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Complaints & Reviews

awful service

Pep Boys think they offer the best auto repair service but actually they are the worst I have encountered. I used to take my car here for repairs earlier because they were the closest repair service centre. Once I had taken my car there this one time and left it there for repairs for almost a week. When I got my car back it was worse than what it was when I had given it to them. They buggered it up totally and I couldn't get it repaired at any other service centre other than the dealers which I knew wouldn't come cheap. I wish I hadn't gone to them in the first place. I wasted extra money going to them when I should have directly gone to the dealers or any other service centre. Please avoid Pep boys at all costs.

horrible service

On August 11, 2009 I when to Pep Boys in Phoenix to purchase new tires for my '02 Expedition. I wa...

scam... attempted rip off

Purchased 4 tires 6 months ago for Volvo v70 Cross Country. Noticed a bad vibration over 65 mph, went back to have tires balanced, was told both front shocks had blown out, they gave me an estimate of $950 to replace them. I opted to go to Branford to a mechanic who worked on my MG's and other foreign cars. They road tested the car then put it on the lift. shocks were perfectly fine, a sway bar linkage was broken, $57 for the part plus$85 labor. Big difference from $950... These idiots at Pep Boys are either incompetant or sleazy rip off artists, or both...

  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jun 19, 2011

    best place to go is always going to be the local garages. they live off of their customers. large chains, whether its pep boys or anyone else, do the work and get it out on a constant rate. people that cant get jobs at smaller garages or their own garage will go to work for larger chains.
    plus, costs are usually cheaper because they are all about saving their customers money most of the time.

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Unbelievable: Pepboys doesn't assume its responsibility which is as clear as black and white

The short story is as the following: after a smooth drive of about 30-minute (about 20 miles) from a Pepboys store to my home, all four wheel covers on my Honda were missing. The store insists that this was not the store’s responsibility. Sounds unbelievable? That’s what has happened to me. I record the whole story in the rest of this complaint.

On 7/15/2009, I had some repair/service work, including brake check for my 1996 Honda Accord at the Pepboys Laurel Maryland store. At about 9:45pm we (my wife and I) picked up the key of the car, which was parked immediately outside the workshop’s first bay and was heading to the bay. We walked through the bay to the car from the front and thus didn’t notice if the wheel covers were on or not. It was approximately a 30-minute and 20-mile drive from the shop to our home and the car was parked in our single home garage, with garage doors locked. The next morning, I found that all four wheel covers were missing. I drove the car to the store and spoke to the technician: “you forgot putting on the wheel covers yesterday”. To my surprise, he replied “No, I did put them on”. He also said something that it was not easy to install them and he actually spent some effort getting that done. Well, we had this car for more than 13 year and had driven it for more than 150K miles. The car had been left for services in different shops, including another Pepboys’ store. We never have experienced one single occasion of losing one single wheel cover. How could it be possible for all four to fall off in such a short drive. I spoke to Mr. A at the service desk on this (Note: I know his first name but hide this info for now). Mr. A helped to check the workshop but didn’t find any unclaimed covers. He said he would think about this issue and asked me to contact him in an hour. He gave me a business card and wrote his first name on it. I called him after more than an hour. He said that they didn’t have the spare Honda wheel covers and asked me if I would accept other covers. I said that other covers would be fine because the car was pretty old. I told him that I would be in the store after work. However, I later learned that there are different types of wheel covers, some clip-on type and others screw-on, and that my Honda uses the screw-on type. I then called Mr. A in the afternoon asking him what type of covers he had. He told me that the store only had clip-on type. I then said that I would want the screw-on type so that they wouldn’t fall off. He said that he needed to order the covers for me and asked my vehicle’s identification number (VIN), for ordering purpose. He said that he would call me once the covers became available. I waited for more than a week and never got any call from the store. I then called the store on 7/24 but the agent answered the phone said Mr. A was not in. I called again today (Monday 7/27) and reached Mr. A. He told me that he actually didn’t work on this issue and apologized. He said that he would talk to Mr. B (I know this persons first name but hide it for now), who checked in my car on 7/15. He said that he’d let Mr. B call me. I waited for about three hours but no body called. I then called Mr. B. To my surprise again, Mr. B insisted that the technician had put the covers on. I asked if the technician put the covers on appropriately and he answered yes. He said that because I didn’t check the wheel before I drove off the car the store would not be responsible for the missing covers. This was not a good logic. Even if the covers were on when I took the car, they shouldn’t have fallen off in such a short drive. I ask him to explain why the covers were missing in a 30-minute drive. He said that he didn’t know. I told him that there were only three possible scenarios: a) the covers were not installed; b) the covers were not installed appropriately so that all of them fell off in a 30-minute drive; and c) I stole the covers myself. Since he insisted the first two cases were not true, the only conclusion seemed that I had stolen my own car’s wheel covers and tried to cheat the store. No kidding, this would be a criminal act and would warrant a police report (which I probably will need to file if the issue cannot be resolved with the store). I asked to speak to his manager, Mr. B said that he was the associate service manager and that the service manager had known this and shared the same opinion with him. I asked to speak to his store manager. Mr. B said gave me the manager’s first name but said that the manager already went home. He said I could call Pepboys’ corporate 800 customer service number. I found the number from the Pepboy’s website and filed the case. I’ll report more on this later.

over charge /no recipt

I had take my car for inspecyion and they told me it need a tire. But I took it to pep boys and end up paing...

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lies, lies, lies

Pep Boys' advertising tag line is "Pep Boys does everything for less" - but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Customers walking into a Pep Boys auto service center will see a prominently displayed sign, comparing the Pep Boys store price for common auto services, such as oil changes, wheel alignments, brake jobs, etc. - about 10 services in all - with nearby chain-store competitors. The sign board will show that Pep Boys prices are slightly lower than the competition for these services.

However, what customers aren't informed of with equal prominence is that for all other types of services, Pep Boys bills on a time and materials basis. And Pep Boys' hourly shop rate is approximately the same as the rates charged by new car dealer service departments, which are almost universally regarded as the most costly place to obtain service for a vehicle.

This practice would seem to clearly contradict the claim "Pep Boys does everything for less." Pep Boys' prices are competitive only for a small selection of services. For all other services, their prices are typically about the same as a new car dealer, and significantly higher than independent auto service providers.

It doesn't take an attorney or auto repair expert to understand that Pep Boys engages in deceptive advertising practices. On top of that, as a survey of various consumer review web sites and Better Business Bureau reports reveals, Pep Boys has a consistent track record of providing poor service, charging for repairs that aren't effective, and using questionable techniques to upcharge customers for unnecessary parts and repairs.

Unfortunately, I learned these facts for myself the hard way. Pep Boys charged me for over $500 in repairs, including $90 for an "in-depth" engine diagnostic. But this work did not accurately diagnose or repair my original problem, which was later corrected when another mechanic simply changed my fuel filter.

Any consumer interested in obtaining high-quality and effective auto repairs at a reasonable price can do much better than Pep Boys.

  • Re
    Repairgod Dec 04, 2009

    Read the post I link here, it should explain much to you.

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defective snow tire

Purchased seasonal snow tires due to travel for child's ice hockey team, first season no problem, although they insisted smaller tires were okay and not being a tire expert I trusted them only to find out later this really screws with your mileage and odometer. This past year, only second time tires were on car I started hearing a squeaking from back of car, had tires checked and removed since it was early April and found that the rear passenger tire had split from the rim down! I see this as a faulty tire, end of discussion, the tread is fine on all the tires. I want all four tires replaced. Their story is that they will replace the single obviously damaged tire but all the tires need even treads so therefore I need to purchase at the pro-rated price the remaining three tires. I don't think so. If one tire from this lot is defective odds are the other 3 are. Also, what a scam, place a defective tire and get the purchase of 3 more from them. Run around by customer service, the store claiming they called us 3 times and we never returned call then oops they had the wrong area code, puleeze - the number on all of our paper work is correct - next stop is Kanook, the tire manuf., BBB, then magistrate as I took a child with me when traveling and this was a major safety issue. On top of using too small tires (although I hear conflicting views of this and it's not the primary focus of this complaint.

riped off

Everyone, watch out for pep boys anaheim hills ca.!!! Took my jeep grand cherokee in for a radiator check and...

starter problem

I took my car in for starter problem on May2, 2009 at 9AM. Before I took the car in I called in Pep Boys and talked the the service department. I was given total price of starter and labor $608 out the door by Jonathan. When I took the car in, it was taken in by Cruz. He quoted me the the same price of $608. I got a call back in the evening that it is going to cost over $1389 to install the starter 'cause they have to extra work. Finally they came down to $825, which we gladly paid. When we went to pick up the car, it was making loud noise by the engine.

I was told by assistant manager Cruz, he will take care of the problem. I called back Tuesday 5/05/2009 and was told by service manager John, it will cost me another $450 to fix the problem.

These people need to get the act together and need to have knowledgable people who know about cars and customer service.

  • Si
    sibongiseni elinah booi Aug 02, 2011

    I was in capetown pep store 26 july 2011 to trasfere money so i made amistake i was clicking my phone number instead of four number so untill today no one helping me in the store to get my money back or else. what can i do?my cell number:0786940733

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avoid them

My wife made the mistake of taking her car to Pep Boys at 215 E. Katella in Orange, California to have her brakes checked. She received no call from them regarding the repair costs so when she went to get the car at the end of the day it had new brakes front and rear and two new Futura GLS 185-65R14 tires. Knowing she had gotten screwed and having failed to consult me first she just paid the $500+ dollars and didn't mention the incident. I'm over that part but since then we've had three "side wall" flats on those tires. I've worked in the automotive industry and I know that this is a product issue. Two of the flats occurred while I was using the car and I didn't run over anything to cause this. We have had this car for over five years and no other brand of tire has had any sort of flat let alone a side wall flat. Even with the so called road hazard coverage each replacement was at least $35. That's for a tire that's only $45 brand new! I would also like to point out that my attempt at discussing this with the manager led to him angrily pointing out that only my poor driving could cause this. I do not expect any help with this matter from Pep Boys, I just want everyone to avoid this sort of thing happening to them.

unauthorized charges

The store allowed an unauthorized person to purchase tires, and other items with my visa debit card that has my picture on it. I do not understand why they would allow a customer to make a purchase using a visa debit card with out asking for another form of identification, as well as a pin number. I have been violated by the unauthorized usage of my visa card. I believe the person may know someone with in this particular store because they passed several Pepboy locations to complete this transactions without having proper identification to decline the purchase. I would like my money back. I have reported this to Pepboy Corporate Offices, nothing has been done, and it has been reported to my local police department. I've also spoken with the manager who suggested that I speak with the corporate office in reference to this matter. I would like assistances with the return of my $700 transaction.

scam and cheating

I recently bought a 90 model truck with its original battery and cables with the intention of resell. I went to Pep Boys to purchase a new battery on Tuesday April 7, 2009. I promptly went home and installed the battery only to discover that my truck would not start. Suspecting the battery had no juice, I had my boyfriend come over and give me a jump... sure enough it started up, but when I turned the truck off, it was completely dead again. I was scheduled to work later that day and decided to take the battery back to Pep Boys the next day for an exchange.

When I arrived at Pep Boys I asked them to check the battery. I bought a bad battery and wanted an even exchange for a good one, not a recharge of the bad one I had bought. I've had batteries checked before and know that it doesn't take a very long time to check if they are good, and when they had my battery for more than ten minutes I began to suspect they were recharging. I asked them what was going on they said that the battery was a perfect battery, and that it should have started my truck with no problem, and it would only take about 30 minutes more of charging, which was time I didn't have.

If the battery was so perfect, why did it require 40 or more minutes of recharging? I told the manager that I wanted an exchange with a new battery since I just bought the battery yesterday and it didn't work the second I installed it. He told me that would void my 90 day warranty. He told me I must have left something on all night, even though I had just told him the truck wouldn't start the VERY second the battery was installed.

After a few minutes of arguing, I accepted the exchange and demanded the number to his corporate office or at least a regional manager or superior, which he refused to supply. He said I could get any information I needed online. He told the counter person something in Spanish and she gave me my receipt. It now says 'returned without receipt' 'no warranty' even though I had my receipt.

  • Valerie Sep 17, 2008

    I dropped my stang off for a tire replacement on sun 7/27/08 and was told by the service dept mngr that he would have it "rush delivered" in 2 days. When thur came and went we called down there and a diff girl said "he" the service mngr, lied to you it won't be here till mon the earliest. we don't even have 2 day rush delivery. we were pissed but w/e. still needed a tire. So, mon came and we got a call from the mngr that the tire was "here, bruing the car down and we'll put it on for ya". We said you HAVE the car. He said, I do? Yeah and you EVEN have the keys. we just dropped them off with a dude last night (sun). He said he couldn't find my car and long story short it was stolen the ight before. So now i have no tire and no CAR!

    He even had the balls to say "well i'll save th tire for ya". lol. we said what the *** we gonna put it on ***!

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  • Valerie Oct 02, 2008

    On 9/25/08 I went to Pep Boys for replacement of store-brand tires that wore out after 33, 000 miles. The receipt from the original purchase indicated a 60, 000 mile warranty. So, I went out of my way for what I expected to be a good pro-ration adjustment.

    The warranty on those tires is now 40, 000 miles. Most of these tires were not lasting more than that, so the warranty was adjusted as a result. The service advisor, citing company policy, said that my pro-ration claim was based on the current 40, 000 mile warranty, not the 60, 000 mile warranty in effect at the time of purchase.

    I get that the money at stake is only about $20 per tire. But I'm irritated that they overstated the tire performance, ratchet down the warranty after the fact, and then don't prorate the assorted fees that come with a tire purchase and, at about 50% of the cost of the tire, seem excessive. I filed a complaint on the corporate website; let's see how that goes.

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  • Bu
    budwill12 Jun 21, 2009

    Dear Jean,
    As an ex-Pep Boys employee, I have heard so many stories such as yours. When I worked for them in the 90's, customers came first, no matter what. I am a female with many years automotive experience under my belt and I can assure you, this would have never happened at my store. As an ex-assistant manager and service advisor, my main objective was seeing that the female customers were treated with as much equality and respect as the men. And each situation SHOULD be handled individually.
    This manager handled your situation very poorly and should have been rperimanded.
    I have seen good managers fired and bad managers promoted, so what do you expect?

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poor service, rip off

Just voicing a complaint about the Pep Boys in my local area. Of the 8 people who I saw that were "working" there, the only person who was actually helping customers was a cashier. The service department associates
need a personality service to help them with their skills. They were complete ###s disguised as functioning human beings who obviously didn't care about the fact that the economy is bad and they are lucky to have jobs as it is. Someone should remind these poor souls that the other other work they'd be suited for is perhaps McDonald's but even they are smarter and more helpful. After trying to rip me off on a sale, the 2 service associates I was discussing my possible purchase with were useless. After 1 hour or discussion (them quoting me an incorrect price and then whining because I was trying to hold them to it) I left the store with my money in hand before my head exploded. More importantly for Pep Boys though, they lost the $400.00 I was prepared to spend there. This store is probably heading for closing within the year but I can see why as they must not pay their employees to well because their poor attitudes are a real turnoff to the customers. The cashier was very nice and friendly when I walked in but too bad the stupid, ignorant sales dept. rejects ruined it for Pep Boys. I'd rather stick myself in the eye with a straight pin then ever walk back into that store again. Incidentially, I ended up spending more money at another auto store but did so with a smile as I'd never even buy so much as a key chain at Pep Boys.

failure and negligence

Had a problem where my 2003 Dodge Dakota overheated on March 15, 2009 at 3 am. Called a tow company and wa...

awful company

My car broke down in December 2008 and was towed to Pep Boys on 23rd and Ritner in Philadelphia. The employees were talking poorly about me in Spanish, not knowing that I am fluent, calling me crazy because they said nothing was wrong with my car. They asked me if I was capable of backing my car out of their shop and when I turned my ignition on, whining noises and knocking sounds were coming from under the hood. I asked the mechanic to listen to the sounds because they were not normal. They looked over the car again and then told me that the pullies were loose and needed to be tightened. I left because the shop was closing bt would open at 10am the next day. Not only did they keep my car until 4pm without calling me, I missed work and lost money from that. When I called them, they had a list of repairs that were estimated around $600. I thought that seemed high for 'nothing being wrong' so I looked up prices online for the parts they mentioned. They were charging me obnoxious mark ups and I let them know that. The price came down to a little over $300 and I found that reasonable. The replaced my alternator and tensioner for the timing belt. They finished my car and I thought everything was fine. A couple months later my car lost power as I was driving and broke down in the middle of the highway. The situation was almost identical to the initial problem I had in December so I called Pep Boys because the timing belt was broken off of the alternator and that was exactly what they had 'fixed' before. Since the parts are covered by a warranty from them, I took my car to the nearest Pep Boys which was located at 42nd and Market in Philly. They told me that a faulty part had been installed by the other Pep Boys and that they would replace the part at no charge, but the labor would be $212. I thought this was not fair because I just paid for that repair and they were responsible for installing a faulty part. When I went in to the store, I saw the part that was broken. The tensioner snapped off in my car and caused other damage. The tensioner was the original part from the factory, not the new one the other pep boys charged me for. I brought this to the attention of the store manager. He said he would give me a new part for free (note- i already paid for the part that was not actually put in my car). I don't understand what their motives were, I guess they were racking up my bill because I complained about the markup they tried to do to me initially. I am disgusted that I had to pay for the labor costs again and even more disgusted that they did not take responsibility for the mistake. I will never return to Pep Boys again and should have known better in the first place.

oil change

Recently i had visited a Pep Boys for an oil change for my 2004 Mustang. I gone there before without any...

they f*ed up my car

On the 12th Thursday of February 2009 I brought my Infiniti G35 coupe to Pep Boys on Kirkwood Hwy Wilmington...


I had my Dodge Durango, which only has 65, 000 miles on it, to Pep Boys because the oil pressure gauge dropped to ZERO and the check gauges light came on. As soon as this happened, I pulled the vehicle over and parked it where it sat for 3 months till I had some extra money for repairs. The first day that Pep Boys had it, they test drove it several times and couldn't duplicate the problem, said that the sensor was loose and they unplugged it, plugged it back in and everything was fine I could pick it up and they would even discount the diagnostic charge. When I got there to pick it up, the mechanic had it up on the lift and the service manager Shawn said that the technician drove it one more time and the oil pressure gauge dropped and they light came back on, said I needed an oil pump. More than 24 hours and $725 later, I picked it up and drove it home. I was so happy to have my car back, told everyone what a great job they did, etc. On the evening of the 3rd day, I was driving and again, the oil pressure dropped and the light came on. I immediataly pulled over and called Pep Boys. They apologized told me to have it towed back in the morning. I left it where it was, and first thing in the morning I had it towed by Pep Boys. Right before closing that day, I received a call from the service manager telling me he had bad news. They mis diagnosed the problem and I now had internal engine damage, he would discount the cost of the engine and apply what I already paid to the labor charges but it would still cost me approx. $3600 to replace. Pep Boys damaged my engine by test driving it several times in one day when it wasn't getting any oil into the engine and by letting me take it home when it wasn't fixed properly. They further damaged the engine by again, test driving it again several times with no oil pressure the 2nd time I towed it in. They tried to tell me that this would've happened regardless but they are trying to cover their own butts. Oh yeah, they did refund me the cost of their mis-diagnosis repairs, but refuse to take ownership of their error and replace my engine, so now I'm stuck with a vehicle that I'm still making payments on and can't drive! I have contacted the BBB and the State Attorney General of New Mexico, they will, one way or another, pay for the mistakes!

inexperienced techs and extortion

The following letter was sent to pepboys corporate without response:

February 8, 2009

3111 west allegheny avenue
Philadelphia, pennsylvania 19132

To whom it may concern:

On january 30, 2009, I brought my 2000 chevrolet blazer into your pompano beach location to have my vehicle inspected. I advised the shop manager that I did not have any heat in my vehicle.

After 2 hours of diagnosing, it was advised that my thermostat needed to be replaced. I was then quoted to replace that item with some additional services which I declined because I thought it was priced too high.

2 days later, I had replaced this item myself (due to the simplicity of this task) and then proceeded my trip to connecticut (of which I advised the shop manager – this was the reason I originally brought it in).

I was travelling through georgia when it began to get chilly and I turned on the heat – but alas, I did not feel any heat even having it turned up hot to the maximum. I turned it off and continued my trip so I can at least make it south carolina, but could no longer continue the trip due to diminishing weather temperatures.

I pulled off of i-95 to an establishment called carolina cars located in florence, sc and the mechanic, joey miles, diagnosed the problem – my heater core needed to be replaced.
If I had known this prior to travelling, I would have had it replaced at that time, but your mechanic, jerry peermal, diagnosed my problem as the thermostat.

I paid a total of $80.09 for a 2-hour diagnosis that wasn’t even close to what the actual problem was. if I had just replaced the thermostat (which I did) and just kept travelling, I could have destroyed my engine.

Adding to this issue, I brought my same vehicle in to have my oil changed on january 5, 2009 which was fine, but while that was occurring, I bought 2 wiper blades in your store and had asked nick to have the mechanic put them on for me while he was doing the oil change.

I got back to work and noticed that the wiper blades were not replaced – I then had to take time from work again and have them put them on. later on in that week, I noticed that there was a shop rag tucked under my hood very close to the motor (I was checking my windshield washer fluid at the time). could you imagine what would have happened if that rag flew into my motor?!

So let’s recap the events – the oil change involved me returning to your shop to have new wiper blades replaced and if I didn’t look under the hood of my truck, I would have never noticed the shop rag near the motor that your mechanic neglected to remove before he closed the hood.

Secondly, I paid for 2 hours of diagnosing a “no-heat” issue for my truck which was a thermostat replacement only to find out in south carolina that it was my heater core. if this had not been replaced, my vehicle motor would have eventually been destroyed based up the fact I was travelling 1, 400 miles.

This is unacceptable under any terms of your establishment! the incompetency of your mechanics could cost customers thousands of dollars in repairs due to incorrectly diagnosing critical issues such as mine.

Here is what I proposing…

The cost to replace the heater core was $568.29 (find copy of invoice attached). I am seeking restitution along with $500 for my grief, aggravation, your incompetency and frustration that I was counting on your company to provide me an accurate diagnosis which was never delivered – this is almost comparable to a doctor who diagnosed his patient incorrectly and the patient suffered for it – this is called a lawsuit.

This is not a direct threat in any way or fashion, but merely a way for me to inform you that you are held responsible for your employees actions. so the total settlement I am seeking is $1, 068.29.

If you choose to decline, I will seek legal council advise, advise the better business bureau, consumer affairs and possible media/newspaper publications. there will be no exchange of phone calls. all correspondence will be letter sent as legal documentation.

  • Yo
    Yogurt Mar 02, 2009


    I can understand you being upset but there are quite a few things I need to mention. First of all I strongly suggest you not seek damages. I wouldn't know a legal counsel who would take the case. It's quite possible your own letter screwed you over.

    Did you say something very similar to "When I turn on the heater in my car, it doesn't blow hot air" to the pepboys technician? If you didn't say that key phrase, it's very easy to confuse 'heating problems' (lack of hot air) with 'overheating problems' (need new thermostat). That's exactly the case here.

    Let's give you a hint as to how easy it is confused - YOU DID IT! Right in your very own letter to the people you want to sue, you say "paid a total of $80.09 for a 2-hour diagnosis that wasn’t even CLOSE to what the actual problem was. If I had just replaced the thermostat (which I did) and just kept travelling, I could have destroyed my engine." Sorry buddy but that's not true. Heating problems are a lack of hot air and do not do any damage to your engine. You could drive forever with a bad heater core and the worst that will happen is you freeze. OVERHEATING problems cause damage to your engine. Sorry for the confusion but Pepboys has no liability over possible damage to an engine since there never was overheating problems therefore no damage to the engine could occur.

    Also just so you know, shop rags don't get sucked into engines. Car engines have enclosed air intake systems that filter out particles less than a micron in size. Your shop rag would most likely blown onto the street.

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  • Br
    Bruce Mar 02, 2009

    You see it the same way a bottom-feeding lawyer does - I already had this argument with him and he lost that conversation - thanks for your input, but in a nutshell - they screwed up, not me

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  • Yo
    Yogurt Mar 02, 2009

    Imagine that, I see it the same way as a lawyer would. Just like Pepboys' legal staff would see it. Thus why they never responded and thus why I warned you. No one is arguing that they screwed up, its just that screwing up didn't cost anything besides $80.09. If you really want to sue for that, I'm sure you can find a lawyer who will take 100 dollars an hour for it.

    A lawyer does not lose a conversation when you NEED him or her. The lawyer simply loses you as a client and they gladly do so. Lawyers do not go to court to lose, so they pick their battles. Your battle was lost the moment you sent the letter admitting that no damage could occur.

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  • Pa
    Patricia 1 Jun 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    okay here is a major complaint for you from Pepboys in Raleigh, NC> I am seeking an attorney for this issue, as i am just a single lady, and feel that this could have been alot worse if i would have gotten on the highway like I was going to, instead i turned around to head back to there shop, but i did not make it due to there negligence.

    I took my truck in for Brake repair Sat to Pepboys on Capitol, and it did not need BRAKES, needed axles seals, and when the repairs were done, and i picked up my truck 5 hrs later approx 1 pm. I left Pepboys and got dwn the road 2
    miles just to have the tire/wheel fall off and hit a parked car. No, I was not hurt, nor anyone else thank goodness, and that is what the police officer said also.

    This damaged my wheel well, my whole fender, and the parked car drivers door, not
    to say what it did to my axel. The police were called and Pepboys came and
    picked it up, took it back to there shop, took me home and told me it w/be ready in hr.

    Well i called them 2 hrs later just to be told another hr, finally 3 hrs later, at 6 pm, the manager picked me up, and than there were
    Rags hanging from the axle of my truck, and i demanded my money backfor the repairs that i ad already paid for approx 415.

    Now i still need to have the truck inspected for
    front end dmg, and the cost to repair the fender, and underneath and whatever else needs repaired.

    I feel Pepboys is going to fight me on the things that need to be done, as well as a rental car and the time i need to take off of work to have this done. This was a very scary situation for me when it happend and a restaurant employee from Subway came out and calmed me down as i was crying and hysterical looking at the sparks fly when the axle of my truck slid down the road. I have all the pictures, and the witness names. I feel Pepboys should be held responsible for this mishap as the lugnuts were not put on the wheel when it was put back on my truck. Also, My tyime, as i had 2 appts Saturday, one to look at a possible Home I was going to see about purchasing, and the other was a dinner engagement at 5:30 which i had to cancel both. Please, can you assist me. I work M-F, 7-5, My vehicle, 99 mazda pick up, my ph# 919-758-2809.

    I am just a single lady and can not afford to miss work, and take time off of work to get this matter cleared up and I really dont think Pep boys are going to re-imburse me for the repairs/inspection that my truck needs.

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bad service

On November 30, 2008, Pep Boys Auto cut the pay rate for service writers and assistant service managers by $5.00/hour and instituted a commission schedule for them to make up the pay cut of $200.00/weekly.

The commissions are 2.5% for parts and labor on a service work order that is rang through the register, 2% on tire sales except for Cornell 1000 tires which is 1% on the amount rang through the register.

Any discounts on the sale reduct the commissions paid.

There is a way Pep Boys can reduce the commissions paid based on the Net Service Producer score (NSP).

There is a web site that customer can go to to rate their experience at pep boys, and they take the results to calculate the NSP score. The negative scores (a 6 or lower) are subtracted from positive scores (9 or 10) and the result score is divided by all responses to get a % an if under 50% the commissions are reduced to 1.5% for parts and labor, 1% for tires and 0.5% for Cornell 1000 tires.

They say the difference is banked and if the NSP score is above the 50% by the end of the quarter the bank is paid to the worker.

Corporate blames the service workers for the decline in revenues. Never mind the country is in a recession; the workers are lazy or inept and can't sell to customers.

Corporate has instituted more paper work & says that the service workers don't fill it out right or completely and that's the reason for falling revenues.

Reminds me of the saying about re-arranging the deck chairs on the TITANIC. Useless make work for the under paid service workers.