Truworthscell phone [protected]

K Aug 02, 2019

I took my phone back to truworths waterfront on the 16th June 2019 it didn't wanted to charge they then took it from me and booked it for repairs with mtn on the 01 August 2019 truworths phoned to say my phone was fixed I can come collect it they have it at store on arriving there the next day the assistant that assisted me Mishka told me its not my original phone it's some one else's phone as they couldn't fix my phone coz it was a faulty I then questioned her why are mtn giving me someone elses phone she then said Beacause my warranty was only six months but the original documents says I have 24 months warranty and even the store manager was confused she couldn't even assist me properly the service at truworths is very very bad and poor I'm so angry right now and upset can't deal with the services I just want my original phone or they must credit my account I will never ever purchase phones by them coz I had a similar incident with woolworths and the service there was excellent I must say far better than Truworths

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