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CB Automotive Financing and Insurance Toyota Glanza UP 32 MA 1625 owner prof (Dr) Sanjay Mohan Johri - engine malfunctioning

Toyota review: Glanza UP 32 MA 1625 owner prof (Dr) Sanjay Mohan Johri - engine malfunctioning

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Complaint: Non-Compliance of Engine Warranty Coverage on Glanza Car UP 32 MA 1625: Purchase March 21, 2021, [ Under Warranty and Duly Insured: Total Km Run 42000

The owner is a 63-year-old Diabetic patient who had a Knee transplant done a few months ago.

Last Service Done Chinhat Service Station Lucknow September 21, 2023. The Car is currently Parked at Toyota Chinhat Service Station Lucknow since October 19 (7 PM) when it was towed by Toyota RSA from Raebareli to Lucknow.

While we had parked the car on the left side of the road [Rattapur Crossing] because of a traffic jam, we noticed a sudden leakage of entire Mobil Oil from the Engine area, the moment the ignition was put on & we heard a Knocking sound.

On October 19, 2023, the car with its owner and Driver left Lucknow around 9 am for NTPC Unchahar (About 90 Kms). It went on the road with a smooth drive at an average speed of 80 Kms/ per hour and we reached Raebareli around 10.10 am before the above-mentioned problem occurred.

In a situation where we had got stuck in traffic, we reached out to a local mechanic (Pankaj Automobiles - Civil Lines) who towed the vehicle to his Garage and lifted the Car with Jack. He noticed the problem in the engine and expressed his inability to do anything and suggested seeking help from Toyota RSA.

With the Car under Warranty, the service station officials are giving one or other logic to shirk from the Company’s responsibility and put the blame on the Owner so that they save their skin and make no cost to the company!

The fact however remains that the 42000 Km driven Car was serviced on September 21 at the same Service Station, and it has been functioning smoothly always except for the current episode.

I paid Rs.7,000/- plus towards the service and the entire record is with the Service Station.

So far Technical Team has failed to detect the exact cause of leakages & just passing on the buck to the owner on one or another pretext which is just illogical.

I am surprised that my complaints at all the ends to whom I addressed/posted have been registered and even replied to through the automatically generated system, but no official has so far responded.

I hope this complaint gets noticed by the officials concerned immediately and you contact me before I am forced to take extreme steps.

Prof (Dr) Sanjay M Johri

Director Amity University (Lucknow Campus)

Media Consultant


October 24, 2023

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