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Dec 07, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - lost parcel - order # [protected] - cp tracking - [protected]

I am very upset that The Bay used Canada Post for delivery of my parcel when they knew there was a strike. My parcel was originally sent out on Nov 26. It is now December 7th and it hasn't arrived...

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Dec 05, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - defective timberland boot.

My order number was [protected] I had ordered these boots as a birthday present for my significant other and the right boot has a piece of material sticking out into the heel so when your foot is resting on the back of the boot the material digs in. It is not on the left boot only right. I received a response from a women after I had to email again to get an answer. Two days had passed since I first sent my PayPal receipt. She let me know that I had passed the 30 day return period but I actually got in contact with customer service originally well before my first email to customer support with my problem was the 29th of November.

J / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - mattress delivery

Hello, On November 18th, 2018, I purchased a queen size mattress and box spring from the bay located at 1400 guildford town centre in surrey, British Columbia. Order number [protected]. I was provided...

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Nov 26, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - website and customer service access for the website

I have been trying to enter an order for about 2 hours in order to obtain the deals going on for Cyber Monday. My password will not work and unfortunately I was locked out. I hit the 'forgot your password' which caused me to be emailed a link. This link was under construction and I could not access it. I called 10 different numbers to try and get a live person to discuss my issue. After an hour I spoke with a person that could NOT understand English and understood NOTHING that I was saying to him. He finally advised me to hang up and call back. But I didn't have the number to call back as I had been transferred 3 different times to get to this person. I finally got another person and he advised me that I would be sent a new password in about 12 hours. When the sale is over. He then put me on hold and disconnected me. I have never had such an unprofessional experience in MY LIFE. This is The Bay Canada? I had a $600 shopping cart that cannot be purchased. I will not waste any more of my time on this. I would rather give my business to someone who really cares.

Nov 26, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - customer service

I have been a customer of the Bay for many, many years. I placed a recent order in which one item never arrived. I called to inquire about this and was instead told that any subsequent order would...

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Nov 20, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - clinique blockbuster gift

I placed an order for clinique products for 80$ and realized that no gift was in my order so I wanted to cancel. I called and the lady assured me she would send me the blockbuster set as a gift if I...

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R / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - sofa

I purchased a Calvin Sofa in May 2018 Order #[protected]. It was shipped June 9, 2018. September I called to get a repair tech. to come and look at the seam on 1 of the cushions, it was coming apart...

Read full review / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - processing of on-line furniture order.

I placed an order for a bed and headboard on October 28, 2018. It is now 9 days later (7 business days) and I still can't get an answer if the items have been sourced and when they will be shipped. The order number is ID [protected]. I asked to cancel the order so that I could purchase the items elsewhere and I was told I can not cancel. It is unacceptable to have to wait indefinitely to find out if the items are available and when to expect delivery. I am a regular HBC customer but this experience has convinced me to never purchase big ticket items on-line at HBC ever again. I want an immediate answer as to when the items will be shipped to me, otherwise I want the order cancelled immediately. I await your response. / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - order# [protected]-stuck in some warehouse?

Product ordered Oct 23-received shipping confirm that product on it's way my credit card was charged and on line shows shipped. The link to Purolater shows a label was printed and that is the last...

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C / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - misleading pricing of most things in your stores

My wife submitted a similar complaint a few months ago and heard nothing. That's wrong to begin with. Yesterday I went to you Conestoga Mall stores to look at luggage and a winter jacket for myself...

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Oct 21, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - sofa delivery and process

Hello, I am writing regarding purchase [protected] 9002308. I ordered this sofa on Sept. 8. During the ordering process, I was extremely surprised in the day and age of Amazon Prime and...

Read full review / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - hat with make canada great again

Hi I will boycott all your stores as long as you sell a Hat with a slogan that was made famous by a bully, insulting, person. Also as a 8th generation Canadian, yes our Country could use...

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Oct 16, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - customer service rep

This is the second time this sales rep has being rude and abrupt to me. Ahe ignored me and was just rude. She would not look up an item that I wanted a price on told me to give my name and number and...

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Sep 28, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - calvin klein blouses/purchase sept 25, 2018

Bought two Calvin Klein blouses. Took them home and they were burning my hands. I put them directly into the wash machine and washed them for a total of three hours, ten minutes...pulled them out wet...

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Sep 14, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - customer service department

The Bay has the worse customer service. We bought 6 dinning chairs from the Bay $500 per chair) they fell apart. The Bay would not back these chairs up nor were they willing to help us out. We bought...

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Sep 04, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - natuzzi editions sofa, hudson's bay file no. [protected]

Hello, I wish to file a complaint against Hudson's Bay and Natuzzi. -I purchased a Natuzzi Editions Florence sofa advertised in Denver Smoke Grey which was delivered October 2017. The legs could...

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Aug 22, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - incorrect items shipped - twice

I ordered two pairs of Levi's Perfect Storm jeans when they went on sale. THE BAY sent the wrong style of Levi's. I spoke with a customer service representative and was told to return the jeans and...

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D / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - poor customer service / does not respect price policy

As I a loyal customer of Hudson Bay Company, I was very upset with the service I received in the shoe dept. of The Bay, Anjou on July 30, 2018. First, I tried to make a payment on an outstanding balance on my credit card with the use of a previous statement as reference and was denied for your statement does not provide the full credit card number. THE REASON I DID NOT USE MY CREDIT CARD IS THAT IT WAS STOLEN AND REPORTED MISSING SEVERAL WEEKS BEFORE. The clerk name Bianca tried to find with the use of the cash register but was unsuccessful. (NICE GESTURE). When I asked about the ongoing sale, I was informed by the said clerk that all shoes with a red dot had an extra 50% rebate. This comment was made in the presence of her male colleague. as Great, I was excited to buy and when looking around unfortunately all the shoes I liked they did not have my size. I was told by the male sales clerk to call the credit dept. and get the full credit card number to make my payment. The next day, I called the credit dept. and was told that I needed to return to the store, ask the clerk to call the credit dept. and have a piece of ID handy for only at that time would they reveal the full credit card number to the clerk and not to me the card holder (WEIRD). So later that day, on July 31, 2018 I returned to The Bay, Anjou after an exhausting day of work to do as the credit card associate had instructed me. The clerk in the shoe dept.( the same as the male of the previous day) did not know the number( ill -prepared and uninformed). I furnished him a number I found on a previous credit card statement and I finally made a payment. Next, I looked around looked around at your sales and was delighted to find several pairs (6 in fact) with a red dot on their box. I was ecstatic. When I went to the cash register to pay for my purchases, the male clerk said that he did not know how to process the sale items with the extra 50 percent. He left to go in the backroom only to return and to inform me that these shoes were not apart of the extra 50% sale even thought they had(I) a red dot on the box like Bianca, the other sales clerk of the previous day, had said and as indicated by the small sign displayed on a shoe rack. When I was reminded him of what Bianca had said, he hesitated but said that there was nothing he could do. I explained that I was a former manager at Home Depot and that I know the a customer that is wrongly informed by an employee of the said store (witness present), the customer has the right to purchase the products as indicated by the sales clerk. It is the law (EXACTITUDE DU PRIX). The male salesclerk called a manager called Maria to know how to proceed for he seemed clueless, and unaware of the law. The Manager then attempted to explain the mistake by saying that Bianca was wrong and that she was sorry but there was no thing she could do. WRONG. In this case, the manager should have been aware of the consumer protection law and allowed me to make my purchases as told by Bianca and the written sign displayed on the shoe rack in the store. Instead She did neither other than say sorry but the salesclerk should have known better. Again I as a customer am not responsible for your staff willing ill-prepared, not properly trained and misinformed. I left extremely upset for I received POOR POOR service, and wasted my valuable time (2 hours in fact) trying to buy shoes and resolving issues that were not of my concern. Thus, at The Bay, Anjou, THE CUSTMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, AND THE SALESCLERK (THE BAY REPRESENTATIVE)IS EVEN WHEN THEY GIVE OUT WRONG/ INCORRECT INFORMATION. THE CUSTMER IS THE ONE WHO PAYS THE PRICE IN WASTED TIME AND MONEY. POOR POOR SERVICE and NOT RESPECTFUL of THE CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW - THE PRICE POLICY. Have pics as proof but don't know how to download from cellphone.

As a resolution, I would like for the law to be applied and be allowed to purchase the 6 pair of shoes at the price they should have been accorded.

Jul 17, 2018 / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - womens clothing

I purchased a bathing suit cover up on June 29th. While waiting for it to come in (it took ten days!), noticed it was on sale. Called The Bay to ask for an adjustment once it came in and was told I...

Read full review / Hudson's Bay [HBC] - online

The worst online customer service ever received. Sadly it wasn't any better at their in store Yorkdale location; which has gone downhill in the past three years. Calling a Manager to better the...

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