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Resolved lying agents

I booked a hotel through Travelocity. When I received a court order, requiring my presense during the trip period, I contacted travelocity and asked for a hotel date change -- over three months in advance of the planed trip. They constantly lied to me during our conversations. They told me they were calling the hotel for their approval and put me on hold for long periods of time, . Each time, they said they couldn't get through to the hotel and to call back. THIS WAS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!! I CHECKED AND THEY NEVER CALLED THE HOTEL! THEY WERE JUST MAKING MY LIFE DIFFICULT!! WHEN I PROTESTED, THEY GOT MAD AND THEY CANCELLED MY RESERVATIUON AND KEPT MY MONEY!!


And by the away, the airline did change the dates of my nonrefundable air tickets. I was fortunate not to have booked the air travel through travelocity since they would have just probably kept that money too.

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    alexasha Feb 02, 2012
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    Verified customer

    They lied to me as well! They told me that the trip expenses would be fully refundable and explicitly told me to ignore the e-mail that stated otherwise. When part of the refund did not show up I called them again and they assured me once again the refund is on the way! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM - READ THE FINE PRINT! But better do not use them at all! I've booked 9 trips through them last year and everything was great every time. NOW SOMETHING HAS CHANGED - NEVER AGAIN!

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If you use Travelocity, and need to cancel a hotel reservation due to any reason or emergency. Travelocity WILL NOT REFUND your money. They will cancel your reservation, no problem, but your credit card will be charged automatically. The customer service is located in India, and they have no decision making skills, and are very difficult to understand. We now have two hotels booked for the same week, even though it says very clearly this hotel is refundable on an e-mail confirmation. Total ###. I will never book a hotel using Travelocity. Book directly with the Hotel. It is not worth the aggravation due to Travelocity's "cancellation policies", which is NONE.

Resolved scam/bait & switch

We made the mistake of calling Travelocity to inquire about hotel prices in Paris. The agent took our info and then booked the wrong dates! While on the same call - we pointed out that the dates he had booked were wrong - at which point the Indian CS dept for Travelocity (cheap unhelpful CS) put as on hold for 40 minutes. We got transferred to customer service who said they were part of and could not help us, then we got transferred again to another person 'Kevin' who also said sorry but we cannot help. How can you not fix your own mistake????? Travelocity is clearly cutting costs by outsourcing to India and these people on the phone are no help at all. They screwed up our reservation. We had to call bacj 3 days in a row and be transferred from one agent to the next - they claimed the hotel was closed, the hotel would not make the change etc etc. All becoz we made the mistake of calling Travelocity for a hotel reservation. Should have called the hotel directly. DO NOT MAKE HOTEL RESERVATIONS ON TRAVELOCITY - you will regret it.

I lost my flight and was redirected to a terrible flight

I have booked my flight for my family with Travelocity and to my amazement I found out they do not take any responsibility for bad service. I talked to several agents in India, who have no clue on what is going on in the US they told me that due to a storm the air lines are closed!!!

I lost my flight and was redirected to a terrible flight with young children, flying with 2 extra stops and arriving after midnight. All what I got is $100 credit for future travel which had to be a flight and hotel again with Travelocity. There is no place you can report this bad service, it is all controlled by Travelocity, you voice is just meaningless, and so are your complains!

Resolved price guarantee rip off

Travelocity does not honor reduced prices found on their own website. I booked with them for flight and hotel to Nassau. They guarantee a refund if you find a lower price.

I found a lower price of $395.00 on their website and they will not honor it. Their rules for the guarantee state they do not accept screen shots as proof of a lower price then after a month has passed they ask for a screen shot which by that time is impossible to get. I went back and forth with their non existant customer service dept to try and resolve the problem. They at the time of booking do not give you a way to prove they showed a lower price.

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Resolved absurd refund policy

While traveling in Viginia, I mistakenly booked a hotel online in Richmond, rather than Roanoke, Virginia, I immediately realized my error. I called Travelocity within 2 minutes to cancel, or transfer the reservation. The man I spoke to refused to help me, and refused to let me speak to a superior. Instead, he kept me on hold until my cell phone battery wore out. Follow up emails and phone calls were met with more robotic answers--at no point was I ever spoken to as a real human being.

I have used Travelocity many times in the past, but never had to deal with customer service. As their product is no different from any other online travel site, and the prices are almost always identical among their competitors, all we have to differentiate one from the other is service. Travelocity did unimaginably poorly in this regard, so I would recommend using any other service over them. I am hugely disappointed.

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    Cherme Jul 29, 2010

    Agreed. Poor customer service. They do not resolve problems. I used their Top Secret hotels. Found out that they use any hotel. Regardless of what it looks like. If they provide a room, then they will put you there. I now am filing a complaint to have the hotel condemned. Stay away from them. Use Hotwire or Priceline. They offer quality service at a discount.

    Iam still fighting trying to get my money back!!!

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Resolved overbooked hotel

I booked a hotel through Travelocity and received an email confirmation of the same. Yet when I checked into the hotel was told they could only accomodate me for 1 night as Travelocity had overbooked the hotel. When I called to complain I was told they could give me a $25 credit for my next travel. How would that help me with my current situation as the entire city was booked and I had to return home?

  • Re
    Really? Mar 04, 2010

    Dude, you were lied to by the hotel. Travelocity cannot overbook a hotel, the hotel overbooks.

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Resolved travelocity has successfully deducted the $1888 for the cost of the ticket

I picked up my emails... 4 hours before departing from Sydney to the UK by Malaysia Airlines (to attend my Mother's funeral). Amongst the emails was a notice from Travelocity (now nicknamed Attrocity!) saying that my reservation was cancelled due to 'non validation'. Assuming that non validation meant that the transfer of funds from a flight booked in sydney, paid to a US company from a bank account in the UK could be to blame I blasphemed the bank and tried to rebook the ticket. I phoned Malaysia air.. no problem they would keep my seat open for one hour... on a 45 minutes phone call later STILL talking to Travelocity in the US (or was it Telephone workers in Bangladesh) I had the same rhetoric.. no, we can't undo a reservation that was cancelled ... you need to book another ticket online (despite me pointing out that this would show all seats booked and would ignore my 'saved' seat sitting there reserved by Malaysian airlines).. and finally... I have to pay for this ticket with Malaysia airlines.. despite Malaysian airlines advising me that I had to pay for it from the original people I booked with.

I write this now... the flight has flown, I have missed my Mother's funeral, and after all this.. I find that Travelocity has successfully deducted the $1888 for the cost of the ticket.. That they have advised me after another long phone call, interminable waiting jingles and chasms of silence that it will take me 30 days to be reimbursed...

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    Saint Ides Feb 17, 2010

    Travelocity and Orbitz...they just suck. I will ALWAYS use a real travel agent.

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Resolved stay away from these con artists!

The company is a joke and a predator on old people. My mother needed to buy a ticket to come to St Jude...

Resolved bait and awitch

I was looking to book a vacation for my family and I so I started searching Travel Agencies. Afetr a while I went to Travelocities web site and entered the dates I wanted to travel anytime in June or July. I entered the length of cruise I wanted 7-10 days and the number, ages of people I would be traveling with, and the area I'd like to cruise (Carribean). The search returned a page that showed all the information I entered and two choices. One choice was around 800 dollars and the other was around 450 on a different ship. I was excited by the opportunity to book an affordable cruise so I called immediately to book the 450 dollar cruise to find that the price was not available on the dates I wanted to travel and that my price was to be around 1500 dollars a person. I will never book with Travelocity ever again.

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    Donald Byars Jun 21, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I needed a hotel room in San Diego for a one night layover on my way to Honolulu. I had only one requirement that the hotel provide shuttle service as I was only there for one night and did not want to rent a car or pay taxi fare. Travelocity advertised the Comfort Inn in San Diego as 6 mi north of the airport with shuttle. I booked the room and when I arrived found that Comfort Inn did not provide shuttle service.

    I ended up paying 60.00 in taxi fares to the hotel and back to the airport. When I called their Customer Service which by the way advertises satisfaction guaranteed, I was given the run around. I was on the phone for more than two hours as the agent would put me on hold saying he needed to research something. the hold times got progressively longer and longer and it occurred to me that he was putting me on hold in the hopes I would give up. I finally asked to speak to his supervisor and he flat out refused. I kept insisting to speak to a supervisor and finally he said ok and put me on hold again. I never got to speak to a supervisor. The final straw was when I asked him for his name. He replied his name was 'Elvis Thomas'.

    I had my doubts that this was his name as he sounded Indian. I asked him if he was making this name up and he said yes he was making it up and would not tell me his name. I finally realized that I was not going to get anywhere with my complaint. My only option is that for the rest of my life I will do whatever I can to discourage friends, relatives and business associates from using Travelocity. Hopefully the $60. I lost will be minuscule compared to the amount of business I cost them.

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  • Di
    Disgruntled65 Nov 01, 2009

    I booked a flight from RSW to PDX for a good price. That night I receive an email indicating that I needed to call Travelocity customer care as there was a problem confirming the flight with the airline (right), which I did promptly. The customer service personnel is obviously outsourced to India. I made it clear to customer care that I did not want to pay more for my ticket than what was quoted. The gentleman made a new reservation after I told him this., since "one of the leg times had changed." He at no time told me there would be a higher charge for the flight. When I received the itinerary confirmation email, I had been charged a higher price. When I called customer service to complain about the bait and switch, the guy indicated that "prices are always changing" (although never in the customer favor, I'm certain) and that my flight was confirmed. When I looked at the "new" itinerary, it is exactly the same flight numbers as my original booking. I am furious and vow to never use an online travel service again, especially Travelocity, but to buy directly through the airline.

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    Kaiser Sep 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Booked a rental car via travelocity. Encountered the "bait and switch" tactic used by Advantage Car Rental and apparently approved by Travelocity. ACR refused to give me the car type I reserved; ACR would not rent me another car type without charging more money. I refused, I went to another car rental co. instead.Travelocity did very little to address this issue. I will not use Travelocity or Advantage Rental Car nor would I recomend them.

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  • Ai
    aimeebn Aug 13, 2015

    I found a "great" deal on an airline ticket and called customer service to book it. The Indian on the other end doesn't speak/understand English well and intentionally keeps on the phone for a long time, just to tell me that "oops your ticket is no longer available, and now costs $2000!" It took me three hours to finally reach a supervisor in the U.S. and it turns out he works for expedia which turns out to be the same company as travelocity. They keep you on hold for hours so you will hang up, but hang in there and don't give up. BUY YOUR TICKET ELSEWHERE

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Resolved scam and cheating

I booked 5 tickets to Florida online on for myself, husband, 2 young children & elderly...

Resolved unable to use credit/voucher

Do not expect to ever use a credit with Travelocity. I have been trying for 2 months to use a credit from a previously canceled flight and all I get is a runaround from a bunch of people who don't speak english very well. I have followed every instruction to the letter on redeeming the ticket voucher, and when I mailed it to them (as requested) they say now that they have no record of it. Its a complete scam, they do not want people to use a credit, or voucher, otherwise it would be very simple. No I am forced to file a complaint with the BBB and keep calling travelocity in the hopes that somebody will be able to make it right. Doubtful.

unable to use credit/voucher
unable to use credit/voucher

Resolved seat assignment

I am so disappointed in Travelocity. Booked flights, had seat assignments, all final. Ha No seats on any
flight that day going or coming back. Do not book with Travelocity, they can not back up there word.
I have all my information from Travelocity stating that everything was confirmed, seats included. Guess
what, no seats. We have alot of money tied up in this trip and no one at Travelocity was concerned that
we didn't have seats. Just get there early was the words I heard from them. Thank you so much for messing
up our trip we saved for and looked forward to.

Resolved overcharged

We booked a hotel though Travelocity for a one night stay in Niagara Falls. Initially we intended to stay one night. We later made time from work to spend a second night and called them to add a day to our room. They were happy to do so and sent us an email to confirm. They did not mention the price of the new room. What in fact happened is the agent upgraded the room and instead of charging 97.90 per night they charged $158 for the added night. When we called (after getting the email) they would not budge. We tried speaking to supervisors but they would not be reasonable even though it was THEIR mistake. These people will NEVER get our business again and we will take them to small claims court and sue (We are not rich and this will be the first time we sued anyone). We will then publish the results.

Resolved no seat assignment

I did not know that Travelocity can not get seats on flights until 24 hours before the flight. I was able to go online and book a seat on a United leg of my trip but am not able to do that with Frontier. I would not book with Travelocity again for this reason.
I have had much better luck with Orbitz who handles everything and if a flight is changed and does not work for you, they will negociate with the airlines to find a flight that works.

Resolved canceled wrong ticket and credited back to my account and recharged again

I booked three tickets and mistakenly used my sisters maiden name instead of her new married name. I contacted Travelocity and was told they could not correct her name. I had to cancel her trip and buy another ticket. This is what I did and of course the ticket was higher. Travelocity assured me they would refund the amount of her pervious ticket within a 30 day period. Four days later as she was looking at her bank statement she showed me where she was credited back and then recharged on the same day for the canceled ticket. This is only the beginning of a nightmare. I called and talked with two different agents, both telling me that Travelocity had not charged her for an extra ticket, they suggested that her bank possibly had mistakenly done it and that she should wait a few days and see if the credit had been returned and if not to contact her bank before calling them back. By that time is was time to leave on their trip. First I could not print off the broading tickets for my brother and sister-in-law. The site continued to say "See airport agent". Ok, so we did. My brother was no problem, but my sister-in-law had no ticket. Travelocity has canceled her ticket, even though when I checked the itinerary on line both names were there. My sisters name was on the ticket. What a screw up. Thank goodness for the Delta agent going up and beyond her job. She contacted Travelocity and was told that she would have to cancel the ticket for my sister and purchase another ticket for my sister-in-law. This truly preplexed the agent and she asked for a supervisor. They put her on hold. In the meantime she was trying to correct the situation through Delta. She was able to take care of it before a supervisor ever came on the line. After almost 45 minuets at the desk, broading passes were issued and they were finally on there way to security along with everyone else. This was not a small airport and by the time they passed through and reached their gate, it was too late. They missed their flight. Now my sister was on board and flew as scheduled. She had to wait 4 hours at the destination for my brothers arrival as it was his timeshare they were going to. When you call Travelocity, you get to talk to someone in India, sometimes their English is understandable, but most of the time you must ask them to repeat. Try to get a supervisor on line is a major time consuming task. Why can't there be someone in the United States to talk to? Today I called to complain about the above situation, in India, and again was put on hold many times and finally was able to speak to a supervisor. The overcharge is still not taken care of and I had to fax details to their consumer relations dept.. Also, all I got for all the trouble that they had caused was "I'm sorry". I'm sorry to say that travelocity will be the last site that I will use in the future.

Resolved lost my reservation

I booked a hotel room through Travelocity. I paid in advance for the room. When I arrived at the hotel Travelocity had not sent them any information about the reservation, when they called Travelocity, they were told Travelocity could not find the reservation, depsite the fact that I had the confirmation email and transaction number. After waiting more than an hour on the phone, the hotel provided me a room, after I agreed that if Travelocity did not confirm the reservation, I would pay for the room again, directly to the hotel. Fortunately the hotel was not sold out. I have not yet learned if Travelocity is going to pay for the room or not, so I may have paid for it twice.

Resolved fraud and theft

On March 1, 2009 I made an on-line reservation through Travelocity for airline tickets to Puerto Vallarta...

Resolved refund denied

Travelocity denied me a valid refund of over $1600.00 by purposefully denying information to me, and ignoring my communications with them until after their self-imposed period of limitation had expired. Then they acknowledged my complaint, and proceeded to move slowly. Later, they falsified information to make it appear as if I was the party who was at fault. Let me explain this in detail.

In January of 2008 I made plans to meet my wife, who was a Nepalese citizen and living in our house in Nepal, for a vacation in Bangkok in late March of the same year. I was teaching at an arts high school in San Lorenzo, CA, and I made a reservation and bought a ticket through Travelocity, to fly to Bangkok via Hong Kong and back again. However, on February 22nd of that year, my wife died in a car accident. I cancelled the trip that night and tried to use the credit for a flight to Kathmandu. However the trip reservation as arranged by Travelocity fell through while I was at the airport (San Francisco International), and I ended up paying for the trip myself.

Due to legal complications arising from the settlement of our estate, I had to quit my job and go to Nepal for an extended period of time. I came back to the US in early April, and on April 20th of that same year (2008) I flew back. Again I tried to use the Travelocity credits, but the reservation did not work again, so I ended up yet again paying for the one-way ticket myself.

I was now living in Nepal full time, trying to protect the house I bought over there, along with bank accounts and other assets from unscrupulous family members. Around June of the same year, aware that I was going to be in Nepal for quite some time, I started calling Travelocity to request a refund. Here is where the problems started. Travelocity, first of all, has customer relations times from 7AM to 7PM CMT. Nepal is roughly 12 hours ahead of Central Time, so those times translated from 7PM to 7AM. We did not have, nor was it available until early in 2009, long distance service from our house, nor internet service. I had to call from ISD/STD shops, where long-distance service is available. There were several problems. First of all, they are open from 8 AM to around 8PM, which gave me roughly one hour a day to call. Second of all, Nepal has had, like many countries in the world, an acute electricity problem, and there are rolling brown-outs many everyday, further compounding calling as many of the lines are Internet based, or the shops simply closed as they could not operate computers which people rent by the hour, the shops’ main source of revenue. In the winter we had 16 hours a day of “load-shedding, ” as these brownouts are euphemistically known as. Still I tried to call once or twice a month, which was all I could manage. Often I would wait twenty-five minutes or more on these pay phones, as the toll-free numbers (and collect numbers) did not work from abroad. A few times I was connected with representatives, who said that they would have to get back in touch with me. As I did not have a phone number which they could reach me at, just a mobile number (which in Nepal are very difficult to reach from abroad) I gave them my email address ([protected] to reach me at. They never emailed me.

Finally in early 2009 I started emailing them, again explaining the problem, asking for a refund. Each time it was as if they had never heard of the situation before. It was not until March 3rd of 2009 - fourteen months after the ticket was purchased on my Chase Bank - Master Card - that Travelocity emailed me back with instruction on which documents to supply them with at their Texas headquarters. Even then they said nothing about their one-year time limit on refunds, nor had they said anything before that. I sent the documents later, about one week afterwards. They never acknowledged receipt of these documents. It was not until June of this year that they acknowledged this, and sent the information on to Cathay Pacific, the carrier. Cathay bounced it back to Travelocity, stating that as Travelocity was the ticketing agent, they were responsible.

Then finally, last week, in a phone conversation with a representative, I was told that it was too late, and that the window for refund had passed. I am firmly of the belief that Travelocity knowingly delayed responding to my phone calls and giving me information on what documents to send to them to process my refund request. I finally spoke to a manager, Victor, who claimed that in a phone call they told me, in November of 2008, to send a death certificate, marriage certificate and a copy of her ID. This is a flat-out fabrication. The first information I received from Travelocity on what to provide them with, as I stated earlier in this letter, was in March of this year. So they have also falsified information in order to make it appear as if they had proceeded in a due fashion. I am not a wealthy individual, and had they told me what was needed in November I certainly would have provided it then. Then in an attempt to pacify me they offered me a 100 dollar rebate. In a not very polite email, I told them what they could do with their rebate.

I am writing this letter, again as a complaint against what I see as Travelocity’s willfully negligent and misleading business practices. Their aim is solely monetary. My aim was to gain a refund, due to the death of my wife, and this company took advantage of my difficult situation to bilk me out of what should have been a normal business transaction. Perhaps there are other consumers who have had a similar experience with Travelocity.

David Hammerbeck

  • Gi
    ginanothappy Mar 19, 2010

    I have come up against the same awful situation with Travelocity. The way their India customer relations people spoke to me was incredibly condescending, and argumentative. We need a congressman, like Jay Rockefeller, to bring up these awful business practices (i'm being nice calling it that) before congress, as he did for Post-Transaction Marketing.

    You can't have companies making it impossible to get restitution when they incorrectly charge your credit card. It's actually called stealing. This big company is stealing from common folk. They make it so difficult by putting you off, delays, delays, delays, until you give up because you just need to cut your losses.

    The 'face' they've given to customer relations are people that have no empathy whatsoever. They are robotic, and the brand of english they speak is very distancing, condescending, and robot-repetitive. I spoke to a supervisor, which took me much waiting on hold. He was very argumentative with me.

    I had not wanted the flight insurance which travelocity automatically signs you up for. You actually have to unclick their 'product' so that you don't have to pay for it. I don't have time to be hypervigilant to a company's antics like that. I just want to find someone I can trust and stick with them. It's unnerving that travelocity should not be doing so well considering their business practices.

    I was with travelocity since their conception. now i will not go back to them. shame on you travelocity!

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Resolved advertised 5 star hotel secret hotel - gave me 4 star

After searching for several days for the best price I could get a 5 star hotel for, I noticed the "Top...