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J Aug 31, 2018

I am a frequent costumer at the Tim Horton's located at Bayview and Elgin Mills, in Richmond Hill Ontario. I am often disappointed with the food service I receive at this location. The only reason I still order from there is because the odd time I will receive the correct order and the closeness of the location. This a 24 hour location, as a consumer of Tim Horton's products I expect to have full 24 hour service if the location has displayed they are indeed open and serving 24 hours. Past 9:00 pm on any given day, this location is just about out of all food products. Customers are not able to order anything hot to eat except for soup and sometimes not even. I went recently and was told I am only able to order drinks and cold sandwiches such as chicken salad etc that was around 9:00-10:00 pm. It's upsetting that there is a sign in front of the store the reads " Breakfast Anytime" beside the "Open 24 Hours" sign, yet I can not receive what they are advertising. The crabbed customer service I receive on a daily basis is unacceptable, quite a few of the employees are rushed and careless with the orders. For example; one of my last visits all i ordered was a coffee coming to the drive through around 11:40 pm as I had just gotten off work. The quality of the coffee was as good as could be expected, although it was spilled all over the side of my door, inside and out, and my sleeve. This happened because the employee had not correctly fastened the lid on my beverage. she had such negligence for me and my order that she hadn't even noticed she spilled the coffee on me. I then told her as the window was shutting, and all she offered was napkins without an apology. Honestly I could go on and on about how this location is by far the worst I've ever been to. My most recent visit was today, at 2:41 pm. I was on my way to work so I stopped to get lunch at this location, this was a bad idea. I ordered a large Double Double, when I received the coffee it was a Tripple Tripple. I also ordered a plain bagel with tomato, cheese and lettuce, there were barely any toppings and I was charged for a vegetable sandwich instead of a bagel with extra toppings . lastly I ordered the harvest vegetable soup, I did not receive this, instead I was given chicken noodle. Not only did I not receive the right soup but I was not given the bun to go with it, and I was given a fork, not a spoon. I didn't have a chance to notice these mistakes until I was already at work. I am so very upset about these events occurring on a daily basis. I should not have to go out of my way to another location just because this one doesn't meet standards. I don't know if it is simply poor management or sheer employee based issues but I sincerely hope this location becomes more organized and starts to follow through with their advertising. This location is not representing the Tim Horton's brand well.

food service
food service

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