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We stayed in Room 671, checking in on Saturday 28th and leaving on Monday 30 September

When your left the lift on the 6th floor the sign said from room 681 when is should be indicated from room 671.
We both prefer a shower especially when away on holiday. This was not possible as the shower rod was not secure so the shower head kept moving. The shower head required a clean as only a few jets where working.
The taps on the sink were very stiff and required both hands to turn off and on.

Breakfast Sunday - For most of the time only one out of the three coffee machine were operational. Either not enough staff, or poor supervision as the containers of food ran out and where replace by drawing the staffs attention to the issue.

Breakfast Monday - The coffee machine were slightly better with this time two out of the three coffee machine were operational. However shortage of hot breakfast food was significantly worse. Again there did appear to be a system of monitoring the hot breakfast food. I overheard one member of staff saying the Chef was to slow. Whatever the reason there was clearly not enough food being cooked. in the kitchen. This is probably why the tomatoes appeared uncooked.

It is worth saying that it was not the first time I had stayed at this Travel Lodge,

Colin Beaver
Booking Number [protected]

Oct 05, 2019

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