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exchange policy

We purchased 2 mega blocks dump trucks for our 2 &3 year old. The wheel fell off the one truck, a simple product defect, resolved with a simple exchange. The store employee, than store manage refused to exchange the product on the basis I don't have my original receipt. Who keeps a receipt for a kids dump truck! Lets be reasonable. No amount of reasoning would change his mind so we have made the decision to NEVER purchase at a toys R us again. There are too many toy companies, not least Wal-mart, that stand behind the products they sell. Everyone should just shop elsewhere. The thousands they lost from us over a lousy $20 defective truck and their never exchange policy is just plain silly. Hope it was worth it. Feel free to join us in our boycot.

  • Og
    ogrady Nov 30, 2008

    We purchased 2 mega blocks dump trucks for our 2 &3 year old. The wheel fell off the one truck, a simple product defect, resolved with a simple exchange. The store employee, than store manage refused to exchange the product on the basis I don't have my original receipt. Who keeps a receipt for a kids dump truck! Lets be reasonable. No amount of reasoning would change his mind so we have made the decision to NEVER purchase at a toys R us again. There are too many toy companies, not least Wal-mart, that stand behind the products they sell. Everyone should just shop elsewhere. The thousands they lost from us over a lousy $20 defective truck and their never exchange policy is just plain silly. Hope it was worth it. Feel free to join us in our boycot.

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  • Bi
    Bizniche35 Dec 28, 2008

    Honestly... it is people like you that make me hate working at TRU... We should not have to take back an item that YOU lost the receipt too... Who's fault is it... hmmm I don't know... maybe YOURS... you should really grow up and take responsiblity for your actions...

    Too sad... I deal with tons of people like you everyday right now and its not my fault you can't keep up with your receipts...

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  • Ki
    Kim Cummings Jan 05, 2009

    Good lord dude. I just spent $280 at my TRU and wanted a $10 gift certificate ( as the coupon stated ) to put in the stocking for christmas. I had the receipt along with every item "unopened". The first phone call was with someone like your comment ( supposedly a manager ) and I ended up returning every product...purchasing them elsewhere for a lesser price. Customer service is the first key in success. Regardless who you are or where you work!

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  • Kr
    K. Romero Jun 02, 2009

    I agree 110% with you on their return sucks! I just went in to return or even exchange an item i got as a gift for a boy and i'm having a girl from a baby shower and of course, receipt was not given to me. I talked with store manager and she wouldn't budge. i called corp and they wouldn't budge. It's a $10 gift and they just lost another customer over their poor customer service and even worse return policy.

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  • Ma
    MARIE223344 Jun 11, 2009


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  • 1m
    1momof3boys Dec 13, 2010

    I bought my son something for his birthday and got a gift receipt and a regular receipt. I threw away the reg receipt and saved the gift receipt- figured that either one would do. Well, he go the same item from someone else. I went to returna and they WILL NOT GIVE YOU MONEY BACK with a gift receipt - only a store credit. My kid is 14 and there ais nothing else that he wants to buy from TRU. HE would like to just get the money and buy something else. So many other stores have easy returns. This one is the worst. I have younger nieces and nephews and I will NEVER SHOP here again!

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advertised sale items not in stock

The Toys R Us BIGGEST TOY book arrived on my front porch, full of stuff on sale. Going through it, I found an outdoor playhouse I knew my kids would LOVE. I noticed the savings on the price, and figured it would be good to buy it NOW. Before heading out to a local Toys R Us, I called around to see which locations had these in stock. Imagine my surprise to the HUGE RUNAROUND given by Toys R Us. An item which was placed on SALE, YESTERDAY and nobody appears to have ANY IN STOCK. To further this, when you go to the store, the staff (usually made up of high school and junior high school kids) just stand there with a gap jawed look on their face. Who knows WHAT they have advertised in stock, why even BOTHER? At this rate, it will be more convenient for me to shop online.

  • D
    D Nov 12, 2008

    I called several times to my local TRU store until I finally got through the busy signal and a person actually answered - hooray! However, after making my inquiry, the "customer service" girl went to check the stock on the particular item and put me on hold. I stayed there for about 7 minutes when someone finally picked me up. Unfortunately, they never said anything, they just put the phone with me on the line shouting "HELLO" and left me there for about 25 minutes. During this time, I left my phone on speaker so I could hear everything that was going on, I washed an entire load of dishes, and occasionally kept yelling into the phone for help. Never, did anyone bother to pick up the phone or come back to me with an answer to my question. JUST TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Now I know why it takes so long to get someone to answer a live ringing phone, they don't want to be bothered. They finally figured out that they could "outsmart" us all by pretending to help us by leaving us hanging and preventing any other calls from coming through. Just AWFUL!! The only thing worse is going to be to finally find out that the advertised item isn't even in stock - I'm going to make them check all of their stores in the country just to find out if any of them have it!!!

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  • Wt
    W T WASP Nov 12, 2008

    I find such is the case almost anywhere I go ; Wal-Mart, Zellers, London Drugs, Safeway, Real Canadian Superstore, you name it - why should Toys R Us be any better or different? It seems that in their zealous urgency to suck the consumer in and come to their store and buy what is advertised on sale, the merchants cannot be bothered to make sure the shelves - or even the stockroom in the back for that matter - actually HAVE the merchandise. I guess they figure once they've duped you into making the trip there, you may as well make it worth your while and buy "something"?

    Calling ahead is always wise, to save yourself the gas and time, but the aggravation is inevitable, as described above ; just a buncha clueless, bordering-on-stupid school kids who wouldn't know their ### from a hole in the ground. In fact, many of the adult employees are not better at being any kind of help, since more than half of them are "fresh off the boat" from some godforsaken 3rd world country and can barely speak two words of (CLEAR & FLUENT) English to be of any real assistance.

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  • jacksjewell Aug 30, 2009

    The store has no say on what items in the paper they get. The wharehouse and ultimately corporate decide who gets what. On top of that only recently has the store been receiving the mail in fliers that customers get. Before, they were truly in the dark until someone either found a flier or a NICE customer was kind enough to give them one. The employees are the last one to blame. Start at the top for this one.

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  • Co
    ConnorIvor Mar 04, 2012

    When it comes to stock, the employees do NOT do the ordering. It is all electronic. The fliers are all printed in one place MONTHS in advance. Trucks get delayed. ### happens. You expect them to answer the phone on the first ring? Well you are certainly not the only person that needs their attention and it is common practice in ALL retail places that the customer in the store takes precedent over the customer on the phone.

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graco mosiac buggy

i brought a graco mosiac buggy, just over a year ago. i was on holiday, on my way home on the train, pulling...

awful company

I ordered 2 items from on 11/24/99. I received one right away. When I hadn't received the other within two weeks, I contacted their customer service (30 minute wait on the phone) and they assured me it would be out within 4 days. After 4 days, I checked my order status online. It still hadn't shipped. I called customer service (only 20 minutes this time) and I was told it was shipping that day (at 8 pm) without my even telling them what my order number was. When the order would have arrived if it had shipped when it had been promised to ship hadn't arrived, I called again (40 minutes). I was told that either I could cancel the order or wait it out. They couldn't find any reason why my order hadn't shipped within 3 weeks or do anything to check up on the order or re-prioritize it. I was told that a supervisor would be contacted, but nothing has happened. I have left messages on their web site and only get automated responses. I was informed that the last message I left outlining my problem was too long and I would have to trim it down. Customer service can only tell me that my only option is to either wait or cancel my order. I would like a name, address, or phone number where I could reach someone who cared. As I write this I am on hold with them once again.

I hope that this experience will help other people who are considering ordering from DON'T!

false advertising, misinformed & surly customer service

There was a very large poster in the front window of Toys 'R Us, promising a $10 gift card with $75 purchase. Also on the poster was 'see back cover for details'. As the poster didn't have a 'back cover', I looked in the store and found the Toy flyer, which had no info on the promotion. I then asked a store clerk who said that the offer was indeed in effect. After extremely long waits in line to pay, I purchased a total of $375 worth of merchandise in two separate transactions. The cashier, when asked for the gift card, was confused and could not find details in the flyer. I purchased the items and went to Customer Service. I was told there that I needed a coupon that was delivered in the flyer to my home. I complained that it was false advertising to have the poster in the front window, and that I had received misinformation from the first clerk. The customer service rep said there was nothing she could do. I asked how I could complain, and she was off-hand and dismissive, and said 'call 1-800-toysrus'. I called, talked to one rep, and was told I'd receive a call back. I received a call back the next day, and a rep named Jan listened to my complaint but was also dismissive and reiterated the fact that a coupon delivered to my home was the only way I could receive the $10 gift card. I still stand by the fact that it is false advertising to advertise a certain offer and not have the details available in-store.

  • Tr
    Trish Dec 18, 2008

    Here we are the week before Christmas and on Monday I found the bike that my daughter wanted on their web-site so I placed the order and selected to pay the extra $35 for 1-2 shipping. The web-site showed the item in stock and then I tracked the order and the site showed that it was in the warehouse delivery. During the process I received emails confirming my order. Then today, the Thursday before Christmas, I went to check my order and found that they CANCELLED my order. I have NOT received an email from them yet even notifying me of the cancellation or why it was cancelled. I called the company this morning and I had to bounce around through automated menus until I found one that would let me talk to someone. She said that they had it in stock when I ordered but then when they went to fill the order it was no longer in stock?????? This is 2008 and they don't have a strong inventory control and order system in place. Very disappointed in the customer service and I received and the lack of customer service I received. I still have not received an email letting me know the order was cancelled so if I would have not signed into their web-site to check the order I would not know. Thank You Toys 'r Us for adding more stress to the Christmas holiday. You have lost a customer.

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disney fairies

I went to toys r us in dothan alabama yesterday and I wanted to share the worst experience I have ever had in shopping. They had the big book sale that started the book it states a $10.00 glittering disney fairy gift card with the purchase of $40.00 of disney fairy products. My order totaled 41.96 but the computer did not tell the cashier I was eleigble for the gift card. I wanted the gift card so I waited. After going through 4 or 5 cashiers and 30 minutes later, one of them came out and sais the tonker bell lantern was not allowed. I showed her the sale paper and asked her where did it say that it was not alolowed and showed her that that it clealy states all disney fairy items are eligible. She goes back in the managers office again. She returns and commences to adding up the sale again, then she says that the tinkerbell doll was not a disney fairy. I asked her where do I go to get a refund. The manager never came out of the office to speak to me. I got a refund on my whole order. I already have an appointment with my lawyer and I am going to file the biggest lawsuit I can against that store.

  • Ca
    Cara Nov 07, 2008

    File a lawsuit for what? You got your money back so it ends up just being bad customer service. Good luck with that one. You should find something more valuable to do with your time instead of trying to get something for nothing. So just get over it--there are bigger problems in life than a stupid giftcard.

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  • Bi
    Bizniche35 Dec 28, 2008

    True that... Dang.. I have people like you in the store crying over $10 dang it is too sad watching a grown people making a fool out of themselves over $10...

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deceptive advertizing

I visted the Toys R Us website and they show an ad for Video Games BUY TWO GET ONE FREE. In the ad is says"excludes video software and Video Pre-Orders". Nothing about select items. The website is really slow and difficult to us. The search engine is awful. So I spent 30 minutes loading my cart only but when I get to the checkout it charges me full price so I call them. The clark was really nice and cheery BUT she had me click three times to show me the "select items" part. In other words it is intentionally not clear. By this time I am mad at the time I wasted and so I spoke to a supervisor who was so nice and no help at all. When I told her the website was awful she informed me they had worked on it this weekend, when I told her it was slow she said it was my computer, when I told her the ad was deceptive she told me it was unforunate but that is what it is. I have stopped the emails and will not shop there again. At this time with money so tight why would a store spend so much time, effort and money to get your business and then make you go away mad?

gift card rip-off!!!

My wife & I are expecting and registered at toys r us... She wanted a dresser there and and a family member in oklahoma wanted to give it to us here in texas. The item was "temporairly not available online"... So.. Being reasonable people they bought a $325 gift card and sent it to us.. So we could go to a local store and get. We'll upon arriving at toys r us the item was not avalable there... We were told it's only available online... Website doesnt say any thin except "temporairly not available online" so... I have $325 gift card... Item the card was purchased for is not available I the store, online and upon calling the totally useless cutomer service people, was told they could not tell be when it "might" be available. After a week (And about 5 hours on the phone with these idiots) all I wanted to do was get the purchaser a refund on the gift card so we could purchase the the dresser elsewhere... Seems simple? Right? Noooooo gift cards are "not refundable"... Even to the purchaser... Even tho the item we wanted in not availble anywhere? They tell me "you can get other stuff in the store" we dont want "other stuff"!!! We bought the dresser elsewhere and now are stuck with this gift card we dont want or need... I smell bait-n-switch! Beware of the gift card!

  • Re
    retailworker Feb 08, 2009

    (1) Learn how to use correct spelling and proper English, my 7 year old cousin can write better than you did.

    (2) Maybe you should have asked if the gift card could be returned before buying it. I do not know what imaginary world you live in but I have never heard of a store allowing the return of gift cards.

    You want to know why stores sell them? I will completely use the gift card you are going to have to spend more money than what is on the gift card. Any idiot can see that.

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  • Ke
    kek Mar 01, 2009

    Its a gift card purchase what did you expect... Duh... read the details before you make a purchase... Why would you not check before? Make sure the item was available?? And if you are expecting you should know 325 is nothing when it comes to Babies and you could use the gift card for diapers, stroller, cloths, formula, bedding, etc... The company does specialize in kids...

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My husband and I were looking through the Toys R Us flyer a few weeks ago, to begin Christmas shopping for our grandson. I was pleased to see an ad offering 20% off to grandparents. Too bad I did not read the fine print. We drove down to the store to start shopping and to find out how to get our discount, only to find out that we were TOO YOUNG! That's right. The fine print said that you must be a grand parent, at least 50 years old to claim the discount. My husband and I are young grandparents. We met in high school and married young, and our daughter had her son when she was only 21 years old. We love being grandpareents and spoil our Daniel to no end. However, since I am only 43 and hubby is only 45, we are not allowed to claim the grandparents discount! I think that is a form of discrimination, and Toys R Us will not be receiving our holiday dollars this year!

  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 05, 2009

    It's kind of like a senior's discount. You gotta really watch the fine print because they love to stick little tidbits of information in there!

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bad business practice

The Barbie Dream House was on sale online at at $83 and change on Dec 1, but lo and behold, it was out of stock. On Dec 2, I get an email stating that it's back in $119.99. Poor business practice. Tons and tons of my closest e-friends are going to hear about this. There's plenty of reasons why Walmart and Target are eating ToysRUs for lunch, but this scenario will only continue to grease the skids.

  • Ca
    Carol Nov 19, 2008

    Ok genius, did you ever consider that Dec 1 was a Saturday and Dec 2 was a Sunday? Most sales END ON SATURDAY. Snooze you lose---get over it.

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put right

July 14, I submitted a complaint about ToysRUs on how unproffessional the staff was to me while trying to purchase a toy for my grandson's birthday. I was told that the item I had selected was not for sale due to it being placed on the shelf by mistake. When I called the 1800 number I did not get any satisfaction So I wrote a letter to the corporate office of ToysRus ( you can find the address on their Web site) I must say that they have been very accommodating in trying to rectify the situation. At this time I am satisfied with the results. I so far have received 3 calls and The company is sending me a gift card to purchase the toy I was denied.

  • Di
    Diamond Flower Blossom Jul 15, 2013

    I am not happy with toys r us' online service I ordered a monster high doll lagoon blue with pet and diary its been 2 weeks since I ordered it. Then I went into toys r us looking for the doll I wanted and it was not there. Please take my advice and don't order from toys r us. I am going to cancel my order with toys r us and find a more helpful store

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  • Di
    Diamond Flower Blossom Jul 15, 2013

    I don't like toys r us' prices I think there to high I recommend going to different stores

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July 14, 2008
I took my 4 year old grandson to toysRus for his birthday. He was allowed to select any item of his wish. We spent 45 min. looking. Finally he found what he wanted. Star Wars item. He took the toy to the counter and we were rudely told that we could not purchase the toy. It was not for sale! We were told it was placed on the shelf by mistake. The toy was not to be sold until the 23rd of July. My grandson became upset so I suggested that they place his name on the toy then I would return on the 23rd. Once again I received a rude reply. The answer was NO! aginst company policy to hold any toy. My grandson left the store broken hearted and I was pissed. I called 1-800-toysrus and told them what took place. The lady I talked to defended their actions. I'll Go to Walmart or Target for my gifts from now on.

  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 18, 2008

    You do not understand, obviously. If a company such as Microsoft or Mattel or whoever says NO SALE UNTIL xyz DATE, that means NO SALE. And if a company says they will not hold it, it is because they are not allowed to do so. WalMart and Target will not be any better, so do not fool yourself.

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  • Jo
    joe Jul 18, 2008

    Just because you think you can buy anything Mrs. Gates, doesn't mean the world thinks so. A lot of people have more money than you, and aren't quite so pompous.

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  • To
    Tony Soprano Jul 18, 2008

    Alright, alright, alright!

    I'm tired of hearing about how you Jewish people never get your way. The toy wasn't for sale and you tried to bully the poor hungarian summer worker into selling it to you. You pulled out your soapbox and then started your spcheel about Jews are Gods children and nobody likes you, blah, blah, blah. I bet you threw in a few oys too, didn't you? I'll even bet you brought up your lawyers Goldman, Isenbern, and Horowitz too, huh? You left in a huff, got in your BMW, which is a laugh as they are owned by the same people who were trying to eradicate you, and drove back to your fully staffed with imported undocumented workers from Guyana mansion.

    Go cry to someone else, you twit.

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no wheelchairs or scooters for customers use in stores

My family and I love Toys R Us. (I shop online at as well). But unfortunately, I am a heart...

rude manager must be fired

I have a baby boy who is turning one this coming Saturday, I’m also a regular customer at the Toys r us in Westgate Mall Roodepoort.We’ve been doing our baby shopping there since our child was born. In the last two months I’ve bought a car seat and most recent a tricycle (Smart Trike) for my son’s first birthday. This last Saturday the 5th of July I went into this store with my mother and sister who both wanted to get a gift of their own for my son’s birthday. We were looking for the rocking horse which we had previously seen and liked. As we were walking into the store our attention was drawn by some odd looking balls that had squid like things on them and decided to have a look. My mother held one of the balls in her hand and played a joke on my sister and she caught a fright and jumped. We were then approached by one of the employees and my sister was told that this was a store and she shouldn’t run around like a little child. My sister is 23 years old and she was just reacting to the ball as it does look scary. We told the employee that we did not appreciate his tone and then proceeded to look for the horse. But the guy kept on following us and we told him we wanted somebody else to help us. The next thing we were approached by a woman who refers to herself as store director, her name tag said Lizzet. She was interested in finding out what was wrong and why we were so upset, she came in defense of her employee and told us we would listen to her as she is the store director. All she did was to scream and not find out what happened and showing us her ears as if we don’t listen and are idiots or kids. Eventually we said we would leave and go somewhere else but as we were walking out security was called by this woman to kick us out. We left and decided to go to another toy shop in Cresta Mall and I must say that the service was amazing and I don’t think I will be going back to Toys r us.

  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 05, 2009

    Yeah, I actually kinda hate when grown people act like children in my really puts a damper on my day

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horrible customer service

We bought a kids car costing $299.00. We also paid $39.99 for a year services. We had an issue with the car about 4 months ago. Toys R Us asked us to take the car to a 3rd party service provider. Though this provider was about 60 miles from our location, we went and dropped it.

The service location called after few weeks saying that they couldn't repair it and it should be fixed only by the manufacturer. They asked us to take the car back with out any resolution.

After a lot of phone calls and instore meetings with Toys r Us, they finally gave us another number (manufacturer), who is supposed to service the car. This company doesn't have a service center in Hoston and has no partners who can fix the car.

Now we are in a situation where no one has the capabilities to fix the car and no one is willing to give the refund. When ever we call Toys R Us or the manufacturer, their constant answer is to blame the other party and not help in resolve the issue.

We told Toys R Us that it is their responsibility to fix it as we bought the car & the extended warranty from them. They seem to think that it is not their responsibility to fix but only to sell the extended warranty. The customer service representative and her manager are rude and completely unwilling to help us. I learnt my lesson never to buy anything from them again.

If you think Toys R Us service is better than Walmart or Target, think again... At least Walmart and Target are much cheaper!

  • jacksjewell Aug 30, 2009

    Its is the toys r us STORES job to sell the extended warranty. The company whose job it is to replace your toy can be located on the blue pamphlet they gave you. You call them with your problem, if its within the warranty they send you a card with the amount of the purchase on it, you return to Toys r us and either buy anouther one or the exact same one, np. I dont know who you are calling, but it really is as simple as that.

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poor product and poor customer service

My son received an Intex inflatable island pool for his birthday. It was finally warm enough to inflate it this weekend. None of the valves will stay shut long enough to keep it inflated. We tried to return it to Toys R Us (being that it had a Toys R Us sticker on it) and they would not allow the return because we didn't have a receipt. Therefore, I called Intex Customer Service. First of all, I had to wait forever just for them to answer the phone. Then, the lady that I spoke with spoke to me like I was a complete idiot!! I have never had a problem with any valve staying shut with any other item I have ever owned, and she spoke to me like I had never owned an inflatable pool before. Much less the fact that anyone with any kind of common sense knows how to blow up a kiddie pool. She told me that they don't service any kind of kiddie pool and that at this point I may as well buy a new pool that they didn't stand by their product.

delayed charges, horrible customer service

I ordered a duo tandem stroller online back in march as a babyshower gift. The couple received the gift before march was out... I saw the charge go to my account.. Everything is fine right? I"m just now (May) getting charges to account, for a pending charge that fell off... While I never saw a surplus of money in my account, but the bank claims it fell off. I wasted a lot of time and cell phone minutes conferencing the bank, managers at toys r us online, etc. Numerous times. (Each time I was told something different from toys r us.) I asked them to at least extend me the courtesy of requesting the funds from my bank when I would have money to cover the purchase. The very next day the funds were removed from my account. Unbelieveable, horrible customer service!!! My first and last time shopping with babys r us... Online and otherwise!

  • Me
    mellissa May 09, 2008

    I went into Toys R Us in portland Oregon to purchase a board game for my daughter. When i notice the aisle looked diffrent from the last time i had visited. There are so many games to choose from and putting the games in non alphabetical order didn't help me. Please put back the games in the correct abc form. Thank you!

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next day shipping that comes 4 days later

I made a purchase for my daughter of the Barbie Dream House. This was a special gift to her and I order this with the Next Day Delivery. The order was placed on a Thursday at 11:45 AM. I paid an additional $45.06 to have the package delivered on Friday.

Friday came and went, and when I checked on the status on-line, UPS showed that there was no information available on the package. I told my daughter it would be here on Saturday. Saturday morning turned into afternoon, and when I checked on UPS, it showed the package wouldn't be here until Monday.

I called ToysRUS customer service and was told that they were well within their rights to have the package shipped to me in that timeframe. They then had me go through two extra pages on the website to see that they had an extra page set for "What is my total delivery time." Obviously they know that next day doesn't mean next day, they have a page set up for it to explain that it really means 2 to 3 days. I went on to explain how right before the ToysRus order I ordered flowers from These flowers were ordered next day as well. Funny thing, it cost $5.00 and it was here on Friday. The customer service manager didn't know what to say to that.

Lesson learned, TOYSRUS, you lost a customer with four kids!

damaged merchandise and poor customer service!

I purchased several items on line for my son's expected little girl. The first and most important item (Simplicity Ellis 4 in 1 crib) arrived damaged in a smashed in box yesterday. The delivery personnel dropped shipped it to the front porch while my son was away. Someone was waiting at the house for the delivery but no one knocked or rang the bell. The bedding arrived this morning and my son was there to receive it but again no one knocked or rang the bell, he found it when he walked outside. This morning I called the 800 number and spoke to a young lady who had a could care less attitude. I asked to speak to her supervisor (Mai) who also offered POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. She stated the damaged crib would be picked up in 7-14 business days and afterwards I would be credited. The only way I can get another crib is to repurchase this item and wait 7-14 business days for delivery. They can't just deliver a new crib when they pick up the damaged crib? I requested to cancel the rest of this order which Mai said would be fine and to just refuse it but I would be charged the delivery fee. How can you refuse it if you don't know the merchandise has been delivered? Shopping shouldn't be this much of a hassle! In essence I would be letting them use my money until this issue gets resolved. Please note I have spent nearly $4, 000. in the past two weeks between Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Given the present economy I guess business must really be booming for this company to alienate a customer. All of the merchandise I purchased is unopened, I have my receipts, and fully intend to return all of it! Target and WalMart have the same merchandise and hopefully they value their customers.

  • Na
    narom bun Jul 17, 2008

    l also get poor customer service from toy r us as well, we had an incident in new hartford, ny, where a sales associate slap my son in the face with a newspaper, and ran off without any apology becase she couldn't handle her job .we reported to the manager and corporate and nothing was done, not even an apology letter.

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online order!

Tried ordering a gift on the BabiesRUs Registry for my cousin today. Two items that were listed as available online. One was a sheet. The other a bumper pad set for the crib... that matched the sheet. Got notice order was accepted. Seven hours later, got a notice saying that part of the order was unavailable and that part of order was canceled. The bumper pad set. I don't need the sheet if I can't get the matching bumper pad. I've tried and tried to contact BabiesRUs but can't. They will be sending me a $9.99 sheet, add shipping and tax and this sheet will be over $22! With no bumper pad set. Website claims to have LIVE customer service reps 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All I got was a computer that only asked limited questions... nothing that could help me. This is embarrassing for a company so large to offer such horrible service. I will never, ever order anything, buy anything again from ToysRUs or BabiesRUs and I advise everyone, think twice before ordering something online.

  • Id

    Having the same issues in Alberta Canada with orders coming from Toronto Pathetic they should be ashamed of themselves

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  • Ci
    CindiM Dec 01, 2011

    Same problem if not worse for me. I ordered 6 nintendo ds games on cyber monday. The deal was buy one get one free, and buy one get one 60% off. So I paid full price for 3 games, to get an email the next day that said my order was cancelled. When in reality the entire order wasnt, it was only 2 games that were of course my really cheap ones that were 60 % off that were cancelled because they were out of stock or something. So Imleft with 3 full price games that I only bought for the deal. It makes no sense to keep these games now, and trying to ge it handled over phone was a joke. I was on phone with 3 different people for an hour and a half, just to have them in the end say they will ship me the two other games because they actually are in stock. So that was a couple days ago, now today I receive an email stating 2 more of my items have been cancelled, . I am so fed up with this and depressed because I could have got the stuff through another site on Cyber Monday. Its too late now. I am sickened by this!!!

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