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Toys "R" Us Customer Care Service

Toys“R”Us, Inc.

One Geoffrey Way
New Jersey
United States - 07470

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 869 7787(Customer Service) 0 4

Toys "R" Us Complaints & Reviews

Toys / Do NOTorder online!!!

SaraW1234 on Oct 23, 2017
I placed an order online for a stroller because it was $30 cheaper to place the order online and pick up in the store. It was a Store Pickup that stated it would be available to pickup within the hour. I went to the store only for them to tell me that it was not in store and that it was in...

Toys "R" Us / toys r us company

Meadors54 on Sep 20, 2017
Hi my name is Myles. I would like to say that I really like toys r us and love to shop there for my kids. I'm a father of three and all my kids and me enjoy your stores but toy r us has lost something a long the way I don't know what it is but this is what a remember as a child when my...

Babies "R" Us / store credit card

A.Pools on Sep 17, 2017
My husband and I each opened a store credit card on 8/9/2017 in order to take advantage of the discount for our baby furniture (expecting in November 2017). The items were delayed in being shipped and finally came in, the store delivered for free to make up for the errors. Now the items won't appear on our credit cards. No one can find bills! Fix!!

Babies "R" Us / Worst place for shopping

Philip Schatz on Sep 7, 2017
oh I have never experienced something worse than dealing with them!!! Items are absolutely overpriced, there are so many stores with lowers prices. I just wonder what makes people shop with them. Speaking of their customer service. It's another story. Long story. Terrible and awful and...

Toys "R" Us / they sold me used and damaged video monitor device

Silvia.t on Aug 17, 2017
On Augut 7th, 2017 I bought a Video Monitor for baby during a Trip to Miami on the store located in North Miami Beach, fL 33162. Before coming back home I threw the box away to put in my luggage. One week later when I came back to Brazil, I realized that the device was not working, the...

Toys / service, website issues, bad customer service, problems with system problems with charging

Michele Sabbi Garcia on Aug 10, 2017
Yesteday (08/10/17) I tried to purchase some backpacks online and it just wasnt working (availability, or even adding to the cart), so I called Costumer service. The first call the girl disconnected after a while (as she couldnt find out what the error was), the second did place the order...

Toys "R" Us / employee behavior

disrude on Jul 27, 2017
ON 7/27/17, went to exchange toddler formula for a different one and left the already purchased one on the register and notified the representative before heading to food section. well the section was chaotic and they didn't have the toddler formula so I was looking for some stuff on...

Toys / bike return and rude staff

Skh10 on Jul 3, 2017
I am returning a kids bike within 90 days which was only used for few days and rude sales person in Toysrus Paramaus NJ branch first said .. oh we don't return after 90 days.. without looking at receipt. After explaining that it's within 90 days she changed her tune and called the manager...

Toys / service complaint

Cheryl S.G. on Jun 23, 2017
I was in store making a purchase at your WestBury, N.Y. location yesterday. You have several registers and only two opened. I asked the working about the possibilities of opening another and was told not possible. Meanwhile, one staff member was doing things that could have waited (she wa...

Toys / rude sales people

Arya Jha on May 24, 2017
Hello I live in norwalk ct. I regularly visit this store for my baby's needs. I personally like this store so much. But I am very disappointed by how staff behaves. They are too rude they don't let you feel comfortable, they pretend like they are pissed at you I don't understand why they...

Toys R Us Canada / free shipping - false advertising

George O on Feb 21, 2017
I was checking out on their mobile website and at the top of the page - really big - it said "Free Shipping on THIS order". My wife said, yeah let's do it! Not only was the product on sale, but also free shipping! Great! I thought at the end of the cart the shipping would come off.. it...

Toys "R" Us / returning item

cruzmar on Jan 18, 2017
Purchased a 7 inch tablet the power port broke. Purchased for christmas on 12/13/16 christmas she opened it. The product broke on 12/12/17 they made me pay 30 more dollars. Total 99. For a 60 tablet. Now the new tablet sucks, I called complained on 1/12/17 still waiting for someone to call...

Toys R Us / fire 7" hot pink tablet

Deb Budzyn Schatz on Jan 6, 2017
My sister purchased a fire 7' tablet on Oct 27th at Toys R Us, for my grandson for Christmas. She asked the associate to get her a black tablet, and case. My mother passed away Dec 21. You can imagine how difficult Christmas was this year with out her. Christmas Morning my grandson opened...

Toys / 3 shopkins items for christmas

I ordered the items fromToys R Us as they used to be reputable & they had great sales on Black Friday. I am disabled & cant do a lot of shopping so I rely on online shopping. Package never rcvd. I called customer service & they told me its my problem to follow up with Fed Ex! Fed Ex said...

Toys R Us store / 20 inch girls bike

Marcia McLean-Sastri on Dec 25, 2016
Purchased a 20" girls bike on 12/22/16 at 12:50PM at Toys RUs, paid extra $10.00 for store assemble, they told me it will take one to two days, and they will call me. today is 12/25/16, 3 days later, and we still haven't heard anything from Toys R us. How long does it takes to assemble a...

Toys R Us / horrible attitude!!

Mariam on Dec 8, 2016
Horrible attitude!! Yesterday I went to one of Toys R Us stores with my 4 year old son and my son took a toy and was just holding it in his hands and nothing more! But one of Toys R Us employees gone mad and yelled at my son that it was not allowed to play in the store. He's just a kid! That...

Toys R Us / your employers

susan kryski on Dec 4, 2016
I'm so disappointed in how my daughter (who is an employee) was treated and talked to while shopping at Toys r us off on a day she was not working. She is on my charge card account and they gave her so much hassle and embarrassed her its sad! I'm extremely upset and how the HR...

Toys R Us / unethical behavior

Krystal Allen on Dec 4, 2016
I was very saddened about how my local toys r us acted today with the release . I arrived at toys r us at 6:00 later then others but was hoping to get a hatchimal for my daughter along with a lot of other people. I know other stores posted amounts on their doors informing customer...

ToysRUs / online when searched

cshull1337 on Dec 3, 2016
when my son and I google cranky the toy toys r us it popped up but the name that popped up in the search for toys r us said "cranky the mother f*cking crane" I clicked on it think it was a horrible joke but it took me straight to where I could buy it on your site. im very upset that...

ToysRUs / diapers

Janis Hawkins on Dec 2, 2016
There was signs from NB to size 6 on toysrus diapers stating buy 1 at $19.99 and get 1 of the same size 50 % off. I picked up 2 boxes and went to the check out counter and they told me they didn't know about the sale so, I went and got a sign but they still would not sell them and the same...

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