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I am most disgusted by the service I received in dealing with truworths. I have been calling them since tuesday 15 march and they have only had the decency to contact me twice. My boyfried bought a chain at the pavillion branch in durban as a gift to me. I am from cape town and when I visited durban in march, I was given the box. On opening it, I discovered that the chain was broken. We returned it to the store on sunday 13 march. The person who assisted was definitely not interested in what we had to say. The chain left the store in good condition & the box was never opened, yet the chain broke. He & truworths complaints have basically implied that we must have broken the chain because their stock is never flawed. What utter rubbish. Now 'as a favour to me', they will repair a chain that was flawed to begin with. This is a brand new chain that was never even taken out of the box. When I asked how on earth a perfectly good chain could have broken while in the box, I was told that it could have snagged on something. What utter rubbish! She was grasping at straws just to get rid of me. The area manager I spoke to last friday sounded nice and gave me the impression that I was finally speaking to someone who cared and would sort this out. Boy, was I mistaken! I have made numerous calls over these past weeks with little assistance on the part of truworths. I feel cheated and very dissapointed. I will definitely not be doing any shopping at truworths. The very least they could do is apologise for this and replace the chain. They could also have kept me informed as to the process.


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    Inkodnito Aug 28, 2010

    I purchased a denim skirt @ Truworths in Tygervalley on the sale (Inwear). I have only worn the skirt twice and the yolk from the zip right down is pulling apart. I am extrememly unhappy & embarrassed to walk with this skirt on today. Looks like the skirt was forced on by someone who it did not fit! I have not bought clothing at Truworths in years, in fact since I closed my account.I truly loved this skirt & now I regret purchasing it.The type of denim is not up to standard or the sewing is very poor & the 'movement' was not taken into consideration, however I paid cash for so called good quality!!!

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    Manbutter Aug 30, 2010

    Over the last 2 weeks, I have been inundated at all times with sms's saying my account is in arrears. My installment is R40 I have paid R200 via the internet as I normally do. Please go back and check the history of my account and note that for a nearly a year it was in credit balance of R81.38. Perhaps you should pay me credit interest yet I am still being sent sms's saying my account is in arrears despite me having phoned the call centre 4 times asked them to make a note on the system and stop harrassing me. I faxed my bank statement to show proof of payment which they now cant find? I phoned again on Monday morning after getting another sms over the weekend and got told the system is down someone will call me back. They came back on line at 09:13 I phoned at 12:00 after no one had called me back. I am now extremely annoyed, dont bother apologising or try and keep me as a customer - carry on wasting your money and resources for R40 and whilst you at it close my account please . I told 2 of the call centre operators to do this but obviously it is not done. I am not interested and you obviously need my R40 so badly - go after the big fish instead.

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  • Llewellyn de Vries Aug 05, 2011

    On 2017-07-23 I visited the Uitenhage branch of Truworths where I am an account holder. I had returned boots that were defective and I then decided to purchase a more expensive pair to the value of R999-00 to curb any further problems as these were originally given to my wife as a gift. The requested size was however not in stock and I then confirmed a Fast Fashion Delivery being promised that the boots would be at the store within the next 3 - 5 days. The long wait then began and on Friday 2017-07-29 I returned to the store to enquire as to why I had not been contacted yet. After slack service I was hand promised that the boots would be in by the Monday being the 1st of August. I returned the Monday to once again be told that I should wait until Truworths contacted me. On Thursday 2017-08-04 I went back to the store where I was once again not helped. I contacted the client assistance centre and received a reference that would somehow magically restore my faith in Truworths as a retail outlet. To date I have not received any phone call or solution and am in the process of closing my account with this incompetent group of employees that have caused me embarrassment with not only the recipient of the gift but also the manner in which I was dealt with after asking to be furnished with the details of the accountable Head Office where I could relay my complaint. I will further discourage friends from being manipulated by this branch and will forthwith only deal with management as it is evident that the employees of this store are not competent to attend to such "trivialities." I have taken the names of other customers that were present during the last episode and intent on exposing such unprofessional service. This is often the case with business' in small towns where the staff become too familiar with the general public and then assume to treat other customers in such appalling ways. The number of trips to Truworths, the unjustified delay and the embarrassment felt has lead me to realise that there are other retail outlets offering professional and client friendly service to paying customers. I will however feel uncomfortable shopping at Truworths ever again as "complaining clients" are often openly victimised by staff.

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