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A Aug 04, 2018

My wife and two young daughters went into the Tim Horton #102635, in the Oshawa Centre Mall. There was two line ups so we went I to the line on the right where there was a young middle eastern girl. As it was our turn the girl left our register without commincation and starting cashing out at the left register. As both girls were now at the other register they started to laugh and said out loud is there two line ups.
The other white young girl came over from her register and while laughing said to us has anyone served you yet? My wife said actually no, is not supposed to be two line up? With out answering my wife she said what can I get you. Trying to avoid a confrontation my wife just told her the order.
After waiting 20 minutes for our order and watching the same girls laughing and snickering we finally asked the young white girl that if the three drinks that were sinking up on a side counter far away from was ours for no one was talking to us, as well we were watching other orders being handed over these that came in well after ours. Then the same girl replied oh I think so.
As she was walking away from us I said to her "What is that on top of the ice cap cup"
She pardon. So I repeated my statement.
She look back at the other girl and whispered and started to laugh. And wouldn't answer me.
I repeated it again, and all she can say was " I don't know while trying not to laugh.
There some kind of clear off brown colored liquid substance on my cup and for a chocolate drink that have ordered many many times before and this never there before.
Finally I said flat out refund my order. The girl said what, your whole order. I said yes the whole order. While tryi g not laugh she walked over to the supervisor (Linda) to have her come over to speak to me .
Linda asked me how can I help you, I explained to her i want my whole order refunded. Linda proceeded to refund my order as I was explaining to her what happen ed. Linda then stopped the refund to come out to the side to let me finish my account of what happened. Linda then proceeded to explain to me that she just a staff member walk out on them and the middle eastern girl was her baker. Linda kept apologizing over and over again. I explained to Linda I understand these things happen but I've been in retail for about 20 years and these two girls were going on laughing for no reasons and not once did they apologize for this there action. I explained to Linda this is very embarrassing for me and my family to have them treat us like this with two line up of customers. The whole time I was talking to Linda the middle eastern girl was standing right beside her listening to this conversation and still she did not offer up an apology.
We then went back to the revister to finish the refund. My family and I left and as we were walking out we notice the Linda actually charged us for the order again rather than a refund. So we went back once again to get a double refund.
Other than repeated apologies all that Linda offered us was a free coffee card.
This type of service is completely astounding and unacceptable, if these girls were short team members then they should have closed one register and has one girl on cash, one girl running the back and the other girl running for drinks and mid-shop along with frobr shop assisting. From this experience I will not be making a trip that my family make once a week from Scarborough to Oshawa Centre for a change of scenery furthermore I will be informing the Mall Manager as to the poor service that is happening in there mall, especially at there main entrance and directly across from a competitor like McDonald's.
I will apologies for using physical descriptions for the young girls but I would have used there names but either I could not see there name tags or they were not wearing them.
I look forward to hearing from a representative as soon as possible.
Sincerely Allan MacArthur.

Tim Hortons

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