Truworthstruworths is selling us poor quality clothes at expensive prices

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I bought clothes at truworths in december, two of the items were torn after 3 times of being worn, I took it back to truworths and I was told that damaged goods are not exchanged after a month, it is on the receipt, I asked the old lady (I think she is the manager) where that is on the slip as I had a recent truworths slip she never showed me and she left it, I called the head office and they said I should return it, I went back and the lady still refused. That same week I had bought a shift for about r350, just before I wore it I realised that there were stitches that were coming out, I took it back to the glen mall and explained everything and I showed them the ones I had bought at south gate and they exchanged everything but they gave me a hassle until I told them that I heard phoned the heard office and they advised that I should return everything to them. Now yesterday I was wearing pants I bought at truworths begining of winter, I had a shock of my life when my husband who was walking behind me asked me why my pants were torn, when I checked yes they were torn not by anything but it was just poor quality!!! Truworths is selling us poor quality clothes at expensive prices.


  • Mo
    Motshabi Feb 16, 2015

    I also bought items at truworth all torn

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  • Ma
    Mariusstp7 Aug 15, 2018

    8:58 They say sorry only at 9:00 do we open. People standing in line outside and then they only open past 9:03 but they were being unprofessional by declaring wait 2 minutes and then they are late. Pathetic and not what you would expect from this chain store.


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  • Gl
    glandi Aug 15, 2018

    i have been paying my account however when ever i try to open a new account truworths have stated on my ITC that am not paying my account and now am applying for a house they have declined my application because of truworths, i regret the day i open a account with them and i will never recommend them to anyone.

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  • St
    Steve Cronje Aug 21, 2018

    I purchased a Daniel Leather Jacket last year from Truworths. I wore it a few times last year and once on Friday only to find that the leather was cracking and pulling off from the jacket. I am very disappointed with the Daniel Hechter Leather Jacket.


    Steve Cronje
    082 822 3419

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  • To
    Tokwe Sep 18, 2018

    Closed the account but they don't want to email me the confirmation letter that I have paid up and I want to close the account. I am still receiving statements on the account via email but they cant send me the closing letter via email how is that???

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  • Su
    Sunnet Sep 18, 2018

    I bought under ware and when I got home and removed the tag I saw it was torn and has a stitching mistake. I did not see it at the store because it had clips in place. I pay for the quality and this is not. I feel it is a company mistake and should be corrected. This is really a let down to pay over R300 for under ware and then its wrong

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  • Kh
    Khuthala Tala Sizani Oct 15, 2018

    I placed an order for a pair of shoe and i was told it will take 3 week. Now its the forth week and when i went to the shop they told me that it hasn't been placed yet.

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  • Ma
    MarshR Nov 04, 2018

    On the 25th October 2018, 10:10, I stood in the queue at Truworths Golden Walk until 10:40.
    There was only one teller. Instead of the manager assisting as a teller, she was removing the tags.
    She was very nonchalant about the terrible service. When I asked her why there was only one teller, she said the rest of the staff would be in at 11:00.

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  • Mr
    Mrronpillay Jan 05, 2019

    I have bought a Phone from the gateway branch. On the 18-12-2018
    I have tried to use the phone it keeps rebooting and overheating.
    I have come to the branch on the 20th
    And they refused to swap it or refund me. I was told if I have a problem with it within 7

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  • Na
    Natalie1106 Jan 06, 2019

    Sandton truworths has 15 ppl in tge queue and 2 cashiers. The managers response is that there is no cashier available to help as everyone is assisting on the floor. After asking her 5 times if she can assist to cashier does she go to a till.

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  • Lo
    Lorato Mofela Jan 22, 2019

    I Bought items on 4 December 2018. I tried to return some of them yesterday 07 January and Truworths Mafikeng mall refused to take them back because 30 days has passed. I would have return them earlier but the place I went to did not have Truworths hence I only returned them yesterday.

    I need a refund.


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  • Ta
    Tazaria Feb 12, 2019

    I bought an item on 50 percent sale.I paid R180.I went to.Newcastle today to swop it for a bigger size and I was told that it is R240 and the 50percent sale is over.Original price is R320.I feel that because I only did a stop I must be entitle to the price I paid for.I am very unhappy and also a loyal customer of you see my account.

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  • Eu
    Eugieyo Jul 27, 2019

    I opened a truworths acc to buy a cellphone not knowing that i could not buy it within the first 6 months of having the acc

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  • Ch
    CharlesMthi Aug 10, 2019

    The staff in the store have no sense of urgency. They are chatting to themselves. There are two till on the men's side but one is operational with two staff working in one till.

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  • Sh
    Shandrein Freeks Aug 13, 2019

    Good day I have just done a credit check and there's a default on my name for identity account I paid off in 2017... I want this sorted out ASAP please. I've emailed ********** a week ago but received no feedback. This is ridiculous!

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  • Al
    Alida Van Der Lely Aug 21, 2019

    Good day,

    On 10 July 2019 I purchased Ginger Mary shoes at R550.00. It is a month later and the shoes are coming loose at the soles.

    My Truworths account number is: 10101129587090

    I would appreciate it if you would advise what I am to do in this case.

    Please refer to photographs.

    Thank you

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  • Za
    Zanele laka Aug 24, 2019

    U get into the store no 1 is the to assist they keep saying it's not their department..been waiting for more than 20 minutes for assistance they can't even check where I can get it...this is uncalled for

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  • Alvirna Jan 24, 2020

    @Zanele laka Ooh Zanele I get that everytime I go to Truworths Tyger valley, Cape Town, whenever I go shopping there, then there is no one to assist and when I get to the till there is only one cashier and rest is on the floor not assisting customers at all but chatting to each other. So ridiculous, I'm telling you. They get paid to stand and talk not for helping customers. 😤

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  • Za
    Zandri Strydom Aug 27, 2019

    To whom it may concern
    The workers at Truworths Vredenburg don't greet you as you come in.I did greet them and they just looked at me.They did not help me when i needed a shoe size. I will never go back again.Very bad service

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  • Alvirna Jan 24, 2020

    @Zandri Strydom Same thing here at Tyger valley too, everytime I go there the staff is all miserable and sour, they don't belong there if they cannot assist you or if they not friendly enough

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  • Mx
    Mxolisi Mtshali Sep 21, 2019

    I bought a shoes cost R650 and didn't fit my nephew, he washed original slip and store refused to do refunds cos no original slips. He didn't wear shoes, still have all papers n price under the shoes but Supervisor said NO. Please help me out

    Mxolisi 0813564337

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  • Ca
    Calvin mabasa Oct 15, 2019

    Iwas retrenched in 2010 and i do have submitted my retrechment of your truworth employee helped me to send this letter

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