Toys "R" Us Complaints & Reviews

Toys / babies swing toy return

May 25, 2019

ToysHi there I buy a new baby swing on april 15 from toys r us queens and west dr brampton. ON Canada. Today on date of 25 may I call in store and lady said yes they can return it I went to store with toy and lady refuse to return the product bcs she said its used only one time but still she...

Toys "R" Us / inline game and stats blast guns not working properly

Mar 28, 2019

Toys Date: 23 March 2019 Store Location: Airport Junction Mall, Gaborono Product: Inline Game (not working properly) and Stats Blast Guns Pack (not working properly) Desirable Resolution: Replacement of the toys in Abu Dhabi or Refund I am surprised, as the company ToysRUs is famous for it...

Toys "R" Us / electric breast pump

Jan 28, 2019

I am writing this email to request an urgent help. On 31 December 2018 I was at the store mentioned above to top up my layby of an Electric Breast pump. I wanted to top it up with R600, which I used my FNB bank card. The lady who was assisting me claimed that the money didn't go through on...

Toys / bought from toys r us and never received

Jun 21, 2018

ToysI have bought from Toys R Us, paid by credit card and never recived anything.. Not even a confirmation for the track number. I have called and nobody answered and a few phone numbers have been disconnected. So, I would like a suggestion how can I get a refund from this company... Extremely...

Toys "R" Us / bright starts

Jun 08, 2018

I am complaining about recent (27/06/2018) purchased baby products "Bright Starts" from Bankstown Toys R Us, the Vibration Unit where battery is installed had faulty connection, I called your Bankstown store (02 [protected]), your staff replied to me "you can swap or exchange" so because of...

Toys / walt disney minnie mouse walker

Jun 01, 2018

I don't know if im contacting the right department but i purchased a Disney Minney walker from the babies r us store online, on the 6/03/2018 and my 7 month old hasn't been in it for that long and its the second time that something gets stuck in the front wheels which makes my baby not be...

Toys "R" Us / fake websites

Apr 01, 2018

Toys The past week I have received multiple emails from Toys "R" Us about their going out of business sale and that the website is no longer allowing orders to be place. However, the past two days I went on their website to see if I could see anything that had a really great deal for 30% off...

Toys / customer service

Mar 18, 2018

Tonight while waiting over 20 minutes online at the Customer Service and Exchanges line, a man walked up and asked for price check. The cashier, Danielle, proceeded to check the price and then began ringing him up as we waited to be next. Instead of apologizing, she told us that "maybe you...

Toys / razor hovertrax dlx 2 0 self balancing electric scooter spectrum

Mar 15, 2018

order #[protected] On November 24, 2017 I placed an order online for this Hoverboard for my daughter for Christmas. To this day, I have not received the item. I have called 5 times now and spent a total of 10 hours on the phone with multiple representatives and departments. The first 3...

Toys / graco dreamglider

Feb 23, 2018

ToysI bought the graco dream glider on 2/22. The box was taped and no signs of previous opening when I got home opened the box it had been purchased and all part were unwrapped and not hooked in. Thankfully all the parts were in the box. But there are paint scratch's on the outer assembly I...

Toys / claw machine

Feb 07, 2018

Horrible service...payed for 2 day shipping and it's the 3rd day and the product still hasn't shipped and they said I will get it sometime next week my sons birthday is Saturday and we are out of town so I will be back home in another state when it's supposed to be delivered and I cannot...

Toys / swingset

Jan 22, 2018

I purchased a flexible flyer Breckenridge swingset for my children as a Christmas present. We finally had a couple warm days so decided to assemble it because my kids was super excited to play on it! Gosh what a disappointment. It was missing 2 chains for the swings, countless bolts and...

Babies "R" Us / employees

Jan 14, 2018

Employees of the babies r us store in paramus nj are so mean, nasty and not helpful. They are always the same. Unfortunately it is the closest one to my house. Especially the ones at the baby registry are unbelievably rude, Andrea I think the name was. She is always rude. She doesn't have...

Toys / very poor customer service

Jan 14, 2018

I visited 3150 Argentia Rd Mississauga Canada branch 3575 today afternoon and purchased r $123.07. one of the items was not updated in your system and cashier over charged. I asked her and she told me to go to customer service to correct it. I went to CS counters and there was Mr. Brandon...

Toys / delivery of a previous order

Jan 11, 2018

I placed an order on Dec 5 2017 order #[protected]. i received 2 out of the 3 items. The item# Item: [protected] Description: Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Trevor Engine Quantity: 1 @ $10.99 Status: Shipped via: US Postal Service Ground Tracking Number: 9405511898666864172066 I have called incompetent...

Toys r us / refund

Dec 28, 2017

Hello my name is Nancy Granados, I went online to purchased 2 items online back on Nov. 18 to pick up at the store changed my mind so I decided to place the order online blank Friday. 2 item that cost 5.99 each not to much. When looking at my acct I found 4 pending transaction. Some for...

Toys / service

Dec 23, 2017

Shopped at toys r us for many, many years when my children were small. Returned to toys r us on College road and hwy 200 for the firs time in ten years and I was sorely disappointed. I walked around the store for at least 10 minutes and could not find a salesperson to help me. Went over to...

Babies "R" Us / customer service/product knowledge

Dec 18, 2017

My aunt Vi, mother Angie and myself walked into Babies R Us in Eatontown NJ to purchase a crib for my newborn on October 25th (at the time my newborn was just 2 months). The sales associate helped me place my order and said it would arrive in TWO WEEKS. It is now 2 months later and I have...

Toys / hold on my funds after they debited my account and all transactions completed

Dec 13, 2017

I made a purchase with babiesrus on December 5th in the amount of $51.46. They shipped the order in two boxes and debit my account again for $43.25 and then $8.21. The transactions have posted to my account and yet they still have an additional hold for $51.46 on my account. They will not...

Toys / fisher price laugh & learn smart stages tablet

Dec 06, 2017

On Nov. 22nd 2017 I ordered from online store two items for a birthday gift for Dec. 9th, 2017; a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tablet-gray, and a VTech Smart Shots Sports Center. I received the VTech toy, but not the 2nd item. Instead they sent a Moana Adventure outfit? After...

Toys "R" Us / Think twice

Dec 04, 2017

Don't do business with them unless you want a lot of headaches. The item I bought arrived damaged and of course, I wanted to replace it. I wrote several emails to their customer service, but none of them were answered. Then I tried to call. Same result. It's such a huge company, what's going on...

Toys / toys placed last september 20 and december 1

Dec 03, 2017

I tried to place an order of toys for my sons birthday last September. I always checked almost everyday every minute every hour if they send an email confirmation of the shipping but nothing and keep going to my accounts and put the order number and says shipping to my address. So last...

Toys "R" Us / customer service desk

Dec 02, 2017

Was very rude when me and my son on Dec 1st was trying to purchase a fingerling monkey they would not let my son get one they were saying no he couldn't he don't have his own money to pay for it when he absolutely did there is no signs saying a little boy could not purchase one...

Toys / pick up service

Nov 29, 2017

I went yesterday nov 28 to pick up and order I placed at the nanuet ny 10954 store and the whole thing was terrible. Ended up waiting over 45 minutes. Had to go inside twice and even then no one had any idea of how the pick up service should work or where my package was. I called thi...

Toys "R" Us / double charge, then overcharged

Nov 27, 2017

When I made a online purchase with a debit card there was a good put on my account for the total amount then toys us started charging me again as the orders shipped. So after 5 days the hold was finally removed and I was over charged over 100 dollars. This is not what you want to deal with...

Toys "R" Us / website

Nov 21, 2017

I tried placing an order for the Hot wheels Super Ultimate Garage playset on 11/20/2017. On the Toysrus website this item was $149.99. There was also a 15% off entire order promo & a 25% off of hot eheels playsets, along with a few other toy items. Whenever I tried to order, I was knocked...

ToysRUs / online website

Nov 16, 2017

I can not go on toysrus online gives me message "U do not have permission to go on toysrus website from this server." I have been placing and removing items from my shopping card because I have a limit how much I can spend". Now when I was ready to purchase this items, they...

Toys / jeffrey funko pop

Nov 12, 2017

I once was a loyal customer woke up today to go get in line to buy Jeffy Funko Pop Some people have been waiting since 6 in the morning doors open at 9 we get in and you guys only have eight there was at least 15 people in line some of those loyal customers are just wondering how a toy...

Toys / 30cm paw patrol bike with handle

Nov 05, 2017

ToysAs advertised 30cm paw patrol bike with handle $99 also available in paw patrol Skye. Yet when l went in store to purchase this item only the paw patrol bike (blue) comes with a steering handle not the Skye (pink) version. When l showed the manager the advertisement pointing out that it...

Toys "R" Us / customer service

Nov 01, 2017

Was in store, and urged to open a line of credit for the savings offered. Was told how EASY it was to sign up, for rewards. I signed up for the credit card. The rewards card. To date I have spent 504.00 in store purchases, yet not received any rewards. I have called customer service. The...

Toys / do not order online!!!

Oct 23, 2017

I placed an order online for a stroller because it was $30 cheaper to place the order online and pick up in the store. It was a Store Pickup that stated it would be available to pickup within the hour. I went to the store only for them to tell me that it was not in store and that it was in...

Toys "R" Us / toys r us company

Sep 20, 2017

Hi my name is Myles. I would like to say that I really like toys r us and love to shop there for my kids. I'm a father of three and all my kids and me enjoy your stores but toy r us has lost something a long the way I don't know what it is but this is what a remember as a child when my...

Babies "R" Us / store credit card

Sep 17, 2017

My husband and I each opened a store credit card on 8/9/2017 in order to take advantage of the discount for our baby furniture (expecting in November 2017). The items were delayed in being shipped and finally came in, the store delivered for free to make up for the errors. Now the items won't appear on our credit cards. No one can find bills! Fix!!

Babies "R" Us / Worst place for shopping

Sep 07, 2017

oh I have never experienced something worse than dealing with them!!! Items are absolutely overpriced, there are so many stores with lowers prices. I just wonder what makes people shop with them. Speaking of their customer service. It's another story. Long story. Terrible and awful and...

Toys "R" Us / they sold me used and damaged video monitor device

Aug 17, 2017

Toys On Augut 7th, 2017 I bought a Video Monitor for baby during a Trip to Miami on the store located in North Miami Beach, fL 33162. Before coming back home I threw the box away to put in my luggage. One week later when I came back to Brazil, I realized that the device was not working, the...

Toys / service, website issues, bad customer service, problems with system problems with charging

Aug 10, 2017

Yesteday (08/10/17) I tried to purchase some backpacks online and it just wasnt working (availability, or even adding to the cart), so I called Costumer service. The first call the girl disconnected after a while (as she couldnt find out what the error was), the second did place the order...

Toys "R" Us / employee behavior

Jul 27, 2017

ON 7/27/17, went to exchange toddler formula for a different one and left the already purchased one on the register and notified the representative before heading to food section. well the section was chaotic and they didn't have the toddler formula so I was looking for some stuff on...

Toys / bike return and rude staff

Jul 03, 2017

I am returning a kids bike within 90 days which was only used for few days and rude sales person in Toysrus Paramaus NJ branch first said .. oh we don't return after 90 days.. without looking at receipt. After explaining that it's within 90 days she changed her tune and called the manager...

Toys / service complaint

Jun 23, 2017

ToysI was in store making a purchase at your WestBury, N.Y. location yesterday. You have several registers and only two opened. I asked the working about the possibilities of opening another and was told not possible. Meanwhile, one staff member was doing things that could have waited (she wa...

Toys / rude sales people

May 24, 2017

Hello I live in norwalk ct. I regularly visit this store for my baby's needs. I personally like this store so much. But I am very disappointed by how staff behaves. They are too rude they don't let you feel comfortable, they pretend like they are pissed at you I don't understand why they...