Tim Hortons Erie St location Stratford ONpoor customer relations response time

K Sep 15, 2018

On Sept 4 I am working and ran to Tim Horton's on Erie St in Stratford.
I usually would not have went into the store however I was indecisive and wanted to look longer at the menu board without holding up the drive thru.
I ended up ordering 2 BELTS and a coffee and got them to go.
Once I got back to work I realized when I bit into the sandwich there was NO EGG on the BELT! so I opened the second one and again NO EGG! are you kidding me!
As I did not have time to run back to the store I ate what I had as my break was ending. I then went and lodged a complaint on the Timmies website.
I got the normal form return email that it would be passed onto the manager or owner of the store. This was the Monday, on the Thursday I had received an email from a district manager that it would be sent on to someone at the store. On Sept 12 I called into the customer service line to let them know I still did not get any response and would just like to be reimbursed for the 2 BELTs. he then said he would pass on my complaint to the same person that did not respond.
What was an easy fix of sending me a quick Tims Card to reimburse me has now turned into more of a lack of customer support and response. how hard is it for someone to respond to a simple customer problem. Come on Tims, wonder why you are losing out on same store sales? here is a prime example. And guess what the coffee at McDonalds is just as good (yes I went there).

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