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TRS/MOR FurnitureChanging financing price

On 3.16.2009 my fiance and myself went into mor furniture to possibly purchase a sofa, long story short we ended up financing through TRS. We purchased a sectional sofa along with a Boise State recliner chair, the total price came to 1577.99 before tax and delivery. At the time Mor was running an add for free delivery and they will pay the tax. (which they take off the price of the furniture, you dont actually get out of paying tax) after the discounts of approx: 165.00 made the price approx: 1415.00, the rep Ryan from TRS very quickly went over the contract we signed and put 600.00 down. Which they did not put towards the furniture, they put it in what they call a reserve account incase you can't make a payment one month. And with this 100% plus interest rate it makes it impossible to pay off in a timely manner. They also failed to let me know until later on that if you make a payment of more than what your minimum amount due is they also put that in that reserve account, It does not go towards the pay-off. The 600.00 we put down was split some weird way and put into two seperate accounts. So when the first payment was due my fiance and myself were out of town, and a gentleman named David calls and says your payment is due today just making sure your going to be in to take care of that. I apologized and said, "I'm sorry were out of town, just go ahead and make that payment with the reserve account." David said, "O.K. I can do that, but your still going to have to come in and pay on the sofa." With the problems we had in the beginning hearing this slightly set me off. I said, "How is that possible we put 600.00 down." "We put most of it in the recliner account, so I can make a payment for the recliner but you still need to make a 160.00 payment on the sofa." At this point I was livid he attempted to explain what they did and why they did it but it was all
gibberish to me. So I told him not to do anything when we get back we will just come in and speak with him.
When we went into the store David told us that Ryan messed up on the paperwork and is fairly new he apologized. I told David what I want to do then is make a payment on the sofa with cash then with they reserve account money make a payment on the recliner and then next month pay off the recliner. he said, "that would be fine." He gave us an approx: pay off for the following month of $165.00. So when may 25th rolls around I called to pay off the recliner and make a payment on the sofa, and Ryan gave me a pay off of 390 something. I told him that's not possible, and explained to him what we did with David. Ryan said, "I have got your account pulled up in-front of me and that's your pay off." I told him that dealing with you guys (TRS) has been nothing but a headache, and that I will just come in and speak with them once again. We went in and they had a little sign up that said went to lunch, so we left. The following day I went back in and spoke with Ryan and explained to him everything we did, he still stated that he doesn't know where I'm getting that information? I told him to pull out my paperwork and show me where he's getting these numbers from. He got the contracts out and began to look through them he then paused and said, "what the heck?" He looked through the contracts for approx: 5 minutes and didn't say a word. After that he stopped and said, "I'm not going to be able to figure this out in the next 30 minutes. So I told him to make me copies of all the paperwork and have david call me, he did not want to make me copies, he stated that I already had it. After a little arguing he made me copies. Ryan said,"I have the next 2 days off so he won't be able to talk to David about it until he comes back."I told him whatever just call me. I got to looking at the copies I recieved, I noticed that when we made they initial purchase we signed documents agreeing on the recliner purchase price, and there was a new document that we did not sign that someone went and changed the price of the recliner without our knowledge. And at the bottom wrote correct price. A few days after that I hadn't heard anything so I called David on May 25th. He stated that they haven't talked yet and would call me know later than Saturday to let me know what was going on. Neither of them called, David finally called on Monday the 1st and left a message telling me a payment was still due. I called again on Tuesday the 2nd of June and told David that I'm a little weary of the fact that they changed the price of the recliner without consulting us 1st. Once again he said that,"Ryan screwed up on the paperwork and put in a extra discount." I told him I was going to look into it more and call him back today June 2nd 2009. Which brought me to google TRS and see if anyone else has had similar issues. My plan is to call him back and tell him to change the price back to they amount we signed on or we will go to a higher power. We will see what happens, I urge everyone to stay away from TRS. It's to bad that mor furniture a company that has been around for years would allow another company like trs to work out of there store and represent them while conducting this kind of business.


  • Ja
    jayjsmalls Jan 04, 2012

    Yes they are running the bigggest scam out there o went through the same thing making extra payments and they would put it in some reserve account instead of applying it so i could pay it off faster Ryan Iam at a lost of words for him, if I wouldnt have paid so much down in the begining I would have told them to come pick up there cheap furniture. Can we get a class action law suit

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  • Fa
    fazek85 Jul 03, 2011

    Same problem here... I financed a couch and coffee table from Mor/TRS and paid $1000 into the principle payment our second month into the loan, our total finance amount was only $1299.00 and we had already given them a $250 down payment and delivery fee ( originally we were told delivery was free), so we only owed $263 total according to their "computer screen." Who knows if that was true. So the next month comes and I call to make the payment, they tell me that I owe nearly $500 to payoff my account!!! After arguing for over 30 minutes or more with a guy (who apparently no longer works there) I tell him to have a manager or corporate person call me. No one calls. I eventually get a call asking me to make my "late payment." I then was told that my due date had ben changed to the 1st from the 15th and that my late payment was taken from my principal payment made earlier! This change in due dates was company wide and automatic they tell me, of cousrse no notices were sent out. I said Im not paying for their mistake and I am perfectly fine with going to Court.Here's a timeline of events Ive created in anticipation of going to court:

    • Financed Couch and Coffee Table from Mor Furniture with their EZ-Finance Option (TRS Finance Co.)

    • Made first Finance Payment (approx..$250) to TRS and Paid for Delivery of our property

    • Paid $1000 into the principle of the finance contract

    • Called to make final payment of $263 and was told that I was late and there were late charges and that they had already taken the payment out of the previously paid $1000 that was supposed to go to principle.

    • I explained that my due date was on the 16th of each month and that I had not changed it. Adam (TRS Employee) argued that I did change it, and that it is now on the 1st. I told him to look into it further and to have a manager or corporate person call me. He said he would but it wouldn’t matter, and that I owed nearly $500 more to pay off the contract instead of the $263.

    • I waited for a call back, but it never came. I eventually got a call from a lady, who knew nothing about the previous conversation with adam, stating that he no longer works at TRS. She said that they made a change to their due dates for all customers, making half on the 1st, and half on the 15th. No notice was ever mailed or phone call given to notify anyone of this change.

    • I explained that I am not paying the additional finance charges for the months in question due to the lack of notification of my due date change. I am not responsible for their mistake and that was not part of our agreement.

    • I said that I could make the final payment and they can accept their mistake of not notifying me and this can be over, or we can go to court and settle it. I have no problem with letting a judge decide this. I am not the one who breached our agreement.

    • I kept receiving phone calls from TRS on a daily basis sometimes several times in a row, all of which did not acknowledge my dispute. They just kept calling asking me to make another payment because I am late; most were from different phone numbers and different people each time.

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  • Ever heard of "Rent to Own" where you end up paying quadruple? All you poor people are walking into the same trap with this TRS group. Also, your deposits are being held probably in a nice interest bearing account for them. Then, if you are buying from Mor no doubt you are paying way too much for imported merchandise from a communist country, namely
    China. How does that make you feel? Mor buys it dirt cheap and then hoses you in price and with TRS. Buy American first of all and pay cash--end of story!

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  • Ro
    robis1madman Aug 30, 2010

    TRS is a SCAM!!! I went to Rooms to Go with my wife to purchase four pieces of a living room set (sofa, love seat, chair, and ottoman). The sales lady introduced us to TRS, the "in-house" financing plan. The four pieces together would have cost, with taxes, $1870. I thought this was what would be financed...not so. Once TRS factored in their processing fees, leasing fees, and taxes, the total finances would have been $[protected]!! Are you kidding me?! Buyer beware, this type of financing is not good. I thank God for my wife asking the question, "roughly how much we would pay if we couldn't pay this off in three months?" DO NOT USE TRS!!!

    Their big thing is that, "this will help your credit." $1100 worth of alleged credit help for 4 pieces of furniture is a joke!!

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  • Tr
    TRSripoff May 01, 2010

    I totally agree, TRS, is wayyyy pass a ripoff! I recently purchased a livingroom set from Rooms To Go...Sofa, loveseat, 2 end tables, center table, and 2 lamps. Well, the total came to a little over $1150.00. I could not afford to pay for it in cash at that time, however, would have came out better paying it that way. I was introduced to TRS, by the sales associate. When I spoke with a TRS rep, he told me I would have put about $350.00 down and pay about $205.00 a month with agreement of 2 years. At first, I was sort of shocked in regards to the down payment because I have never had to pay that much down on furniture whose stores have REAL IN HOUSE FINANCING! Anyway, after further being explained about program, I became even more shocked that 98% of the monthly payments would be going towards leasing fees and taxes...after a 2 year period...mmm, let's see, that's about $5000. Anyway, I decided to go ahead with the contract (it was actually 3) and get the furniture...because of what I was explained, I could pay off a piece anytime I wanted to and would only have to pay the payoff balance for that piece with sales tax, if the piece was over my monthly payment. And besides, I really wanted the livingroom was on sale. So I paid the down payment. A couple of weeks later, 5 days before my due date, I called to verify the payment process and to get the total payment amount for the piece I was going to pay off. I was told the same thing, by a female manager, pay the payoff balance for that piece with the sales tax...that came to a total of $405.80. Came in and paid that problems. Ok, couple weeks later, I call to inform them that I may not be able to have the whole amount to pay off another piece/contract (the 2 end tables, center table, and 2 lamps), therefore, I wanted to see how much I would have to pay for just the tables vs. the whole contract. I was then told by a different female, if I pay off this contract, I would have to pay the payoff balance, sales tax, and the lease fee for the other contract (which was the sofa). I was outraged!! She told me that is the way she understood it. I told her that is not what I was told...I was told I would only have to pay the payoff balance and sales tax, which should have came to the previous amount of $405.80. Spoke with the same female manager and she confirmed I would only have to pay the $405.80, if I paid off this particular contract. However, if I only wanted to pay a separate piece off the contract, I would have to pay the payoff balance for that item, sales taxes, and lease fees on other items not being paid off...which was about $350.00. So I decided from that point, it would be better for me to just pay off that contract. Well, low and behold, I get there the day before monthly payment is due and is told I have to pay payoff balance for the contract, sales tax, and about $75.00 (lease fee) for the sofa I was not going to pay off. I was only expecting to pay the $405.80...and now I get slapped in the face with an extra $75.00 charge. I was hot!!! And the funny thing is, all three reps were in TRS center. The guy and manager tried explaining it to me, however, I decided to pay the whole thing off, which was a little over $850.00. No sense in arguing over something that is not going to change. However, what I did not understand is why I now have to pay the lease charge for the item not being paid off when I didn't have to pay this the first time. What I mean is, when I paid the loveseat off, I didn't have to pay lease fees on the sofa and tables/lamps. It really confusing to understand something when you have different people telling you different things. And it's very sad that rooms to go have a financing company like this ripping people off left and right. This is a real disgrace for hardworking people who can't afford to pay for furniture in cash or have great credit and can't get credit card approval. Not everyone is that lucky...doesn't mean that they are not good, decent, hardworking people.

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  • Kt
    kthurnp03 Feb 02, 2010

    just payed my trs account off today--had similat experience----THEY CHARGE YOU TAX IF YOU PAY TAX ON YOUR FURNITURE OR NOT FROM MOR FURNITURE----SO IF YOU PAY TAX ON YOUR FURNITURE YOU ARE CHARGED AGAIN FOR TAX ON YOUR LOAN WITH TRS---that is not explained to you at all so watch out!!! I don't mind paying for higher interest on items due to my credit but give it to me straight in the beginning and let me decide---frauder!!

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