Tim Hortonspoor customer service experience

J Oct 10, 2019

I frequent your Tim Horton's 4 times a week - and I've had a negative experience interacting with an employee, negative enough for me to speak out

This woman is relatively tall, Caucasian with tattoos down one arm.

She greets people with a pouty and unenthusiastic greeting barely resists an eye roll while leaning over the till - and moans/complains about customers passive aggressively, loudly enough for the customers to hear her talking about them - and gas lights the behaviour when confronted

This behaviour is toxic for the workplace - and not one I'd expect from someone working at a Tim Hortons

I've witnessed from the employee on previous occasions.

Tonight, an unassuming and young Indian man made his order on the right hand till, and walked over to the left hand counter to wait for said order...

The employee made the man's ice cap, and explained loudly and impetuously, "WHY WOULD YOU GO THERE, UGH!"

Then rudely slid the icecap to him "here's your icecap" before quickly turning away from him.

I wasn't able to keep my annoyance off my face - so the employee attempted address my unspoken frustration, apologizing for the mess on the counter.

I explained why I was annoyed/frustrated - confronting her about the negative behaviour. At first, she denied interacting with the Indian man, then switched to saying she told him to be at the right hand counter, as if that were sufficient justification for her rudeness.

I understand that working in the service industry is not easy, and is taxing/demanding on one's patience. However, I have come to expect professional and polite behaviour of someone working at Tim Hortons, especially at the location here at Saint Mary's University.

Disappointed customer

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