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Resolved toys r us is the worst ever

Toys R Us is the worst ever. I thought I purchased a new Play Station 2...When I opened it at home it was a used/broken one. I took it back immediately with receipt and they said, "tough luck." They basically accused me of making a switch. I spoke to a supervisor, manager, and someone in the corporate level. I was the victim here and was made out to be a criminal . It is criminal that they have my $140 and I have nothing. They treated me very rudely and had no concern on what happened to the merchandise somewhere along the way. The preferred to put the blame on me. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN AND WARN OTHERS NOT TO EITHER!

  • Po
    ponies Mar 02, 2011

    dont worry im another person who will never ever spent apenny of my hard earned cash in any toysrus store again, have big issue with o4 basildon essex england store .ps. very rude manager (chris sayer). customer services are useless, all staff are rude and they would do there self a favour by taking on some special needs staff. who might actually teach the [censor]s from shop floor/customer complaints some all the through the lines of mangement .they are all totally useless.

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Resolved false sale ad

Today actually toys r us was having there doorbuster sale. Now I have been waiting over 2 weeks for a certain toy to go on sale. I called everyday to the store about it being avaiable and every time the workers would ensure me that the toy is avaiable and would be on sale and it would be in stock. Anyways the sale started at 3pm and went to midnight. I went to toys r us at 2:30 to wait for the sale. By the time I got there the toy was gone. What they forgot to tell me was that the ad was WRONG the sale started at 9am then why does the sale ad SAY 3PM? Never the less i went somewhere else to get it and I got one. btw, no rainchecks and they only had 10 in stock. and i saw a women walking out of the store with 4 OF THEM. How can they let them do that!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!

  • My
    my13steps Jan 19, 2010

    yes when an ad is placed toys r us workers place the items on hold. It is false advertisement because at times the store only had 3 of the items for a week long sale. for the most part workers themselves take them for themselves and just say they are "sold out"

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Resolved exchage

Someone gave my daughter as a gift diapers with the Toys R Us name brand. They did not give us a receipt and instead of being rude my daughter accepted them even though she knew they were the wrong size. A simple exchange we thought! Took the diapers to the store in Gainesville and they said it was company policy not to exchange without a receipt. We did not want money just the correct size diapers. They had no flexibility and when I called the company phone number they said the same thing. We wanted no money just the correct diapers. I don't think this organization cares about customers or customer service. The whole attitude was we don't care. I am never-ever going back to the place and I am going to tell everyone I know. As consumers why do we put up with this stuff? Sure I can understand not giving cash back with no receipt or even a store gift card. But just to not allow an exchange is just plan mean and hurtful. Basically no one cared that we had their product and couldn't use it. Instead of helping to make a loyal customer they blew it. I just don't think anyone we spoke to cared a bit about us. People deserve much better; we are human beings.

  • Li
    Lillym Feb 20, 2010

    I had a similar experience regarding their disregard for customers. On 2/14/10 I purchased an item for my granddaughter's 5th birthday. When I got home she wanted something else, so with receipt in hand I returned to the store and I took her with me. (Iwish I hadn't) the experience was so traumatic, it ruined her birthday! I was told after waiting for the manager at the service desk for a while that the item could not be exchanged because the service clerk (Laura) claimed that the plastic around the item (Hannah Montana boombox) was ripped. Well I didn't rip it and the boxes are not sealed, so I am sure that it was ripped before I got it. I should have checked it, but who thinks of these things? The manage (Carlos) told me that their policy is not to exchange any electronics unless it is deffective and then they could only replace it with an identical item . What if one wants their money back? Well he said they do not do that. He was rude and uncaring, he made my granddaughter cry unconsolably. The are uncaring, they are not kid-friendly at all! You would think that they would have personnel that understood and cared about children! I ended up being stuck with the boomboc ($46.00) and purchased another item to console my little granddaughter. They ruined my day and her birthday! They should somehow be accountable. I emailed their customer service, but they closed the case saying they "were sorry, but" and they did nothing about it. They just do not care!

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Resolved harassment

Be aware if you go to work for Toys-R-Us, you will not be protected from workplace violence!!! I have been an honest and hard-working employee with no complaints on my record. I was verbally attacked and threatened by a co-worker while the store manager and an assistant manager just looked on. I was on-the-clock and she was off when this took place. We are primarily evening workers and work 3 to 4 nights a week together, when I told management that I was uncomfortable working with such a volatile individual ("POSTAL"), I was told that if I was uncomfortable working with her that my hours would be cut, not hers (?) What is this about? This same employee has had multiple confrontations with many employees (sometimes in front of customers) including two managers and nothing is done to her; she gets rude with customers and still nothing is done! Isn't this considered "Workplace Bullying" or "Workplace Harassment", both of which are illegal for her to do and illegal for Toys-R-Us Management and H.R. to ignore? What is it going to take, someone getting permanently injured or killed for Management to take this serious and take action? Enough said for Toys-R-Us!!!

  • Al
    AllanMB Oct 30, 2009

    I just started working there, and liked it until now. I have availability, which they have honored but recently I was scheduled weird hours off my availability. I share a car, and feel it is not worth minimum wage to screw up my and roommates' schedules, but I am open 6am to 11pm, which according to them was fine when I started.

    I asked about maybe starting at a time an hour later then scheduled and staying extra (which I almost always do because I like to help out and finish what I am working on), and the response was that my job is now "in the air". I explained my reasoning, which then it got too personal. My roommate is working on his PHD, and we live in a college town, so we both aren't rich and we are doing fine sharing a car. I explained this and how economical it is, to which the manager responded, "people in this town have cars, if not, they don't have a job and shouldn't interfere with your work productivity". He then went on to say how I shouldn't be involved with such people, and how most are losers. He apparently "knows people in college, and they have cars". I felt backed into a corner and insulted, not a good experience AT ALL. Living in a college town means many people live in dorms and such within walking distance, it was just ridiculous for him to make such claims while at the same time personally attacking me and my friends. I would not advise working here, some of the people are great and can be fun to work with but managers from what I understand can be total ###s. A girl stood behind him the whole time had a WTF look on her face and after told me not to worry about it and how I was a good worker and he was being an ###.

    I've dealt with difficult managers at my last job, but every time it was resolved and I never carried any sort of grudges. It never got personal or felt like I was actually being attacked, this is different, and I am seriously considering filing a report.

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  • Me
    Mephisto Aug 04, 2010

    Sadly, this above comment is pretty much the norm for how TRU treats their employees. For the first month or so, everyone is nice and treats you with respect. However, once you've been there long enough and find yourself feeling left off the Store Managers list of top suck-ups, it's time to look for a different job. The only time I'd actually recommend working there is around Christmas as a seasonal employee if you're desperate enough to need a couple paychecks that don't even come close to compensating you for the amount of work and time you put in.


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  • Th
    The Innocent One Sep 25, 2010

    Response to Stealth Pilot: I did contact the police and was threatened by Manager and two H.R. Managers to be fired if I filed a restraining order on the attacking individual as I was instructed to do by the police dept'!!! I truly believe that this individual has some "Juicy Gossip" about the corporation to be allowed to get away with this violence over and over!!!

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Resolved overcharged

I ordered goods from Toys R Us online and was horrified to be charged a "remote & rural surcharge" of £5.00 on top of normal delivery charge of £4.95. I use internet shopping frequently and this is the first time I have been charged this surcharge. Even more surprising is that I live in Aberdeen, well linked by air, rail and road. I contacted all the couriers that Toys R Us use, and they all told me that it was Toys R Us who charged me this surcharge and that they would not have charged me this as I live in a main UK city. What annoys me even more is that their Aberdeen store is a 10min walk from my house, but the store did not have the goods I wanted in stock. I have contacted Toys R Us several times to get the surcharge refunded but they refuse. They have not replied to my last 2 requests.

  • Du
    Duncan Jul 22, 2009

    I went to Toys R Us on "Black Friday" and attempted to buy the First Act 5 piece Drum Set listed in their Sales flier for $49.99. When I got to the register the item rang up $99.99. I was told the drum set I had was not the one that was on sale. I asked to be shown to the one that was on sale and was taken to a drum set that was not even near the other First Act items in the store and the set I was given was a 4 piece set. I pointed out that the ad was for a 5 piece set and the clerk said that the ad must be a misprint. I said that they should honor the ad and then correct the problem but the clerk and a manager refused to do it. I went in to the store at 1pm, they had been open since 5am and had hours to correct this. I believe they placed the more expensive set where it could be seen and wanted people to purchase it and not get the sale price. I purchased the more expensive set anyway since it was the one in the ad and told the clerk I would be contacting the corprate office to complain. When I called the customer service rep took my nam and phone number and said a supervisor would call me back since the store would not honor an ad price. I was contacted back by a supervisor within 30 minutes. The supervisor said he could see the error and it was on their website also and he said he was sorry for the confusion but all he would do was call the store and have them hold the less expensive set and I could go back and return mine and purchase the cheaper one for the sale price. I am not satisfied with their response and feel they should honor their ads or place a retraction in the store when the problem is noticed, not wait hours and refuse to honor prices when they know their ads, store signs, and website are misleading.

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 05, 2009

    You got what you wanted, right? What else did you want the CSR to do, beg for forgiveness at your feet?

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  • jacksjewell Aug 30, 2009

    Frequently sale items on black friday that are seen as being popular are set in the front of the store or throughout the race track as to make it more accessable to the customer. You would have noticed that other customers found the on sale set easily and seen the large sign saying it was on sale when you were shown where it was.

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  • Ke
    keseankevin Dec 03, 2009

    I went to toysrus on black Friday and was charged three times for one purchase. I called toyrus and all week long and still haven't receive a refund. When they claim to refund me they actually debit my account again. I am so upset about this and will never use my ccredit card at toyrus again. I also feel that VACU didn't help the matter at all.

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Resolved refused check

I tried to write a check at toys r us on 10-14-09 for $20.57 and it was declined by certegy and the slip I was given states I have a nsf check, which I do not, this was very embarrassing. I have tried to contact certegy and get only a recorded message which is no help at all. (Two different toll free numbers.) I have never had anything like this happen in my 50 plus yrs writing checks and don`t understand how someone can do this. I had written 3 seperate checks the same day with no issues??? From what I see from other complaints I have read I think its time we all get together and seek legal action to get this stopped. You are runing good peoples names who have done nothing but work hard and try to follow the rules of society. I want this resolved now...

  • Al
    Alexis_Secret Oct 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your complaint is with certegy not Toys R Us. Many retailers use certegy and have to go by what they say. I myself had used a check in a store and it was denied; the reason I was told was because I don't write checks that often.

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  • La
    Laura Fontaine Aug 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I try to pay with a check on 08 -09-2012 and my check was decline. The supervisor try for around 40 minutes to comunicate to find out the origin of the problem, never was able to get thru, I would really would like to know where to comunicate to find out and resolve this problem which was not a very nice experinece. As soon as possible

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Resolved awful, awful, awful

My daughter bought a bike and within the first week its been back several times, the last time because the disk brakes seized up throwing her off the bike! On asking for her money back she was refused, with two managers shouting at her in front of other customers and saying there was NO fault and she would be getting no refund. On showing the managers a print out from trading standards, my daughter was also told, " that means nothing to us!" ( obviously their shop staff are mechanics as well as 'well briefed' on the sale of goods act !) so now its now in the hands of trading standards.

Personally, i'll be giving this shambolic bunch of numpties a miss in future! Don't go there, they couldn't organise a bun fight in a bakery!

  • My
    my13steps Jan 19, 2010

    This was wrong by the part of the managers but i believe you may i ask what city the store is in so i can try to return a bike i bought and they will sure meat their match.

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Resolved stay away

I ordered a Fisher Price Smart Cycle for my 4 yr old grandson from Toys R Us on Dec, 2 2007 and received a Fisher Price House Learning Home for a 1 yr old child on December 10, 2007. I called ToysRus and they admitted sending the wrong order but I was told I had to return the item and I would be charged the cost on my credit card until the merchandise received had been returned. I was also told the item originally ordered would be an additional charge to my credit card in the same amount and the item would not be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. I told the "extremely" rude customer rep that those terms were not acceptable to me and requested to speak to her supervisor, I was hung up on. I cannot afford to add an additional $120 to my credit card without an immediate refund from this company. I requested they deliver the correct item and pick up the one they sent in error but that request was refused.

I hope something can be done about this and I am stunned that a company like Toys R Us can adhere to such a shameful customer service policy. After all, the mistake was theirs and I have email documents to confirm my order.

Think twice before you use this company.

  • Am
    AmyJustAmy Nov 22, 2010

    Obviously too late for this consumer, but if anyone else has a similar issue arise, just file a dispute directly with your credit card company. Most of the large CC companies are VERY good at getting action from bad retailers. I had a retailer trying to rip me off, one call from the credit card company to the retailer, and they realized/agreed that the customer service guy was being a complete jerk, and refunded me immediately. Said I didn't even have to return the item because I had tried in good faith to get the retailer's error resolved, and the retailer had refused and said I was stuck with the (error) item. I got my money back (via the credit card dispute process) and was able to buy the right item from another retailer!

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  • Ch
    cheapgarbage1 Nov 30, 2010

    yeah so I'm writing again to wanr anyone away from buying anything from Fisher Price that place is such a goddam ripoff. I bought my kid a pirate ship that [censor]ing broke before I could put it together and they blamed me for braking it. So I called and called them and wrote in everywhere I [censor]ing could and what do you know? They decide to send me another piece of [censor] ship that misisng the mast piece that broke on the first one? Son of a [censor], I am not [censor]ing kidding you. I am so pissed. its such a piece of [censor] company and the [censor]ing stores that sell them do not deal with them they are just [censor]ing with you.

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Resolved gift card fraud

We purchased a gift card for a baby shower from Babies R Us for a cousin. She went on a shopping spree and then got up to the cash register to purchase and the card had a zero balance. She had to pay out of her own pocket after spending hours shopping and then let us know.

We were embarassed and immediately contacted the store we had purchased it and found out from the manager that this had happened a couple times lately. He told us to fax the receipt and we got a case number on August 4, 2009. I immeidately called and asked for a refund but was told that it had to be investigated by the fraud department and they would get back to us in 7-10 days. I spoke to a manager and was told the case would be expedited.

I called back on the 13th and was told that I needed to wait 7-10 days and I counted out the days to show her that it was already over 7 days. She then said it would be 10-14 days and her manager agreed. I called back on the 19th and was told there were no updates. I called the store manager again and he said he would try to escalate this and call me on the 21st. No call back.

I spoke to another csr today and was told no info and she would redtag my case. I had asked for this repeatedly and was assured on all previous calls that this was being done.

So finally I searched online and saw that this is an ongoing issue with Toyrus/BabiesRus. I guess the only way to get attention is calling corporate, so come Monday that's what I'll do. This is the last gift card I'll ever buy, and definitely no more ToysRus.

  • Jj
    jjjjjjj Sep 03, 2009

    Same experience same nightmare. I found my card been fraud at the end of July, until now the case is still hanging around. Don't know what to trust babiesrus.

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Resolved stay away

On June 2009 we went into this Toys R Us store to exchange 2 small items which were given to my son as a birthday gift on Monday. We were informed that Toys R Us has a new exchange policy. The policy states that if a customer does not have a receipt that they cannot make any exchange. I understand that a company needs to protect themselves from fraud. But at what cost? We were not asking for a big favor, Just to be respected and not treated as criminals. We were told the items were purchased at Toys R Us by the gift givers. But this new policy in effect calls us liars. What a poor customer service policy. I will tell everyone I know about my experiences at Toys R Us. The long standing quote of, "Make 1 customer happy, he may tell 5 people. Make him unhappy, he will tell 500" is very true. I am well on my way. I will never purchase anything from this place and will verbally make others also aware of this.

  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 22, 2009

    lol...omg you need a receipt anywhere. What is your major malfunction.

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  • jacksjewell Aug 30, 2009

    The policy of a receipt with purchase has been in effect for the last eight years at toys r us. The only thing new about the policy was that you had less time to return things and in private a manger could over- ride anything and give you store credit at their discretion. Which they are happy to do when they feel it deserved.

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  • Ha
    Haruka Oct 21, 2009

    All I can say is, try being the customer service associate responsible for telling many, many nice people that we could not return merchandise without a receipt. The company changed the policy, and we spend the months of December and January getting cussed out on a daily basis. We would much rather just give a merchandise credit than tell everyone "no!" After Christmas, I would have to go stand in the break room and try not to cry just for doing my job. Everyone needs to just step back and realize that jobs are hard to come by now, and people are willing to do what the company tells them in order to keep their job. Don't take things out on the little people. And management is more likely to bend the rules when you are polite and reasonable. On that note, I worked 7 Christmases at TRU and probably won't go back because of this. And give gift receipts people! Even Wal-mart only does 3 returns without a receipt a year per customer.

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  • Mo
    Moonprincess Nov 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you :) they should change the policy because they are threating customers like criminals and blaming supervisors for overriding merchandise we are not suppose to. As my own discretion I did overrided recently a BIG purchase for a GIFT RECEIPT from $39.99 to $59.99 the customer didn't have the original receipt and there is not way for me to know how much she paid for this item. I even called support and my boss they both agree to do it. I'm a new supervisor with NO USER/PASSWORD FOR THE SINGLE SIGN ON/COSA TOYS R US SYSTEM THAT ALLOW ME TO SEARCH FOR THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT NOT MATTER WHAT STORE THEY PURCHASE THE ITEM FROM.

    For the store and I have 16+years of Customer Service Experience, I wasn't even aware of how to do the overrided I have a support manager over the phone saying NO then I have a Higher Manager saying yes overrided even without the original receipt and give her store credit. Believe it or not I DID IT, I made her happy, she got more than just a customer service, she got her way. For over an hour I spoke to 2 people bosses over the phone weather or not I should go forward or refuse the transaction while my child 4 1/2 year old and my husband waited for me in the cold outside for me to go home because the customer refuse to go to the store that she purchase the merchandise from AFTER I GAVE HER STORE CREDIT customer still was MAD at me because she wanted me to listen to her long sad history about death people somewhere where she needed to travel and i'm making her late.

    OMG what a drama I recall the fact my husband and my child waiting for me outside to please to leave because for over an hour 15 minutes store has been already closed. Customer have serious mental issue problems. She turned around finally left not without calling my boss and she sent her this long nasty e-mail about my poor customer service believe or not after I went over store policies. A lot of customer doesn't realized behing that register there is a human been with kid, husband, a mom, dad waiting for your SUPPORT $$$$.

    And rather than gattering the facts of the incident, you get fired/verbal warned or been yell for something they even told you to do it at the first place. I guess you can't make people happy mean while there is a 4 1/2 child who won't have any christmas gifts beacuse mommy got fired for doing the right thing, pleasing the customer!

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  • Bu
    Busymom22 Dec 29, 2010

    Ha! Its sooo funny how all of these comments sound like associates at Toys R us. Yes, I had the same problem and all I wanted to do was exchange a size 12 months to a 24 month size because my One Year old got that size for his birthday and was not even close to that size lol! I will also never shop there and it was for a 15 dollar item. I have 2 children and buy everything at Target or Walmart!!! They have lost me as a customer 3 years ago and I am sure others. My kids are 6 and 4 and I am still buying toys... but not from Toys R us LOL!

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  • Sk
    Skyte Sep 27, 2013

    I work at toys r us and have for a couple of months. Not a supervisor, just a normal hourly employee. Just putting that out there. This is from myself as a snarky person, not as an employee.
    First, everywhere requires a receipt to make returns and exchanges. Whats the problem here?
    Second, A gift receipt is printed off automatically specifically for instances where an item is bought as a gift and might be returned by the recipient. If you didn't get that gift receipt then take it up with the gift giver.
    Third, "At what cost"? Really? I challenge you to go into any store and attempt to return something without a receipt. You will but unable to do so in many of them my friend.
    Fourth, you are not being treated as a criminal. Just as a customer without a receipt. 90% of employees will try to help you as much as they can. 50% will still try to help you if you get an attitude with them.
    Finally, was this really all it took to make you stop going there?

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Resolved punished for reporting abuse

I work as a stocker at toys r us. I've never had a problem with my fellow associates until last season. For two months I was continually on a daily basis humiliated, harassed, cursed at, stolen from, had my things destroyed or broken, and made fun of. I reported again and again to my manager what was going on. Others seeing what was happening reported the abuse as well. We were all told that the case was being reported and filed, and would be taken care of. Finally one night one of the seasonal crew threatened to rape and murder me and laughed as he walked away. At that point I was broken and asked to be let go. The manager begged me to stay and said she would see to it he was gone by the end of break, I agreed to stay for the managers sake only. At the end of break I was called into the office and told he was just joking around and since no one heard or saw a thing nothing could be done. Then the supervisor told me that "I had to admit with the kind of girl I am I deserved what I got." for a week none of the other seasonal crew bothered me, but the one who had threatened me. He would push my freight off the pallets. Dump my shelves onto the floor, throw cans at me at the bus stop as I waited for my bus, petty small things. He finally pushed my freight off the pallet in front of me, and I snapped and yelled not to touch my freight rapist. At which point I was reprimanded, and told that he was innocent of any wrong-doing, it was my fault and I could't say anything to him at all. I at that point left the building. When I returned as the store opened, I went to see our h. R. Person. I was under the impression that the situation had been reported to her. I was wrong. She was stunned at what I told her was going on. She said this was the first she had heard of any problem among the over-night crew, and she could't believe this was happening to me, as I was crying, and I am known as the "happy" person in the store. Always smiling upbeat, get the job done kind of girl. After being assured that she would take care of everything and to just go home and take a day off I went to collect my things when I noticed my bag had been ransacked. Someone had stolen my ds and several games out of the managers office. As the store had opened but minutes ago I knew it had to have been stolen by one of the over-night workers. When I asked to see the tape I was denied and told there was no concrete proof on who took it, neither would they ask the workers to turn there pockets out before the exited the store. Nothing came of my complaints. I was removed from over night. Losing the extra pay that comes with working over-night, half the hours I regularly work, and I was humiliated. The crew was told I was removed as the problem and it was all my fault. The ones who haressed me for months as well as the one who threatened me faced no repercussions at all. They retained there job, the money and the extra hours. I was teased by the mangers with the idea that they would replace my ds, which is all I really wanted, but finally a month ago I was told that wasn't going to happen. Since season ended my hours have not improved at all. I have regularly been ten hours under other employees with half the experience of me, which is a regular tatic og toy r' us to get rid of people insted of firing them as that looks bad. It got so bad I had to get a second job. Now with season almost upon us again it has been let slip that I am to continue to be punished, by not being allowed on the night shift, while new stockers who don't do there job right will be. Thus once more I will be losing money and hours, something I can't afford. Toys r us has gotten away with what happened to me. I was unfairly punished for defending myself. Put into a situation of a unsafe work place. I still have nightmares over what those guys did to me, and to this day I don't like being alone around men I dont know. I can only hope that this dosent happen to anyone else.

  • Ja
    jajone May 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tried to return an unopened Serpent of Doom that was a Birthday Gift and was told that without a receipt they could do nothing. Not exactly something I want my kid playing with and I have never heard of a company with such a stupid return policy!!! Will not ever buy from again...NOTHING!

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  • Lo
    lolgoog May 10, 2009

    you've never heard of a company requiring a receipt to get a refund? I am very surprised you know how to operate a computer.

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  • An
    andbran Aug 13, 2009

    honestly you should just quit. i understand that with whats going on thats not an option. but if your hr person is that clueless you need to get out. nobody deserves to be treated that way.

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  • Th
    The Innocent One Oct 19, 2009

    I totally know what you are talking about; I was verbally assaulted and threatened by a co-worker while the store manager and an assistant manager just looked on. I was on-the-clock and she was off when this took place, yet I was told that if I was uncomfortable working with her that my hours would be cut, not hers (?) What is this about? This same employee has had multiple confrontations with a lot of employees (and two managers) and nothing is done to her; isn't this considered "Workplace Bullying" or "Workplace Harassment", both of which are illegal for her to do and illegal for Toys-R-Us Management and H.R. to ignore? Enough said for Toys-R-Us!!!

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  • jacksjewell Feb 10, 2010

    Were told to go through are proper channels. Supervisor, assistant manager, H.R. person. And that by that point it would be resolved. But as so often happens, the subject is brushed under the carpet. Did you know that if a store has something like what happened to me on their record they get fined, the manager has to sit through all kinds of confrences to "figure" out what went wrong. Finally if you cant get any satisfaction in the store you call the 1 800 number. Where they say they will do something, but that of course dosent stop the repurcussions coming back on you for getting corporate involved. Eventually you will find that your hours keep getting reduced to alomost nothing till you get so frustrated that u quit. Which is of course there ideal situation. Or eventualyy youll find your self fired for some stupid misdemenoar. Soemthing so dumb that it would be riduculous to fire u over... like say, not smiling and wishing the store manager a good morning:)

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  • Fe
    fedupvegence41 Jul 13, 2010

    brenda hopkins does this to associates all the time at her store in Dothan, al.

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  • Fe
    fedupvegence41 Jul 13, 2010

    Brenda cursing at them.she yells and humilates them. then she comes back on the intercom and thanks them for being a great team This lady is psycho her treatment of her people are ridiculs. She torments people and make them live by fear and not by self worth. she purposely is intimidating and then switchs back to being nice. Then she wants respect but do not allow you to voice your opinions. many are afraid that their jobs will be cut. she is awful.Pwople start at toys happy then after she yells at them the moral and motivation is gone and people leave.

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  • Kw
    KW812 Mar 07, 2011

    Toys R Us is getting totally out of hand with the way they treat their employees tht was very inappropriate and i really wish you could report it to the corporate.

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Resolved misrepresenting of products, and overcharging, emotionally abusive towards costumers with children

i went with my son to toys r us to buy a wii game system.earlier we saw a promotional offer, upon returning we inquired about said offer (wii system 20 dollar gift card and 2 free accessories-25 dollar value) the gentleman in that department did not no what the accessories were, he called the front desk and and you could hear the lady reply"they don't know what there talking about"so the gentle man said choose an accessory, so i grabbed a paddle and proceeded to pay for it and so it didn't ring up right., so the lady from up front came to assist, she disclosed that it wasn't the right accessory and showed me paddle cases, by this time other customers are starting to inquire, and i pointed out that the ad didn't say what accessories it was .and at that time another customer said heres a wii sign with accessories listed on it, by then the store manager intervened and stated only these items [paddle cases] and then I said your ads don't say which items, and then she snapped at me and said these items do you want it[it scared a child of another customer] i replied you don't have to snap at me she did apoligize, i then asked for the number to your corporate office and she gave me it along with her name.three other customers gave me there names and wanted to complain as well the father of the frightened child i proceded to buy it as my son was looking forward to it, after ringing it up i look at my receipt i'm overcharged 21.88 i point this out so they try again and so they try to hand me 1.88 and this isn't right so they try again and hand me 20.07 this isn't right, i say you forgot the tax, finally over an hour later and pressured into an accessory i didn't need i finally got out the door.

Resolved toys r us heath insurance scam

Toys r us retains the right to not provide any documentation for the health insurance enrollment. Yes that'...

Resolved JJ

On Tuesday May 5, 2009, I had the opportunity to visit store #8830 to purchase my son a gift. Once we picked a toy, the salesman (Amohd) was great. He gave us an opportunity to test the New Powering Scooter ([protected]) out, which was great. He assisted me to the checkout counter. The cahier was also great and polite. I asked her did they offer military discount. Being that she was unfamiliar with it, she then asked the manager on duty (JJ). Over the walkie talkie he responded "yeah if they work for toys r us and in the military". That comment was inappropriate and unprofessional of him. A simple yes or no would of suffice.

rude clerks... lack of in-store stock... online ordering a nightmare

Every time I have tried to order from their website they end up removing things that were labeled a...

Resolved scammers

Toys R Us in Times Square advertised they offer indoor viewing of the Macy's Parade to be above the crowd and out of the weather...of course at a premium price. What they do not tell you is (this is a quote from the Toys R Us manager in the store) "They will not raise the shades with their advertising off the windows." so it is impossible to see anything outside when inside the store. To see the parade I went outside and stood on the curb, which I could have done for free. I along with 230 other people paid big bucks basically just to use their restrooms. Of course they will say they were contracted by a tour service to use their building and this is not their fault. Wrong, it was the Toys R Us store Manager that would not raise the screens on the windows. By all means go to the parade but don't be a victim of the Toys R Us parade viewing scam.

  • Su
    Susan Jun 13, 2009

    I am a manager, and what happened to me yesterday at TOYS R US is the worst thing a business can do, the worst business practice I have ever seen, and the worst MANAGER in front of a business..!!!

    I purchased a scooter as a birthday present for my kid, this is an electric scooter manufactured by RAZOR, model E200, it was purchased on June 17, 2006. The scooter was working fine and my son has been enjoying it, until it had some kind of electronic malfunction on June 29, 12 days after it was purchased. I was told by the STORE that is has a 45 days warranty and I clould return it to TOYS R US..and it also has a one year full warranty from the manufacturer...

    I decided to go to the store for the warranty, the first thing I was told my the MANAGER was: sorry, we can not take it back!!...I am really sorry, but we do not accept electronics items for warranty. You must contact the factory and place a claim. I told him, that this was his responsability, and he should take it back, and give me another unit or send this one to the factory at their expenses, not mine. He got mad, and said: sir, I repeat..we do not take this kind of items back...if you read the scooter manual, it says: do not return to the store!!...I told him, that I was unaware of it, and this manual was hiden somewhere in the box..and they told me when I purchased the item, that it has a 45 days warranty from the Store.

    He said, that the lady who told me that, is wrong and he is going to fire her.

    MY QUESTION IS: If I purchase a car at a local GM dealer, and my car has something wrong with the electric windows and take it back to the dealer for warranty, will the dealer tell me to take the car back to the factory in Cincinatti, Ohio?

    I BELIEVE TOYS R US IS WRONG!!..and I am also a manager and we take back anything from our customers, even if we have to send the items back to the factory at our own expenses!!!

    TOYS R US is doing a bad business practice and I wonder if this is something very usual. I don't care too much about the cost of the scooter, it was $150, and I will buy now a motorcycle at HONDA for my son, is more expensive but I am pretty sure HONDA has a better reputation than TOYS R US..!!! advise to our readers and customers: try to avoid TOYS R US..!!!

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  • Re
    retailnazi Aug 19, 2009

    I'm employed with TRU, and you're absolutely right. The manager there was in the wrong. We do have a 45 day return policy, and although the RAZOR manuals (as well as Intex pools and PowerWheels manuals) say not to return to store, if you have a dated receipt, and are within your 45 days, we do in fact refund/exchange the items. Even if you buy our extended warranty, we will still refund/exchange the item/warranty if you're within the parameters... Sorry to hear your TRU experience wasn't a good one :(

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  • jacksjewell Aug 30, 2009

    Are you sure that was the manager?? That scooter is completely within the return paramaters. The best thing you can do, if you really want to cause a stir is simply go to anouther toys r us in the region and return it there. Its annoying but it works. Plus while there ask for the district mangers name and the complaints number as well as get the name of the manager who denied you. When names are mentioned things get done reaaaaal quick.

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  • My
    my13steps Jan 19, 2010

    i work at a toys r us at i see this all the time. Managers do not know how to do simple returns or their own policies. Next time this happens ask for corporates number and the managers name. Most of the time the managers will give you a poor workers name instead of theirs but simply walk to any register and ask an associate for the name of the person you talked to. Hourly employees for the most part are unaware of problems and are friendly so they would give you all the information needed. Sorry you had this experience i have worked at 3 toys r us and every manager is corrupt especially the ones near the los angeles area.

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  • Ty
    Tysha Williams May 10, 2013

    I have been out of work since 01/30/2013 because I broke my knee cap in half. I have not been able to get any help with my recovery and I was trying to get some gifts or sales to help me along with my grand children. I am very poor now and I was going to get some toys from the toys r us to try and get some babysitting jobs to help keep my bills in order. I order what I was told to order and now when it's time to get the the certificate the screen is saying something that it is incomplete now. I ordered the books which will help but I needed the other things that I was planning on getting with the false certificate. That is not right for anyone at all. I will take this further.

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service complaints

This is for all the customers who are complaining about the toys r us return policy.

Read the back of your receipt, what does it say. Its says that you must have a receipt for a return or exchange.

Not every item that leaves toys r us is paid for. A lot of people do steal, sorry to say but it happens a lot even more so due to the economy.

Here is a little lesson make sure you get individual gift receipts.

It is not toys r us fault that you either misplaced, lost, or don't want to get the receipt from who gave you the item.

If you are buying online and returning back in the store you will not get money back for the item. You will only get store credit, don't like that use the free mailing label and return the item back to the warehouse.

Electronic items:
Once you open it you bought it! You are only able to return for the same exact item only! So make sure that you want the item for sure before you open it

No toys r us will not replace your video game because your child scratched the game disk or dropped the digital camera in the pool. That is not toys r us fault. You were offered a buyer protection plan when you bought the item, maybe next time think a little and buy the item and not risk it.

While I am on the topic of buyer protection plans:
You need to buy the protection for these 3 items:
Digital cameras
Wii fit

If you don't buy the plan and the items do break nobody should have sympathy for you. If you don't think that your 5 child will not destroy a ds which is a touch flip screen handle game system then you should go lay down in the highway during rush hour, or please don't have any more children because we don't need any more stupid people in this world.

The protection covers drop damage, cracks, water damage, and other things. Do your research before you buy! But to be 100% honest on expensive items the protection is way worth it.

Guest service:
A word of advice don't go into the store demanding that they should do something for you. Most likely you are not going to get what you want with a bad attitude, and ignorance. Be kind and they will more than likely be happy to attempt to help you. It is easier to catch bees with honey than vinegar. The customer is not always right and mostly the problems lie in the fact the customers either read what they want to read or ignore the small print.

Sale ads are decided a year in advance (At a convention between toys r us and the manufacturers) so don't get all mad if there is only a few of the items that are on sale or none at all. What they get in stock is based on what the manufacture send toys r us. Best advice is to call ahead. Oh and yelling at the workers because they are out a item on the last day of a sale is ridiculous (Also if the coupon expired). That is your fault and your fault only. The early bird catches the worm.

Online store prices:
They are not the same so quit claiming false advertisement. Online and in-store are two separate companies, so they will not always be the same. Shipping and handling play a major role in the pricing difference.

  • Re
    Retail Employee Feb 08, 2009

    I was on the computer, for something else, and came across this website. I am an emloyee at Toys-R-Us, and found all of the complaints interesting and enlightening.

    What I would be interested to know, from the people complaining, is this: Have you ever heard of THE GOLDEN RULE? If not, it simply states, treat people the way you would want to be treated.

    I have 3 children and I understand that when you see an item advertised, and you know your child wants it, you get very excited about being able to get it for them. Then when something happens, i.e. not in stock, misread promo, item breaks or lost receipt, it is very frustating. All by itself, it is frustrating, and any additional problems add to the frustration.

    However, please remember, that the employees that you end up dealing with are people, just like you. They have feelings, they are doing all that they can, (at their level). Should they go and just make decisions, on their own and against company policy, they could lose their jobs. This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but with the economy and having 3 children, one of which is still at home, for me every little bit counts. I am not able to find a job that will pay me enough to pay for daycare and full time kindergarten and still have money left over for anything else.

    I am a nice person and I try my best to follow The Golden Rule. However, if I were to treat you people the way you have treated me, I would definitely get fired. Whether or not, you choose to do any number of things, that are available to you, to avoid conflict is entirely up to you. But, should you choose to not do any of these things, and it turns out bad, please do not take your anger and frustration out on a person, who is only allowed to do so much.

    Please, read the fine print, ask about return policies, call ahead to the store on availability, remember that the store is only so big and can only hold so much inventory. There are alot of people out there, a lot of them interested in the same toy and we are suplied with only so much.

    Yelling, name calling, making a scene (all because you are not happy with your experiance) does not accomplish a whole lot. If your intent is to humiliate, demeen, belittle, degrade, etc. the emloyees at the store, then by all means, please continue with the verbal, mental and emotional abuse. If your intent is to gain something positive, then please read the previous comment. All of the items that were stated are posted. Either in the store, on the receipt or in the ads. It may be in fine print, but it is there.

    In the last 4 years of working for this company, I honestly can't remember how many times I have been left in tears, because a GUEST came in angry and abusive and took it out on me. When the bottomline is, it could all have been avoided if they had just read a little bit more or asked questions.

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  • jacksjewell Aug 30, 2009

    Tell it to them!!! I have continually asked to be relieved of the service desk for the simple reason, that no person can stay positive with 2 hundred people plus coming in everyday and being mean, nasty, and abusive. There is no call to take you frustration out on the person who is trying to help you. Most cases we know what your going through. We are trying to do all we can to have you leave with a good experience. What does it hurt you to be a little patient while we get a manager (only one in the store at a time) who is else where helping another guest come over and see if they can do anything for you. The ignorant stupid people of the year should all get on a boat and we should drown them. Thats got to be the only cure.

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Resolved horrid customer service

I can’t say enough good things about this easel. Unfortunately I can’t recommend buying it from

This is now the second time that I have tried to make a purchase with Toys R Us online here in Canada and unfortunately this is the second time in a row that I’ve had problems.

In each instance ToysRUs wound up shipping me the wrong item, but the last instance was in a class all by itself:

Several weeks before Christmas, my wife placed an order for an art easel for our son. We order a red one. Just before Christmas the easel arrives – unfortunately it is ‘hot pink’.

My wife calls customer service. They don’t offer to ship out the correct one immediately and have the courier pick up the wrong one. Instead they tell her that she needs to physically return the easel to a store across town where they will exchange the easel for the correct one. This easel is larger than I am, and my city is socked in with several feet of snow and an ongoing snowstorm and she is supposed haul this thing 10 miles through a blizzard to rectify their mistake?

As it turns out the store apparently doesn’t take returns and exchanges for online purchases…

***good thing nobody told us to return it there***

Now I’m calling customer service where I get the run around from several employees, none of whom are interested in or able to do anything for me.

Please let me say right here that I realize that Christmas doesn’t come from a box or a store, but this is my child’s primary Christmas present and nobody that I talk to at customer service really seems to care or be interested in helping me salvage my son’s Christmas present.

“Yes there is a shipping warehouse here in my city, yes they have several easels in stock that aren’t hot pink, and no, we aren’t interested/able/willing to simply pick up the phone and ask someone at the warehouse to check that the right one is there and then send out the correct item so that it will arrive here in time for Christmas… that’s not our policy. Instead you will have to wait 10 days for the item to ship”

Perhaps they think it is an Easter present? That might explain why they aren’t interested in shipping it in time for Christmas and why the last one was hot pink…

They also inform me that that the hot pink easels may in fact be in the shipping bins meant for the red ones by mistake, but rather than have someone check immediately so that other people don’t receive the wrong order, ToysRUs insists that it would be more prudent to file some paperwork and have someone check it out several days later…

Anyhow, I finally get a supervisor on the phone who then proceeds to talk over me every time I open my mouth. I am trying very hard to be polite and patient but it is becoming painfully clear that this person has no interest in listening to me at all. And by listening to me I simply mean hearing me out, which is often enough to satisfy a frustrated customer.

I actually have to politely explain to him that I will listen to anything that he has to say with an open mind and then ask him in return if he would then extend to me the same courtesy? Alas no… I can barely get 3 words out of my mouth when he is again finishing my sentences for me and telling me I am wrong without having any idea of what I was actually trying to say.

My Christmas good cheer eventually evaporates and I let the guy know that I don’t want a 10 dollar gift card mailed to me – I want the situation resolved in a satisfactory manner or my status as a ToysRUs customer will come to an abrupt end.

After much pressure from me I finally get him to offer to send the correct item for free which is not unreasonable given that I have now spent several hours on the phone and had an unsuccessful jaunt across town and back in the middle of a snowstorm with a hot pink easel and I still have no Christmas present for my son.

He tells me to take the hot pink easel to my local post office and present them with the packing slip bar code, which he assures me is used as prepaid postage to return the item using Canada Post. Apparently he will then call me on Friday to personally confirm for me that the item was shipped (At first I was told that I had to call him back, and that only then would the item ship??? Apparently my time must be seen as some sort of infinite resource like ’solar power’ or some such).

Out into the snowstorm I go again with my 6 foot hot pink easel. This time I get to my local Canada post, eventually arrive at the front of the line and only then do I discover that ‘no’, Canada Post will not accept the barcode on the shipping paperwork as return postage for the easel which now seems to be turning into the 6 foot hot pink cross that I am destined to bear back and forth across the very snowy greater Vancouver area.

After much debate and an angry crowd growing behind me, we get the post office manager involved. I suspect that he notices that the idea of plunging back into the snow yet again with my little parcel is not an option for me and that I’m starting to lose it in the middle of the now crowded post office so he suggests that I just refuse to accept the parcel and ToysRUs can deal with the return bill.

Back home I go through the snow…

Friday rolls around and what a surprise: no call. Tuesday rolls around and I finally give up and call them back. Yes my easel is in and yes the bin has been checked and ‘no’ it has not been shipped.

Would I like a 10% off coupon?

Thank you but what I would really prefer if it is not terribly too much trouble is for you to perhaps return a small fraction of all my lost time, maybe lower my blood pressure ever so slightly, possibly provide me with a modicum of customer service and a tiny bit of follow through, or oh… perhaps, only if it’s not too, too much trouble, an art easel if you happen to have one to spare that isn’t say… pink?

At this point I learn they can ship it to me overnight.

After all of that, after missing Christmas you now tell me that you can ship it overnight? Really? At this point I’m pretty much speechless so I just thank the person for their time.

Wednesday comes and goes – no easel.
Thursday – no easel.
Friday – the original supervisor finally gets around a week from when he had promised to call me to let me know that they might have an easel.
The weekend comes and goes no easel.

About 10 days later my overnight easel finally arrives. I’m almost too scared to open the package at this point. I’m willing to bet my wife a week’s worth of vacuuming that it will turn out to be hot pink.

I wonder if anyone has bothered to refund the original purchase on my credit card yet?

Resolved untruthful advertisement

I went shopping after the Christmas holiday hoping to get some good deals. I had a Little Tikes play swing and slide toy in mind for my 1 yr old daughter, who had not gotten her Christmas present yet. She was lucky receiving a gift card from another Santa, that's why I decided to shop at Toys R Us. The advertisement for the slide and swing set was $99.99 over the counter, but when I went to check out and it ring up the original price. I was shocked because the total bill was more than I've expected. I asked the cashier and was informed that the $99.99 price is no longer effective after December 24th. I was very disappointed. They should of update it or take the advertisement down. The price tag was big enough that it can grab your attention right away and a big red SALE word right above the price. The valid date was in small print. I think this is just untruthful in advertising their products hoping to get your attention and the price rung up totally different than what's labeled over the counter. I decided to get the product anyway just because I want to see my little daughter smile. I just want to let everyone know who untruthful this kind of business was and how unfair it was to me as a loyal customer.

fake sales

Went to Toys R Us to shop the Buy 1 Lego Set Get 1 Lego Set for 50% Off Sale. Before I went I looked up all the prices for the items I was interested in for my kids on the website. I made a list and took this with me to the store. Toys R Us marked up all the Legos $1.50 - $10 over the MSRP the day before the sale began. So it is a non-sale. All the stocking stuffer Lego sets that should be $3.49 each were $4.99 each. So instead of costing $3.49 + 1.75 = 5.25 for 2 sets it ends up costing 4.99 + 2.50 = 7.49 a full 50 cents more than purchasing it from That is just an example. I went to purchase 10 lego sets and left without 8 sets. I purchased the only 2 sets that TRU Did not mark up and ordered the rest online from Over $99 shipping is free and if you spend over $35 you get $5 off using the coupon code (SP118) So tell all your friends to skip TRU for legos this year. It is a FAKE SALE. I asked the manager to match the price of Lego and they said "We don't do that"

They are really shooting themselves in the foot. I have no doubt they are loosing a fortune in sales due to these practices.

  • To
    ToyJunkie Dec 12, 2008

    This is nothing new to Toys R Us. In 2006 my wife and I were living in Florida when all of the Toys R Us' were closing down (as they were restructuring their franchise). Their markdown sales would start at 10% leading to an eventual 75% and then 90% and then take what can stuff in a bag and pay a $1.00 on your way out (the last day). We kept a close eye on the items we wanted so that we could possibly wait until the last moment to buy. Their sales started out almost legit on the first day. However, when they began running 25% and above off, they began raising the prices of their merchandise. This usually equalled original price or barely 10% below. By the time it had reached 75%, prices were marked up by as much as 50% in some cases. Harvest Moon (video game) began selling at 19.99, but by the 70% mark, went up to 29.99. Toys R Us hired a handful of strategists to price their going out of business sales. It looks as if they kept some of them on board... This is the same strategy played by Kohls and other "Always on sale" stores. They've already begun raising prices in anticipation of Chistmas. I believe a lot of stores will begin using the same tactics this Christmas as they realize they can't afford sales.

    Should be a law against sale fraud and deceiving customers...

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  • Re
    retailworker Feb 08, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Buying from LEGO will more than likely be cheaper because you are buying it directly from them and cutting out the middle man (TRU). Toys R Us is put out to make business not come out even.

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