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I purchased a handbag from TJMAXX in their Rosecrans Store San Diego California in May of 2011. At the time wa family member was seriously ill and died in August of that year but not before I had dome 3-5 trips/week with him to and from hospitals and physicians. Then another family member had problems and I had to deal with that so I was very busy and had no reason to use the bag as it was quite a special a beautiful one. The handbag I did not use until some time last year in 2012 at a military function. The first time I used the bag it opened up at the handle and fell to the ground spreading the contents everywhere. The next time I used it I had the same problems. The bag has faulty clips that attach the handle to the body of the bag. I have all my receipts etc. The bag was $299 plus tax. Well when I complained to the store they told me they'd take the bag give me $5.99 for it and why did I wait so long? I had no idea what to do but as other stores like Nordstrom etc will honor a return for such an event I thought I could do something after all. I rang several times to the TJ Maxx customer relations phone and got three different people promising to call me back in 48 hours and they haven't. So I am stuck with this expensive lemon of a bag.The bag had some red marks on it and they sold it to me without any price reduction because it was new stock, the store associate Ziggy noted that on my receipt. Anyway I have complained to the BBB and still no response.


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    MkStItCh Oct 29, 2013

    You know, If you buy a car with a 5 year warranty but never drive it for 6 years... THEY WILL NOT HONOR THE WARRANTY.
    You had the bag for over a year, wanted them to do something about a return AND now you are complaining almost 2.5 years later.

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    CustomerServiceAssociate Feb 18, 2015

    I work for the TJX companies. The reason why they offered that price is because in order to do a return without the original price tag, we have to do an item lookup search on a ticket we make off of the receipt. We can only do the lowest selling point if it's without a receipt or if the item is damaged and you've had it for a long while. Because we don't know if you are switching the bag or damaged it and hoped to make your bucks back. You tried to return something more than 2 years late and it was damaged -- they can't do anything for you because they don't know if you switched the bag with another product. Also, you used it. TJ Maxx isn't a buy, wear, return store. It's a buy, wear, keep store.

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  • As a TJ Maxx customer service coordinator, this complaint is ridiculous. While I empathize with your personal problems, they do not change our return policy of 30 days with no used/worn merchandise accepted. Our job is not to make the return policy accommodating to customers - it's to uphold it as is, with rare exceptions. But these exceptions will never include accepting a used $300 purse that is a year old, and for you to complain is wildly laughable.

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