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On Aug 19/19 I went through the drive thru at 3049 Jefferson Drive, Brockville, ON and ordered an extra large steeped tea with 2 milk and 3 sweetener and a large steeped tea with 2 milk and 3 sugar. Upon reaching the window after waiting approx. 15 mins in line and taking my money for both drinks ordered, I was told by staff that there was not enough steeped tea for my extra large. I paid for the large and drove to another Tim Hortons in town to get my tea.

On Aug 19/19 I went through the drive through at 2379 Parkdale Avenue, Brockville, ON around 6 pm. I ordered an extra large steeped tea with 2 milk and 3 sweetener and a large steeped tea with 2 milk 3 sugar and a small chocolate chill. The person taking my order did not speak English very well. When I got up to the window and after I paid, I spoke out my window at staff member and questioned that both cups were steeped tea and I was told "yes, yes". Upon pulling out and onto road my daughter noticed that the large steeped tea was actually coffee. So I then drove up to the next Tim Hortons on my way home at 3049 Jefferson Drive, Brockville, ON and parked my car. I took my large coffee into the staff member at the counter where I was asked if I went through the drive through there. I explained that I had just within the last 10 mins purchased at the Tim Hortons down the road and was unable to turn around due to traffic and lay out of this Tim Hortons and just wanted to have my drink remade. This staff member looked at me as if to say, you didn't purchase this here. She then proceeded to correct my drink and not once during our interaction was there an apology made.

On Aug 20/19 I went thru the drive thru at 77 William St, Brockville, ON around 8 pm. Placed my order as above for 2 steeped teas and when I got to the window paid for my drinks. The staff member at the window passed out the large drink which was in fact a coffee...again! Then when asked if the extra large was tea I was informed that it was coffee as well. I asked why coffee was made when I asked for tea and staff member told me " I didn't hear you say that" the drive thru window was closed and hollering within the store proceeded to the effect of "these were supposed to be tea" when staff member came back to the window it was "here is one and here is the other" as she passed out the drinks. Again, no apology!

So as you can see we drink a decent amount of Tim Hortons at least two a day times two drinks is a substantial amount of money being spent. These occurrences are only a small representation of the service, attitude and incompetence that is being delivered by your staff. On many more occasions I have arrived home to have what is marked as steeped tea be coffee, or the steeped tea that is received is old and bitter. There have also been numerous times when I order my drinks as noted above and will wait 5 to 10 minutes in line at drive thru to get to window and have staff ask if I want bagged tea as they do not have enough steeped tea. NO!! I DO NOT WANT BAGGED TEA!! If I wanted bagged tea I would have asked for it. I used to work at Tim Horton's and I know that it takes just over 5 minutes to brew a full pot of steeped tea.

I am writing to let you know how dissatisfied I am at the customer service that is being provided and the quality of product leaving your stores. If people asked for refunds or compensation every time there was an issue your company would go bankrupt. I feel the best resolution to this for me is to boycott Tim Hortons for the next while and to tell all the people that I know of how poor the service and product are becoming.

Frustrated and Disappointed,


Aug 21, 2019

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