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I have had my banking account at BB and T since 2013 and no problems until the merged with Truist. Then this year 2022 I started having issues with the bank charges 36.00 for overdrafts which I know was no fault of my own. When I called in Feb I was able to get refund of 180.00. This problem kept occuring and they took out 580. o0 for overdraft. I ask them not to allow anything to go through but they didn't do that. My money was always accounted for and never short. When I called again the said they can't refund the money because they already did 180 and they can't do it but every 24 months. They admitted that they was in the wrong but that their computer wouldn't let them do it. This has caused me mental anguish and I had 2 personal loans that was depending on this 580.00 They took this out in 2 weeks. It is things like this that causes distress and makes a person go into deep depression. Somebody please help. I. Not rich, I'm a single mom going through a divorce and money is hard to work for and every penny we need.

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