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Toys "R" Us Customer Care Service

Toys“R”Us, Inc.

One Geoffrey Way
New Jersey
United States - 07470

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 869 7787(Customer Service) 0 1

Toys "R" Us Complaints & Reviews

Toys / rude sales people

Arya Jha on May 24, 2017
Hello I live in norwalk ct. I regularly visit this store for my baby's needs. I personally like this store so much. But I am very disappointed by how staff behaves. They are too rude they don't let you feel comfortable, they pretend like they are pissed at you I don't understand why they...

Toys R Us Canada / Free shipping - false advertising

George O on Feb 21, 2017
I was checking out on their mobile website and at the top of the page - really big - it said "Free Shipping on THIS order". My wife said, yeah let's do it! Not only was the product on sale, but also free shipping! Great! I thought at the end of the cart the shipping would come off.. it...

Toys "R" Us / Returning item

cruzmar on Jan 18, 2017
Purchased a 7 inch tablet the power port broke. Purchased for christmas on 12/13/16 christmas she opened it. The product broke on 12/12/17 they made me pay 30 more dollars. Total 99. For a 60 tablet. Now the new tablet sucks, I called complained on 1/12/17 still waiting for someone to call...

Toys R Us / Fire 7" hot pink tablet

Deb Budzyn Schatz on Jan 6, 2017
My sister purchased a fire 7' tablet on Oct 27th at Toys R Us, for my grandson for Christmas. She asked the associate to get her a black tablet, and case. My mother passed away Dec 21. You can imagine how difficult Christmas was this year with out her. Christmas Morning my grandson opened...

Toys / 3 shopkins items for christmas

I ordered the items fromToys R Us as they used to be reputable & they had great sales on Black Friday. I am disabled & cant do a lot of shopping so I rely on online shopping. Package never rcvd. I called customer service & they told me its my problem to follow up with Fed Ex! Fed Ex said...

Toys R Us store / 20 inch girls bike

Marcia McLean-Sastri on Dec 25, 2016
Purchased a 20" girls bike on 12/22/16 at 12:50PM at Toys RUs, paid extra $10.00 for store assemble, they told me it will take one to two days, and they will call me. today is 12/25/16, 3 days later, and we still haven't heard anything from Toys R us. How long does it takes to assemble a...

Toys R Us / Horrible attitude!!

Mariam on Dec 8, 2016
Horrible attitude!! Yesterday I went to one of Toys R Us stores with my 4 year old son and my son took a toy and was just holding it in his hands and nothing more! But one of Toys R Us employees gone mad and yelled at my son that it was not allowed to play in the store. He's just a kid! That...

Toys R Us / Your employers

susan kryski on Dec 4, 2016
I'm so disappointed in how my daughter (who is an employee) was treated and talked to while shopping at Toys r us off on a day she was not working. She is on my charge card account and they gave her so much hassle and embarrassed her its sad! I'm extremely upset and how the HR...

Toys R Us / Unethical behavior

Krystal Allen on Dec 4, 2016
I was very saddened about how my local toys r us acted today with the release . I arrived at toys r us at 6:00 later then others but was hoping to get a hatchimal for my daughter along with a lot of other people. I know other stores posted amounts on their doors informing customer...

ToysRUs / Online when searched

cshull1337 on Dec 3, 2016
when my son and I google cranky the toy toys r us it popped up but the name that popped up in the search for toys r us said "cranky the mother f*cking crane" I clicked on it think it was a horrible joke but it took me straight to where I could buy it on your site. im very upset that...

ToysRUs / Diapers

Janis Hawkins on Dec 2, 2016
There was signs from NB to size 6 on toysrus diapers stating buy 1 at $19.99 and get 1 of the same size 50 % off. I picked up 2 boxes and went to the check out counter and they told me they didn't know about the sale so, I went and got a sign but they still would not sell them and the same...

Toys R Us / Pokemon go plus

Avigil on Nov 16, 2016
When I called the store to ask if they had them in stock. The lady that answered the phone was very rude. She told me they didn't have any and they don know WHEN they will getting some in with the most rude attitude. As a grandmother of five of course I shop there often but I will not shop...

Toys R Us / tay away from toys r us!

Troy on May 19, 2016
I made an order about three months ago and later received a message from Toys R Us that my order was shipped, but they did not give me a tracking number. Few weeks later received another email that my order was cancelled because my item was no longer in stock. That was strange because the...

Toys "R" Us / Horrible experience

Intucitis7 on Feb 2, 2016
I purchased an item from Toys „R” Us back in December. They promised a 2 day free shipping. Two days later I received a message from them stating that my order was cancelled. I was disappointed, but decided to do nothing because things like that sometimes happen. But, several days later I...

ToysRUs / Online orders

Reviewer98317 on Jan 14, 2016
Toys R US operates there online orders from web site and e-bay as illegal slush fund. I ordered from store web site and from E-Bay. Both times they accepted order. Billed my account. Then never shipped my purchase. Each time giving a false tracking number. Several calls to customer service...

Toys "R" Us / the customer service

Bonnie Backer on Dec 27, 2015
On 12/26/2015 @3:30pm I took my Children who are under 4 years old along with my service dog to Toys R Us, so my children could spend there money from Christmas . I went to 840 N 54th St, Chandler, AZ 85226, this is the exact location of store. I shopped around the store for about 30...

ToysRUs / Imaginarium pretty garden mansion

Sarah_suz on Dec 25, 2015
I ordered this doll house weeks before Christmas. The week of Christmas I started trying to call looking for the soil house. Nobody had any information at the store. I got a hold of customer service after being on hd for 45 minutes. The lady who barely spoke English still had no tracking...

Toys"R"Us / The whole store

Reviewer25118 on Dec 21, 2015
Dont shop here they do not care about the customers. Every isle was full will toys on the floor. I could not find one single person working on the floor putting toys back on the shelf. The only people who were working was the ones on the checkout!!! I have photos and will be sending them to safe work sa.

Babies "R" Us / Worst customer service

kswat on Dec 20, 2015
I ordered a baby crib for my daughter at the Bloomington, Il store on December 2, 2015. Was told I would receive an email or phone call when it arrived at store. By December 12, I didn't hear anything so I went on website to check on order. Put my order number in and was told no such...

ToysRUs / Shipping

Reviewer47722 on Dec 13, 2015
I ordered 2 headphone that were on sale for 50% off in November. I received a slip on my door from USPS on 12/5 that my items were available for pick up and there was a $32.96 outstanding balance on the postage. I sent the package back. I called ToysRUs on 12/5 and was on hold for 48...

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