Tim Hortonsservice - employee name beenish

I had a simple question regarding the price of a bagel with and without vegetables from the lady who was getting my order in cash-her name was Beenish and she answered me back very impatient and rude and just mumbled some words and when I asked her to speak a little bit louder she shouted at me and left the cash and asked a gentleman to come and answer me. That was really impolite and I have never had such a experience before.
She could easily tell me: the price of your bagel with veggies will be this and without veggies will be that, but she didn't. I wish I hadn't come to this place today.

Tim Hortons

  • Updated by ArashSalehrad · Oct 21, 2019

    The Gentleman treat me very well and professionally.

Oct 21, 2019

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