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J Nov 20, 2018

This morning as I came into work I was again diciplined and this time fired while off the clock. Your company has a off the clock policy. I feel that this is wrong. Although I missed work on sat. I am a minister and had a funeral to attend. Which was fully explainex in the 7 shifts note when giving up the shift. I would also like to stress they fact that as I have have worked at all three locations multiple employees have givin up a shift on 7 shifts and no coverage was found and they never showed up and were never terminated. A cross reference of time sheets to hrs worked will verify my claim. I feel in light of the prior complaints I have made that it is unfair that I was fired in this matter and plan to make a complaint to the dept of labor in this matter. Working there and kbowubg that multiple other employees have done this and not been fired is upsetting. Also to be disciplined 2 times off the clock is not right. I was asked this morning to not punch in and go in the office. At which time I was disciplined and fired. Which is against the off the clock policy new york state has in place. I will be at the dept of labor this morning to file a complaint. Further more I was at tim hortorns fri speaking infront of adrian to a friend about not being able to work sat due to a funeral. So he in turn at that point had prior knowledge and had a chance to make arangements. As to he was aware of the situation. Ty

gina kron /adrian nutt
gina kron /adrian nutt

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