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damaged item in shipping no reimbursement

I recently paid nearly $200 to have an electronic/digital piano shipped by UPS. This item was packed in a professionally designed and built hard-shell case specifically made for transporting this particular item multiple times on the road during concert tours, etc. In addition, it was wrapped shut with several layers of packing tape.

It arrived at its destination damaged beyond repair. The recipient told me about it, I filed a claim with UPS, and they responded saying the latches had come undone and the item had fallen out of the case and was damaged. How the latches had come undone is a mystery as they were locked shut, not to mention the layers of packing tape that would have kept the case closed even if they latches were undone. And, it was obvious then that they knew about the damage prior to dropping off the shipment, with no mention of it to the recipient.

I will never give UPS another dime of my money as long as I live.

  • He
    hewhowillnotbenamed Dec 16, 2010

    Well if you go on the ups website, there are packaging guidelines.. YOUR PACKAGE NEEDS TO BE IN A BOX!
    if it's not, you're shipping at your own risk? They don't have workers that hand carry your merchandise.. They have conveyor belts and sorting systems.. If it hits something and the latch comes undone your "professionally designed" case does NOTHING but open up, and while the pkg is still moving and then slides down in the packaging bin, COULD IT POSSIBLE BE THAT... Gasp! The product could come out and possibly be damaged? They have their guidelines for particular reasons! such as this! Maybe it's a good thing you won't be using ups anymore that way if something was damaged because idiots don't package them properly, they aren't shelling out money they shouldn't be!

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scam charge

I called the UPS Store at 211 E Lombard St in Baltimore last week to ask 1) whether there were any fees associated with receiving a package there and 2) whether I would receive a phone call when the package arrived.

To the first question I was told, yes, there's a receiving fee and, if the package is held overnight, a holding fee.

To othe second question I was told that if the sender wrote "Hold for pickup" and my phone number on the package, that I would receive a call. Making sure, I repeated this instruction to the employee, "So if the sender writes 'hold for pickup' and my phone number on the package, you will call me the day it arrives?" He said, "Yes."

But they didn't call me the day it arrived. Wondering why I hadn't yet heard from them, I called the UPS Store. They said, yes, your package is here.

I went to pick it up. They charged me the holding fee.

The person I assume is the manager said it was my fault the package was held overnight. "YOU call. You're supposed to call."

I told him that I was told by an employee of this very store that if the package bore the words "hold for pickup" that I would be the one receiving a phone call. I pointed out the words on my package that said "hold for pickup", followed by a phone number.

He said, "How are we supposed to know to call you? You call if you want to pick up your package."

I repeated my claim using different words (maybe he didn't get it the first time). I asked him at least to acknowledge that it wasn't my fault that I got bad information from an employee.

He responded, "We can't know to call. You call."

More back and forth like this escalated to the point where I was almost shouting, "I was TOLD you'd call! I double-checked! There are instructions on the package to call which I wouldn't have even bothered with if someone at YOUR store didn't give me said instructions."

He wouldn't do that. I don't blame him for saying "I don't want to talk to you anymore, " because I was clearly upset, but I didn't start out being upset.

He didn't hear me, wouldn't listen, wouldn't acknowledge that one of his employees gave me bad information. Nothing. He didn't even know what I was saying.

I can't help it if a business uses UPS to send me packages, but I won't be using them to deliver any.

pathetic service, delivery not ontime

I ordered some computer components from California, USA to be shipped to me in Lusaka, Zambia. The items arrived at Lusaka International Airport on time on Sunday, but here is what happened on:

UPS’ authorised local contractor, Mercury Express Logistics, phoned on Monday, 9 November 2009, to find out if it was okay to clear the items, so I said yes but they need to let me know the clearance charges. They told me Kwacha 173, 800 (Zambian Currency). She said they would let me know by lunchtime if that was the final charge.
3 O’clock came and went and still no call from them. I phoned them to ask what was going on so the man who answered, Jerome, said I could come and collect the packages if they were ready. As I was working, I asked if I could send my son to go and see them as it would be easier to receive clarification, which they said was fine.
My son went there and was told that the items had not been cleared as payment needed to be received first. This was around 1530 – 1600hrs.
He was told to wait so they could find out what the charges would be. After a few minutes the woman at their branch located at Lusaka International Airport spoke to him on the phone and said they couldn’t give a clearance charge as they did not know what any of the items are except for the cables. Correct me if I am wrong but surely it was on the waybill that these are computer parts/components etc.
After another 15-20 minutes he was then told he had to pay Kwacha 1, 335, 325 that was for customs duty, clearance and VAT. As he did not have enough money he said he would come back the next day to pay.

So, my sent went at around 13:40 on Tuesday, 10 November 2009, to pay:

He was given the amount to pay, the same as yesterday, and paid it in full
He asked when the items were delivered and they said, most likely, only Thursday (bearing in mind that the distance from the airport to them to my house is something like 15 kilometres).
As my son is sorting out the shipment he just got a call from Mercury Express to say that they thought we had paid AIT (Advanced Income Tax – which is only meant to be for goods for commercial and not personal use).
She then turns round and says she didn’t think we would have to pay the AIT after she said she thought we had already paid AIT.
That means we will now have to go and pay another amount and as it is there is already a fuel shortage at the moment and I cannot be going there everyday just to have them say something else is wrong.
On top of this, my son has taken time off studying to receive shipment, then to sort our payment etc. so basically they are just messing us around.

Something very strange is going on. I don’t see how UPS can claim that “An unforeseen event has occurred” when all that has happened is that they have given false information and bad service. I knew that I would have to pay duty and clearance fees but it is not my job to chase them up to find out what these are, only to have them give me a different answer every time!

Is there anyone at UPS I can contact to make an official complaint and ask for a refund because this is now just ridiculous?

  • Zm
    zmb1 Nov 12, 2009

    I'm in Zambia too and have had bad experiences with UPS Zambia, contracted to Mercury Express. Here are UPS Zambia details for those who want to confirm that we are both talking about Mercury Express Zambia (not sure if they are called Mercury Couriers Zambia as some sites seem to list them as that):

    Mercury Express Logistics, Authorized Service Contractor for UPS,

    Plot 6392 Dunduza Chsidza Road,



    Tel.: +260 (211) 257361

    Tel.: +260 (211) 257364

    These Mercury Zambia people also tried to convince me that I have to pay AIT, even though I phoned the Zambian Revenue Authority for confirmation that I do not. UPS Zambia should be changed to USELESS PATHETIC SERVICES Zambia, "Zambian couriers for lack of service and growth in mistrust". I too had to wait around while they made up their mind what applicable customs fees and clearance charges there would be. Someone agreed I may as well have sent the package to Lusaka International Airport and cleared / collected it there myself.

    As for UPS in the US, they claim they would contact UPS in Zambia to find out what was going on and haven't even bothered. They claim it's because of the time difference. We both had bad experiences with UPS, not just from the US but Zambia too. Is that not saying something? Why use UPS or Mercury Express Zambia when you can use another Zambian courier that will offer better service than UPS? All it comes down too is that we are pathetic Africans (that's the "P" in UPS) and therefore should be treated like crap. On top of that UPS in the US should be nailed for false advertising. They claim that I could get a refund because my shipment arrived on time and I needed to leave leeway for clearance etc. Is it niallm1's fault and my fault that Mercury Express Zambia / UPS Zambia services are so pathetic; that does not count as an unexpected delay, that is Utterly Pathetic Service (UPS) is it not?

    FedEx Zambia offers much better service and treats you with respect; no lies, no BS and in fact gives you more info than you need. I asked them in advance to find out clearance charges for me and the woman gave me that, as well as which flight the package may arrive on and an estimated delivery date. UPS Zambia did none of this. It's a pity you already shipped by UPS. Do not even bother with Mercury Express Zambia, authorised contractor for UPS. Spend a bit more next time on services from something like FedEx or DHL and have peace of mind.

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  • Zm
    zmb1 Nov 12, 2009

    I also saw this:

    Maybe that is why they were messing you around?

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  • Ro
    Rosie Kabwe Oct 12, 2011

    Can you please find out what has happened to my parcel ref no 006460154327 Deltec international have confirmed that you have reieved on the 05/10/11 addressed to ALinani Arthur Siame

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  • Mu
    mushabati mashandi Aug 21, 2012

    I am happy customer as UPS Zambia contracted through Mercury Express have been efficient in my case.I received my package from Japan a day earlier than the scheduled date.WOW!!! During the time the package was in transit, I was able to track its movement through the internet from Japan to South Africa to Zambia.When the package reached in Lusaka on monday earlier than the scheduled wednesday.Now.., thats what I call efficency, proper time delivery.I was able to collect my package on tuesday without any tiring transactions.When i went to the Mercury offices in Chipata, I got package simply by signing on collection.No fees were charged.
    I sympathiesize with other customers who have had bad experiences with UPS, i hope all will go well in their next transactions.
    For me, its thumbs up for UPS Zambia for a job well done!!!

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lost package refusal of claim

Sent 2 Money Gram money-orders worth $750.00 from Salisbury MD to Aurora IL on 10/16/2009 by tree day ground...

left package in the pouring rain

I waited all day for a laptop and found out at 7 pm that the package was missed at the UPS facility.(put on...

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damaged/stolen goods

I shipped nine cartons containing household goods, 7 had minimum (automatic) $100 insurance, Two were insured for $300. Three boxes had been opened and goods stolen, the two insured for $300 (original artwork) were damaged. I tried to FILE the complaint on line (yes, there is a form where you enter the tracking numbers) and up popped a message on all numbers "This shipment is not eligible for insurance claims". I EMAILED customer service, was told the cartons had to remain "as is", i.e. UNPACKED until a claims agent could be sent out...unknown when that would be. I needed my clothes, at least those that were not stolen. I TELEPHONED and was told "until an agent arrives, we cannot settle your claim". I was in a one- room efficiency apartment with five damaged large cartons and could not even walk around. UPS makes it impossible to file a claim, much less collect. That was eight months ago, no agent has ever contacted me. I finally had to unpack and toss the cartons out in order to LIVE. UPS is a rotten company. I ship FED EX now with no damages nor stolen goods. A neighbor told me UPS lost her heirlooms and went through the same non-claim claims for her either. Someone should investigate UPS practices and policy lies.

  • Kr
    KrazyK Jul 28, 2010

    This end up means absolutely nothing to UPS. When the truck opened the rear door to unload my replacement AV receiver it was leaning on it's corner.
    A 50 pound box thrown around while it finally gets to my address with COD charges on a replacement item. I send it back so UPS can through it around some more.
    When I finally sort out the paper work my item is shipped. The box looked like it went through WWII. The bottom was taped where the 50 pound AV receiver broke through and hit the ground on it's corner. UPS will never see a dime from me as long as I'm breathing on this planet. Companies like this should be sued for more than the cost of the item. What about the carbon cost on something that has already been shipped successfully from over sees only to have UPS wreck it in one throw! This is the second damaged
    unit UPS has shipped me! $4000.00 of garbage...Thanks for nothing you corporate [censor]!

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  • Ad
    adollface Jun 03, 2016

    I ordered 2 concert tickets (was worth $300) from a trusted website to attend a Katy Perry Concert in Phoenix. The package was shipped on September 1, 2014 and arrived in Tempe two days later. At that point, I was under the impression they were going to deliver it soon. Between September 3rd and 12th, someone stole the tickets. I reported it to both UPS and the seller on September 12th. UPS started an investigation and searched for a week without finding the package. UPS called me about it three times and did not apologize. The seller provided replacement tickets and apologized for the inconvenience. I expect more from UPS since it's their fault. I will never use UPS again.

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items returned to sender

I had a dispute through Paypal for items that were purchased through ebay. The sender sent the items to me and UPS attempted delivery the first time I was not here. The second day I was not home and they left the info notice. I signed the form for them to leave my package. On Friday I come home that day and find out that there is no package but there is another notice on the door stating that I have to go to pick it up. I immidietly call to find out why the driver did not leave my package. they said they would redeliver on Monday. Someone even called me on Saturday to confirm delivery on Monday. Nothing delivered then either so I call on Tuesday they state that will deliver on Wednesday. On wednesday nothing so I am all fired up and come to find out that Thursday my items were back to the sender and the rep was so freakin rude. Paypal issued a refund($275) because he attempted delivery and so I am out of items and no money because of STUPID UPS. I will not ever use them AGAIN!!! They tell me that there is nothing that I can do against them???? If anyone knows of anything I can try please help!!!

  • Tr
    Transporter Oct 15, 2009

    Next time use FedEx (express saver service). It costs a little bit more than ground. But trust me it's worth it.

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delivery problems

Tracking Number 1ZY766V13995017811 I am very dissatisfied with UPS., I pay to the sender for delivery the...

not delivery on time

Tracking Number 1ZY766V13995017811

I am very dissatisfied with UPS., I pay the sender for send me the package in three days. The package was picked up from Florida on time October 5th. Assumes that the package will be arrive at my house on Thursday 8th. October.

I called many times to UPS and confirmed that the package arrived on October 8th . With this confirmation I proceed to bought my ticket to Peru on October 11th 8.00 p.m. need to be at the Airport Los Angeles. The package did not delivery on Thursday 8th. I called to UPS and indicated that the package was returned to Florida. All the Supervisor did not know Why the package return to Florida.
I contacted Sara, and many more supervisors, Also, told me I was going to deliver on Saturday 11th .
I could not lose my Ticket. UPS does not tell the truth. UPS mistake with this shipment??????

The errors that UPS do the users need to pay or lose my flight?

Never again will be use UPS.
UPS has to be more seriousness and responsibility in their shipments.

Please investigate and follow the shipment. Why returned to Florida?

Maria Esther Mobley

  • Ja
    jamesash Aug 16, 2010

    UPS= Ultimate suPer Slow

    I was paying UPS 80 dollars for 2 day shipping, and it took one week to reach the state next to mine. Do they deliver with bicycle?

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horrible company

Ups is terrible. I originally ordered my iphone from rogers on the 29th of august, due to back orders it was not shipped untill the 9th of september. Okay I can accept that. The package was supposed to be delivered no later than the 14th of september, and after tracking it online, I waited all day for the package to be delivered. It didnt come. I called the shipper, had a track and trace placed on the package and 10 days later, find out that it was lost (Which I think is a load of crap!) I ordered another phone, and it was sent right away. On friday october 2nd the message on was - 02/10/2009 20:37 the package was missed at the ups facility, ups will deliver on the next business day - so I called ups this morning to find out if it going to be coming to me today, only to be told that they have no idea if it was loaded onto the truck, but "they will send a message to the distribution centre to find out what is going on and have them call you back" which again is a load of crap. I have been calling them every hour, on the hour to find out if I have to sit here and wait all bloody day again, only to have the package not show up, or if it is going to be delivered tomorrow, either way, I dont care, just send me my bloody package. At this point, I am not holding my breath, I am wondering if they even have it, or did it get "lost" again. Ups is terrible, they lie to customers only to satisfy them, they are lazy, and the worst part is that ups canada has no corporate number you can complain to. I will never use them again, if any company says they use ups to ship me anything, they will lose my business. Only if we all boycott ups, will companies start using more reliable services like canada post

driver working with luxury watch ebay theft ring

After listing a $17, 000 18k Gold watch on Ebay I was contacted by a person interested in purchasing. He...

ups loses packages and then lied 8 times about it!

WARNING! Don't EVER use UPS United Parcel Service!

On Thursday I went to a UPS Packaging store in Utah and paid $238 to 2-day ship some pieces of art to my daughter in Denver for her showing in an art gallery there. I was told (the man at the store confirmed with UPS via phone) that the delivery would be made by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Because of that, I decided to have the packages sent to my daughter's work place which is located in the middle of downtown Denver. The place closes at 5:00 p.m so we thought we would be fine.

It was critical that she receive the packages that day, on Saturday, so that she could set up on Monday for the show. If it wasn't, I never would have paid that kind of money to ship something. It was an option for me to drive them to her, but at the reassurances of the man at the UPS Store, I shipped them instead.

At 4:00 p.m. on Saturday it became apparent the packages would not be there before 5:00 p.m. My daughter and I both made phone calls. We were told 7 different things by the UPS "Customer Service." All the way from, "we don't deliver after 4:00 on Saturdays, sorry" to "wait until 7:00 p.m. for the packages" to "just keep waiting until the packages arrive, they are coming" to "the packages haven't been sorted in Commerce City yet."

We looked online at various times and saw that until midnight that night, the status of both packages was, "In Transit - On Time." We didn't understand this, particularly as one of the packages had not been scanned at Commerce City yet, and the other one had been scanned there 24 hours previous but not moved (apparently) after that.

Baffled and bewildered by the conflicting words from UPS "Customer Service", my daughter sat in a dark downtown Denver alley for three hours waiting for packages that never came. At one point she called me and told me she felt that she was in dire danger (she was waiting in her car next to a methodone clinic) and that she felt she needed to leave for her own safety. I told her to leave and she did.

The next day I called UPS again and was told that both packages were lost. I said "How did you lose BOTH of them? They weren't tied together!!!" However, for the 8th time, the "Customer Service" person clearly could have cared less about our plight and hung up on me when I demanded to speak to a manager.

I have read the other posts here about UPS. We agree with them - UPS are liars, unethical, incompetent, and could care less about the cargo they carry or the people who mail them. My daughter had a once in a lifetime opportunity to show her art in a fantastic Denver Gallery, and now that opportunity is lost forever.

As of this typing, the packages are still "lost." UPS will not discuss it further with us. We cannot get put through to a manager, so we're starting an online campaign in an attempt to get my daughter's priceless art back to her.

I realize that sometimes things are lost in transit. That happens. But when we get 8 different people from UPS telling us 8 different things, and they are ALL lies, that is how you know you are being scammed. Further, the danger that my daughter was in because of these lies makes my blood boil.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you use this company to ship anything of value. Use the Post Office or FedEx. We actually realized that they would have been a lot cheaper than this scam UPS is running.

awful service

I have been an Avon Representative for many years and in all that time I noticed that what matters most is consistency and reliability within the service you provide.

UPS has utterly surprised me with their service lately. The few that do not value who they represent or the service they are dependent to provide are spoiling it for the entire company. Believe you me I am not the only business person who is not satisfied with UPS.

Their attempt to reach the consumer and deliver the packages on time are flimsy. They leave the ticket in front of a private building as appose to actually buzzy you to see if they can deliver your products on time so you can deliver your products faithfully on time as you promised your clients. Or they just go up and ticket the door without knocking so they won't have to bring your seven boxed upstairs on a gloomy rainy day.

Have you any idea how embarrasssing, frustrating and unprofessional it is to depend on a company with such poor service. Again, in all fairness-the few are ruining it for a Company that HAD a good reputation.

  • He
    Henry Jul 21, 2009

    I was to receive a package on December 17 (5 day ground). Today, it is the 23rd of December and the online tracking says "in transit." I called and asked why it is taking so long, after being patient the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and now 5th day of the package being overdue. Yes, the weather was bad last week but the weather has gotten better and the streets have been cleared considerably. I see a UPS 8 blocks away from where I live but I haven't gotten my package. Yesterday (12/22/08) I asked that the UPS agent on the phone have somebody contact me on 12/23/08 to inform me about the status of my package since I cannot accept this EXTREMELY DELAYED DEADLINE. Not surprisingly, no one called me. I called again on 12/23/08 and talked to a UPS agent by the name of PETE BUENO. I asked him to look into this matter and have someone call me. Again, no reply. The whole day, I checked online 25 times thinking today is the day but to no avail. Now, at 11:15pm on 12/23/08, it says that it is now rescheduled to be delivered on 12/24/08. This is absolutely unacceptable. I NEED THAT PACKAGE TODAY!!! I will do everything in my power to let others know of your poor service.

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  • Ke
    kevinswife0612 Jan 08, 2010

    If a package is delayed for weather it doesnt necessarily mean the bad weather was in your area. How ignorant.

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  • Gl
    Glock Apr 22, 2010

    On 4-22-2010 7:30 PM I called UPS center at (772-465-7973) talked to “Linda” to check the statues of my scheduled pick up! After she recognized me as the same client that talked to her the day before on 4-21-2010 about the same pick up, she was totally rude and unprofessional.

    She interrupts me by putting me on hold for long length of time! I called her again. She kept telling me that they will pick it up tomorrow. I told her “I’ve heard that before, , “yesterday- and the day before” she said “ we have three days to pick it up” I asked for the supervisor, I was told he said the same thing to her and don’t want to speak with me.

    I guess that very much explained the way the driver’s carelessness and Linda’s rudeness to customers.

    Is this how UPS conduct business now? I have been trapped in my house for three days because of driver refused to do his job.

    Please investigate this driver as he keeps braking and damaging my packages shipped to my address.

    For more info, originally this package was received as broken item by the same driver! Tracking #xxxxxxxxxxxx666827. now he doesn’t want to pick it up.

    I took the time to write you this feedback demanding no harm to Linda nor the driver, however they are in immediate need of training in customer relationship management (CRM), or most valuable customer (MVC), and customer-centric focus. Thanks for your time and effort

    for more info, ask linda about the UPS driver who broke my front door.

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  • Ge
    gem404 Jun 30, 2010

    I recently ordered goods from a retailer that uses UPS as their mode of shipment. The retailer "accidentally" shipped the items to an incorrect address, an apartment building in New York City. Despite hours of phone calls to both the retailer and UPS, the shipment was not able to be rerouted to the correct address, and the UPS customer service agent assured me that the package would not be left at an apartment building without a signature, and since I would obviously not be there to sign for it, it would just be returned to the retailer. HOWEVER, the package was left AT THE FRONT DOOR OF THE BUILDING because apparently what the UPS customer service agent said was a straight LIE and it is up to the drivers to determine if it is safe to leave a package. This tells you 2 things about UPS 1. Their customer service agents are LIARS and will say ANYTHING to get you off the phone, and 2. Their drivers are COMPLETE IDIOTS because NO ONE in their right mind, whether you know NYC or not would leave a package at the FRONT DOOR of an apartment building where anyone off the street can just walk up and take it. DO NOT USE UPS EVER!!!

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  • Ja
    Jack D Feb 23, 2011

    Aboslutely Shocking customer Service. Have been on hold for the past hour and a half and before that was on hold all of yesterday afternoon, the staff are unhelpful and just push you from one department to the other.
    I ordered 7 packages to be delivered to a UK address, 6 of them turned up when they should have and one for some reason went to Brussels. Eventually, when i got through to deliveries i was told that the package had been diverted and now would be at its destination within 24 hours. Not even one apology.
    This morning, whilst tracking the progress of the remaning package, i discovered it is now in the Netherlands. After being on hold for an eternity and being pushed from one department to another im finally told that theyre 'looking into it' and i should expect a call back at some point, but, incase i dont, to keep the number at hand to call them back!

    The UPS website is awful and has no complaints system, oh and they cut me off.. twice!

    Will NEVER use UPS again and make sure that I tell everyone to avoid UPS at all costs

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ups shambles

Status small parcel undelivered after 8 days... send expedited at 150$ g!!

Do trade in the usa!! you better be jokein

In transit

Shipped to

Vancouver, bc, ca

Shipped or billed on

Sep 09, 2009

Service type



6.80 lbs





Sep 16, 2009 8:53 am

Warehouse scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 15, 2009 10:18 am

Transfer notification from site to obtain additional information required for delivery / ups contacted the sender and/or receiver regarding the status or disposition of this package / ups internal activity

Richmond, bc

Sep 15, 2009 9:11 am

Warehouse scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 15, 2009 11:35 am

Transfer notification from site to obtain additional information required for delivery

Louisville, ky

Sep 14, 2009 12:04 pm

The receiver canceled the order and refused this delivery / ups will contact the sender and/or receiver regarding the status or disposition of this package

Richmond, bc

Sep 14, 2009 9:51 am

Warehouse scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 12, 2009 9:38 am

Warehouse scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 9:20 pm

Package data processed by brokerage. waiting for clearance

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 8:47 am

Warehouse scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 8:47 am

Package data processed by brokerage. waiting for clearance / delivery rescheduled

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 7:21 am

Import scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 7:20 am

Import scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 6:28 am

Arrival scan

Richmond, bc

Sep 11, 2009 5:43 am

Departure scan

Seattle, wa

Sep 10, 2009 5:23 pm

Arrival scan

Seattle, wa

Sep 10, 2009 4:00 pm

Departure scan

Louisville, ky

Sep 10, 2009 3:57 pm

Departure scan

Louisville, ky

Sep 10, 2009 2:10 pm

Location scan

Louisville, ky

Sep 10, 2009 1:57 pm

Location scan

Louisville, ky

Sep 10, 2009 12:21 pm

Arrival scan

Louisville, ky

Sep 10, 2009 11:10 am

Departure scan

West columbia, sc

Sep 10, 2009 9:51 am

Arrival scan

West columbia, sc

Sep 10, 2009 8:12 am

Departure scan

Miami, fl

Sep 10, 2009 5:30 am

Arrival scan

Miami, fl

Sep 10, 2009 4:20 am

Departure scan

Hialeah, fl

Sep 10, 2009 2:03 am

Location scan

Hialeah, fl

Sep 09, 2009 11:42 pm

Arrival scan

Hialeah, fl

Sep 09, 2009 10:50 pm

Departure scan

Deerfield beach, fl

Sep 09, 2009 9:35 pm

Origin scan

Deerfield beach, fl

Sep 09, 2009 6:02 pm

Pickup scan

Deerfield beach, fl

Sep 09, 2009 1:13 pm

Billing information received


consumer fraud

After reading several complaints here about ups I think its very sad that they can commit consumer fraud and nobody does anything about it.. I think everybody that has been scammed by ups and crawford insurance should file a class action lawsuit and then maybe this fraud would stop because they are making a fortune by stealing from consumers over and over again.. If everybody gives up and walks away they will continue to steal, lie, and committ consumer fraud with no punishment done.. My complaint has gone thru the bbb and they said they have thousands of complaints about ups and are finally going to look further into it and them.. Also have filed with the illinois attorney general's office and they are investigating the matter also but the only way it will stop is for everybody involved to complain enough to get a resolution..

damaged goods, unprofessional service, unpaid claims

So I payed $120 to have my computer shipped to me via UPS. This includes the insurance I paid. My computer won't start up. I think the power supply was busted in the shipment. Bottom line, I paid for insurance. I filed a claim through the UPS website, and according to their procedure, they are supposed to call to schedule an inspection. INSPECTION. So, they've stopped at the shipping address twice, unannounced, and have requested to take the package. You think I'm a ###ing idiot and going to let some douchebag delivery boy TAKE my ###ing computer? Who the ### do these people think they are? And then, when I tried to call the local office, I said that I needed help...and the lady was all nice and was like OK...and when I started to explain that I had filed a claim...She was all like, "WHAT? I'M SORRY. YOU'RE ALL MUFFLED!" ###! PLEASE! So yeah. I'm thinking of threatening a lawsuit, simply because there's no other way to get through to these ###tards. I'm going to attempt to call the office again tomorrow, and if I don't get through with the office, I'll take it corporate, as high as I can go, until they do something, or I do something.

### UPS in the dirty ### that it is.

  • Pa
    pausercv Aug 21, 2009

    umm... in order for it to be examined. They have to take it to their inspection station. USPS does the same thing.

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  • An
    andbran Aug 22, 2009

    cleaning up your language wouldnt hurt

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  • Wg
    wgmontgomery Feb 22, 2011

    I also am considering taking UPS to court. I bought a subwoofer from a friend and paid for shipping AND insurance. When the item arrived it was damaged...more like destroyed. The delivery person even noted that the item was damaged in transit. UPS' website shows, "Damaged in Transit" as well. They picked up the item to inspect it, refused the claim, and then shipped it back to the person from whom I bought it!
    I finally got the sub back, opened the box and found that they had not even inspected it. The sub was still wrapped/taped just as it was when they picked it up to "inspect" it. I am takeing them to small claims court...and will NEVER use UPS again.
    If anyone has had any luck collecting claims from UPS please let me know how to do it. Thanks

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  • Ly
    LynS Apr 29, 2011

    i took UPS to court on 27 april 2011. I had mailed a computer with associated CDs for microsoft Office and NOrton. The package did not reach it's destination. After filing a claim with them for the insured package, they continuous asked for model#, serial#, bank receipt, etc. Though I gave them the model # and serial #, on several occasions, the case dragged on from August to December 2010. Finally, I filed in court. The Judge basically said she insured the package UPS should pay her. On top of that she supplied you with the required information. But the owner of the UPS at S tonecrest Mall indicated that her company that processes the paperwork required certain information. The judge disagreed and Noel had to pay. I did not get paid for the software, because I inadvertently did not add that to the insurance form. However, recommend you take your case to court. If you do not win you will only be out of the court costs. In any case, let UPS know that they cannot just take your merchandise paid with your hard earned. Recommend in the future you go to the US Postal Service, as I plan to do.

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  • Ly
    LynS Apr 29, 2011

    JUdge was fair, UPS insists on info that should not be required if you insure a package. I only insured contents for actual amounts. If I were a dishonest person, I would have insured package for more This is the first time and last time I have used UPS, how would I know that the package would be lost

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committing consumer fraud

After selling an expensive item $2000.00 that I purchased insurance on with UPS and shipped item thru UPS (tracking # 1Z610X754219780041). When buyer received item it was destroyed, buyer returned item to me in original packaging and inside of original box and put box inside of another, after recieving item back I contacted UPS and was refused by UPS to have the item investigated. After numerious phone calls for 2 weeks and 3 attempts of sending pictures of the damaged item and packaging to UPS's insurance (Crawford) I was told by UPS and Crawford (UPS Insurance) that the bubble wrap I used has small bubbles and I should of used large bubbles and the claim was denied. I have been shipping thru UPS for about 10 years now and I check the UPS online requirements quite frenqently espacailly when sending expensive items like I did in this case. UPS online packing requirements says nothing about when to use what size bubble wrap. UPS and Crawford Insurance have used every excuse they could come up with not to pay the claim.I feel UPS and Crawford insurance are committing consumer fraud by selling something and not honoring the claim when UPS damages the item..

terrible customer service

Here's a letter we just sent to UPS about our terrible experience with them:

We recently moved from California to New York and shipped some of our belongings through UPS. We were absolutely appalled throughout the process at the singularly unhelpful and often rude customer service we encountered. We would like to share with you our experience with your business in order that others who entrust their belongings to you may not regret their decision as much as we regret ours.

We grant that the cause of the problem was originally our fault. Due to a miscommunication, our mailing address on the packages was incomplete, with no apartment number listed. We do not in any way hold UPS accountable for the initial failed delivery. Luckily, we had been tracking our packages closely on the UPS website and noticed that there was a package “exception.” We did not want the packages to be shipped back to California and then have to pay to reship them, so we immediately got on the phone to try to figure out the situation. The customer service agent on the main UPS line was quite rude to us, refusing to give us any information whatsoever about the packages since we were not the shipper, only the receiver. Therefore, we called my boyfriend's parents, who had shipped the packages to us, and had them call the number. It seems to me that the receiver of a package should have the same rights to it as the sender, but perhaps this agent was only following the processing directions she was given.

When the shipper finally got through to someone who could give them information, she was told that we would have to go to a UPS holding facility and pick up the packages ourselves, even though they had only attempted to deliver them once and our shipper had called to have the address changed to include the apartment number. This makes no sense from either a customer service or a business point of view. It is inconvenient for the receiver to have to pick up the package themselves and it must cost significantly more for you to ship the packages back to the sender rather than just redelivering them.

When we further pressed the issue, the customer service agent told us that we might try having the sender go to the shipping center from which the package was originally mailed and ask them to redeliver the package with the correct address. However, when the sender asked for their phone number, the customer service agent couldn't give it to her. It seems ridiculous that this process (which is not even clear will work) must be done in person from the shipping location.

For comparison's sake, we recently had Internet purchases shipped to us by FedEx, one of your competitors, and they attempted to deliver the package three separate times before asking us to come pick it up from the holding facility. We have recently moved to New York City, and therefore we do not have a car and are also a bit short on cash at the moment, so going to the holding facility to pick up our packages was not a simple request. We were going to have access to a car for the weekend, so we were hoping to pick up the packages on Friday evening, but we were told that the office closed at 5PM and was not open on the weekends. Therefore, we rented a U-Haul, which cost us $40 and a deal of stress trying to book the van at the last minute.

When we drove out to the holding facility on Friday, we arrived at the address UPS had provided us (in New York) only to find that there was no UPS facility at that location. We called the UPS main number again and spoke with an agent who was unable to help us with directions, but said she would transfer us to a supervisor. After 5 minutes of waiting, we were transferred to a lovely woman at the UPS number in Greenpoint, North Carolina, who obviously was unable to help us with directions in New York. At this point, we asked a man standing on the sidewalk if he knew where the UPS center was, and he directed us to it flawlessly. It turned out that the address you had given us was incorrect. We were a bit surprised that this man, who was completely unaffiliated with UPS, was better informed and far more helpful than any of your employees.

We finally arrived at the holding facility, where we were shocked to learn that UPS was in fact supposed to deliver our packages to us once the address had been changed (see attached photo). Additionally, the holding facility was actually open until 8PM, not 5PM, which meant that we had wasted the $40 renting the U-Haul. Thanks, UPS. The employees at the holding facility gave us trouble about picking up the package and then stood by and watched while we struggled to load the packages into our van. When I asked them for help with loading, the male employee (who looked far stronger than either of us) informed me that his job is to bring us the packages, and that's the extent of what he is supposed to do.

That statement pretty much encapsulates our entire experience with UPS. Throughout this stressful process, your employees gave us the bare minimum of help, if even that much. We ended up wasting time and money while getting rude service and conflicting information from different sources all within the same company. While we ultimately did end up with our packages, we feel that UPS did not live up to its promised standard of customer service. We will not be using your services in the future, and we will be sure to tell all of our friends about this experience as well. Further, we would appreciate it if you would reimburse us the $40 that we wasted on the U-Haul due to our being misinformed about the services you are supposed to provide. We feel that this is a small favor to ask, given your company's complete failure to provide adequate customer service to us.

  • Ma
    Maia Dec 01, 2008

    Do not use UPS, we sent four packages from Dar es Salaam office to Italy totalling 70kgs, our items INCLUDE wedding gifts that we could not carry on the plane as we had a destination wedding.

    They promised delivery within four days of the items being sent on 21nov 2008. We paid usd800 and until now no one can reasonbaly explain why the items have not been deleivered.

    After calling the Milan and Bergamo office where apparently the parcles are, (initially they were in Nairobi then Dubai, Germany no one at their respective offices knows why...),
    we have found out after numerous phone calls and emails later that the items are in Italy but we have to wait another weeek for delivery, pay 50euros for customs fees which customs have confirmed this charge is not normally being applied, no one can give an explanation why the items were delayed, neither confirm that indeed they will be delivered on December 4th but should they not be delivered on december 4th, they intend charging us 11euros a day.
    Even worse, the staff at UPS office in Bergamo confirmed that the so called tracking number which is to help the customer track whereabouts of parcels at all times through their website does not really work and it is a marketing tool to give the customer some confidence when wanting to use their services. Honestly!

    I am so disappointed by their service, appalled by their lack of consideration to innocent customers who trust the UPS brand name and my advice to anyone reading this, use UPS at your peril and considerable frustration, end of the day their service is costly for rapid delivery, you are better of paying extra luggage allowance at the airport.

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  • Up
    UPSLetDown Aug 07, 2009

    I agree completely. I shipped a computer across the country with UPS not too long ago, and when it arrived the box was torn in many places, the computer case was scratched despite being packed in bubble wrap, packing peanuts and packing paper, and many of the internal components (Hard drives and optical drives) were jarred loose from their mounts. I did not try and deal with UPSs customer service because I didn't think it would be worth the trouble (sounds like I was right!), but I did not have a good experience. I'm definitely with you in never dealing with UPS again, and trying to spread the word!

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  • Debbie Curtis-Magley Aug 13, 2009

    Can I help?

    My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I work with UPS Public Relations. I apologize for the delay in my response. We try to reply to online concerns like yours in a quicker fashion.

    I want to apologize for the lousy experience you had. I realize we lost your confidence and trust in our service.

    If you'd like my assistance, contact me at [email protected] Please send your contact details and if available, the tracking numbers for the shipments.

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  • Jb
    jbartle Sep 03, 2009

    My experience happened 45 minutes ago. I needed to have a pkg held at my local facility. I called the 1800pickups number for help. I spoke with a lady in customer service and explained that I had a 2nd day air pkg coming in for my business and would like it held at the facility. I let her know that I had to have the pkg early and delivery to my address usually doesn't happen until late in the day. I was told they cannot hold the pkg until they have made a delivery attempt. I ask for the local number or if she could contact the facilty for me. I was told they do not have those numbers and they can't contact the facility. I kept making suggestions that I feel she truly enjoyed saying no too. I ask to speak to a supervisor and I was told they are busy and it would be a long wait. I was furious. I pay $92 to have a pkg shipped 2nd day air and have to deal with absolutely horrible customer service. I finally searched the internet found the local number which is not listed in the phone books. I called the local facility and had the request to hold my package granted with no problems. Why did I have to go through all this for a simple request? It's not worth my time or money. By the way I am a retired UPS employee. What has happened to the customer service?

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they simply don't care if they don't deliver it.

Item sent to my business address -- the sender put the wrong zip code on. Okay so I had to wait for delivery to FAIL before anyone could fix the situation (stupid).
Once it failed, I go ahold of UPS - gave them the correct shipping information - they verified their computers had the right data and that it would be delivered the next day.
Well ...
"we're sorry you had problems" -> went to seattle -> label wrong - back to redmond - "we're sorry you had problems" -> next day back on another truck - back to seattle - another ### can't read takes it in the building then back to the truck and back to redmond - "we're sorry you had problems" -> SPECIAL message up the line and a call "we're sorry you had problems" guarantee you'll have it tomorrow...
Too bad that doesn't fix the label the ### behind the wheel reads.
Not only did they haul it INTO my building 3 days in a row and then back across to the same service center they picked it up from (too stupid to check his / her little hand held computer I guess) .. when a MANAGER corrected the label -- THEY WERE TOO STUPID TO PUT MY NAME ON THE LABEL !!! And so, the box came back to my building .. the ### IN THE TRUCK is too stupid to go "oh hey, maybe this name on the other label is okay?".

FINALLY ... I make yet another call, get yet another call back and get a call from someone smart enough to TEXT MESSAGE the driver "hey, take that package to XYZ, floor X, Ste Y, Drop it off with Reception". GEEE SOMEONE COULD HAVE DONE THAT THREE DAYS AGO!!!

So PUSH ... PUSH HARD to be escalated to a supervisors desk for customer resolution. Someone who can TEXT THE DRIVER WHO HAS YOUR PACKAGE ...

Now we'll see if they can really deliver ...

While I go to work tracking package #2 -- Dear God, please if you have a SMITE left ... UPS really could use brown britches for a different reason than color.

  • Ma
    mammakate Aug 07, 2009

    Well ... forget help. Abandon all hope. Managers can be told "I'm not going back again today" by drivers or something similar. At this point as the receiving party (not the one who put the wrong address on and NOT the UPS AGENT/MGR who put NO NAME ON) .. I'm being treated as the person who is in the wrong.
    It's up for "maybe monday" delivery. We'll see. I don't trust them to be able to wipe their own noses or neither regions at this point.

    Customer Dis-Service is job security it seems.

    This so smacks of deserving a class action lawsuit it's not funny.

    DHL GETS ALL MY FUTURE BUSINESS. I have to let me dollars talk and NOT shipping anything via UPS is how I will address this. I recommend everyone use this same tact.

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  • Debbie Curtis-Magley Aug 13, 2009

    I'm so sorry to read about the frustrations you've had with UPS. This is certainly not the experience we want to deliver.

    My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I work with UPS Public Relations.

    I'd like to help get your concerns addressed. Please send your contact details and if available, the tracking number for the shipment to [email protected]

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shipped package with $1500 worth of insurance, package gets destroyed, pieces are missing, and ups won't pay up.

I recently shipped a package with insurance to cover $1500. The package was shipped in a brand new box with...

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