TJX / T.J. MaxxI am complaining about clearance price item

S Jun 30, 2019

I am writing about the racist people on earth named Deb S. And the manager Jesse who work at TJ maxx in oak creek, Wisconsin. I was going to buy a clearance item which was $12 but the employee without telling me anything called the manager and told him the time doesn't look that cheap so the manager came and change the clearance item price to it original price without any notice to me or telling me anything. Than the employee named Deb S. Told me it's not on sale and the manager said same thing. What the hack! Why would you put something in clearance first place if you don't want to sell it as a clearance item. They are very dump people need to be fired immediately otherwise the TJ max in oak creek wi could be out of business because of these 2 people. Very very very very Rude people Deb S. And Jesse the manager. 👎

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