United Parcel Service [UPS]delivery promises


29 November 2017 - I pay Amazon extra to have my laptop delivered today, and Amazon chooses UPS for delivery. At 4:30 pm today (on the day it's supposed to be delivered) I decide to go out and trace it, since I've heard nothing from UPS regarding status and I usually would have had the delivery by now.

When I enter the tracking number, all that UPS tells me is that my package is "delayed" and it might not be delivered today. Really????? You can't tell me any more than that?? What delayed it? Where is it right now? Is it possible for me to go pick it up at the sorting warehouse that's 2 miles from my house? Is it out for delivery?

The online live support (15 minute wait) isn't much help. "We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible." STUPID. Don't treat me like a 2-yr-old. Tell me what the hell is going on.

More: "I am reall (SI) sorry, we do not have any updates yet when this package will arrive to the destination. However, rest assured that your package will be delivered as soon as possible." STUPID.

After I demanded some real answers, I finally found out that it WAS at the warehouse 2 miles from my house, and NO, they would not let me just drive over and pick it up.

These people are BLITHERING [censor]!!

UPS, you have a lot to figure out before you get to real profitability!

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