Tim Hortons24 hour location closing in the middle of the night

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I have never complained but today was the last straw..
I don't know how you expect to run a tims when you close the front end for 3 hours every night, and I have even gone and the drive thru has been closed too! ( because he was alone and needed to do his job he told me)

Literally you could call my work across the street (safeway) at get 6 other people to tell you there bad experience.

I even work around the closing just to get a coffee! (No more)
I suggest you look at your cameras if you think I am making anything up. I wish I was

I will be going to McDonalds like everyone else now.. which makes me sad because I love tims and even worked there as a teen so I know what it's like to get awful customers..
but I've been going to this location for 10 years and something has happened this year to make it fall apart.

Also when I said I had to go your employee told me To go then.. WOW

I also will be writing a yelp review and a google review to warn others who might want coffee between 1-4am to look else where..

Wow long rant but it's because I am still in shock


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      Oct 18, 2017

    Have you tried contacting the store manager or their corporate office about the closings?

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