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Toys "R" Us reviews & complaints

Toys "R" Us complaints 194

Toys "R" Us - Security accused me of stealing a kinder joy that I walked in with

I took my daughter to the toys r us store in gateway to get a present for her. She had eaten her kinder joy surprise egg prior to entering the store and the empty container was lying in the trolley. The female black security guard stopped us at the entrance and put a sticker on our pampers wet wipes but didn't worry about the kinder joy which was already empty. We cashed our goods and were walking out when she stopped us checked our slip and the asked us where we got the kinder joy from. I told her that we had the empty container in the trolley when we walked in and she said no, we took it from the store. I didn't want to get into an argument in front of my 2 year old daughter so I told the lady that she should have checked the trolley properly before we entered. She rolled her eyes as I just walked out the store. She continued to talk loudly about us to the other black security guard telling him we took the kinder joy and it's in our trolley as we walked away. I am no thief and that is defamation of character. They should have checked the cameras before being so disrespectful and rude to there customers. I will never visit that store again

Toys "R" Us - stroller

I bought a stroller for my daughter on March 16, 2021 and they told me that I have one month time to return it. after I checked it is not as strong as I think when I return to the shop on the 10th day and asked for a return.. then the cashier told me to fill a form and tried to scan the stroller to refund my money. then the receipt number that I have and the number on the stroller package are different then she talked to the manager about the situation. Instead of correcting their fault they started to take out the stroller and told me that I used the stroller so they are not able to give me the money back, I told them I didn't use it plus the reason they gave me this reason is just to cover their fault that they sold me a wrong item for additional 70 dollars, just because they don't want to accept their fault they told me to take the stroller back to my house even without giving me the balance I paid wrongly. I was so pist off, it was not my first time to buy items from the shop. what does this mean? is this customer service?


Toys "R" Us - No service

I placed an order last week online
Date 26 Nov. 2020
Order #[protected]
I have tried for an entire day to try and get through on various contact numbers which all just ring endlessly
(Tel: [protected])
I then tried various social media platforms as well as emails to customer service and am yet to get any kind of a response.
Being the year of COVID I thought it be a good idea to shop online (more than R3 000 spent) Boy I was wrong. In fact with all other online purchases the service was efficient and contact made immediately, except for TOYS R US


Toys "R" Us - childs bicycle

March 15, 2020 I order two little tricyles. I received email that they both were shipped. The one tricyle was delivered within a week, the other has not. Canada Post is indicating they have no item attached to the tracking number given. I have paid over $230 on my credit card. I have now sent 5 online complaints with no response. I also paid shpping costs.


Toys "R" Us - purchase order not-received

On Nov 19, 2019 I placed the order No. [protected] with an amount of $68.98 CAD, against an L.O.L Surprise Pop-Up Store, the money was paid through credit card, the toy was NOT delivered until this date.
ten days later, on Nov 29, 2019 I placed another order No. [protected], but this time the toys were delivered to the same address successfully.
Kindly take the necessary action to deliver the order No. [protected] the soonest otherwise I will be expecting a complete refund of my lost order.

thank you
Ramez Fraiji


Nov 07, 2019

Toys "R" Us - online order: partial shipment of order/ no communication on rest of the order

I have a complaint on delivery of an online order from Toys R Us. I ordered a number of toys (order number is [protected]; worth >100 dollar with 'free shipping') 26th of October. About half arrived...

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Toys "R" Us - babies swing toy return

Hi there I buy a new baby swing on april 15 from toys r us queens and west dr brampton. ON Canada. Today on date of 25 may I call in store and lady said yes they can return it I went to store with toy and lady refuse to return the product bcs she said its used only one time but still she cant return. She was very very rude. Her name was. Sitashi. Manager of store. She wasted my time and my cars fuel and I told her that baby even cries more in this thing whats the point to keep it. Its garbage for me know. But she refused. That was totally bad customer services for us. Pls let me know how can I return it.
Thanx. My email is [protected]

May 25, 2019

The fact that you are mistaking being told no as rude makes me wonder if the baby swings were for you?

Mar 28, 2019

Toys "R" Us - inline game and stats blast guns not working properly

Date: 23 March 2019 Store Location: Airport Junction Mall, Gaborono Product: Inline Game (not working properly) and Stats Blast Guns Pack (not working properly) Desirable Resolution: Replacement of...

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Toys "R" Us - electric breast pump

I am writing this email to request an urgent help. On 31 December 2018 I was at the store mentioned above to top up my layby of an Electric Breast pump. I wanted to top it up with R600, which I used...

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Toys "R" Us - bought from toys r us and never received

I have bought from Toys R Us, paid by credit card and never recived anything.. Not even a confirmation for the track number. I have called and nobody answered and a few phone numbers have been...

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Toys "R" Us - bright starts

I am complaining about recent (27/06/2018) purchased baby products "Bright Starts" from Bankstown Toys R Us, the Vibration Unit where battery is installed had faulty connection, I called your...

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Toys "R" Us - walt disney minnie mouse walker

I don't know if im contacting the right department but i purchased a Disney Minney walker from the babies r us store online, on the 6/03/2018 and my 7 month old hasn't been in it for that long and its the second time that something gets stuck in the front wheels which makes my baby not be able to walk properly, its hard for her to move and its impossible to get whats in there out! Last time a bit of string and now hair is wrapped around them and unfortunately the way the wheels are made we can't even get them off to remove it. This is a problem and wondering what you are going do about it considering it wasn't even cheap to buy, it was $162.46 so i am expecting it to last!
So if you could kindly do something about this it would be great because as a customer im not very satisfied.
I have tried contacting toy's r us by email and have had no answer

Toys "R" Us - fake websites

The past week I have received multiple emails from Toys "R" Us about their going out of business sale and that the website is no longer allowing orders to be place. However, the past two days I went...

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Toys "R" Us - customer service

Tonight while waiting over 20 minutes online at the Customer Service and Exchanges line, a man walked up and asked for price check. The cashier, Danielle, proceeded to check the price and then began...

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Mar 15, 2018

Toys "R" Us - razor hovertrax dlx 2 0 self balancing electric scooter spectrum

order #[protected] On November 24, 2017 I placed an order online for this Hoverboard for my daughter for Christmas. To this day, I have not received the item. I have called 5 times now and spent a...

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Feb 23, 2018

Toys "R" Us - graco dreamglider

I bought the graco dream glider on 2/22. The box was taped and no signs of previous opening when I got home opened the box it had been purchased and all part were unwrapped and not hooked in...

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Feb 07, 2018

Toys "R" Us - claw machine

Horrible service...payed for 2 day shipping and it's the 3rd day and the product still hasn't shipped and they said I will get it sometime next week my sons birthday is Saturday and we are out of town so I will be back home in another state when it's supposed to be delivered and I cannot cancel the order or get a refund until I get the package... will never order from here again this has been a waste of time and money

Jan 22, 2018

Toys "R" Us - swingset

I purchased a flexible flyer Breckenridge swingset for my children as a Christmas present. We finally had a couple warm days so decided to assemble it because my kids was super excited to play on it!...

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Toys "R" Us - employees

Employees of the babies r us store in paramus nj are so mean, nasty and not helpful. They are always the same. Unfortunately it is the closest one to my house. Especially the ones at the baby...

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Toys "R" Us - very poor customer service

I visited 3150 Argentia Rd Mississauga Canada branch 3575 today afternoon and purchased r $123.07. one of the items was not updated in your system and cashier over charged. I asked her and she told...

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