United Parcel Service [UPS]a driver

A Nov 14, 2017

I just encountered one of your rudest drivers. He blocked the road so no traffic could go through -- TWICE. I politely and audibly asked him to move his vehicle over just a bit more, and he just ignored me and took his time. When he moved his truck again, he did nothing to let the four cars behind him pass. In the meantime, traffic was building up behind me and cars were trying to turn around because he blocked the same road, twice, for EIGHT MINUTES. There were openings along the road, he just chose not to use them. This is very frustrating when you are just a block from your house, and have just been through rush hour traffic. I get that driving a truck in a city must be difficult, but you should not obstruct the road.

I have attached two photos: one shows the truck's license plate (Maryland 2BC2841), and the other shows how my car could not fit through the gap the driver left.

I sincerely hope something is done to help this driver park effectively while doing his job, so he doesn't obstruct rush hour traffic, or traffic in general, more.

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