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Complaints & Reviews

Oct 19, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — cosmetics

Customer service Todays date saturday, october 19, 2019time 3:10pm Tried numerous times to make a call to...

Saint Catharines
Oct 06, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — women's clothing

Asked a girl to help me find a size...she said what do u mean. I said I cant see the sizes. She walked away...

Jul 29, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — incompetent employees

I have gone to The Bay Downtown twice within one month and have had problems both times, with different...

Jul 19, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — price matching policy

Hudson Bays price matching policy states that they will match a competitors regular or promotional price?... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]refund not received. struggling for months. worst customer service ever.

Worst customer service ever! They started scamming customers now. I am struggling to get my refund amount for months. Got several emails from manager and his customer service team confirming that we have processed your refund and you will get it back but never got the money back to my card and now they stopped replying. I had my refund amount in Hudson bay gift card from store and I requested their customer service team if I can get that money transferred to my debit card as I was going to my back home country and was not sure when I will be returning back. He agreed and canceled my bay gift card amount and said he has processing funds to my debit cart. I contacted several times to support. I got apologies all the time but never got refund back in my card. Now they stopped caring about my emails. I want immediate action and full refund of my return amount. case# 634705 and case 622614.

refund not received. struggling for months. worst customer service ever.
refund not received. struggling for months. worst customer service ever.

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    • Ti
      Tine Hreno Jan 10, 2020
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      The same thing is currently happening to me. I am on the phone with them right now. :(

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    • Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]order#[protected]

    Purchased patio furniture (floor model) along with several other items from The Bay store in Pickering (paid full price) on July 7 (bill was in excess of CAD 2, 000). Delivery was set for July 10. The delivery company arrived on time but with scratches to the side of the furniture, thanks poor packaging by The Bay (a plastic cover wrapped around he aluminum furniture). Even though we loved the piece, we couldn't accept the damaged piece. Called and requested The Bay to find another piece, which they said was not available.

    With no choice and our heart set n this set, we decided we would consider accepting the damaged pieces at a reduced cost, but wanted to know what state the piece was in since it left our patio.

    Since then, we have spent a lot of time and energy talking to multiple agents about what can be done by The Bay to locate the furniture and do an inspection (which has been very little as their staff - Supervisor Beverley Id. #994934, and Jody continue to simply apologize and cite 'processes' as the reason for not being able to do much until Tuesday July 16.

    Didn't realize it takes 6 whole days to locate furniture and inspect it. With no resolution around the furniture, we requested a refund and was told it will be processed in 7-10 days. Unacceptable!!!

    Not only did the Hudson Bay's irresponsibility cause the situation, but the customer service we received was inefficient at best, and i continue to be out of pocket to the tune of over CAD 2, 000, AND left with no patio furniture which was ordered for a family gathering.

    Thanks Hudson Bay for the excellent and efficient customer service, NOT!

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      By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]unethical behaviour

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      So which one is a statutory rapist too??? In coptic orthodox churches of canada ….

      Laura galicia shenouda and mario mendonca = your love hoar adultery stories … marital [censored] stories … =….. Psyche hoar and rapist that make the perfect thief story …..

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        Jun 07, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — an employee

        Hi Hudson Bay, I am a regular guest at your lovely stores. I most frequent the Bay downtown Vancouver. Thi...

        May 31, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — service

        Today, May 31st...I was in the store and found what I wanted. This was a surprise because the store is very...

        May 21, 2019 / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — poor customer service

        On May 20, 2019 I went in to the Hudson's Bay store in Market Mall (Calgary) to return a pair of jeans that I... / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]unable to order item due to customer service representative's lack on knowledge

        On May 5, 2019, I called HBC to order a piece of patio furniture as these purchases cannot be made online. What should have been a 5 minute conversation lasted 15-20 minutes, ending with no order being placed.

        * The customer service representative was extremely difficult to understand.
        * The customer service representative took an exorbitant amount of time locating
        the item (after I had supplied the item code), and entering my personal
        * I was informed that there was a $75 shipping fee. The Bay website clearly states
        orders $99 and up are free.
        * I requested that I pick up the item. The customer service representative was
        unable to determine where and when I could pick up the item.

        I could not place the order.

        I contacted customer service on May 6th (the following day) to order the item. It was no longer on sale. Customer service supervisor informed me that they would no longer meet the sale price.

        The long and short of it is that I was unable to make a large (furniture) purchase due to a customer service representative's lack of knowledge. The only person who loses here is ME.

        Diane Irvine

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          Hudson Baymetal cage fire pit

          I signed up for my wedding registry at The Bay because I know they carry quality items. I got a bunch of gift cards which I used to buy a metal fire pit online. It was delivered promptly and looked great! Unfortunately it was rusted within 2 months. I won't be able to use it this summer because of the terrible shape the fire pit is in. I'm upset because we used it maybe 3 times and now it looks terrible.

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   / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]mattress purchase

            Mattress purchase. We purchased a queen size mattress from hbc through the online store, delivered to a warehouse in calgary for pickup in january, 2018. The price was listed as $699.00 before tax, at a discount of 50%. Numerous calls to hbc resulted in refusal to allow us to exchange the mattress, because they stated that 'at this discount, we do not accept returns or exchanges.' we attempted to reach an agreement with hbc for one year, over 8 conversations and numerous emails.

            Our underlying concern with hbc is that after their refusal to support warranty based on policy on 'heavily discounted sale items', we examined the price and the alleged discount we received. We called the factory that makes this bed, and discovered that the style we purchased had not been made by this local manufacturer in over 6 years. We also discovered that the bed retailed for: $699.00 from other retailers, a price suggested by the manufacturer.

            Hbc, two thumbs down for your poor service, surreptitious warranty and support policy, and two thumbs down for misleading this consumer on your mattress prices in the first place. For the same price from an honest sale, the full warranty support would be honored, per hbc customer service policy.

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     / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]sofa delivery - removal of hardware

              I received my delivery back in February on a sofa that I had ordered. During the delivery, the driver removed the hardware and the door. The sofa didn't fit and the driver FAILED to place my hardware back. Plus the door was crocked. After calling The Bay and speaking to an unprofessional individual, someone had told me that I would receive a gift card to help compensate this. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. So I had my brother in law fix the door so it would actually close. Then I received an email from someone at Ovation Logistics saying they would get this fixed. But now, this bull**** story changes again. Her supervisor isn't approving my claim because they can't figure out why the driver would remove the hardware! Are you serious!!? Umm okay, so now that's MY problem, because your driver removed hardware. NO... it isn't. This entire experience was RIDICULOUS and I'll never EVER shop at The Bay again. You sure bet, I'll be telling everyone what lack of customer service you have to offer! This is joke!

              sofa delivery - removal of hardware
              sofa delivery - removal of hardware

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       / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]delivery and customer service

                Terrible customer service. Was scheduled a 10am to 1pm window. I waited as one is suppose to. No phone call, no pre notification during that window. So I called HBC to speak to a customer service agent. He was less than helpful, very insincere, with an underlying tone close to being disrespectful. I asked him for a contact of the local delivery agent to figure out what's going on. Instead he called them (or pretended to call them while I was on hold) and told me I was the next customer on the list. 3 hours later, there was no deliver. Another phone call to HBC to the same agent yielded another stream of unhelpful comments and false promises. Finally, the local delivery truck showed up at 6pm at night, and apparently they were stuck in the snow for 4 hours in a different location. Listen, I know accidents happen. Just COMMUNICATE to your customers! Don't come up with useless excuses/ reasons. Some of us happen to have other important things to do in our lives, and prefer not to wait and wait. If you can't hold up your end of the bargain of delivering within a time window, then don't give the false expectation of a window. Just tell your customers "oh, it could be any time of the day, any moment!". At least I would set my expectations low. I am never, ever going to order anything from HBC from now on. There are better places to go to, and I have better ways to spend my time.

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                  Feb 04, 2019

         / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — luggage

                  Hello, I am writing to let you know about my shopping experience at the Bay in Abbotsford BC. I came in to...

         / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC]guess winter coat

                  I purchased a Guess Winter coat as I normally do every year. It has been about 1 year since the purchase of my nice brown coat that I bought for over $100 on sale in Nanaimo, BC. It was only a couple washes on delicate that I noticed the paint coming off the snaps which was not a big deal to me but tonight I washed my jacket and hung it to dry noticing that a whole seam on the right arm is apart. Just wondering if you are able to either replace this jacket or repair it for me. Very dissappointed with the quality and workmanship put into a jacket which should last longer than one season. If you could get back to me it would be greatly appreciated. I will send a photo if you want.
                  Thank you very much,
                  Cathi J. Iacuitto
                  Federal Gov't inspector of Canada
                  home phone [protected]
                  cell phone [protected]

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                    Feb 02, 2019

           / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — service

                    Regarding my accident happened inside your Markham Ontario store November 2018 - I slipped on wet floor...

                    Feb 01, 2019

           / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — clinique service

                    I shopped in the Hudson's bay with my mom today afternoon, everything goes well first. The sales in other...

                    Jan 31, 2019

           / Hudson's Bay Company [HBC] — online orders

                    Ordered two items online paid $8 for shipping which is crazy expensive but because I was getting more than...

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