Tim Hortonswrong order two days in a row

N Aug 17, 2018

I ordered from drive through on August 16 egg LT on everything bagel with medium dark roast coffee. Paid for and was in a hurry to check my order which I never do and went to work. I noticed later that they ONLY gave egg and cheese instead of egg LT. And today August 17 I ordered the same everything bagel with egg LT and large dark roast only to find out that they gave me sausage on my bagel. I cant eat pork cause I'm allergic to it and specifically asked no bacon on my egg and cheese LT meal. I had to wait 1 hour at work and get my break to take the order back to them. I wasn't going to do it but that was going to be my lunch and breakfast and it was 2 days in a row that they've made a mistake and gave me the wrong order. Also countless times they've given me a wrong order of coffee but this was gone too far.

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