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ups lies!

I ordered something on Ebay and the seller, in good faith, fully addressed the package and took it to their...

awful ups customer service

I had documents mailed to me internationally from the West Indies through UPS. My documents were held in customs for 4 days without any explanation. When I called UPS to get assistance in finding out why the documents were being held their representatives were just plain rude. I was told that customs was a government agency and they could hold my documents for as long as they liked without any explanation. When I inquired about a number to call for customs I was told to search the Internet for one. While I understand that UPS cannot control customs, their representatives could at least "pretend" like they are trying to help. Instead, they take on a snobby attitude as if I'm interrupting them when this is supposed to be their job. How can a company who has to deal with customs on a daily basis have NO contact information for customs? How can they not know who to inquire as to why a particular letter or package is being held. I understand if customs does not give you a response, however, how can UPS not even make an attempt.

It is now almost a week since my next day air letter was sent and I still have not received it. UPS customer service is by far one of the worse I've experienced in quite a while.

I took a course on Quality Management last semester and UPS senior managers really need to invest in retraining their representatives to provide basic customer service.

  • Sa
    Sam Lee Jul 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have been fighting UPS to refund our shipper (suppiler) in china for the package that
    UPS had lost.. it is now 15 days, and we still yet to see a dime...

    Our supplier in china speaks poor english, and UPS CANADA continues to tell us that the shipper in
    chian must contact them, so they have many times, but UPS CANADA does not reply to our

    They are very rude on the phone, and the only thing we are trying to do is refund our CLIENTS

    And we continue to get emails from UPS, telling us that only the shipper can request certain information.

    If anyone plans on shipping via UPS CANADA, , , please do not...

    Its is a wasted amount of time.. and headaches.
    WE continue o get no where with UPS.

    UPS CSR we are dealing with is
    Linda Belliveau
    UPS Customer Service

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  • Ru
    Ruby Apr 30, 2009

    On Tuesday, April 7, 2009, I called the company where I order from to check the status on the order. I was informed that it was sent out and I should have gotten it by now. I called UPS in Saddle Brook, NJ and a female said it was delivered already that Monday, April 6th 2009 to MY NAME at approximately 12-12:30pm. I told her no, I didn’t get my package. Then I asked who signed for it, she said MY NAME. I told her, no, I was not home.” Then she said it was given to a female. I asked her once again, "What name did they sign?” The young lady hesitated and said, “That delivery didn’t need a signature.” I told her I need that package. I was told to check with the upstairs neighbor and next door. I did and no one had the package. I called back the next day to inform her no one was home when the package arrived and no one has it. I asked to speak to the manager who was Doreen. I expressed how I needed the package by Friday. She informed that the driver would come back (Wednesday, April 8) and point the person out who he gave it to. I agreed so I cancelled all my plans to wait for the driver Victor to come back. Come to find out, he was off until Monday and so was the Manager Doreen. That’s when I lost my patience. I ask to speak with her boss which I was told his name is Toni Gerbesir but he was in house but not there. I continued to call; I was told he was in a meeting. No one would return my calls. Between myself and my sister (who helped pay for order) continued to call. We where put on hold, when we would spoke, we were cut off, spoken to very rudely. Just to shut us up, another driver was offered to be sent out. How can that be? He didn’t know whom the driver gave the package to. That Monday I called Doreen back and informed her, how upset and angry I was. She said she would send the driver back that day. (Which was Monday, April 13, 2009.) I told her no, I don’t need it now because the event is over. The girls at our church were dancing that Friday past and the skirts I ordered were in the package. I want my money back. Doreen said, “Well we still need to find out what happened to the package. I will send the driver back.” The driver came, rang my doorbell. I looked out the door, not even 10sec; he was back in his truck. I had to yell for him to wait. The driver said, he rang the doorbell and a female yelled out the top window that she’ll be right down. So he left the package on the to step and placed garbage can in front of it. I explained to him that the garbage can not fit on the top step. Then he said He thinks it was another can and pointed at the garbage next door. I told him its garbage day and that can is never there. When I tried to speak he kept cutting me off. I told him well let me see if she’s upstairs and you can ask. He said no, he doesn’t do that. He had me sign a paper to say I didn’t receive my package and left. I called UPS back and explained to them he didn’t give the package to anyone. I told her I want my money back. Then she said I have to contact the company where I ordered the package from, and how I have to file a police report and report it stolen. By this time I was very angry. I told them no! The driver screwed up, you guys need to fix it. I was not going to say something was stolen and it was not. I asked for a higher person. I was told he was unavailable. Between myself and my sister calling to speak with someone in charge, we never got a call back. We were told that someone was going to call us back in 30min. I got that call the next day in the afternoon from the security department. I returned the call and of course no call back. The next day, Tuesday, the UPS driver Victor, came to my door telling me to stop calling and how we’re making ourselves look guilty. How we became suspicious because we no longer want our package. I told him, he looks suspicious because the upstairs doorbell doesn’t work and the person wasn’t home. Then he said he thinks someone yelled from the side or the back of the house. That told me right there, he messed up. He stood at my door for 10min. arguing with me. The company from down the street came down and told him that they are waiting for their packages. That’s when he left. I called UPS and Spoke to a gentleman that went by the name Jr. He was the ONLY one who apologized, who listened, who spoke to me with respect. I don’t know if he was sincere or not but he convents me. The last time I had an order that was delivered thru UPS, 3 years ago, I had a similar problem. That’s why I was trying other ways around it. The one thing I didn’t understand was that we were told, “From now on, anything with our address is going to require a signature.” So only if it’s a problem is when UPS does the right thing?

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  • Pe
    Peeved123 Jan 04, 2012

    I'm going through something similar this very moment. Package supposed to be here last Friday, no note ever left on door, but they are telling me he was here and knocked and left notice. At least they still have the package. i just needed it by now though is the only problem. Getting the run around from CS, one lady put me on hold, and the music was playing and then there was a series of clicks and the line went dead.

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ups delivery people!

Last week we were waiting for a package to be delivered from California. We had our tracking verification number and we had payed by credit card for our purchase. The company had our home address on our invoice, credit card statement and delivery tracking notice on the internet. Good thing I made copies of everything. UPS now illegally enters your vehicles because they are too lazy at night to knock on your door. We were home, inside and the UPS delivery man not only put CAR as our address on the tracking invoice they opened our car and placed the package inside. That is breaking and entering in the U.S. I have copies of everything I am saying here. They now break into your home in New York so they do not have to knock and have you sign at night. Why deliver then at night. Unbelievable. In New York now anyone even a UPS delivery man can enter your car or home if they want to, and if you ask the police for help they tell you to be quiet or you will be taken to court. I know I tried 2 times to get help. I was threatened with being taken to court and told to be quiet. Another thing it said right on the package we had to sign and they never even had us do that. So beware if you are forced to have them deliver (like we are now) they will break into your car if they FEEL like it.

  • Al
    al Jul 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    If the car was unlocked they did not break in. They should have got a signature though. If they did not they had to forge your name because the DIAD will not let them complete the stop without a signature.

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  • Ur
    uranidiotgeez Jul 24, 2009

    wow u are an idiot, they are just trying to deliver and not bother you. calm yourself and quit it with the legal talk - u cleary don't know your ###

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ups driver should look for new employment

I ordered a very expensive granite kitchen rolling cart from Kohls, for which I paid an extra $90 worth of...

useless finance department!

I am working for an educational institution. During our convocation last June, our partnered university sent their professor's gown over to Singapore via UPS. The parcel never arrived and it took quite a while before they discovered that the item was returned back to UK without our knowledge. The parcel never even reached our doorstep.

A case was then filed with their customer service center. A month later, they had the cheek to send us an invoice for tax. We called up their customer service and they agreed on the discrepancy and asked me to ignore the invoice. More than 6 months already, we are still receiving the invoice. Everytime i called the hotline, they told me to just ignore the statement as their system is in the process of "upgrading." What kind of company takes so long to upgrade their systems? And mind you, this is a simple matter of resolution and i do not accept what it has got to do with their system.

This is extremely poor service - screwed up on goods delivery, screwed up on accounts. NEVER to USE UPS!

  • Sa
    Salman Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally aggree with your complaint

    i have sent package on to pay basis and my customer has made payment for that.
    Yet they are billing the sae back to us.we have provided them with evidences but they are not listning.

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damage to home

On Friday, 2-08-08, a UPS driver jumped over the barrier I erected to protect the wet paint on the floor of my front porch. He rang the bell. I was near the front door and I opened it in time to see the driver leap back over the barrier and get into his truck and drive off.

He left a footprint on my freshly painted porch and left the package in the wet paint. The paint is a special epoxy-type paint that is very sticky. I had to lay over the threshold of the door and reach around to pry up the package.

I called the UPS main number and was told that the local office would call me within an hour. The local office told me that the driver did not have a "lick of paint" on him. I said that my package was covered in paint. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor did not call me.

I called the main number again and am still waiting for the supervisor to call me. It is now Monday morning, 2/11/08.

  • Gl
    Glenda L. Waxter Feb 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPS is the pits, the absolute worst. I have never had so many problem with a shipping company in my entire life. In the last 4 months I have gone thru 4 major problems with UPS. They've Lost my package and I had put thru a claim, they've had me wait 3 hours in the 10 degree weather with my 6 year old son just to tell me they can't find my package, I've stay home numerous times for packages and the driver has gotten out of the truck with InfoNotice in hand and slapped it on the door without even ringing the bell, they've delivered my package to someone else job, basically they're just screw ups. I am going to suggest to my company which also uses UPS that they go back to Fedex. it may be a little more costly but a lot more reliable and friendly.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Jul 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hope your not holding your breath! They dragged me along for over 6 months. Then told the shipper it wasnt their fault and denied my claim. The left my pachage in my yard with 2 large, yet very young, pupped. I came home from work less then 1/2 hour later and didnt even realize they had delivered anything at first . Thats because the puppies torn the small box to shreds! I guess the way they see it, if they drop your package in your garbage can its ok, they delivered it and thats all that matter. I will not be using UPS again, ever.

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  • Fe
    FedUp Apr 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good Luck finding an honest UPS representative. The UPS man came to my house while I was at home. He apparently thought I wasn't. In spite of my large, dry covered front porch the driver decided to come around to the back of my property. I was in the house undressed at the4 time, but heard something out back. I went to look out the peep hole in my back door and the UPS man rolled his two wheeler right into my pickup breaking off my mirror. Thinking the driver would do the right thing I ran to get some clothes on. When I looked out back again he was rolling his hand truck up my driveway. I ran upstairs only to watch the crooked lithe snake drive away. Within a few minutes I looked up the UPS customer service number and called to complain. I told then I was calling the police. The customer asked me to instead wait as she was calling the local UPS people and they would take care of anything that was wrong. Trust me people - These UPS people are lying ###. They could have fixed my mirror for about $100.00, but because they continue to jerk me around weeks I can not legaly drive my truck and require a rental car. Their game is to wear you out. They lie, they refuse to return calls. They make promises and then don't keep them. It seems all I can do is call the local press and file a suit. I am doing both!!! If one of these sneaks damages your property throw their ### in jail. That is the only satisfaction you will get out of these lying little sleazy crooks.

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poorest customer service

Ups canada sucks, Poor customer service High school drop out customer service, Poor jokers. One call take...

items delivered - damaged

We refer to a collection of two bed side table from Spain weighing 9 KG each for the above reference no. The both items were properly packed and UPS staff was satisfied with the packaging at collection point. They were also informed the nature of an item and require proper handling.

Upon reciepts the delivery we found both items were badly damaged i.e some of the wood came off partially and in pieces. We informed UPS and they organised a collection for inpection.

We have been told by customer team that the cliam is declined on the basis of that the packaging was not up to standard. We do not agree to this as follows:

1) The items was properly packed and UPS staff were staisfied with the packaging.
2) If packaging was so bad how come one table is broken in pieces compare to other is chipped.
3) Both items were handeled badly by your staff. The items thrown around.

4) We are sure you have a policy for handling items and standars in place. We are shocked and fail to understand the inspection team uable to realise the condition of both items.
5) The items was collected for the inspection from UK address and on what basis the items is returned to spain without our instruction and has to be delivered back to us or to yourselves so you can see the condition of the tables.

6) We would like to ask a question who did a inspection regards to the condition of the tables. Has he looked at the tables in pieces?

Both items were expensive and plus costed us frieght charges. We are very dis appointed with the service we had and the way cliam is handeled .We do not agree to your decisions
and would appreciate if you look in to this matter.

Yours faithfully

Asif Piracha

  • Re
    Regain Jun 18, 2015

    I ordered a 36 inch fan from a local store. It was delivered to my house apparently yesterday (late in the evening). I was not aware that the item had been delivered. There was no knock, no ringing of the doorbell. Nothing. So I had no idea the item was on my front porch. When I looked out this morning to get my mail there it was on my porch.
    It had rained last night so the box was completely soaked. It was not even wrapped in brown paper or even in a better box. It was placed on my porch and got wet. I am hoping when the box dries the fan will work. What is wrong with your delivery people? I do order a lot online and most of the time my items are fine. If a package is delivered to a home the delivery person should let the owner know that he has dropped off a package. I can't look out the window 24/7 to check to see if I got a package. Please be more careful in the future. Thank you for your help in this matter.

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item not delivered

On november 20th, I should have received a package sent to me from the states. Apparently on the first...

non delivery of goods


Hi there I ordered books from barnes and noble and paid for 1-4 days delivery. I had my friend erica marais of megatraining place the order so that it could be delivered to her business in case i wasnt at home when they came.These people dont phone you or email and tell you there is a problem with the package. when i spoke to annatjie she said no xtra cost. the books have been there since the 22nd nov. yesterday they phoned to say we must pay xtra so we pay it in and today is friday still no books.on the tracking site they say they tried to deliver but no money was available they never delivered any books to us. I need the books what now????

worst delievery service

Due to major problems with UPS on my last shipment, I will NEVER use them again and this is why. I needed to send an Xbox 360 to my friend, so instead of going to FedEx like I should have, the UPS store was much closer. The person working the counter was not nice at all. I filled my information out and told her I wanted ground. She made me sign five different things holding me up for 15 minutes that I could have signed while I was marking down the information. She constantly kept bugging me about where I got the Xbox 360, how much, if it was a friend etc...Like it was her business to know. I also ask that someone be there to sign for it since it was going to an apartment build. She said sure but since my friend would be out during much of the day for no one to sign, I asked if it could be delivered after 3 PM. She told me that wasn't possible and that my friend would have to make the arrangements if he missed the package pick and would have to wait the next day to see if he was there before. FedEx’s service was MUCH more flexible, unlike UPS that really could care less on how much time they waste with you.

  • An
    Angela Bonilla Dec 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was home all morning to wait for a package and it never arrived so I had to leave. I left at 1:30pm. When I came home tonight I had a delivery attempt sticker on my apartment door that said they were here at 11:30 am. Apparantly my neighbor saw it at the front gate and put it on my door. I was home at that time! No one called or knocked.

    About two weeks ago I was walking towards the front gate and saw the ups guy filling out an attempt sticker. He looked right at me, put the sticker up and quickly walked away. I think this is some scam they have going. They dont try very hard to deliver to make money when the sender re-ships. I have never had a good experience with this company.

    I called to complain but the representative directed me to the website so I can complain. I never use this company to ship but unfortunately many retailers do so I'm screwed on delivery.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Mar 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The UPS stores are independently owned. They are NOT part of UPS at all. You can go on UPS's web site and print out a label and schedule a pick up without going through a UPS store at all.

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always find reasons to delay delivery

UPS CANADA is good in making and faking tracking details. It always claim fault on customer side when delivery is delayed. Often "customer is not found" or " incorrect address" , or " customer not avaialble".

Today I had a package to be delivered in Mississauga near square one in prominent building, I was waiting for whole day since it said "out for delivery" , at around 6 pm. I see tracking system that they coudn't locate my address.

what UPS canada is upto, Are their drivers making fake claim, or UPS has manpower problem, or they intentionally do to cut down their job.

Interestingly they never miss our address for pick ups. Isn't it amusing.

UPS Canada has screwed me many times, ofcourse it is prompt in billing and other affairs which are more profitable for them.

They are just ripoff.

  • Oc
    Octavio Jun 06, 2009

    UPS guy came to my condo building 3 times in 3 days in Mississauga and never even bothered to call my condo unit to inform me that he has a package for me. What he did was he went to the concierge and ask if there's a check made for UPS everytime he came, and when the concierge said no, he leaves. How can somebody waste company resources by coming back 3 times to deliver something and when he is at the place of delivery he does no effort in contacting the client to deliver the package. I was waiting for my package and I had my check ready with the corresponding amount to pay UPS but I was not informed, not even once that he was downstairs. He was told by concierge to wait and he will make a call to my condo unit to inform me of a UPS delivery. UPS guy said no because he does not have the time. I sincerely hope this complaint would be addressed by UPS management here in Canada. Big companies are all experiencing bad times and employees like this guy who has still not delivered my package are causing big expences for UPS. If I only knew someone in UPS who is with management, I would really go out of my way to report this person because of the lousy job and poor customer service her does. I honestly feel so sorry for UPS-Canada for having this kind of worker under its payroll.

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  • 曾国超 Sep 20, 2011

    The same happen to me today. The online tracking stated there " incorrect address", but when I called the customer service to check the address is correctly printed in their packing slip. They are lying. I will never use UPS and going tell every one that I know not to use UPS and ask my company to stop using UPS.

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ups - unusually pathetic service!

Nine out of ten of deliveries to me are messed up. Either they cannot find my street, or my house, or its snowing, or something else. My packages are usually only delivered after a phone call [protected]), and when the driver does finally come and I ask him what the problem was, he always says "must be that new driver". Yeah, right. So I've decided to specifically request the companies I order from to send my stuff USPS.

Also I think UPS should change their name to Unusually Pathetic Service, because that's what their service is --unusually pathetic.

  • Wa
    Walter Jan 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Email to UPS
    Still don’t have my package.

    Was hung up on by your Manager (at least she claimed to be the service center manager) from my local center.

    I did EXACTLY what you UPS asked me to do to guarantee I would get the shipment – let them re-attempt, and they would delivery to my leasing office. So when you tag my door – and write on it “Delivered to Leasing office.” And I go to the leasing office – my shipment is not there – and the people who work there state your driver came – delivered freight there but came back an hour later because it was the wrong freight (it belonged to the apartment complex next to ours) but failed to leave anything for us.

    So when I finally get to speak to someone from the local service center – of course they have no idea of my past conversations with that facility. And the best they can do I re-delivery the package the next day? I still cant pick it up? Bottom line is – I am the CUSTOMER, I paid for a service – you (UPS) failed to deliver. You FAILED to make right mistakes that your driver made. UPS failed to even try to be helpful or courteous. Instead, I get someone who cuts me off, interrupts, and hangs up the phone?

    I wasn’t being rude but I was wanting a solution. If I tell someone I am going to do something – I do it. If I made a mistake doing it – I would correct my mistake.

    So this being the first response I have received of the three emails I have sent – I will hope at least some action will be taken to maybe, just maybe rectify situations like this going forward. At least maybe the next customer will have a better interaction with UPS.

    I do apologize that whoever is reading this is having to read this. It is a waste of both my and your time. If UPS (along with all courier services) just pick up and delivery the freight as advertised – emails, calls, etc are not needed.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Pretty sad when the only thing I can do is not use your service, send ugly emails, and call your 1800 number. I asked to file a complaint – but noone seemed to know how or wanted too. All I can do is tell others of my experience – which I plan to share with whoever will listen. Shipping is a “Service” not a product.

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bad delivery, bad customer service

I had a package of bedding delivered from Target through UPS. This morning I notice on our outside deck that we don't use there was a large white bag. I asked my husband if he knew what it was and he said no, and went out to investigate. He picked it up and as it had rained last night, it was drenched with rain water. We called UPS and they basically called us liars, that their delivery person had said he delivered it to the front door. Obviously it was not, as the front door is under a covered roof. The worst part is that the delivery man threw it 2 stories up to get on the deck, no note on the front door or anything to let us know it had been delivered. The bedding is ruined, and it was a clearance item so it is not replaceable. The worst was the customer service of the company, who would not admit they had made a mistake and made no attempt to fix the situation.

  • Su
    Susan Lantz Jun 10, 2013

    I used to use UPS...but this is the last time. I have complained several times about packages being left at the road, which to the driver is the gate. Yes there is a gate there, but it is at the ROAD!!! I can't see it from my door. When I call, if I can get to talk to someone, they don't care. But I sure am going to start pushing any other delivery service!

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  • Al
    AlGahtani Jul 30, 2014

    UPS promised, and I paid for it to be delivered the next day. I tracked the shipment till it was ready for the last leg at 10:00 PM on Friday, but it was delayed till after the weekend. Their last e-mail to me stated: (Any package that arrives after 10:00 a.m. at the destination facility is unable to go out that same day, )!!
    I still keep copies of their e-mail!

    A. AlGahtani

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  • Am
    ambailey7 Aug 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst company ever should just go outta of business or fire the Whole Board cause they don't do anything but make things worse Package was to be del on 8/9/20 couldn't make it they guaranteed it by the 10th. checked my tracking number said it was loaded on the truck at 5:45am on 10th. Checked later showed out for del. Never showed up called C.S. they gave me some crap about only being loaded that evening told them I was guaranteed it by the 10th was told they don't guarantee anything...Guess what happened... I totally lose it on them. said they don't work on weekends told they BS cause I live near the service center and c cars and peeps going in and out all day and night. Then they tryed to sell me some BS about only truck drivers boy did they get a slap in the face told them I drove a truck for 25yrs they didn't know what to say transferred me to someone else...And u know what happened... next time postal service or Fedex cause they both del. on Sundays

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double charges

I live in British Columbia Canada and ordered an item from California U.S.A., only some 13oo miles away. I paid shipping charges on the item ordered when it was shipped from the retailer, but when the item arrived i found that i was being charged almost the same amount AGAIN by UPS. Nor was i ever notified that there would be more charges when the item crossed the border.

I find this sort of double billing to border on the criminal. As a consequence i will never use UPS or any other shipper again.

  • To
    Tom Perez Jun 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't Use UPS

    They don't have a clue regarding what customer service is. Besides, they lie. Just yesterday I was waiting for two boxes to arrive. One was delivered and the other was not. When I check their website the driver had stated that we where not home. First of all, I have not left my house in a week. Second, if I was not home, how did they deliver the one box. UPS is the worst carried in the world. Don't bother to complaint. I have and nobody cares care at that company. When you order, if possible request Fedex and don't give them your business. No wonder they call themselves brown and we all know what brown stands for. MAY UPS ROT IN HELL!!!

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  • Lo
    Lost cat Report Oct 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPS is the worst for shipping cross boarder. Their brokerage fees are exorbitant and non-refundable or negotiable even if it was their mistake to add them (Item was a replacement and was marked as such, there should have been no tax coming across the boarder and therefore no brokerage fee) the USPS is what I have found to be the best for shipping from the States charging only $5 for crossing customs as opposed to $25++ charged by UPS who then because I live in a small city that they must deem rural they leave expensive packages on our door step if we're not home. My father who was away on business had an $11 000! insured item just dropped on his doorstep my mother had to get a neighbor to help her bring in the box and the item was so badly damaged that it had to be replaced.

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  • Li
    linn Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wow i think ups is the worst thing ever for shipping yesterday i send 5 items i have around $100 in my paypal so they take the money instantly when i print the label 5 days afeter i was -$65.70 i say why i check shipping details and say
    shipping charges 1 then shipping charges 2 the same money 2 times why
    then i when to the ups and i was marking my boxes fragile please carefully and that guy toll me the ups recepcionist he toll me what are you doing he said if you mark the boxes or not we don't have preveligies for no one we send the boxes and trow the same and i was like wow ups is trash not recomended at all...

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ups service stinks!

UPS service stinks - they supposedly tried to deliver a package to my home today, yet they did not even knock on the door but left a notice. I particularly stayed home today to get this package, and now I have to be inconvenienced to make a trip to the UPS office (which I don't even know where it is) to receive my package. And they do not deliver on Saturdays, which is another way of penalizing hard working people who work during the week... At least Fedex delivers on Saturdays.

  • Bb
    BBB Guy Jun 28, 2007

    Hey, that's right They're stinks. I got two packages, and I asked them you can put these outside so that I can put these inside my trunks. What he did? He looked at me with weird face. Then, he said, this is not heavy, you can deliver yourselves. They don't know anything about the service at all. If it's not heavy, then why does he need to use dolly to deliver? They are sucks !!! I would never every use UPS again!!!

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the truth about ups

I have seen a lot of complaints about UPS and I have no doubt in my mind that they are correct. I work for...

I hate ups - the worst shipping company!

I ordered something online and they'd used UPS to send me the package. I paid 2nd Day Air so that I can...

ups customer service is awful!

I placed an order online and it was shipped by UPS. The UPS tracking said that it was put on MY porch but it was not put on MY porch.

When I called UPS to report this they acted as if it was my problem. They wanted asked me if I had checked with my family, friends and neighbors. I told them if my family or friends were around and knew anything about the package they would have told me and I am not going to go door to door to check with my neighbors. They then said I would have to fill out paper work in order for UPS to proceed with this situation. Who is paying me for my time? So now I am on hold waiting for the company I ordered from to get back to me. I have been waiting for 4 days and haven't heard from them. I guess that Christmas gift went to someone that didn't pay for it.

Bottom line UPS customer service is awful!

  • De
    dennis Jul 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I believe drivers sometime scan the package as delivered to clear their load so they can go back to the shop at the end of the day if they are running late. the same exact thing has happened to me twice this year. and what is very frustrating is trying to get to a live person at ups. This year I have taken a decision to not use ups or order anything from companies who will not ship by other carriers. usps has been good as well as dhl and fedex. vendors will ship it your way if you insist and tell them you will buy from someone else. We need to take consumer power back.

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mantel clock was completely destroyed

My complaint is that the manager of the store tells me that I can not get the $40.00 refunded for shipping of an item that he shipped to me, and also packed there at the store. The item was an antique mantel clock that obviously was fragile as it had glass on the front of it. When it arrived to my home, the box was torn and delivered upside down. The mantel clock was completely destroyed and in my opinion not packed well. The manager sent me an email when I asked him for the shipping cost back also. He refunded only the amount that I paid for the clock, which I purchased from an auction. He gave me an excuse about not refunding the shipping which I find odd. I believe I should be refunded the shipping also. Otherwise, I paid them $40. for destroying an antique clock! They were the ones that packed it and shipped it. This is the email the manager of the store sent me:

Hello Linda Byrnes,

Thanks for the return email. The money that you paid for our services is what insured that UPS was willing to pay for the damaged clock. Our services met the insurance requirements so that UPS knew that our packaging service was not the cause of the damage to the clock but rather how the package was handled in transit. I regret that UPS will not refund the charges for our services. We did our charge correctly again insuring that you would be reinbursed for the damage to the clock. I regret that I am unable then to return the fee for our services as without them you would not have been able to receive anything from UPS.

Keenan Pettit
The UPS Store #53

I tried to resolve this by emailing the corporate UPS site, and gave them all the information such as tracking numbers, etc. but they emailed back and said I needed to resolve the problem with the UPS store that shipped the item. So you see, I am at a loss as to whom is suppose to take care of the problem and neither the store, nor the corporate office seem to be any help. I ship items daily as I sell on ebay and they need to know that if I don’t get a refund for the shipping fee, that I will not use UPS again. I ship at least 20 items a week and will never use UPS again unless they resolve this problem. I believe they will lose a lot more than $40.00 if I use FexEx , USPS, or another shipping company. I will also discourage friends, family and customers from using UPS unless they resolve this matter so I believe in the long run they will lose a lot more than just my business.

Thank you,

  • De
    Debra Bergmann Oct 11, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh I definitely agree with this one. Just because you pay for insurance, that doesn't mean that UPS will not leave your package without getting the required signature, nor does it mean that they will not deliver it all beaten up, with whatever is inside all broken up as well. What it does mean is that you will spend the next two months, trying to jump through hoops to get them to pay for items you insured. They have continually stalled time and time again, even pointing fingers at some mysterious third party shipper who just happens to have no phone number or any other point of contact. Then to pour salt in the wound, they are just plain rude. How dare we bother them to do their job! Good grief, needless to say, I will carry it there myself before I use UPS again.

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