Tim Hortonsour store is suffering and so are the employees and customers.

Sa Sep 29, 2019 Review updated:

There seems to be a serious lapse in management at the Tm Horton's in Hartland, NB, Canada these days. Every time we go through the drive-through there are a couple items that they don't have in stock. Usually there are no hashbrowns, croisants, tea, or as happened yesterday, no soda at all. There are a lot of angry customers who are having to go through twice or possibly more times because their orders are wrong. I've heard a lot of shouting and raised voices from customers to the staff. I have also witnessed one staff member on the day shift, who seems to be in charge, berating the junior members of the staff because they can't keep up. It is evident that they are understaffed and much of the trouble seems to stem from this. Most of the problem though seems to be caused by poor management. Someone is not ordering supplies on time and therefore there are glaring shortages. Someone is not training the employees to keep food items ready so that they don't run out of items like hashbrowns, sausages etc.. A few times I've seen the junior employees, some of whom are just teens, completely stressed out and almost in a panic because of the angry customers, angry manager and shortages that they just can't keep up with. I think it's sad that it has gotten this bad. I don't bother going there now, on my way to work, because I know they won't have what I want. I've never seen a Tim's in this state of decline. I think they should shut down for a few days until the owner and management can get their act together. It's not fair to those kids to have to work in a toxic environment, such as what I've seen there in past few weeks.

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      Oct 01, 2019

    It is an American company now there is no more caring it is a true business for the great USA! Standards always fall this way when it happens I have worked for two Canadian companies which are big and the same thing is happening the greed comes through and the employees and customers suffer

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      Oct 05, 2019

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