Tim Hortonscleanliness, lack of management and overall customer service at nanton, alberta branch.

L Aug 03, 2018

I love Tim Hortons and was so excited when I heard one was being built in our town of Nanton. I've been forgiving and thinking that eventually service will improve over the 7 month period. However, tonights visit at 7pm was the last straw. The garbage cans outside were not only overflowing but garbage was being piled on top of the garbage outside the bins and when wind picks up it sends it flying everywhere. Inside there was not one clean table and stacks of dirty dishes were piled on a few tables and onto the garbage cans. The washroom was filthy. I don't think that it had been cleaned since the night before. I opted not to use it to even wash my hands, yes it was that bad. There was no management in the building from what I could see. There were 9 staff out front and all but 1 was in training. It took 20 minutes for the only sandwich maker to build a bacon grilled cheese melt. I can't entirely blame him as he had no help. The fellow in front of us requested 2 ice caps which took 15 minutes for him to receive and he gave up on trying to order anything else as most things they were out of. Some of the staff were working but others were chatting. The entire visit was nothing short of disgraceful. Although Tim Hortons relies alot on those passing through town for business there are many in town who would be interested in spending money there but won't because of the above described situation. The Facebook Rant and Rave for Nanton is filled with negative comments regarding the local Tim Hortons and more and more people have stated they will no longer visit there so it is apparent that this is not an isolated incident. Please do something as I don't think this outlet will do as well as it could if you do not. Thanks.

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