Tim Hortonsprice increases


I have been going to Tim Horton's in Alliston for about 10 years and have gone through some price increases along the way, but the latest increase has resulted in my husband and I not using the services at Tim Hortons at all any more. My normal order every morning was 2 Extra large decaf tea and a muffin. Most of the girls know me when they hear me ordering at the drive. The total for this order has been $5.40 since the new size came into being. On July 30th, I went to the drive through and made my order as usual and was told the price would be $5.60. I told the girl there must be a mistake, the order should total $5.40, she said no it was correct. I repeated the thought that the price was in error at the window, where I was told the increase was on the muffin only. 20 CENT INCREASE ON JUST ONE ITEM!!! That was the final straw for me. While I used to be at TIM's at least 6 days a week. I am no longer sitting their drive through every morning. I am now going across the street to McDonalds where it costs a fraction of what Tim Hortons is charging with much faster service. I am also telling all of my firends in the area about the increases and the fact that they were not advertised. Many people were not aware, but I am making as many as I can aware. Maybe you will overprice yourself right out of business!


  • Brenda* Aug 08, 2012

    Frequent fast food fare: Beware the high cost of low living.

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  • Co
    ColumbiaRecords Aug 08, 2012

    Be prepared for more food price increases.

    All commodities are priced in US dollars. As the dollar is further devalued, it will result in higher commodity and asset prices across the board.

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