SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]furniture

A Dec 21, 2019

This is a complain I am filing against Supervisor, Jessica...employee # C992395.

I had purchased a Swivel Chair from the Bay which was delivered to my residence on December 13, 2019. It is important to understand I had purchased the chair via photograph on your website. The colour of the chair in person did not reassemble that picturize on your website. Also there was a slight creak when the Swivel Chair resolved. Since the colour of the chair was not indicative of what was presented on the website, did not go with the decor of our home. I contacted your customer service division to return the chair and was informed that I will have to pay 20% restocking fee. This was not stated on my receipt ; nor was I aware if this prior to the purchased. I requested to speak to the Supervisor and was connected to Jessica. I advised her of the situation accordingly. She placed me in hold to review my file. Upon her return, she was demeaning, condescending and unprofessional. This is frankly unbecoming of a Supervisor. She stated that " based on the fact that I had previously returned a coffee table and attempted to return the Swivel Chair, she will charge me with the restocking fee". I asked her how this was connected and the rationale behind her decision. I advised Jessica that I had returned the coffee table before it was even shipped. And as a consumer it is my prerogative to return an item if I wish to Furthermore, what policy have I violated in doing so. What crime have a committed. I felt bullied by her. My perception was that Jessica was trying to flex her power. She was trying to intimidate me. I felt I was being punished for returning an item. To put it mildly, dealing with Jessica was a nightmare. I was on the phone with Jessica for over an hour. This is appalling. My mother has been shopping at the Bay for the last 55 years. My entire family ( including extended family) and I have been loyal Hudson Bay customers for years. Since my dealing with Jessica I will have to think twice before I shop at the Bay again. Sir, I am requesting your department to look into my concerns. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at [protected]. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated. Yours truly. Ajay Sharma.

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