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The Weather Channel review: alerts during the hurricane florence footage

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I got home from work and I wanted to hear the footage you were airing about Hurricane Florence and all I got to listen to was some stupid heat advisory warning happening the next day in Phoenix, AZ. The warning was telling me how I should look out for the temperatures going to be 104°. REALLY!? 104 DEGREES!? In PHOENIX!? Are you kidding me!? I live in Phoenix & if its going to be 104° tomorrow, I'm gonna put on a damn sweater! That actually means its starting to cool down! I dont need to hear about that crap for over an hour when I'm trying to hear your footage of how 1/3 of our eastern coastline is going to be ripped apart! I have family in the Marines in NC & would like to hear how things are panning out where she is at rather than a bunch of bs heat advisory warnings for the place I live at! I can read marquee writing going across the screen! Let's hear the Hurricane Florence story! Please!

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