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I visited the mac truworths store on the 8/09/2015 and was quite excited as I love truworths, I entered the mac department and with a huge smile I asked a lady for assistance only to be so crashed and was told so rudely that I must wait due to her been busy with another client, so I stood there for more than 12 minutes and nobody bothered to help me, there where many ladies there but nobody even noticed me just standingand waiting, I approached the lady at the pay counter and she was also busy and acted as if I was not there, so after a while a lady help me, so I explained to her what I wanted and judging by her help she seemed new, the next day after applying the product I noticed I looked four times darker and was horrified to an extent of tears. I am a rep so looking good is essential, having a smile and been positive, I had quite an horrific day due to me constantly worrying about my face. I was disgusted by my face complexion and felt so low and irritated the entire day, which affected my work. I mean is this the service that you get from mac, and they also bring the truworths name down as well, I really am dissapointed and disgusted by this incident.


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    Retailgoddess Aug 14, 2019

    Maybe you just aren’t as pretty as you think...

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  • Um is not an answer! Aug 15, 2019

    She was FVKING busy, Steve Seagal! Chill the freak out!!!

    She was not rude! She is paid to assist customers. PLURAL. Not just you, princess.

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  • Um is not an answer! Aug 15, 2019

    The crap you put on your face to cover up too complexion is what is causing your disgusting complexion. Take the hint. The best thing you can do is to keep your skin CLEAN. That shi7 clogs up pores which is what causes complexion probs.

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