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A Nov 13, 2018
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Hello, I am a heavy fast food consumer and I know all the chains and only at Tim Hortons I have problem with the money issue. If you want I can supply a copy of the invoice where I decided that it is enough.

Quite few times it happen to me that if I pay with a 20$ bill they return change on a 10$ bill and it only happen at Tim's.

Most of the time when you order at the drive through I would say like 95% of the time the screen where you order doesn't show the total of your purchase.
Then when you pick up your order they never give you any invoice.

I think this never happen at McDonald's because the employees are forced to punch in the register the amount of the bill received, the change is then always shown on the cashier screen facing the customer.

On nov 11 i had a drive through experience when the clerk added 2$ on the total purchase. I thought it was quite expensive for what I ordered so i asked him please give me a copy of the invoice where he gave me an invoice and i left. After all i looked at the invoice and it was 5.38 and the clerk told me 7.38 wich i paid.

Another time to a different location still at the drive through i thought my order was less then the money asked and when i asked for the invoice she took for ever to get back at the window and say I'm sorry my cash registered is running out of paper...

I start to wounded if this is expending to different location if their not people talking about it and bringing a little extra to their salary...

Also on your cooking policies i had the best breakfast on Tims Curée Poirier in Longueuil cause the bagel was grilled into the panini grilled machine. I told her it was the best ever and she answered this is the procedure we are suppose to do. After I knew that i order the same bagel breakfast at Time Corner Dickson and Notre-Dame in Montreal.

The clerk did not do the panini machine, since i was ordering inside I asked her would you mind to grill it in the panini machine and she answered sure so she top the lid of the panini machine bring it down and up and did it without giving time to grill...

Beleive me, try the bagel not being grilled this is cold chewy and totally not good. I have left Tims towards Mc Donald since few months and beleive me Tim' s should learn from my comments on this complaint and I am open to also answered your questions this business to me is losing days after days

Alain Gariepy [protected]

invoices and cash return from purchases

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