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I am a very unsatisfied customer with Tmobile because of inconsistent billing. Each time that myself or my daughter has called to resolve the problem we are constantly promised the issue will be corrected by the next billing cycle. Unfortunately this never happens. This nightmare has been going on for months and we have tried every alternative to calmly resolve this matter with no success. We have contacted managers and supervisors with hopes that someone would be accountable for the constant issues. The latest nightmare is my daughter had her corporate discount applied to our account in April and was told that it wouldn't go into effect until May. Once we received the May bill the discount still had not been applied. My daughter checked into it and was told she was told incorrect information and it will not be applied until June. Of course in June we didn't see the discount again. My daughter and I went into a Tmobile store in July and the clerk apologized for the mix up and stated for all the mix up we only had to pay $121.21, which was paid at that time. The clerk also made sure the discount was applied and promised we would see a lower bill in August. Unfortunately, this was a temporary fix because we received a text message from Tmobile stating we still owed $50.00 more dollars and also on 7/16/12 we had to pay 62.00 because of the discount being applied. Why would we pay more money to receive a discount. Tmobile has done nothing but told lie after lie and I am fed up. Please help to resolve this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Cyleese McCarter


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    gdcar Oct 16, 2012

    I've had very inconsistant billing with T-Mobile. Trying to get it fixed is near impossible. What they tell you in the store is always different from what they tell you when you call customer service. I can't wait to get rid of them. My bills have ranged from $75 (where I was told they would be originally) to over $100 (where they have been on average.) I'm not going over any data usage on my plan. They just throw in random fees and occasionally overcharge "by mistake." I don't believe anything they tell me anymore. They can't even keep track of how much I paid them. I paid just under $100 last month (which is what I owed at the tine) and they credited me as paying them $250 in my pay statement. I know this is going to come back and bite me in the foot. Worse company I've dealt with for a long time and they have very incompetent employees that lie and misconstrue data to get you off their case.

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