UPS person never came, how ridiculous! they were supposed to deliver that day, but they didn't. Next day, same situation repeat. Out of furious, i decided i would talk to their supervisor, i got Mr. Farid from California i believe from the main office to talk to me, he was very apologetic and assure me that he will personally take care of my case and make sure the delivery person leave my package the next day. Still, nothing came next day, i called again, he told me sorry he doesn't know why they didn't deliver, and tell me i had to go to like there temporary storage center to pick it up, i was so upset, didn't i pay for the shipping fee? why do i now still need to go like a thousand mile to pick my stuff up? who will compensate the time i spend on waiting and explaining the situation patiently over and over again with the Customer Rep? NO BODY. IS THIS HOW THEY RUN The BUSINESS? i really don't understand. And finally i decided alright i'm going to have my friend drive me there to pick up my long waiting package, we found out that the package weren't there as they said, it was on the truck, and we had to wait for like 3 hours for it to come back. we don't have time to wait, so we decided that we want the rep in the center to give us his name so we can assure we get the package next time. Interestingly, he doesn't have the name tag, refuse to give us his name, and he wasn't even looking at us while he speak, like we are people who don't exist. i ask him to bring his supervisor, ha, he said the supervisor is not here. how amazing? so we called the main office and decide to report this situation, the supervisor just suddenly popped up from no where. of course she cannot do nothing either, useless, but at least she got a name this time. I really hope people who suffer from their terrible service would all speak up, and let this company knows who is the boss.

  • Ke
    kevinswife0612 Jan 08, 2010

    First of all, speak correct english. Second of all the drivers do not have company issued cell phones so they arent required to call you and waste their minutes on someone whos doorbell is broken. They offer you the option to pick it up because they want you to have your package. Delivery times cant be guaranteed either unless its sent next day air. If youre too cheap to pay for air, dont complain about no guaranteed delivery time

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Resolved phantom delivery

I would like to report a systemic problem of package delivery issues with the UPS Smyrna GA local office.
One three consecutive occasions I have had problems with UPS delivery. Packages being reported as delivered when they havent - packages being delivered on sundays via personal vehicles etc.
I have raised the issue multiple times with the UPS office but for some reason it gets swept under the carpet. I believe the problem is a lot higher up than I have been able to report. The issues tend to be forgotten or covered up. This is systemic and corrupt.

  • Bi
    BIG T Mar 12, 2009

    Back in December, O8 I discovered the
    "PHANTOM DELIVERY". Online it stated delivered
    the next day I went to pick up the package at the local
    UPS office. Well here it is March, 09 and the same thing is happening again.

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delays, billing

UPS at a glance.

After having about 2 - 3 parcels a month delivered to us we have the following everyone should know about UPS.

1) expect delays. the drivers don't bother leaving behind any notifications of "attempts of delivery". they refuse to come up to even give the parcels. expect your parcel to be delayed or returned, at your expense.

2) brokerage fees, extremely high. no more needs to be said. look at the other complaints and get a feel of the high dose they charge, be prepared to pay. (RMS is who they send after you if you don't, apparently we didn't pay a bill they sent; we're positive this bill was never received; most likely because they were too lazy to send it).

3) the customer service, try to schedule a pick up? nothing close by, since packages go to the main shipping centre for pick up, and not your local UPS (why bother opening stores everywhere?). want to wait for a package? sure, 9am - 9pm. they fail to realize people have a life to attend to, university, chores, and a job. oh and by the way, on many desparate days I had family wait at my place for the package to be recieved as they said it would be delivered the following day; that day, waited all day, UPS didnt arrive.

More references by other distressed UPS customers are found on Ebay Forums. How the company is functioning is beyond me.

Resolved ups delivery

I was returning merchandise through a pre-paid UPS package. I went to a staples shipping center. They took my package with my label and secured it properly by sealing it with the lable and tape.

The company I sent it too called and emailed me a few days later saying that the contents I sent wasn't the correct contents.
I use this company all the time. The contens should have been a Sprint Air-card for my laptop, instead the company received a package of Cotton Swabs. UPS Claimas that if the package wasn't opened or damaged then what I put in the package was incorrect, and it wasn't their fault. The first customer service person was trying to hurry me off of the phone because he said he couldn't wait for me to call the receiving company on another line. I wanted to get the both of them on the phone at the same time to work this out. However, the UPS customer service person was very rude and hung up.

Now, one might say that I may have plaec the wrong contents in the envelop. This didnt happen. i am being charged over 500 dollars to replace the card. Which should have only cost 90.00 I have no gain on doing this. The Air card has a tracking device, and the company is looking into seeing if it can be tracked.

It appears that there is some foul play when the card was dropped off by me with a receipt, and delivered by UPS.
The flaw is there is no way of telling the contents.

  • Ra
    ravi Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please take action

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  • Ka
    Kathy Nov 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently have had a "war" of sorts with UPS. Back in July, my husband ordered some shirts which never arrived. The company claimed they had delivered the items to our house on July 25 and a woman had received them. Funny thing is, we were out-of-state on that date and no one was at our home. Now, UPS will not deliver to our home because we had a claim. So either someone broke into our home for the sole purpose of taking those shirts and then left our home locked or the delivery guy delivered to the wrong house. I am sure it wasn't option "A" so that means we are being punished for the mistake of their delivery guy. My husband wrote to the company and their response was that we had a claim so things cannot be left unless someone is there to sign for them. Funny thing is, twice, the note on the door has said they tried to deliver when we WERE home. So it seems the delivery person is playing games with us. I tend to do a lot of on-line shopping over the holidays, but now won't be able to unless I want it delivered to my work and increase the workload of the frong office staff. Needless to say, I feel like the little guy doesn't every win!!!

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  • Sc
    scorpion Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You called, claimed the package was received by someone else, UPS tagged your residence so that no package could be left withOUT YOU signing for them, you either didn't answer the door when they knocked and/or didn't read the note on the door saying you could pick up the package at the customer counter, and you want to complain. Do you feel the slightest bit better knowing if you bought a diamond ring that the driver would not drop it off under your doormat knowing that the shirt snatcher would take it as well? RTFM or RTF N(note)

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  • Tr
    Trina Koch Sep 18, 2015

    If you get the address wrong, they charge you full price AGAIN to ship it back? why you ask? Because if they don't "they don't make any money".


    They said they called the recipient "over and over" but did not.


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  • Il
    Ilitsa Mar 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So I was happily awaiting some body wash and lotion from Bath and body works (Hey guys like to smell good, too!) The tracking left it saying it was left at my front door, which it wasn't. the driver tells customer service that they left it at the back door, it wasn't there. UPS CS then tells me it's not their problem.

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  • Tr
    Trooper95 Mar 31, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a Senior Citizen and also am disabled. This outfit is enough to make you quit buying anything on line ! After I get done here I am calling Amazon and tell them I won't be ordering anymore, from them because UPS does nothing but lie and not deliver my packages that have been sitting there for 3 days ! I have had it and am also going to contact a Lawyer about being treated unfairly. This is a sad way of doing business. What are u people doing for work? You are lazy and do not want to do your job! See you in court !

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  • Al
    Allen Niles Jul 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPS driver left note that a 2nd attempt would be made to deliver next weekday. No attempt was made next day or the one after. Finally tracked package to their Access Point Gaithersburg, MD. There is no way to contact UPS to make a complaint. Do not use UPS.

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  • Wine Is Good Jul 28, 2016

    Also, it is amazing what GOOGLE will show you if you look:

    Holy Toledo Batman! It is a phone number to UPS.

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  • Wine Is Good Jul 28, 2016

    The next weekday implies this was a Friday, making the next weekday a Monday. What day?

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Resolved delivery sucks

An item was shipped to me via UPS. I received a note on my door the first day they attempted to deliver it(I was at work and came home at 4:45pm). The note said that they would deliver it the next day between 2 and 5 pm. I took off from work and went home so that I could get the package. As soon as I got home I called the company who said they would alert the delivery team. I then wrote a note in red permanent marker addressed to UPS saying please ring doorbell or knock when you come. At 7 pm a visitor rang my doorbell and to my great surprise there was a note from UPS saying that they tried to deliver the package again but were unsuccessful! I was here the entire time and no one had rung the doorbell or knocked on the door. I called the UPS office and asked them why the delivery person had not rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. Their only response was in the form of a question "Was a signature required for delivery?" I said yes. The UPS person then said that she does not know why they did not ring the bell or knock on the door. She said that she would contact them again and ask that they deliver the package that evening. At 8:30pm the package was still not delivered. I called the UPS office again and asked to speak to a supervisor. She said that she will contact the delivery person but could not promise delivery that evening. I said that I would be at home the next day from 5 pm. She said that she will have them deliver it AFTER 5 PM and that she will call and leave a message at 10am that day. I came home at 4 :45 PM on the agreed upon day to find another note from UPS on my door saying that they tried to deliver the package and that was the final attempt. There was no telephone message as was promised either. I called the UPS 800 number again and related the events to the customer service rep. He hung up the phone before I was done. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor who did NOT listen to the events beyond the second delivery attempt but said that he would investigate and get back to me within an hour. He could not tell me when or if I will get my package that day. I offerred to pick up the package at one of the offices in my town but he could not tell me if that was possible either! This is the most awful and utterly POOR QUALITY customer NON-service that I have ever experienced and what is more no one at this company even acts like this is a service that they receied payment to provide nor shows any concern for the customer or the degree of inconvenience caused by their failure to provide the service for which they were paid!!

  • St
    stulovesfrannie Jan 31, 2009

    After ordering an item and being told it would be delivered via post office, and still not receiving it, I heard a UPS truck coming down the street. It stopped in front of my home, backed up to my neighbors home, and tossed a package about the size I was expecting, into their yard. Figuring that UPS once again delivered a package for me to my neighbors home, I went over there and sure enough, it was mine. The neighbors were not home and I wasn't too happy that my expensive item was just laying on their front lawn.
    I am an assistant manager at this mobile home park, and about 90% of tenants do not like management, but thank God the neighbor who continually gets my UPS packages happens to be one tenant who likes me.
    My home, as others, are CLEARLY MARKED with space numbers.

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  • In
    infonoticeups Aug 16, 2011

    I know how you feel. I have a really bad experience with UPS. First of all, the UPS delivery person never rings the bell or even knock the door. Also, when I called customer service they were rude to me. I will just try to avoid UPS delivery in future. I will just try fedex or usps...or other delivery services...

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I have visited my mother in Jasper, Indiana on several occasions. Each time I am in Jasper the same UPS man...

1 comment Huntingburg Other

Resolved terrible service

I paid for overnight shipping of a law book I needed for the following week. When the book didn't...

Resolved unauthorized billing

I wanted to fax some papers and May took them. Didn't answer my question about the price. Just faxed them and told me I owed them 14.50. Plus, when I questioned the price. She told me she'd be happy when I left the store. If you want to be mistreated, yelled at or over charged just go to 5546 Camino Al Norte North Las Vegas NV. store # 2504 and have May or the owner help you. And your sure to get mistreated. Also if you just want to mail a letter. Don't go there they, curse at you for using there mailbox.

ups sucks!

it takes them more than 2 hours trying to find a package which is just returned, but they failed! UPS services sucks!

Resolved discrimination against customer

I was told that I was one of three out of 50 seasonal workers to be called back for a permament part time position at the Gastonia NC UPS warehouse.

Only to be told that there were no openings. Than I went to the website to find out that there were openings at this location at the time.

After addressing this to Alisha Burris and Ebony Truzy, The next day I went back to the website and NOTICED there were no openings posted. Plus I had a completed Application on file, For the Gastonia NC location and after complaining to Alisha Burris & Ebony truzy My completed application disappeared.

The lady from Charlotte NC EEOC called me concerning my complaint That I filed which she was a black lady, She sent me a questionaire to fill out, Also she is the one who received my complaint that the investigator took over the phone, I signed it after I added some stuff the investigator left out. But when I received my signed copy back from EEOC.

The stuff I added had been removed. Was this removed from the secretary who was black ? I do not know, But I do know it was removed. I have a copy of the signed complaint showing what I added. Since I made a copy of it before mailing it back to EEOC.

Maybe some staff members including investigators at Charlotte NC EEOC Will not investigate complaints, IT HAS ALOT TO DO WITH WHO YOU ARE.

I have found so many complaints against UPS online concerning employment practice acts, That I don't see how any lawyer or EEOC could ignore or turn there head the other way.

I didn't search for complaints against them until after filing my complaint with EEOC. Wow I had no idea how many people out there thats having the same problems as me.

Alot of employees At UPS are having the same problems as me, They are either quitting, Or been fired for all the wrong reasons.

Anyone who reads this and has the same problems just reply.

I have an attorney who would love to hear from you.

It seems odd that I file a complaint with another website which posted this at the top of the list on google.

But now its nowhere to be found on google.

It is still posted on the website where I file it, But not on google.

Funny how UPS works on covering up such information they don't want people to see.

Also if you have had problems with CHARLOTTE NC EEOC, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I have called and called and left message after message too check the status of my complaint and no one calls me back, Nor do they send a letter.

There is probably only about 2 or 3 white folks who work there. So if your complaint is about a black employer.

You may as well forget about filing complaint with EEOC.

  • Je
    JeannetteP Jun 03, 2016

    UPS has the worst people working for the company!! I went to return my u-verse and the "owner" of the store store says he will not help me because he's eating and to go to another store. I'm even nice about it and ask him to give me the papers to fill out while he eats and he refuses, says he doesn't like my attitude, and to leave brushing his hands in the air, tells me to report him. Please keep in mind this happened at 3:30 in the afternoon... not even close to lunch time. To make matters worse, another person comes in after me and he was helped... I'm a pregnant latin woman and can't help but think I was discriminated against. Unfortunately for him, I have close friends in a local news station and yes I will be reporting it and making it known to the public! Thank you ### for your excellent customer service!

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  • Pa
    PaulafromTX Jun 03, 2016

    It happened to me too and I'm white. Not that that should matter but the lady I am agreeing with pointed out she is Hispanic. I'm sure it's not the same place (Texas) but the person I was dealing with had the same attitude. He wouldn't help at all and just started talking to other employees. I will never, ever deal with them ever again no matter how desperate I am.

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damage to our property

I have recieved two deliveries in the last three weeks. During one of those deliveries, the truck driver backed into our basketball hoop. The backboard and bracket holding the hoop is damaged. The in ground pole was not damaged. The driver did not leave a note or or in any way notify us that he hit the basketball hoop and damaged it. Only a tall truck would be able to cause this type of damage. I will be pursuing remediation for this negligence.

  • Da
    Daniel Flores Sep 08, 2014

    Lucky for you the vehicle did not hit your vehicle, a UPS truck collided with my vehicle and was cited by the Police, I received a claim number but for over 3 weeks I have not had a call as to when my vehicle will be repaired.. I have left over 10 messages and nothing, just a recording, Also never, never use Liberty Mutual Insurance, they just won't return your calls. I guess UPS knows this and that is why they use Liberty Mutual, they know they wont pay of take forever

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lost documents, poor customer service

During my relocation from Ontario to Alberta, my Ontario attorney sent important mortgage documents (signed by my wife, who hasn't moved yet) by UPS courier to my Alberta attorney for overnight delivery. To make a long story short, UPS has lost this package, and after nearly a week, are still unable to locate it. As a result I missed my closing date on my new home, and this has potentially scuttled the deal entirely. Repeated calls from myself and from both attorneys to UPS were not returned, and only after being cornered, did UPS admit that they had indeed lost the package. I worked for UPS years ago, and saw many of the shenanigans that went on there, from theft to wilfull destruction of packages, and had I known he was planning on using UPS, I would have forbidden my attorney from doing so.

Heed my warning: avoid UPS. They don't take proper care of your shipments, and don't like to help when something goes wrong.

Don't do business with these spoiled, petulant brats.

  • Da
    david Mar 06, 2009

    I agree with you totally...UPS is the worst...the charge up the ### and offer very little or anything service...It has been six days and no information on my package just says billing information received...this is a ground shipment from california to canada

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  • Na
    Naz - SA Dec 13, 2010

    I too agree to these complaints! I don't know what to do! I have a friend in Canada who I purchased the Apple Imac from, he used it like a few times, and I always wanted one, but it was too expensive for me to get a brand new one. Anyway getting to the point - I purchased the Imac and the Ipad, however after a week from the date it was supposed to be delivered, I called UPS only to be told that the package was at the South African Airport at the UPS office, frustrated I decided to drive there and pick up the package myself, upon arrival I was presented with just the one package (IPAD) and not the IMAC. They told me it hadn't left Canada and that I needed to contact them! I did so and basically no one could tell me where my package was, until they finally admitted that it hadn't left Canada and that they couldn't find it. It's now 3 weeks since my expected delivery and i have not heard anything, I have to keep calling on them! To make matters worst, I insured my package for the amount I was paying for the IMAC (although it's practically brand new with plastic covers and all) I sold my other laptop to buy this one, and I have nothing! The package is lost or stolen and still I haven't received any compensation or any correspondance with regard to this situation!!! I lost out $2800! I'm insured for only $1600. I transport goods all the time, but this is the first time I've had a package lost!

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damaged package, missing items

I have complained twice to ups with regards to a damaged package delivered to me from an e-bay company. Package severely damaged, parts missing. I was told that I would be contacted by a ups representative to assess the damage. This has taken place over the last two weeks. I am still waiting for the person or persons who supposedly will assess the damage. I cannot believe that a company as large as ups would tolerate this type of behavior. It may be time for the powers that be to look at themselves and what their reaction would be to this type of treatment.

  • Go
    gomakemeasandwich Jun 05, 2009

    It sounds like at least part of the blame should be for the seller who actually packaged the items.

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  • Ic
    iclies Dec 02, 2009

    I received a shipment from a US based firm. The package came in a bad shape and with one expensive item missing. Even the weight of the package as recorded by UPS upon pickup was 5 lbs more than what they delivered!! It was obvious that the package had been opened in transit and re-sealed. I have identified this before accepting the shipment and the UPS personnel said they will start an investigation. There is no way to track this "investigation", there's no case numbers. There's no way to see if its a real investigation or a imaginary one. I can't believe UPS is still in business. There should be accountability.

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