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bad quality products!

I am writing to complain of a dvd player which is Disney Fairy themed, I purchased it at Toys R Us for aprox 90.00. This was a mistake, the dvd player is loud and noisy when it plays dvds. It does not respond to the buttons on the face of the player, it no longer plays dvds. I have had this item aprox a month. This is a bad product!! DO NOT PURCHASE!! I can not return the item because I no longer have the box or receipt. THIS IS A BAD BUY!!

terrible customer service!

I visited your Roanoke, VA locations today and I just wanted to take the time to tell you how dissatisfied I am with your service. I work in customer service for a cell phone company and I have never been treated with such disregard in my life. I had bought 700.00 worth of toys for my son on the day after thanksgiving. Out of those purchases was a spider man tricycle for him. I went to put the tricycle together today (he was too young for it at Christmas time), and found that the piece that holds the wheels to the main piece was missing for one side, rendering the toy useless. I called the store before I went down there and told them I did not have the receipt and the young lady on the phone told me it was no problems just bring it in as long as I had the box and pieces. I packed my 18 month old son into the car and went down to the store which is about 30 minutes away. When I arrived at the store and went inside (I had all the parts minus the one missing and the original box, almost all the parts had the original plastic still on them) I spoke to the same young lady who I had spoken to on the phone and she told me that since I did not have the receipt and they could not find the purchase by my phone number there was nothing they could do for me. I then told her I spoke with her and she said it would not be any issue. She said there was nothing she could do, so I then asked to speak to her store manager. The manager, Ron, told me without a receipt there was nothing I could do but contact the manufacturer. I then explained to him that I did not buy it from the manufacturer, he did. I told him that I buy it from Toys r us because I believed I would be getting a quality product. He then gave me the 1800 number for Toys us and I contacted them. I spoke to representative after representative who told me “nothing we can do” and continued to tell me “ma’m no one is going to help you”. I was very upset and then “Stephen” I believe his name was (he said his supervisor was Caleb) came on the phone when I asked him if he was a supervisor he told me “No I was put on the phone to DEAL with you” I then said I did not appreciate the way he was treating me and he told me “no one is going to do anything for you ma’m and you need to stop asking to speak with other people” I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me he did not speak to customer’s. This particularly upsets me. How can someone who works for a store disregard their customer’s so much. I then went how and on your website it says without a receipt you could only receive store credit (which was all I wanted), but you RESERVE the right to reject any refund. In my mind that means if you sell me a junk product and I lose the receipt I am stuck with it. On my son alone I spend at least 700 a year at your store, multiply that by 18 years and you do the math. It may not be a lot to the trillion dollar company toys r us is but it is very disheartening for representatives who do not realize that customers essentially write your paychecks. I choose to drive past Wal-Mart and visit your company because I thought you would provide me with the best customer service, I guess I was wrong. I will no longer be frequenting your establishment and will take my business elsewhere. I also plan on letting anyone I know the unnerving disregard for customers at your corporation.

  • Pe
    Peggy Aug 04, 2008

    I had a similar experience today at a Toys R Us in Douglasville, GA. My item was a $14.99 backpack that had a defective zipper. My daughter brought it to school today (the 1st day of school) and the teacher pointed out to me the faulty zipper at the end of the day. I attempted to exchange it at the local store and since I no longer had the receipt and they couldn't locate my cash sale on their computer they refused to let me exchange it. They told me to contact the 1-800-ToysRus number but would not call for me, and refused to allow me to use their phone because they could not have their line tied up. They gave me no information regarding the manufacturer. Upon contacting the 1-800 number they said that they could not help me because they can't override anything that the stores say. They claim that the stores always try to pawn people off on them. I reported the local store to the BBB. I am extremely saddened by the poor customer service and the lack of regard for my business. I too have spent thousands of dollars there on my children, nieces, nephews, friends, etc., however, I will shop elsewhere from now on.

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  • Un
    unkown associate Sep 26, 2008

    i work @ toys r us and i dont get it how u lose such a long distinctive reciept, i mean if u dont have ur insurance info on u in ur car, n u get pulled over, ur ###ed, well u lose ur reciept ur ###ed, i mean, stop ###in complainin, i mean i understand havin kids and keepin up a house, but ### its a reciept, get organized

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gift card fraud

My father ordered 500. 00 on 2 gift cards on 12 - 6 they were shipped on 12 - 12 i had them next day aired to me. I just had a craniotomy because of a brain anuerysm bleed. I have 5 plates 10 screws and 2 clips in my head, i am lucky to even be here celebrating christmas with my children and my dad was helping me out because i have not been able to work. I am learning how to walk again. So i went to toys r us to buy presents for my 3 children, spent 3 hours shopping then went to the register to check out and they said that there was no money on the cards that someone used them on the 18th of dec. I spent another 1 1 / 2 hours with the store manager trying to get this settled with the on line people with no luck. We were transfered to 5 different people disconected 3 times and nothing got taken care of. First they said i used them at a store, then one said that they were cashed out, one said the shipping people must have gotten my card numbers and used them, another one said that an order was placed on line from the same store that issued me the cards in las vegas. I live in florida. Day 2 i spent another 5 hours on hold with several different people all telling me that they would fix this. Nothing again. Day 3 same b. S. On hold forever or waiting for a return phone call that i yet to receive. Day 4 is today. On hold for hours again. They said that they will be re - valuing the cards finally! But it has been almost 12+ hours and still nothing on my cards!!! Tomorrow is christmas eve, my last chance to get presents for my kids. I can not believe the run around i am getting from toys r us the family store! I have not slept in 3 days just wondering and waiting to see if we will have a christmas this year. After all that i have been through in the last couple of months with my surgery, this beats all! They took my fathers 500. 00 and now i have to wait until their fraud dept figures out who used them at their own location!! I am so disgusted with them, it is christmas time. What a mess!!
Well thanks for letting me vent. I guess i will be calling the police next. Maybe they can do something for me.
Thanks for listening & have a nice holiday!!

  • Ju
    julie Jul 05, 2008

    wow, what a mess! i hope it went well for you.!

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Doherty Jan 02, 2011

    I just went to use a Babies R Us Gift Card that I received for my daughter's first birthday back in August. The card has been sitting, still stuck to it's original package in the birthday card in my closet since I received it. The amount was $100, but when I plugged the GC number in on the website it told me that the balance was $0. So I called customer service and they confirmed that the balance was $0. I explained to them that I had gotten the card as a gift in August and had basically forgotten about it, had just tore it off the package backing and had not spent a penny of it. The rep told me that the card was used up on November 12th 2010. So I asked him where and for what. Of course he could not tell me, just that he was sorry and that it would be handled with their Corporate Resolutions division and I would receieve a call in 7-10 business days. I stated that I had read many stories about this online and that people were not getting satisfaction and he assured me that this would not be the case. I see that the above story is dated 2008, and the company stated that they were no longer going to issue cards that did not have the security measures (scratch off bars over the card numbers and pins) but the card that I received that was purchased in August of 2010 had no pin and a fully viewable card number. My question is this...if someone just wrote down the number and waiting for a balance to appear on the card, they would have to have spent the money ONLINE since they were not in possession of the card. In that case, there would have to be some record of who used it and where it was shipped. Also, no one spends exactly $100 (with tax and shipping it would be a little more or a little less) so they would have to have spent another amount. If it was slightly less, there would be some sort of a balance and if it was slightly more, they would have had to have used a credit card for the overage. So how is it that this cannot be tracked?

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  • Ju
    judithucv Oct 25, 2012

    I placed an order for a gift certification online from Toy R Us but the number didn’t work when my grandson went to the store with his mom . I called Toy R Us and for three consecutive opportunities costumer services workers promised that the gift certification was fixed with new numbers that was emailed to me and to my daughter in law: for three time my grandson was disappointed again in the store. I called customer services several times, I told with supervisors and workers, they are: Steve worker No. 2116; Ivet, worker No. 6133 ; Britney worker No 5761; Juan worker No 5996 ; Aide, Nory and Lisa, a girl that asked me all information about my debit card. I told to them in Spanish and English because Spanish is my home language. This workers promised to me that Toy R Us will deposit back my money in my account and nothing happen ever. So my grandson has not gift certification; I have not my money back. The reference number of my call is 120722-001666. J. G.

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  • Ju
    judithucv Oct 25, 2012

    I placed an order for a gift certification online from Toy R Us but the number didn't work when my grandson went to the store with his mom . I called Toy R Us and for three consecutive opportunities costumer services workers promised that the gift certification was fixed with new numbers that was emailed to me and to my daughter in law: for three time my grandson was disappointed again in the store. I called customer services several times, I told with supervisors and workers, they are: Steve worker No. 2116; Ivet, worker No. 6133 ; Britney worker No 5761; Juan worker No 5996 ; Aide, Nory and Lisa, a girl that asked me all information about my debit card. I told to them in Spanish and English because Spanish is my home language. This workers promised to me that Toy R Us will deposit back my money in my account and nothing happen ever. So my grandson has not gift certification; I have not my money back. The reference number of my call is 120722-001666. J. G.

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duplicate charges

Toys R Us Online Shopping

I am writing today looking for direction on how to move forward with a complaint against Toys R Us and what rights I have as a consumer.

On 11/28/07 I made an online purchase at The transaction was sent to my debit card bank and the funds were placed on hold. On 12/5/07 a second transaction was sent to my debit card bank placing the funds in a second pending transaction state. According to my bank statement there were two separate transactions in which funds were being sent twice to Toys R Us for one purchase.

I called to inquire about the duplicate charges to my card and was given the following responses

First I was told that at the time of my purchase the authorization department sends a authorization request. This places the funds on hold with my bank. Once the item ships, it sends a actual purchase transaction. The authorization hold is then released once the bank sends the money to Toys R Us. According to the service rep this is usually a seamless transaction with credit cards because the authorization is usually released within 24 hours. I was asked to please be patient and I would see the authorization hold released and the funds would then be available in my account. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was advised there was no one else available and the authorization department will not speak with Commerce Bank customers. Again I was asked to please be patient and allow at least 24 hours for the release of my funds.

My question is this, what is the consumers right in this kind of situation?Within 24 hours the hold was released and the money was available in my account. the funny thing is the initial transaction dated 11/28/07 disappeared from my bank statement. For my own protection, I kept copies showing both transactions. For 24 hours Toys R Us had a hold placed on my account preventing me to access my own cash and also brought my balance below the minimum required balance. The second hold opened the door to other potentially problematic issues aside from the fact I was refused access to my money. While Toys R Us was truly only paid once per the authorized purchase, this situation caused me to be terribly upset. I spent a significant amount of time on my cell phone, which used peak minutes, calling Toys R Us as well as Commerce Bank attempting to resolve the issue.

What can I do about this and to who can I turn to?

  • Sa
    Sarah Champlin Dec 18, 2007

    There is nothing you can do about this. ALL companies, and you may not even realize it, but sometimes some stores even do it when you go to them in person, authorize your credit or debit card before allowing the transaction to actually be processed and the money be charged, or removed from your bank account. It's for YOUR safety. So I suggest you stop whining and trying to get something for nothing, and find something better to do with your time.

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false advertising!

Toysrus sent a glossy flier advertising buy 2 Nintendo Wii games and get a third free. There were over 12 titles pictured on the ad. Both online and in the local store NONE were available. They said they did not know if or when they would get more in the local store. I called 1-800-toysrus to file a complaint and the representative told me there would be a new ad coming out on Friday. I said what good does a new ad do if you DON'T have anything in stock! I tried online as well and it says many of the tiles are "temporarily unavailable" and you CAN'T order them. This is false advertising!!!

I said I wanted to file a complaint and they said they couldn't take it because their computers were down. I asked if they had pencil and paper, no, I would have to call back later. I asked to speak to a supervisor who finally took down my complaint. Very unhappy with wasting my time with toysrus, felt like their ad was a total lie.

  • Je
    Jen Dec 09, 2007

    This is regarding the bradenton Florida store I was trying to find a Nintendo Wii, In Florida because my Father had heart surgery And searching from store to store for a Wii for my son when I went to this Toys R Us I was told to come back the next morning they would have them in stock no guarantee I would get one but worth a shot next morning they sold out But the Manager told me to come back the next day December 5th at 4pm so I asked a nurse to keep a close watch on dad so I could get to Bradenton by 2:30 a 30 minute drive worth the wait knowing my shopping time is limited only to get there and they sold out at 1:30pm strange because I called at 1pm and they again said 4pm When I was walking out an employee said to me don't you know how it works they sell them to family and friends. Just letting you know how disappointed I am in that kind of behavior I have no problem waiting online and if I was #15 and the only had 14 no problem. Now that I am back in NY my Wii search will continue not at toys r us of course guess it's all the employee's and friends we see on Ebay. I will be sending this letter to anyone who will listen.

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  • De
    Deborah Priest Dec 19, 2007

    Contacted store in Murfreesboro, Tn to check to see if they had Transformers in stock. STEFANIE answered the phone said o.k., ill look . would come back to the phone 5 minutes later and ask me if she could help me AGAIN 3 more times. I at that point was calling her by her first name. She never looked nor intended to look for the item, she was just making the phone stop ringing. This is bull---- people! If you dont want to do your job STAY HOME and let somebody who needs and wants to work in your place.

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defective products!

I bought a fisher price high chair for my grandson at Toys Rus. Took it home and tried to assemble it, went to the store took pictures of theirs and returned home again to try to assemble it. it would not stay upright. Sooo, I'm not putting my grandson in it. returned to the store to give it back and get my money back. Their policy is "once the box is open, all we can do is give your store credit". Just how the hell would i have known the chair was defective if i did not open the box? once i use my credit voucher that will the once and last time in shop at ToysR us. I should have been given my money back and they would not have lost a customer in me and in as many friends as i can tell.

  • Vi
    Vick rader Jan 21, 2008

    .The return policy at TOYSRUS is the worst of any store I have ever done business with. My son received a Christmas present from a family member that lives out of town. My son had a similar toy, so I explained that we would return it for something else. We don’t live near a store so we made the 30 mile trip to the nearest store, only to be told that if he didn’t have the receipt he couldn’t exchange it. I explained that he didn’t want the money he just wanted to be able to change it for something that he could enjoy. I even offered to buy something of equal or more money. I’m sure the clerk was just following a poor policy; however, she could have at least acted like she wanted to help us. I don’t shop often at Toyrus, However, I can assure you that I will never, nor will anyone in my family ever shop there again. I expect that they are having financial trouble or they would not have such an unpopular return policy.

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  • Ke
    keyah Jan 04, 2009

    I completely agree with the comments that have been made regarding ToysRUs. A family member of mine purchased two (2) PSP's and one (1) girls piano. When he dropped the gifts off the piano, which including batteries we found, didnt work. I then made another trip to purchase more batteries, which by that time my family member was clear across town. Brought the batteries home to find it didnt work still. When I intially brought the merchandise back to the store I placed the item at the customer service station, once they found out I had a return, and the cashier instructed me to go get another one. I went back there to find none of them work. When I went back to the service station and informed the cashier of this she says "They probably just need new batteries". All of them. I wasnt taking any chances. I told her I just wanted my money back being that the item is defective, and when I heard that famous phrase "NO EXHANGES OR RETURNS W/OUT A RECEIPT" I was livid. So not only was I going to be stuck with a defective toy that doesnt work, I couldn't even get an exchange on a defective product so I would lose $50 dollars. Selling defective items and a bad return policy is bad business and I am taking mine elsewhere.

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cancelled my order without permission

I ordered a Nintendo Wii from Everything went through fine. I kept watching the tracking link they sent me but no progress was being made on shipping. I called up and they said that it was still in the warehouse but they would credit my shipping charge. So I went online to see my order and they Cancelled the entire order without my permission!!! I called Toysrus again and the guy said that it must have been lost by UPS or sold to someone else - end of story. The guy offered to do NOTHING for me. He wouldn't even put me on the list for when they got more of the product in stock. Do not give this company your money. Their customer service does not exist!

can not cancel the order

Toysrus is the first online store that did not allow customer cancel the order. I placed the order around 1:00pm. Around 2:00pm, I realized the order did not take the $10 google checkout coupon. I called the customer service representative in Toysrus ( even try to get the customer service manager Chris) and they tell me the same thing. Sorry the order is in ship status and we can not cancel the order for you. Tried to make sense with the fact the order just being placed an hour ago. Still no can do for cancelling the order. I was told the best they can do is send request to warehouse but there is "NO QUARANTEE". I will never buy from Toysrus online store again. It is a lesson learned.

unwilling to cancel unshipped order!

I placed an order for my grandson who lives in another state on the ToysRUs website. I wanted it shipped to him not me. Other websites give you the option to have a separate shipping address entered, this one did not.

I continued placing the order hoping the chance to do this would come up. It didn't. What they did offer was to discount my order by $10.00 if I place it through Google Checkout. So what the heck, I fell for it. By the time I realized this item was coming to me and not my grandson it was too late. I emailed this dilemma to ToysRUs and received an automatic reply telling me to call them. So I called them. The system was down, have to call back later. Next day I called. They verified the order was processing and not shipped, however they could not change the shipping address. So I tell them I would just prefer to cancel the order. Can't do that either. They had apologies for me, but no help whatsoever in spite of the fact that they still had possession of the order. I tried to cancel the order online - they don't let you. I have never encounter this problem. Isn't there a law that gives consumers the right to cancel in a given time period? So I am opening up a dispute through Visa. If this order comes to me I plan to refuse it and hopefully I won't have to pay the shipping.

  • Co
    codex Dec 29, 2006

    I had a similar problem with toysrus, that after cancelling the order in the event of wrong shipment information by mail, they send the order by another shipment !!! I had to make several calls to at least talk to someone who understands the issue!

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  • Be
    Bernadette Bakerker Aug 11, 2007

    I went to toysrus 2875 Flatbush Ave this morning and purchase a Manchester 6 Leg Swing Set; I could not bring it home right away because it was too big for my car. I went back with a friend who has a truck 45 mins later to pick the item up. It was not there. No one in the store could find it, they said they had no more. I was there for a good hour and still no swing. I was refunded the money. I ask them to check the 8973-95 BAY PARKWAY location, they told me they have 8 Manchester 6 Leg Swing Set at this location, drove there, pay for the swing set, went to pickup, they had only one with the box broken and pieces missing. I would not go on about the added stress, stuck in traffic, waiting in a return line, the back and forth. I finally had to come home and order it online, $103.44 in shipping. Toysrus need to get they act together! I guess they know we would do anything for our kids. What was really funny? The workers at both locations said they do that all the time! say they have things in the system when they know they don't update it.

    Angry and frustrated after my horrible experience at Toyrus today.


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  • Oh
    Ohwelltoobadforyou Nov 17, 2009

    Listen I work at toys r us on Flatbush. And the quest are rude when you tell them we don't have it. We always tell you our computer does not update. If you don't like it dot come.

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false advertising and promotions!

I went in early to prebook the dvd, “The Little Mermaid.” By prebooking the dvd, I was told I...

terrible service and inconvenience

I placed an on-line order on 7/9/06 for a baby shower gift which I would need to receive by 7/21/06. The web site stated that the gift would be shipped within 2 – 3 days and with regular ground service would take 7 days for shipping.

Not having received my order by 7/18/06, I sent and email inquiry and called customer service. The customer service representative indicated that the gift had not yet been shipped. I expressed concern, as I needed the gift by 7/21/06. I provided the same information in my email inquiry. The customer service representative said she would send a notice to have the gift shipped “overnight” and that this shipping would be of no cost to me. She said she would send email verification to me.

When I did not receive the gift the next day, did not received that promised email verification, and still had not gotten an email response to my email inquiry, I called again. The customer service representative said that she could not access my account and that I should call back another time.

The next day, today, 7/20/06, one day away from the baby shower, I called once again. The customer service representative told me that the package still had not shipped and assured me that it would be shipped out ground service in the next few days. I explained my situation and what I had been told. She told me that I would have not been told that it would be “overnighted”, as they do not do that.

At this point, I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, Ryan, said that the gift had not yet been shipped, but that it was a high priority and would ship in the next few days. I told him that would do me no good, as I needed it the next day and expressed my extreme dissatisfaction with Babies R Us. After 9 days when the package was stated to ship in 2 to 3 days and had not yet left the warehouse, no one had the courtesy to send me an email or to even respond to my email inquiry. I am also dissatisfied that I was given misleading information. Had I been given accurate information, I would have had time to purchase a gift for the baby shower which is tomorrow.

Additionally, when I told Ryan to cancel my order, he said there was no guarantee that he would be able to do that and if I receive it, I would only need to take it to the post office and attach the label for free return shipping.

This is absolutely terrible service. I ordered an item 2 evenings ago from Dicks Sporting Goods, ground service, and it arrived on my porch today.

After all this, upon writing this letter, I just received email notification that this gift has been shipped. I have never been more disgusted with a merchant.

If I receive this gift, after I have requested cancellation of my order, I am going to dispute the charges on my credit card and someone from Babies R Us can come to my home when it is convenient for me, and pick up the gift.

I am appalled at the terrible service and inconvenience this has caused me.

  • Sd
    S.d in PA Dec 04, 2006

    I am EXTREMELY frustrated! I went to the Toys R Us website to buy a few gifts. My first negative EVERYTHING I went to buy was "temporarily unavailable" I literally spent 45 minutes trying to find something for 3 kids! I should not have to search and search for 45 minutes to simply find a few items. I wasn't even looking for "hot" items, just run of the mill stuff. My original intent was to find MANY items for each child, but I could NOT even find one for each child. I called your customer service rep and explained my problem, and told her that I was VERY frustrated. For my inconvenience I was able to get free shipping, but I was not ready to place my order yet, so she said to call back and give her name "Ashley R. in Wisconsin" and that she had spoke to her supervisor and all would be OK. So I went out to dinner with my family, came back and called..when I went to place my order, the guy was like Hmmm>I am going to have to as! k my supervisor about this. Comes back and says there is more to it to get free shipping then giving me a reps name & location. That they were unprofessional in doing so. He said he would have to run it by a supervisor again, put me on hold, came back and asked for my name & if I ever ordered from TRU before, put me on hold again, came back and said he wasn't able to get a supervisor yet did I want to hold, I said yes, I want to get this rectified. He said I would put a request in to research this issue, and that someone would get back to me with in 48-72 hours. I was like WHAT? This defeats my purpose SIMPLY find gifts for 3 children. I said well I've waited this long, I'll wait my turn to talk to a supervisor. He checked back with me 2 more times and asked if I still wanted to this point he said well, I don't even think a supervisor is here, and that he was really sorry. I have a timer on my phone and at this point I had been ! on the phone & on hold for 58 minutes and 57 seconds. How! is that for ridiculous! Here I am a customer with 3 kids who spends TONS of money each year on my children and other friends & family explaining that all I wanted to do was to buy a few gifts online to make it easier on me as my youngest is a newborn, and at one of the largest toys stores online store I cannot even achieve that. I have been shopping online for years, as well as at a few of your competitors, and have NEVER had this many problems! I would seriously share my story with friends after what I have been through here.

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  • Ma
    Maura Kent Dec 05, 2006

    I ordered a Jump Smart Trampoline on 11/21/06. On 11/29/06 I received the Blue Man Group Keyboard Experience. I called the 800# and was told not to worry they wouldn't charge me shipping to return the wrong item. I inquired as to when I would get the right item and was told that I would be contacted in 2-3 days when they could research it. I asked to speak to a manager and was given the 866# to the corporate office. Victor told me the same thing--basically nothing. On 12/1 I called back and was informed by Kristen that I had to send back the item I didn't order and then I would get a refund of the complete order item and shipping. When I reordered the item I would get free shipping. This was completely different than my phone calls of 11/29. She offered to place the request to pick up the item I didn't order. It is now 12/4/06, the item is still here, my card has been charged and not one person from Toys r Us has contacted me. I have no idea what is going on with my order and I don't think Toys r Us does either!

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  • De
    Denise Moore Sep 01, 2018

    Gift wrapping cost $4.95. I did not expect Gif wrapping to be sloppy, the paper had tears and corners were uneven.
    In addition the package came in a very big box with no packaging.

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  • De
    Deborah C Davis Sep 02, 2018

    I paid to have my gift wrap not put in a gift bag!!! Gift wrap means wrap not put in a gift bag, I wanted it wrapped! I paid to have my gift wraped it was sent in a gift bag wrap means wrap with paper and tape not a bag this is not exceptable, I should be get my money back because I wanted my gift wrapped

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  • Ch
    Christine777 Jan 01, 2020

    Went to Waterway Point Toys R Us Singapore to look for item and staff checked system and told me the item is in Tampines Mall branch. went over immediately and found she made a mistake! Made me travel all the way with my child with disappointment and wasted fare!

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