TurboTax / I feel cheated and confused at why this kept happening.

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I've been on hold as I speak for 3 hours and twenty four minutes. They were busy and I was warned that I would have to wait an hour, so I did and here I am. I got charged $19.99 by the software thinking it was to be able to save my filing so I can bring it to fafsa, when I called in I was told it was for 2017 taxes (which I did not fail with them and have not received by the way ever) because I did it on online its non refundable, since It was my mistake for not being extra careful I let it go. I filed a week or so later I got an email from turbo tax encouraging me to file, I ignored it I thought it was just an advertisement, but than I got it again so I went to check online, my things weren't filed. I called complaining because I didnt understand and when I logged back in, none of my information was saved! At this point I didn't want to anymore but I figured I went this far and obviously nothing else could go wrong.
I had a 1099 form I had to fill in, I made 19 dollars on and so I had to pay them $49.99 to be able to fill out that 1099. Not the best news but sure why not.
Than I filed and everything was great presumably and. I did my federal information my state information, did the review and said file my taxes.
It went through I thought it would be over but no. Since today is 4-15 I checked in again to see when it estimated I would get my returning. But I was introduced to a screen that asked me to file state. So Only my federal was filed, even though I went through both and now the software wants me to buy the 49.99 again in order to file my taxes and I'm like, its just makes a ton more sense if I had just gone to see someone no I'm not going to pay the software 120 of non refundable money in hopes that it will work this time.

Apr 15, 2019

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