United Parcel Service [UPS]damaged package

K Nov 16, 2017

Tracking NR: 1Z YF2 [protected]
Case # [protected]
Product Kenyon B41601 Caribbean Cooktop

Package was received in a box which was obviously struck with something.
Looks like a fork lift. Upon contacting UPS in Longwood we received a case number and told we would be contacted within the week. Upon second contact we were told there was no complaint. UPS wanted to pick up the package by a driver without having it inspected. We did not agree and wanted it inspected first. We have reached out to the sender and had no response. Why should the sender care. He sold the item and has been paid. The item was damaged in shipping and it is not the senders problem because by law UPS accepted a package with no damage and delivered a damaged package. The delivery was witnessed by a neighbor and it was delivered damaged. We are now waiting for a inspector and have not been called.
Karlene Bowers

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